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Instructions for using the the Online Homeopathy App

The ABC Homeopathy remedy finder can help you find which homeopathic remedies you need, quickly and simply, using our own modern English translation of Kent's Repertory. Just enter your symptoms, tick the relevant boxes and choose the remedy. A valuable tool for the amateur and the professional, our free and easy homeopathic software makes it easy to find the similium (the best matching remedy), from around 64,000 symptoms and 650 remedies.

Remember though; nothing on this site is intended to constitute a diagnosis, or a claim for the effectiveness of any remedy in treating any condition. Minor symptoms can often be a sign of something more serious, so if your symptoms persist or worsen, go and see your doctor, or a homeopath.

  1. Enter your symptoms

    The home page of the homeopathic remedy finder offers you a choice of searching or browsing to find your symptoms. If you choose to search, bare in mind that you are searching for symptoms, not a condition. (ie search for headache, sore throat, exhaustion, sneezing, coughing, running nose rather than flu).

    We also allow users to group a symptom set by the name of a condition, but be aware that these conditions will not be exhaustive lists of possible symptoms. Although these are quicker and more convenient to use, it is often better to supplement them with other symptoms specific to your case.

    Including additional symptoms can make the final result more accurate. See the guide to self diagnosis with homeopathy for more on this.

  2. Refine your symptoms

    In many cases, the results of searching or ticking boxes produce more options; such as exactly where, when and how symptoms occur. Just tick the boxes of those that specifically apply. For example, you may be asked if a symptom occurs morning, afternoon, evening or night - if time of day does not seem to be a factor, leave them all blank rather than ticking them all.

    This process of narrowing down symptoms is essential to the homeopathic method. For example, there are 258 potential remedies for a headache, 102 if the pain is a burning pain, only 62 for a recurring headache, 19 if it's better in cold air, but only 2 remedies match all those symptoms. You may also be presented with sub options after each ticked box.

  3. Featured remedies

    A message at the bottom of the page will say which remedy or remedies best fit your symptoms, and if there is more than one, if they can be taken together without antidoting or interacting. The grid will tell you which remedy is indicated by which symptom.

  4. The Remedy Grid

    To see the remedy grid in full, please click the green bar at the bottom of the screen.

    The aim is to find the one remedy which best matches all your symptoms.

    If there are remedies associated with boxes you tick, they will appear in the grid at the bottom of the screen. The symptoms will be arranged with the most recently added at the top, and the remedies will be arranged with the best matching on the left, like so:

    In the above grid (from the previous headache example), you can see that there are only two remedies which match 100% of the symptoms. Of the two, phosphorous is more strongly indicated, so it appears on the left. If you have no more symptoms to enter, phosphorous would be the best choice of remedy.

    If no remedy matches 100%, you will need to use your own judgement about which symptoms, and therefore which remedies are most applicable.

    You can keep adding symptoms for as long as you like, but in practice, a grid of more than a dozen or so symptoms is likely to contain indications that are not particularly pertinent to your case. To try to prevent your computer grinding to a halt, if the grid gets a little large, less remedies will be displayed (the top 12 as opposed to the usual top 50). If the grid gets larger still, it will no longer be displayed in the shop and remedy information pages. As said previously, the grid should not get this large, and deleting symptoms is likely to lead to better remedy selection.

    If you have the opposite problem, and there is no obvious remedy which matches better than the others, and you really can't think of other symptoms to add, you can describe your state of mind, or the colour and consistency of your stool into the search box.

    For further information on any remedy, you can click its abbreviation in the grid.

  5. Remedy Information

    If you click on the remedy names in the grid, you can view the information pages. On a desktop, these will be shown in popups, so you will need to allow ABC Homeopathy to open popups. On a mobile device you will go to a separate page and, unless it is overly large, the grid will also be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Saving and retrieving data

    If you leave the remedy finder and return within 1 hour, your previous case will be saved for you to carry on. If you want to save it for longer than this, you will need to create an account. This is free and we won't subscribe you to a mailing list. The save button is in the top left corner of the remedy grid, so you'll need to view the grid to save a case.

    To retrieve a saved case from the system, you'll need to log on and then click the ≡ at the top of the page:

    and then you can click the ≡ next to 'Your Remedy Finder Cases' on the resulting page.