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Hay Fever - homeopathy

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Alternative Names: Hayfever, Allergies

For suggestions of homeopathic remedies for Hay Fever, tick the boxes below and press the Find Remedies button at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, you should enter any other symptoms in the search box. These symptoms have been collated by a visitor to our site under the name Hay Fever

head; pain, headache;

head; pain, headache; daytime;

head; pain, headache; chronic;

head; pain, headache; from emotions;

head; pain, headache; recurring headache;

head; pain, headache; recurring headache; day and night;

head; pain, headache; recurring headache; every day;

head; pain, headache; temples and forehead;

head; pain, headache; pressing; with hay-fever;

eye; better cold;

eye; worse heat;

eye; inflammation;

eye; inflammation; better cold;

eye; itching;

eye; itching; better cold application;

eye; itching; with running nose;

eye; itching; worse rubbing;

eye; itching; corner;

ear; itching; in ear;

ear; itching; in ear; boring with finger does not relieve;

ear; itching; Eustachian tube;

ear; sensation of water in ear;

nose; catarrh;

nose; discharge from nose; right;

nose; discharge from nose; left;

nose; discharge from nose; morning;

nose; discharge from nose; albuminous;

nose; discharge from nose; clear;

nose; discharge from nose; copious;

nose; discharge from nose; copious; with stuffing of head;

nose; discharge from nose; copious; morning;

nose; discharge from nose; dries quickly, forming scabs;

nose; discharge from nose; thin;

nose; itching;

nose; itching; inside;

nose; itching; inside; septum;

nose; runny or blocked nose; annual;

nose; runny or blocked nose; annual; asthmatic breathing;

nose; runny or blocked nose; annual; in august;

nose; runny or blocked nose; annual; in spring;

nose; runny or blocked nose; spring or early summer hay fever;

nose; sneezing;

nose; sneezing; morning;

nose; sneezing; morning; after rising;

nose; sneezing; with violent jarring;

nose; sneezing; constant;

nose; sneezing; dry;

nose; sneezing; frequent;

nose; sneezing; hay fever with asthma;

nose; sneezing; comes on suddenly;

mouth; itching;

mouth; itching; palate;

respiration; asthma attack; in hay fever;

respiration; asthma attack; after hay fever;

cough; explosive cough;

cough; sneezing; with sneezing;

cough; in the spring time;

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