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Malaria Urgent


I would like to have urgent help from anyone expert in intermittent fevers.

My friend, 23 year old boy in North India has malaria. The rainy season is ending here and the malaria epidemic is on.

He has had the fever now for 9 days. The local homeopath gave first Arsenicum for several days, but of no help. After the boy has taken some allopathic tab;ets during the fever because it goes so high.

Yestarday he was gicen China C200 two doses and this morning one more dose, but still the fever returned this morning.

His symptoms are -

First day fever came at 2am, next day at 10.30am, then two days off. After 11.30, one day off then again 10.30. Yesterday came at 7am and today around 9am.

The chill is intense with a lot of shaking. It lasts about half an hous and there is no thirst.

The heat is also intense, fever goes up to 104 degrees. He has headache on temples and great thirst for cooling refreshing drinks.

Sweat phase is long and he is sweating a lot, here also he has thirst.

There has been some vomiting also and almost constant nausea. Despite this he has hunger and wants to eat.

In the beginning there was some skin rash inside the mouth.

He likes fresh air.

No spesific bone or muscles pains.

Some symptoms make me think of Natrum Muriaticum, but I would like to hear the opinion of experienced doctors.

Thank you,
  Visakha on 2014-09-14

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
To bring down fever give mixture of Ferrum Phos 12x, Kali Mur 3x and Nat Sulp 3x mix 10tabs of each medicine in 200ml of hot
water give him 2 spoon of mixture in every 15 min during fever (u may keep the mixture in bottle after the mixture cool down ).
after there is a relief in fever. i will give some other medicine .
reply after 3 hour observation.
[message edited by gaintrox on Sun, 14 Sep 2014 09:39:01 BST]

gaintrox 3 years ago

Thank you for your answer, Gaintrox.

Today is Sunday, so I cannot purchases those remedies until Monday evening, when the shop is open again.

Meanwhile I decided to try Natrum Mur, since it fits the symptoms. I hope it works and the fever doesn't return tomorrow morning.

After I will try to purchase those remedies.

I read in many places that Natrum Muriaticum should not be given during the malaria attack. So, if the fever returns, should I just wait and give it again after the attack or give something else?

How then to ease the symptoms of the patient during the fever?
[message edited by Visakha on Sun, 14 Sep 2014 15:55:30 BST]

Visakha 3 years ago

actually natrum mur is the medicine for malaria but it is not too much effective during the malaria attack . the mixture that i gave is more effective during malaria attack it stabilizes the condition .Since he is having fever for a long time and having headache and vomiting .So,our first priority is to stabilize the situation after that we can treat the malaria.
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gaintrox 3 years ago

if u can take 3 or 4 red pepper(in hindi lal mirchi ) and grind them with water into a thick paste and put it on a piece of cloth and tie it on the first finger of the right hand of the patient 2 hours before the expected attack this will often cure the fever though it causes burning sensation in the finger for a few hours.
[message edited by gaintrox on Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:59:40 BST]

gaintrox 3 years ago

Thank you again so much! Very interesting about the red pepper, I may try it tomorrow, if the patient agrees. And as soon as possible purchase the other remedies. By the way, what is the philosophy behind the red pepper?

Visakha 3 years ago

my uncle was a herbalist he use these kind of treatments it produces a burning sensation which reduces the fever .Like if u eat a pepper u fill warm like that it works.But there will be a little irritation in the finger after using the pepper .
how is the patient now ?
[message edited by gaintrox on Mon, 15 Sep 2014 05:58:28 BST]

gaintrox 3 years ago

Thank you again so much for caring!

I didn't see the patient yet today, but spoke with him on the phone. He had another attack around 7am. Usually the attack comes between 9-11, so I was hoping to see him before that and tell about the red pepper or even get the biochemic remedies for him. But today it came so early and he took again paracetamol to ease the fever.

After I spoke to one of his relatives and had him purchase the remedies you mentioned and now he has them at hand.

Should he only take the biochemich mixture when the fever comes? Or even before?

Or should he take now another dose of Natrum Mur? Or you still had some other suggestions for a remedy?

The next attack may come again tomorrow morning, so there is time today to try to prevent it from coming?

What exactly happens when one takes paracetamol to cool down the fever, it is only suppressed that I know. But if we can administer the correct homeopathic remedy, it can still work thru without bringing the fever one more time uo, or as long as allopathic medicine have been taking, the fever will still come when applying homeopathic remedy?

Thank you so much for all the help!
[message edited by Visakha on Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:15:42 BST]

Visakha 3 years ago

give him the mixture in every one hour .and during attack give it in every 15 min for few hour . For now do this much. tell me the situation tomorrow noon if the situation is stabilized i will prescribe the dose of natrum mur along with rus tox .As homeopathy work slowly there may be one more attack but it intensity will be low due to the mixture.

how is the vomiting and headache?
[message edited by gaintrox on Mon, 15 Sep 2014 12:01:58 BST]

gaintrox 3 years ago

I just see the patient and he has been taking the mixture a few times. He feels some relief. I told him to take it every 15 min if a new attack comes again. I forget to tell, but he had malaria also every year about this time. Last year he didn't get, maybe because he was taking nat mur for one month for his skin rash. But before that he got three times.

Visakha 3 years ago

His headache and vomiting is better now. Maybe natrum will be good choise after, his mentals seem to fit also. He actually doesn't like to be asked guestions, it is difficult to get answers, he is also little shy with me. And doesn't want to show his sickness or weaknes before me. Little bit closed and private person. Whereas i treated anothe boy with malaria with arsenicum, he is calling me all the time and explaining all the symptoms in details and want to participate in the treatment and choosing the medicine.

Visakha 3 years ago

I heard from the patient's uncle that he did have an attack also today, around 9.30am, but it was milder then the previous ones. He took the mixture during the attack and the situation become under control. Overall he feels better and even got some appetite for eating, which was lost.

So overall there is some improvement now.

Now he continues the mixture throughout the day and I will personally meet him aroun 7pm to get the full news.

Thank you so much again!!!

Visakha 3 years ago

from tomorrow morning change the mixture dose instead of one our give him the mixture in every three hour if there is any attack again he can take the mixture in 15 min interval for few our (during the attack).
from tomorrow at morning give him one dose of rhus tox 200c and at evening and before he sleep give him a dose of nat mur 30c.
continue this treatment for few days .
give me updates in every two days during this treatment

gaintrox 3 years ago

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