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chronic case of Allergy.. Need help terribly !

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How are you now?

If Nawaz doesn't come back to you, state your symptoms as on now. I will try to help you.

gavinimurthy on 2016-09-23

Thank you so much for giving back a feed back & taking up case sir!
For the past 2 to 3 days i was feeling devasted & i almost went into depression.
My presenting complaints -
Im now going through some serious troubles as in my last post i mentioned that i had problem with my ear i.e kind of tinnitus which appeared suddenly.Now let me explain u in detail.
My presenting symptoms as of now is -
1)buzzing kind of sound in my right ear along with dull ringing.
2)im able to hear things but this buzzing overpowers.
3)buzzing sound can be felt in high tone when in silent or warm room.
4)Going out sometimes makes me unaware of buzzing but im sensitive to noise of least kind even human voice too.
5)cracking sound in ear when swallowing saliva but i get amelioration when i do that and the buzz stops for a second.
5)buzzing sound is more like a vibrating machine which is dull along with ringing behind it.
6) im not able get a sound sleep due to this and sometimes mild pulsations can be felt near ear and temple.
These are my complaints which is present now.
History - Before all these started i was exposed to high volume of noise of vehichles as my office was so near to highway road & through my window the sound just pierced every time.So every time i started noticing i was very much sensitive to least sound even at home.
Exactly 2 to 3 weeks after on a fine morning as i woke up i started having re echoeing of every sound even my voice too.
As i didnot get my guidance from here i took some risks & started trying medicines my own without any go.
I took Lyocpodium no improvement then phosphorus gave me little relief and belladona completely removed reverbations and echoes.But the next day i took another form and presented as buzzing sound which is the present state of mine.i have explained in detail about this earlier.
Today morning i tried Aethusa,and lachesis too but not even a single percent improvement.
I just feel everthing is over as im not able to focuss on anything my life has become so unmansgeable.What should i do sir? Kindly help me out! Whether i should go for an ENT? Or if i have to live this my whole life?im pretty sure allopathy cant help me in any means only ray of hope is homeopathy.I started my posts telling my chronic allergy that time i thought that was the most distressing disease a person could have now i think its not.
Once again many thanks for u sir for giving a response.

bhama on 2016-09-26

Please don't self prescribe one remedy after another. That will make you worse.

Take three doses of Nux.vomica 200..4 pills as one dose..with half an hour gap. No more. If it is too late now, just take one dose and remaining doses tomorrow morning.

Come back tomorrow. Try to listen some relaxing music with earphones at low sound, and try to go sleep.

Don't worry. You can be helped. Report back tomorrow after finishing three doses of nux.vomica.

gavinimurthy on 2016-09-26

Hello sir!
Yesterday i couldnt read ur post as i slept off and today morning only i read.
As per ur instructions i took 3 doses of nux vom 200 in half an hour gap morning itself.
I couldn't notice any such changes after it but not aggravation also .. all symptoms persisting as same .
I wanted to wait sometime and see whether any change thats why late reply.

bhama on 2016-09-27

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Keep looking here once in a while. I am studying your case and may need some clarification s.

Are you in India?

gavinimurthy on 2016-09-27

Yes im living in India.
And ofcourse will be around.
Waiting for ur next post.
Thank you!

bhama on 2016-09-27

We need to give at least 24 hours time to assess nux effect.

list out all allopathic medicines you are taking with the dosing schedule.

No more homeopathic medicines please. I am stressing this point again again.

gavinimurthy on 2016-09-27

Sir im taking levanocitrizine allopathic tablet (xyzal *5mg) once in 2 or 3 days for my chronic allergy and no other medications.
Yeah i have not taken any homeopathic medicines rather than nux vom 200 and won't take also.I will keep in mind.

bhama on 2016-09-27

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Come back tomorrow and report.

gavinimurthy on 2016-09-27

Hello sir
All my complaints persisting as same as of now infact from yesterday night onwards i felt a slight increase in intensity of the buzzing n ringing sound and i noticed that the cracking sound in ear still persists while swallowing saliva but with no amelioration earlier there was.

bhama on 2016-09-28

Take Kali mur 6x..4 tablets twice a day for a week and report back.

Don't take any homeopathic medicines in between.

gavinimurthy on 2016-09-28

Okay ! I will update after a week.

bhama on 2016-09-28

This thread continues beneath the following ad.
Hello sir!
As u said i took kali mur 6x continously for 1 week and let me say u with atmost happiness that about 50 to 55 percent of my symptoms have got relief.
As u said i didnt any other homeopathic medicines.Now atleast im able to do my daily activities without mych trouble.
NOW let tell u my present condition.
The vibrating sensation ( buzzing) has not gone competely its persisting but has reduced its intensity & pitch and the ringing too it has reduced its pitch now um able to feel it when im in a warm silent room and especially night.
I would like to add a point that my menses apeared in between as usual i had severe & intense pain with too scanty flow then i had to take Dolo 500 mg as pain killer but i continued kali mur 6x.
Not only that in between i had a mild tonsilities pain for that i didnt take any medicines
It just subsided later on.
The cracking sound in my both ear persisting when im swallowing but now with a new symptom feeling of enlarged tonsil while doing thst but no pain as to say.
I dont know whether i have missed any more points related.
And finally i would like to convey u my sincere regards & thanks for ur cooperation and support.Waiting for ur reply.

bhama on 2016-10-07

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