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Depression, shaky hand, dandruff

I am male 27. I have dandruff problem from as long as I can remember. From last 6 years I am suffering from hairfall also. I was looking for remedy online but can not decide which to take. I used bartya carb 30c 1 year ago but did not help. When I use shampoo my hair and scalp goes dry and dandruff fall on shoulder. I have to use oil to hide it. but if i don't use shampoo for more than 3 days my hair scalp smells and it gets dirtier (I work in air-conditioned room almost all day). Recently i've gone bald irritated by dandruff and hairfall. I want to do something about it. I also have shaky hand and etching over my body specially around joints and back. It starts from evening (around 6pm) and gets worse at night on my bed.

I will try to explain my nature.
I am introvert. I don't like loud people. I have a problem in expressing my feelings verbally. I am very bad in telling stories. I prefer writing than talking face to face. I am more comfortable in that. While talking I sometime can not recall words. Those are very common words (like telephone, transplant, orchestra). I sometime forget names while calling out.

If I am meeting a new person there is a very little possibility that I will remember his/her face if I see them again in future unless they have very characteristic feature on their face or appearence. I forget numbers, address, names, faces. I procrastinates from 7-8th grade and as I am growing older I am procrastinating more. For last 1.5 years I am suffering from depression also. And my procrastination increased more and more over the last year.

I smoke and drink alcohol. I have reduced smoking. I have problem in sleeping early. I go to bed around 1-2am and fall asleep around 3am. I try to sleep straight on my back but after 15-20 mins I switched to my left side and feel comfortable. While trying to sleep I feel thirsty and urge to urinate periodically every 20-30 min. I may wake up around 4-6am to urinate and being thirsty. after that I sleep very peacefully till 9-9.30am and experience trouble in getting up. I can recall my dream after getting up. It is mostly of jumping very high, thrilling stories, snakes, swimming on surface, animals, friends.

I can not tolerate summer. I like cold weather. But I dislike lower AC temperature. I prefer (24 degree c). I don't like sun. I sweats too much. I bath every day, on summer two times a day.

I try to look decent and clean but don't waste money on cloths. In fact I have very few cloths. I crave for new knowledge (science, history, world politics, human psychology). I am not religious but I believe in superpower which created and holds all the universe and everything. I am open minded. I try to listen others' logical argument. If something bothers me I have a problem in saying it loud. I tend to absorb and shallow my pains. Which I regret but can't help.
I love listening music (mostly instrumental/ soft), I like singing, playing musical instruments,sometime dancing with music (just feeling the beats and waving hands). I like arts, tried painting myself.

I am lazy. But if i have been given a interesting work I give my 100% even if it is physical work. I prefer mental work so that I can do it by seating on my chair. I can't stand for more that few minutes. I don't speak much but sometimes I do tell jokes, irritate my friends and colleagues act like joker. And sometimes I feel very depressing.
I am short sighted. I don't catch cold easily. Even I can't recall when was the last time I caught cold. I don't suffer from fever but my body is warmer than others, always.

I have insecurity problems.
I have digestive problems. I burp after eating and drinking. I feel pinned pain abdomen pain mostly on the right side. Stool yellow, sometime deep brown.

I am genetically short heighted (5feet, 54 kg).

I feel pity for others' misfortunes but I don't care very much. I try to write diary but leave it due to lack of patience. I like eating eggs, meat (mostly smoked). I don't hate sweets but I prefer salty-sour food. I drink tea after cooling it.

For the last year I am feeling hopeless. I am just going with the flow and wish if the world ends, it would be great for everybody.

Hopefully I have explained myself and I did it for the first time.

Please help. Thanks.
[message edited by Skant on Wed, 15 Mar 2017 06:58:06 UTC]
  Skant on 2017-03-14

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
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16.Tell your date, month, year of birth with birth place and timing for Medical Astrology

17.Describe PRAKRITI
by doing EVALUATION on visiting

NOTE-- if proper reporting will not be done by you, then i will close the case, you can take advice from others.


0antivirus0 on 2017-03-14

Thanks for your reply.
birth: 12th march, 1990
Bokaro, Jharkhand, India
Don't know the exact timing towards 3.30pm.

I did the evaluation on the website you mentioned. I tried my best to answer correctly. Some of the questions were confusing where my natures were divided between the 3 options and difficult to choose any one.

The result came out as:

Vata: 41
Pitta: 32
Kapha: 27
Predominant dosha: Vata and Pitta

Thank you again.
Waiting for your reply.

Skant on 2017-03-15

I will try to answer the evaluation test from that website here. Which were difficult to choose from given options. It may help you find the remedy accurately.

on Part 1
1. I am Flexible, practical and calm (these 3 were divided in three options)

10. I dream of: all the options that were provided.

On part 2.
10. I generally eat:
when I am hungry I eat fast. Sometimes when i feel burning pain in my chest I eat slowly as it hurts when intaking the food each time.

on part 3.
5. Most of my fat is located around my waist and hips and thighs.

13. My lips are: thin upper, thick lower lip. darker, dry,

on part 4.
4. My nails are: flexible, pink smooth on hands. brittle, thick rough on feet.

Also I would like to add that I tend to sleep on my back without pillow atfirst, then I switched to left side with a flat pillow. When I wake up in the morning I find myself sleeping on my stomach with left hand under my head and right hand folding near the chest.
While etching, it gives me red spot. I feel etching with red spot (not severe) on my hands, legs, shoulder and back after taking bath. This happens as I can remember, when I was 14-16 years old.

Thank you again.
[message edited by Skant on Wed, 15 Mar 2017 09:35:40 UTC]

Skant on 2017-03-15

i am back to work, will prescribe you tommorow

0antivirus0 on 2017-03-17

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Skant on 2017-03-17

your medical astrology remedy is take some DARK GREEN normal grass, make its little paste by crushing(do not use water, just rub on any uneven surface), after that put very little paste on BOTH EYEBROW AND EYELASH, you can remove it after some minutes, try to keep as long as you can, you have to start it from wednesday within two hours from sunset, continue daily, do not forget untill i tell you to stop.


[message edited by 0antivirus0 on Sat, 18 Mar 2017 13:15:40 UTC]

0antivirus0 on 2017-03-18

aswagandharist 25ml dissolved in 25ml water, to be taken after breakfast.

Saraswatarishta 25ml dissolved in 25ml water, to be taken after dinner.

do not drink water 1 hour before and 1 hour after meals, after meals take 1-2 sips of water, after 1 hour take full glass of water.



the above links are the exercise and diet plan you have to follow.


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
digestive problem=
any other change you felt=

[message edited by 0antivirus0 on Fri, 31 Mar 2017 14:25:10 UTC]

0antivirus0 on 2017-03-18

Thank you for the remedies. I will surely follow this. But regarding the medical astrology remedy, I have to stay on my work from 10am to 10pm and during that time it would be weird use grass paste on eyebrow and eyelash. How much to use? Will it be visible?

I can follow the diet chats. It is easy for me as I already dislike everything from the "avoid" list (except red meat and alcohol). I will follow this with the exercise. Thanks again.
[message edited by Skant on Sat, 18 Mar 2017 14:29:20 UTC]

Skant on 2017-03-18

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except the starting day i.e on this wednesday, do it daily after wakeup in morning, just little amount is enough, during brushing the teeth wash you face and go to work.


0antivirus0 on 2017-03-18

So let me get this right. on next Wednesday I have to use it within 2hrs from sunset and then from next day I can use it in the morning. Is it so? Sorry if I am being too irritating. I just want to do it right.

Thanks again

Skant on 2017-03-19

yes fine.

0antivirus0 on 2017-03-19

Sir, I still could not find Aswagandharistha. I ordered from local medicine stores but they could not get it. I have found the saraswataristha on amazon and ordered it. They have aswagandharistha but this product can not be delivered to my address. I don't know the reason.

Skant on 2017-03-23

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