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Need help with nose blocked


- was suffering from nasal catarrh after I recovered from cold. Took Kali Bich 30. Now there is no discharge but one nostril blocked (usually the left one) all the time mostly. If the left one opens up the right one starts to get blocked.
- possible mucous membrane inflammation inside as there is no feeling of mucus on deep breathing; makes breathing in difficult.
- both nostrils open up when I am doing workout in the gym.
- blocked nostril bothers a lot when going to sleep if its the left one; makes breathing difficult due to deviated nasal bone.
- no sneezing, runny nose.
- no sore throat.
- no polyps; tonsils.
- earlier I was forced to blow nose when I feel this sticky gluey like mucus & nothing was expelled but as soon as I used to lie down, trouble begins; relief only when it has been expelled by blowing nose with effort.

Physical appearance
- 29/M/India
- fair complexion
- 5'10 height.
- dry hair.

- obsession with problem-solving; dislike to leave in the middle unless really important.
- forgetful; weakness of memory due to thoughts revolving around how to solve my problem.
- indecisive during acts or ideas.
- highly analytical before making a purchase.
- cannot do mathematical calculations in mind.
- refuse to look for help unless desperate or cannot find the solution on my own.
- aversion to household work; but conscious enough when the task must be done to help parents.
- laziness.
- aversion to bathing atleast on either Saturday or Sunday.
- sensitive to pain, noise; health anxiety of myself & of loved ones.
- aversion to touch sometimes.
- highly impatient, restlessness.
- short tempered, can get irritated quickly.
- concern for physical appearance and health; weight lifting in gym atleast 3 times a week.
- open to opinions but when I am firm I don't listen.
- irritated when contradicted esp when my knowledge of the subject under discussion is more than the other person.
- funny, witty; likes to pull leg during conversation.
- dependent upon family members.

likes sweet and sour food.
feels sleepy after lunch.

warm blooded, likes to have window open before sleep.

Medicines tried
Sulphur 200CH last week which took my mind off for sometime but did not feel relief. Sulphur usually works on me be it sore throat during cold or constipation sometimes or curing my hairfall problem last year.
Also, I have headaches sometimes in the evening due to lack of sleep after lunch which force me to use Nux Vomica 30CH.

Tried Kali Bich 30 this morning & started getting weird headache/sleepiness.
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  varunb on 2017-03-20

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
take nux vomica 30 3pills 2hourly and report changes after 2days
along with kali mur 6x 3tab 3times a day

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[message edited by drthoufeequebhms on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 06:33:00 UTC]

drthoufeequebhms last year

Thank you. I have already tried Nux Vomica 30 last week but there was no change. I have Kali Mur 6x in Reckeweg's Bio combination 28. I used it lat week for 1 day but could not remember whether there was any progress.

This morning I took Natrum Mur 30 as there was no reply & it did something.

- Started feeling some snuffling in left nostril when I arrived in the office
- some of the mucus got pulled into throat or probably pharynx.
- Also expelled some thick, gluey mucus from left nostril most of which was white or creamy with some small air bubbles but also there was small amount of maybe brown or yellow at the front. I thought Natrum Mur may work as I am warm blooded, like wearing tight clothes so that my chest impression may appear, also irritable, impatient, dislike to socialize most of the times.
- at the moment my left nostril is again dry & congested; no mucus present or snuffling.

Is it okay to continue with Bio combination 28 if its all the same to you?
[message edited by varunb on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:13:50 UTC]

varunb last year

its ok..how many dosesof natrum mur 30 hav you taken till now?

if you feel better..continue natrum mur for 3days and report changes in percentage.ok


drthoufeequebhms last year

I don't think Natrum Mur has made me comfortable. So far I have taken 3 doses till the afternoon & at this moment while I am writing this post, the condition of my nose is still the same;

- airways of left nostril slightly congested making breathing in difficult while the right one is open. In the afternoon, my left nostril opened up for few hours & right nostril was partially blocked.

- no mucus; nothing to expel after that one instance as reported earlier.

- no snuffling.

- breathing in possibly indicates some kind of inflammation of airways or swelling that happens periodically & alternates.

Natrum Mur is surely not the right one based on today's progress. I wish it was so that it would have made everything simpler.

Just for your info doctor, I have also tried one dose of Sinapis Nigra 30 last week & that did not help too. I also took one dose of Sambucus Nigra 6CH last night before sleeping but nothing happened.

Waiting patiently for your next advice doctor...
[message edited by varunb on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 15:33:12 UTC]

varunb last year

Taking kali mur via bio combo is not same as taking by itself. Try it alone 3 tabs 4 x a day for a few days and report.

simone717 last year

Yes..i ddnt notice you were talking about biocombination..i didnt mean it..take kali mur 6x alone...thats what wanted. Wait for one day and report...

If not better..take bry 30 3times daily for 2days... And wait for another 5days..for its effects..and report again..


drthoufeequebhms last year

Thank you once again doctor. I just forgot to add that I have this bad habit of picking nose to clear small scabs or mucus remains frequently but I don't keep my finger bored in or make it bleed.

Also after returning from my weight lifting workout, my nostril are completely open. This is the only way to get relief.

Anyways I will follow your advice & get Kali Mux 6x then report here after a week.
[message edited by varunb on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 17:56:04 UTC]

varunb last year

The nasal cycle is the often unnoticed alternating partial congestion and decongestion of the nasal cavities in humans and other animals. (Wikipedia)
I was also having this problem alternation of nostrils one closed other open. So I searched internet and found this information that its normal.
Just for sharing

mnaari last year

I wish I could agree with you but the discomfort of having one nostril blocked causing the person to get up from bed & force him/her to use nasal decongestant sometimes does not feel normal. Also I asked my wife whether she has this too & she doesn't.

varunb last year

Just try the kali mur 6x and see what you notice.

simone717 last year

No problem
It was just an information.

mnaari last year

You can put few drops of normal saline .if you feel nose stuffed..
It will relieve congestion and makes it open..

[message edited by drthoufeequebhms on Wed, 22 Mar 2017 08:15:10 UTC]

drthoufeequebhms last year

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