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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine- 
Dear Sir i am balvinder singh from amloh in pun...
0vicky1008:12 28 Apr 17 by
high esr
Hello everyone, my patient age45yrs,female, having...
0Dr Sayema Shirin06:57 28 Apr 17 by
Indigestion and Mucus
I am 33 year male, from last 15 days I am facing ...
3babu123abhi06:08 28 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Wake up at night shivering
Hello, I wake up at night feeling very cold and...
4Yerephee06:04 28 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Combination remedies not advised?
Hi all, is a remedy with many different ingredient...
0klb455605:41 28 Apr 17 by
need help for spasticity
hello my son is 7 1/2 years old. his right side ... [LAST PAGE]
31afskarimymail.com05:10 28 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
PCOS treatment
Hi, I wanted to consult doctor personally for PCO...
12Bousuerg04:24 28 Apr 17 by raina66
Stramonium and anacardiun
I have stammering and low confidance and memory pr...
0loko02:41 28 Apr 17 by
To Dr. Kadwa
Respected Dr. Kadwa ji, [message edited by Manoj99... [LAST PAGE]
79Manoj9902:15 28 Apr 17 by Manoj99
too much leg pain.uterus warts
dr i need help age 34 single period regular i g...
9mahsan01:34 28 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Hello Dr Thoufeeq
How are you doing ? Could you please help me with ...
8dr toufeeq01:31 28 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
need remedy for irregular menarche
hello doctor I need help for my 12 years and 9 mo... [LAST PAGE]
47afskarimymail.com01:16 28 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Help for child with chalazions, Dr Kadwa
Hello, I have a 4 yr old daughter who has develope... [LAST PAGE]
22ebuzzle00:33 28 Apr 17 by ebuzzle
chronic Sinus with no nasal discharge
Hello, Please help me in finding remedy for my chr... [LAST PAGE]
71Sunshine2223:42 27 Apr 17 by Sunshine22
Dr Mohla Pls help
Dear Sir, My Sister is 52 lives in usa.Height 5...
0manaser200521:49 27 Apr 17 by
Masturbation Problem In Emergency
Hello Doctor, Please Read Full Message And Please... [LAST PAGE]
63IbrahimWaqar20:10 27 Apr 17 by IbrahimWaqar
Are mother tinctures homeopathy or herbal medicine?
I would like to know if mother tinctures qualify a... [LAST PAGE]
220Teupne19:54 27 Apr 17 by cosmicweaver
fistula (anal fistula) - the badguy
Dear New Patient, Welcome to this thread! As... [LAST PAGE]
4639nawazkhan19:34 27 Apr 17 by scorpion73
frequent night emissions
i am male 5'7 height hindu from india uttar P... [LAST PAGE]
21vicky arora17:15 27 Apr 17 by vicky arora
Homeopathic Help on OCD
Hi All, I have been helping one of my friends ... [LAST PAGE]
17Idudi16:51 27 Apr 17 by simone717
3 month old (2 Months Corrected Preemie)
My son has severe reflux as well as a milk protein...
2kas061shsu.edu16:48 27 Apr 17 by simone717
premature ejaculations
Dear sir , I am 28 yrs old , I am doing handjob ...
11jeetsingh00715:54 27 Apr 17 by RobertW
3 1/2 boy remedy help please!
I have a 3 1/2-year-old boy here are some traits o... [LAST PAGE]
35ivey46515:45 27 Apr 17 by ivey465
Congenital Ptosis
Dear Doctors, I am a 25 years old boy. I have a... [LAST PAGE]
15Chandan415:22 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
What remedy to use for my child's fever and cold
My child started coughing and sneezing and then de...
1ivey46515:18 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
9 month formula feed baby severe constipation
My daughter is 9 monhts old. We choosed not to giv...
2Praquoorzai15:17 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
I have anxiety. I get very nervous when driving. I... [LAST PAGE]
14c_arora15:11 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
Allergy on Feet and Palm
Hello Everybody, I have been affected by aller...
4windowtoweb15:09 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
kidney stones
i have kidney stone of size 2mm in my right kidn... [LAST PAGE]
20simee_khan15:05 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
thick skin on hand fingres and foot
Hello Doctor, i had followed the steps in Reme... [LAST PAGE]
151harerama971415:03 27 Apr 17 by harerama9714
Teething 8 month old
Hello, my baby is having a horrible time teething...
3JIM3114:58 27 Apr 17 by JIM31
Skin problem
Skin at joints are black,hard and a little itchy.S...
6digitronic14:56 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
Bad Habit of going to bathroom after dinner daily
Hello Sir, I am a 23 years old guy and I have a ba...
6abhi 414:53 27 Apr 17 by NotWind
Migraine with visual aura
I am getting migraines and I don't know what ... [LAST PAGE]
80nanou14:43 27 Apr 17 by nanou
Hello I feel general drowsiness while driving. Of...
1Ranjay14:12 27 Apr 17 by homeo_helper
6 yo Mouth breathing, large tonsils and fluid behing ear drum
My little girl has a chronic problem larger than n...
3Ellie113:10 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Dear drthoufeequebhms please help me.
Anxiety (most of the time), Tension (all time with...
5kundalini199112:59 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
no interest in sex
Hello. I m 38yr married man. Mere 2child hain. ... [LAST PAGE]
19kapil_000112:57 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Severe Tinea (Ringworm) Problem
I am 32 years male from Mumbai. I face the problem...
1pritesh15012:52 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Suggest me homeopathy medicine for cure Inguinal hernia.
I have inguinal hernia on right side. Please presc...
1kalam112:45 27 Apr 17 by nawazkhan
Udayan Sir, Pls. help my son-- 5 Year old with Autism, Non Verbal, Handflapping and Tantrum
Dear Sir, My 5.5 year old is non verbal and auti...
0rishidce09:13 27 Apr 17 by
increase weight
hello sir kindly suggest me i have sunkun cheeks...
1Gaurav44408:19 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
1 month old baby hydronephrosis
my 1 month old baby having severe hydronephrosis d...
1homeonick08:13 27 Apr 17 by kadwa
Homeo medicine to US-Pls clarify...
Can I take homeopathy medicine to US-What are the ...
2chutki08:12 27 Apr 17 by gavinimurthy
Myoclonus twitching in dogs
Is there any remedy for Myoclonus twitching in dog...
1pjaiprak07:55 27 Apr 17 by kadwa
Sinus problem, need medicine advice
Hi, I am 42 years old and have sinus problem du... [LAST PAGE]
21harishkanyal07:46 27 Apr 17 by kadwa
Fatigued possibl -cfs?? Attn Kadwa
Good evening, I am writing because I have been exp... [LAST PAGE]
40Fatigued07:42 27 Apr 17 by kadwa
Glaucoma. Need urgent help
I have been diagnosed with poag glaucoma. My doc s...
8Abdullahhh07:32 27 Apr 17 by Abdullahhh
Cigarette and drug addiction
Heard wheezal de-toxin is effective. Has anyone a...
5Ande Lai06:40 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Homeo medicine to US-Pls clarify...
Can I take homeo medicine to US?What are the rules...
1chutki06:16 27 Apr 17 by simone717
Ulnar nerve entrapement causing daily numbness in pinky and ring fingers
Been having ulnar nerve subluxation in both arms (...
5lokesh9004:41 27 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
my hairloss treatement result -- please read this
I hope all women who have had hairloss problem r... [LAST PAGE]
59zuummaa23:23 26 Apr 17 by Laya
how to cure herpes 1&2 permanently
I have Hsv1 &2 last 3 years. How to cure it pe...
7krishna reddy217:50 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
ACL and Meniscus Tear need medication
last month i had an accident and had plaster for a...
2sunny1315:21 26 Apr 17 by Satendra1
Enlarged heart, asthmatic attacks, sleepless sitting nights, breathlessness
My mother is 65 years of age, obese with a weigh...
4Amarpal15:06 26 Apr 17 by simone717
Can I take Nat Phos with other phosphates? For GERD/LPR
Ok so my intention is to use Dr Joe's remedy ...
1lokesh9014:57 26 Apr 17 by simone717
Save my marriage, soft erection, premature ejaculation, unable to consummate
salam this is umair fro... [LAST PAGE]
31ukhan1614:46 26 Apr 17 by bhoot420
Depression, shaky hand, dandruff
I am male 27. I have dandruff problem from as long... [LAST PAGE]
27Skant14:06 26 Apr 17 by 0antivirus0
pco treatment needed
hello doctor my sister age 33...height 5/4 weigh... [LAST PAGE]
38afskarimymail.com08:28 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
summer itching and rashes
Hey Dear, male 32 years// i am in trouble my bod... [LAST PAGE]
13farsi_00707:10 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Sir, I have chronic nightfall problem since 5 years.....
Sir I have come this forum with hope of getting cu...
3Ashuyx07:08 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Bloating and weight gain
I m 27 years old female. 5feet and 68 kilos. I hav...
7Superbs05:24 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Shortness of breath ONLY. No cough, wheezing or phlegm
I experience shortness of breath, the "need&q...
5lokesh9004:27 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Skin Laser gone bad/Inflammation
I had laser to fix my mild scars on my face 40 d...
1skinzen03:07 26 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
For Homeodr
Would you be willing to help me out? I have com... [LAST PAGE]
197rom10918:16 25 Apr 17 by rom109
gynaecomastia for
sir i am a 30 year maleand i have gynaecomastia fo...
3admin89717:40 25 Apr 17 by admin897
Facing nightfall problem.
Good morning sir I myself Harsh kumar from bihar ... [LAST PAGE]
60harshkumar771117:35 25 Apr 17 by sisir
Panic attacks and mental imbalance during period
Hi all, for the past 3 months I have been experie...
1marinakirodo15:14 25 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
right eyesight weak
Dear All My right eye is short sighted. when I s...
11eyepain14:38 25 Apr 17 by drthoufeequebhms
onychocryptosis and ingrown toenail
Hello doctor! It is really urgent... I m suffering... [LAST PAGE]
14irfankhan114:19 25 Apr 17 by irfankhan1
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