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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine- 
Dr Rishimbha or Nawaz Khan whoever is available for my poplys, cyst case
I Saw my gynacheologist due to untimely abnormal b... [LAST PAGE]
333Nitz706:58 25 Mar 17 by Nitz7
chronic case of Allergy.. Need help terribly !
Hello there!Im 25 year old female suffering from c... [LAST PAGE]
89bhama06:50 25 Mar 17 by gavinimurthy
Genital warts
I had genital warts long back,chronic warts wa... [LAST PAGE]
22amit143mishra04:51 25 Mar 17 by mnaari
doctors please help me urgent
read my last topic my case total history topic is....
8Iorkiot04:26 25 Mar 17 by jawahar
Hello 0antivirus0 : could you take my case
Respected 0antivirus0, I have anal fissure proble... [LAST PAGE]
36detail oriented02:35 25 Mar 17 by detail oriented
Protruded Disc in Lumbar area
Hi, I am 50 year old female with none stop aching ... [LAST PAGE]
27ReginaUS02:00 25 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
gaynocmastiya and overweight
Hi. I am 32 years old healty male. My body weigh...
6Prakash301:48 25 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Natrum Mur 1M for high blood pressure
Dear sir/mam, Dr. Kadwa, Dr.Mehfooz, Dr.Nawaz, ...
5ankit11101:22 25 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Antidote Carbo Vegi
Helo, My father took Carbo Veg and stannum ...
0Homeopathy198020:25 24 Mar 17 by
Calcaneal Spur
Hello Doctors, My Sister aged 42 is suffering f...
7imtiyaz.ansari118:06 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Aversion to housework, lack of arousal
I used to get panic attacks and had strong anxie...
4Phibu18:01 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
dr. nawaz please help a mother......
The following additional information is required t... [LAST PAGE]
1052dr Nawaz please17:59 24 Mar 17 by dr Nawaz please
Hair fall and dandruff
Hi,I have problem of hairfall and dandruff since a...
1Anon1615:34 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Chronic Prostatits
Dear Sir, Dr. Kadwa, Dr.Mehfooz...
1fahad315:32 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Abortion pills
Dear All, My wife is pregenant and the last MC ...
2mahmoodjnu15:31 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Right ear problem and cold and cough
I have problem in my right ear THIS TYPE OF PROBLE... [LAST PAGE]
22hitss15:12 24 Mar 17 by hitss
Question about Morgan Pure Nosode
Hello everyone, I'm doing some research on...
9kaunhe14:34 24 Mar 17 by simone717
Does Nat Mur 3X Help with Language development
Hi Experts, I wanna know if anyone have experie...
12Homeopathy198013:15 24 Mar 17 by Homeopathy1980
Can I treat ADHD with medical marijuana?
I’m very glad to join this community, my dea...
1FreddyDaddy194013:02 24 Mar 17 by Teupne
advise please
Hello all.. kindly pour in our POV for SBL's...
2Smitra112:48 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
3 1/2 boy remedy help please!
I have a 3 1/2-year-old boy here are some traits o...
9ivey46512:44 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Face allergy from sun/ questions for wet dose
Since yesterday i have a face allergy from sun e...
1Kelly112:42 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
IBS Problem With Stomach Pain
Hello, I Am RITESH 33y Old Male From India.My pro...
4Ritesh _Singh10:15 24 Mar 17 by Ritesh _Singh
Masturbation addiction
Hello sir I had taken ustilago maydis q for my ...
3Gaurav44408:36 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
nose blocked and sinus
I am RajeshBabu(Age 40) suffering from sinus. I am... [LAST PAGE]
21elururajesh08:26 24 Mar 17 by elururajesh
Lower Back Pain, Disc Debulging, Degenarative Disc.
straightening of lumber curvature due to muscular ...
3osama7806:51 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
fistula (anal fistula) - the badguy
Dear New Patient, Welcome to this thread! As... [LAST PAGE]
4621nawazkhan05:52 24 Mar 17 by nawazkhan
HomeoDr: middle child stutter
Hi there. I feel like a pest asking you for help w... [LAST PAGE]
80alaskamom05:44 24 Mar 17 by alaskamom
Dear Sameer Vermani, please continue to help, thank you so much.
Dear Sameer, I did as you asked, but realized it&... [LAST PAGE]
52EliSka05:31 24 Mar 17 by EliSka
Femail With External Hemorrhoid
I am 33 years old, Femail, and i developed externa...
10Hemorrhoid Sufferer05:15 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
right eyesight weak
Dear All My right eye is short sighted. when I s...
5eyepain04:45 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Tension and delayed menses Dr khudwa
Dr khidwa: Plz reply to my post. After lilium ...
2Meera104:40 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Stress and depression
My husband is 38 yrs old. By profession, he is a ...
12shi_8104:37 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Masterbation urine problem
Hello I had habit of masterbation for five years.... [LAST PAGE]
16Mayankraj04:30 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Oil for hair care
I am 34 yr male and my hair are going away silentl...
1ankit11104:27 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Child with chapped blotched lips
I'm hoping somebody can help me. My son, who ...
1kaban200904:14 24 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Sinus problem, need medicine advice
Hi, I am 42 years old and have sinus problem du...
2harishkanyal02:19 24 Mar 17 by harishkanyal
Side effect to TB medicine imbalance
Hi experts, Any suggestions on reducing the sid...
0Homeopathy198002:10 24 Mar 17 by
ACL and Meniscus Tear need medication
last month i had an accident and had plaster for a...
1sunny1300:11 24 Mar 17 by homeo_helper
Dr. Kadwa Please help me
Dear Dr. Kadwa I am 39 years old male. hight 5 fe...
0Kererduel16:24 23 Mar 17 by
Making hair oil with Arnica Q+ Olive Oil by dear Joe
Hi Dear Joe, Firstly thanks for giving ur preci...
3ankit11115:49 23 Mar 17 by simone717
3 months old baby - cold and cough
my 3 yr old son is having cough and cold since las... [LAST PAGE]
14fizspace15:20 23 Mar 17 by homeo_helper
Vision problem
About 4 years ago I noticed some distortion in the...
5theonecloned13:56 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
PUJ Obstruction
Hello Team, My new born baby has PUJ obstruct...
1Dev Prajapati13:39 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Hello, My Wife Is Suffering from GERD and Tak...
3Deb_3star11:23 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Depression, shaky hand, dandruff
I am male 27. I have dandruff problem from as long... [LAST PAGE]
13Skant10:12 23 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
subclinical hypothyroidism
I have been suffering from thyroid problem for the...
8rp141409:58 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Chromogenic bacteria
I am 31 years old woman. Since the last 3 years I ...
1atiyask09:40 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Tryptomer and razo
Can I have an alternative for tryptomer and razo i...
5rp141407:52 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Premature ejacuation#
Hello sir my age is 26 and I started Masturbation ... [LAST PAGE]
30Stupid_k07:49 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Dr.kadwa please help
I am male 25 years. my nipples are puffy everytime... [LAST PAGE]
15abhay11199206:19 23 Mar 17 by abhay111992
Lycopodium 1M reaction: Please help.
Hi all, Wish you a bright and healthy day. I am ...
2Iellee05:29 23 Mar 17 by Iellee
Dr. Kadwa please help uti or cytitis
Suffering from uti or cystitis for 6 month antib... [LAST PAGE]
19samthakur05:15 23 Mar 17 by samthakur
Dr. Kulkarni, nawazkhan,antivirus,akshaymohl,kadwa
i want to know is there any treatment in homeopath... [LAST PAGE]
32human104:59 23 Mar 17 by kadwa
High Creatine and Urea
My Mother has a history of Severe Mitral Stenosys ...
1rsshyam7704:54 23 Mar 17 by kadwa
DR.Kadwa please help me on developmental delay of 4y old child
Dear Dr.Kadwa, We have twin baby.They are 4ys old...
3ghoshdastidar198004:42 23 Mar 17 by kadwa
Premature ejaculation with weakness
Hi sir, I am 25 year old I have a problem of pre...
11mlkjrn14304:13 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Need help for respiratory tract allergy!
Male- 26 I am suffering from allergy from 7-8 ...
7s.runner0804:08 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Urgent!! For Telescope
Hello Dr Dhiraj, Could you please help me urgen...
2For Telescope03:31 23 Mar 17 by telescope
Migraine with visual aura
I am getting migraines and I don't know what ... [LAST PAGE]
71nanou03:05 23 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Antivirus can you take my case - blessings
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. 58, m... [LAST PAGE]
25attainpeace02:24 23 Mar 17 by 0antivirus0
Erectile Dysfunction due to prolonged diabetes
I got diabetes 28 years ago when I was in primary ...
3Calgary01:33 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Masturbation addiction
There are some many suggestions by so many doctors...
2Gaurav44400:42 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Kidney, Liver & Sexual Weakness ;
Following is just a reminder of my Medical history...
2Ardos00:40 23 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
I Have A Bad Problem Help Me Fast
Hello, I am Ibrahim I have a problem that is reall...
4kingwaqar22:29 22 Mar 17 by kingwaqar
Persistant cough weeks after a bad cold
My mother who is 75 had a really bad cold a couple...
5theonecloned20:25 22 Mar 17 by simone717
Please address my issue
Hello I am male 36, Never Married, weighs 65 K...
2Ardos18:34 22 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Suggest med for ED and enlarge
Dear Dr, My age is 42 and married life 2 years. N...
3paulpartha25618:29 22 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
hairfall, balding
Hello. I am 27 years old, i was having very silky,...
1ahmed3918:25 22 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
Dr Kadwa please help with sebaceous hyperplasia
I have a skin colored bump on my nose that does no...
3Ramneek18:11 22 Mar 17 by drthoufeequebhms
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