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Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
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Early discharge problem.
i have early discharge problem since age of 14 yrs. i masturbate a lot in my life.now i am
amit16 2017-06-23
3   HealthyWorld 3 minutes ago

Emerging wisdom tooth
Hi, This is me Riyaz Ahmad. I am having toothache since day before yesterday due to emerg
riyazahmad5 2017-06-25
2   kadwa 3 minutes ago

NHL Follicular B call
Male 50, 172 cm, 80 kg, North Indian, diagnosed with NHL Follicular B cell Stage 3 in Jan
jaspalsaini 2017-06-26
1   kadwa 10 minutes ago

Penis problem
Sir one day i was not geeting erection so i did masterbuate when no erection.fron that day
Dinesh kumar1 2017-06-22
7   Dinesh kumar1 10 minutes ago

sir, my mom 67 years old have suffering for leg pain since 25 years after delivery kindly

arti kotak 2015-09-15
82   kadwa 17 minutes ago

Please help ,Throat red with pale pimples in back of throat and tonsils
Hi.i m 23 male , I have developed pimples in back of throat that are pale in colour and
Oturpurerc 2017-06-26
1   kadwa 24 minutes ago

PCOS - Cystic Acne Symptoms
Hi- I was diagnosed with PCOS a month ago but it's possible that I had been suff
nayaab_tahir 2017-06-14
3   kadwa 29 minutes ago

Loss of appetite and stomach ache and nausea
My daughter, age 9.5 years is having symptoms of Loss of appetite, stomach ache , acidity
vjhos 2017-06-28
1   kadwa 36 minutes ago

Severe Chronic constipation. needs advice from Dr Kadwa
I am 50 year old female. I have suffered whole my life with severe chronic constipation. I
bak1 2017-06-11
4   kadwa 42 minutes ago

Patulous Eustachian tube
Hello all! anything for this condition? I got it from a flu recently and i'm kind o
Juju83 2017-06-17
5   kadwa 51 minutes ago

sulphur symptoms
Hello doctors on 2 nov 2016 a doctor gave me one dose of sulphur 1M
deven157 2017-06-10
11   kadwa 53 minutes ago

nil sperm
manoj5 2017-06-24
3   kadwa an hour ago

Hi, This is me Riyaz Ahmad. I am having toothache since day before yesterday due to emer
riyazahmad5 2017-06-29
no replies yet

Help to see a point in life? Last resort
I'm looking to try homeopathy before going through with suicide. I haven't been
Endme 2017-06-29
no replies yet

Acid reflux and hard stone like pellets in poop: 10 weeks old baby
Hello everyone, I'm Jamie. I have a 10 weeks old boy who's had acid reflux fo
Amabenewaa 2017-06-29
no replies yet

Remedy for 7 year old
Hi! I am contacting you regarding my 7 year old child who cries a lot without any reason.
Skumar2 2017-06-28
1   akshaymohl 4 hours ago

Attention Simone : Help needed for chronic wrist tendonitis
Dear Simone, in late April I was diagnosed with chronic right wrist tendonitis by hand s
declan 2017-06-28
1   simone717 6 hours ago

Premature ejaculation
Hello please guide me some medicine I choose homeonpathy because I believe it's b
Jhangeer 2017-06-28
no replies yet

Low sex desire
Hi Dr. I am facing weak libido issue.I am 35 years married man.since two years,my sex
amit143mishra 2017-06-28
no replies yet

Seeking medical astrology advice from 0antivirus
I'm 22 years old pcod sufferer and I am seeking medical astrology help. Date of birt
Oavia 2017-06-27
3   Oavia 13 hours ago

Excessive masturbation since 12 year old now i am 21
i had very bad history about my past masturbating since 10 year old, was so healthy at my
igna 2017-06-15
5   igna 14 hours ago

fistula (anal fistula) - the badguy
Dear New Patient, Welcome to this thread! As you already know that Anal fistula, we

nawazkhan 2011-01-05
4708   nawazkhan 15 hours ago

Pilonidal Sinus Fistula
40 years old, male, software developer, creative, interests in history, science and art.
Lamary 2017-06-26
1   nawazkhan 15 hours ago

Dr Rishimbha or Nawaz Khan whoever is available for my poplys, cyst case
I Saw my gynacheologist due to untimely abnormal bleeding between Anyway, I got paps f

Nitz7 2015-11-20
364   nawazkhan 15 hours ago

saliva/water in the mouth during sleep
Age 43, height 5ft.6', weight 65 kg I. My problem is under:- When I slept lot of

kumar_rakesh4 2017-06-07
13   nawazkhan 15 hours ago

Treatment for PCOS ....... Dr. Nawaz Khan plz help
Earlier I had posted about " no periods for 4 months". Your homeopathic medicine

dips 2017-06-17
13   nawazkhan 15 hours ago

Pcos treatment
Hello I'm 22 years old and I am suffering from pcod as diagnosed in January after a

Pelt20sce 2017-05-31
40   nawazkhan 15 hours ago

Senses failure
I am 44 year old. Both my vision and hearing gradually failed from the age of 7 till ag
Thiarco 2017-06-28
1   0antivirus0 16 hours ago

Swelling of left leg
I am 63 years of age female.My left leg gets swelled when ever I stand for an hour or so.

abha ayan 2017-06-02
14   0antivirus0 16 hours ago

Depression, shaky hand, dandruff
I am male 27. I have dandruff problem from as long as I can remember. From last 6 years I

Skant 2017-03-14
42   0antivirus0 16 hours ago

Kind attn Antivirus
Hello Doctor, Kindly advise if you could take my case below. I am really in need of your
mentally upset 2017-06-20
10   0antivirus0 16 hours ago

Itching skin in hands and dandruff - To 0antivirus0 - pls help
My 9.5 year daughter has problem of Atopic dermatitis since last 2-3 years and she has p

vjhos 2017-06-16
17   0antivirus0 16 hours ago

to 0antivirus0 plz respond
Need medical astrology solution. 1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. 24,40,Ind
bhrtbhrdwaj 2017-06-22
5   0antivirus0 16 hours ago

Masturbation And Porno Addiction Please Help.!!
1st problem : I Have Masturbation Addicted Due to Porno Addiction everytime when i left ma
IbrahimWaqar 2017-06-28
no replies yet

severe spermatahhora
Sir I am 17 year old boy from uttar Pradesh...<br>I am suffering from spermatahhorea
Ienkiej 2017-06-28
3   Ienkiej 17 hours ago

premature ejaculation
hello i am from INDIA I AM 35 YEARS OLD and married and have problem of premature ejacula

AMIT18 2017-05-06
13   AMIT18 17 hours ago

Long school hours causing Physical and mental exhaustion, tiredness and sleepiness
Can homeopathic doctors please confirm if I can give Kali Phos 6x cell salt for followin
vjhos 2017-06-17
4   vjhos 20 hours ago

Facing nightfall problem.
Good morning sir I myself Harsh kumar from bihar I m facing Nightfall problem since 5 ye

harshkumar7711 2017-01-25
83   sisir 21 hours ago

Very strange head congestion.
Hello. I am suffering from very strange head congestion on front head I.e vertex. sin
ansarishoaib 2017-06-27
2   ansarishoaib 22 hours ago

please suggest best remedy
my age 30 the problem is that i am not get adjusted in group of peoples feel they are look
jimmycore70 2017-06-15
7   jimmycore70 22 hours ago

Please help with spermatorrhea problem
Hi Every time i get aroused, touch my girlfriend or talk about sex there is a clear sti
desirelew 2017-06-26
1   desirelew yesterday

sever spermatahorea
Sir I am 17 year old boy from uttar Pradesh... I am suffering from spermatahhorea since on
Ienkiej 2017-06-28
no replies yet

sneeze, runny nose, watery eyes since age 12
Hi there ...Would really really appreciate if someone can figure out the problem and rea
javed5 2017-03-13
11   javed5 yesterday

Dear Sameer Vermani, please continue to help, thank you so much.
Dear Sameer, I did as you asked, but realized it's easier for you to keep finding th

EliSka 2017-01-11
97   sameervermani yesterday

Dr Kadwa please help me.
I am a 49-year-old male, 5ft 5” and weight 80kg. I am a low immune person. I have be
din1 2017-06-24
2   din1 yesterday

Removal of stone
Mild Rt PCS dilatation with dilated Rt ureter with a calculus measuring 7mm seen in Rt low
Ongai 2017-06-27
1   homeo_helper yesterday

Multiple lipomas
Hi, I am 30,6feet,92 kgs, have multiple lipomas all over the body for not than 10 years.
Jai3 2017-06-27
no replies yet

gerd since 2012
I am 28 years old. Since 2012 i am suffering from acidity . Now endoscopy result is "
Dpnkrds 2017-06-27
1   homeo_helper yesterday

Pcod and infertility
Hi. I am 37 female. Never conceived. I have pcod problem. I suffer mood swings and at time
Nhs 2017-06-27
1   homeo_helper yesterday

9 month old has chronic constipation
Hi, My 9 month old son has chronic constipation. He tries a lot to push but still he does
SushDiddu 2017-06-27
1   homeo_helper yesterday

Plz suggest Antidote for calc Florida 6x
Dear all, plz suggest Antidote for cal .florica.6x
krishnasinh7229 2017-06-23
2   krishnasinh7229 yesterday

thunderstorm asthma
Hello to all respected homeopaths, I would like your advice regarding my son who nromall
plaguedmum 2017-01-20
2   plaguedmum yesterday

chickenpox scar treatment
i'm 23 years old and have dark skin complexion. i got chickenpox 3 weeks ago.now, i h
the_amirah 2009-04-30
3   hanasarm yesterday

Multiple System Atrophy
My father has been diagnosed with the MSA disease. currently he has been suffering fr
Kamran Sheikh 2017-03-31
6   Kamran Sheikh yesterday

Dry skin (Mild Congenital Ichthyosis)
This is challeging case. Kindly advise homeopathic treatment for dry skin ( Mild Congen
naman 2006-07-29
11   mneha 2 days ago

Dosage of Natrum Phos 6X for acidity and reflux
To homeopathic doctors, I want to know below points regarding dosage of Natrum Phos 6X
vjhos 2017-06-27
no replies yet

URGENT:Severe acidity,reflux and loss of appetite for my child- Pls help
Hi, Since last 2 days my daughter 9.5 years old is facing severe acidity and appetite l
vjhos 2017-06-25
4   vjhos 2 days ago

Osteoarthritis and knee bending problem for my father
Hi, My father aged 75 years has osteoarthritis in both legs. Pain is observed in both
vjhos 2017-06-25
4   vjhos 2 days ago

mental and severe allergy problem
Hi, This is Jawed from India, age 34 unmarried. I was suffering from anxiety since 2011
ahmedja 2017-06-12
12   0antivirus0 2 days ago

Sinus and allergic rhinitis
I am suffering from last 10 years with sinusitis . Now it has become severe. When it star
pguri 2017-06-10
11   0antivirus0 2 days ago

Doctor! with due honour to all Doctors who are helping to find remedy or solving health p

moheb 2017-05-16
26   0antivirus0 2 days ago

stop the worst habit
hello, i am 17 years old ,studying b tech 2nd year , i addicted to mastrubation fr
saisenayak 2017-06-26
1   akshaymohl 2 days ago

Problem with excess phlegm in throat and vocal cords.
Hello! I am a singer who has been suffering from silent acid reflux . I have excess phleg
ds215030 2017-06-26
1   akshaymohl 2 days ago

Chronic pancreatits
Chroninc pancteatits problem from4 years my age is 30 male i am using creon 25000with ever

Ssingh 2017-06-06
30   akshaymohl 2 days ago

Hi I have been operated once from an anal fistula but it seems to be recurrent every now a

jricur 2003-09-22
4873   purplecat44 2 days ago

Chronic Silent Reflux about 6 years
First of all hello to you all. My name is Dejan, i am 23 years old. For about 6 years

DoubleEdge 2011-01-17
33   ds215030 2 days ago

Eid Mubarak!
AssalamuAlikum Eid Mubarak! to all. May our creator accept all of our fasting, praye
nawazkhan 2017-06-25
3   Nitz7 2 days ago

Lack of self confidence, please help
I am a very low confident person. I want to do a good/change job but I am so scared. I get
Wierc 2017-06-03
7   Wierc 2 days ago

Anticipation anxiety and weak erectile
HI, I search some my symptoms on the abc homeopathy Remedy Finder and answer was ARGEN
y_munib 2017-06-23
5   y_munib 2 days ago

2 year
The main problem with my daugther (2 year, 6 month) to be addressed is that of eating and

lalitha1 2017-03-27
48   lalitha1 2 days ago

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