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problem with spelling and concentration
Hello, I have a student who was born as a premature baby. She learnt to talk at the ag
Megh 2017-08-23
no replies yet

Mental development did not occur properly as a child what can be done to help at 35 years of age
Hello, My cousin is now 35 years old. female. She as a child suffered from pneumonia an
Megh 2017-08-23
no replies yet

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months o

syria 2017-07-12
42   syria 27 minutes ago

saliva/water in the mouth during sleep
Age 43, height 5ft.6', weight 65 kg I. My problem is under:- When I slept lot of

kumar_rakesh4 2017-06-07
32   kumar_rakesh4 30 minutes ago

swift234 2017-08-01
19   swift234 39 minutes ago

HELP!6 year old boy with stomach pains and reflux and apnea
Hey everybody, I am new here and new to homeopathy. I have a beautiful, amazing son who is
Mummy1 2017-08-23
4   simone717 an hour ago

Multiple problems
To start with i have multiple problems.but please bear with me i am very worried .My age i
Rahul23 2017-08-13
8   Rahul23 an hour ago

Pain in knees due to osteoarthritis - To Dr Kadwa
My mother, age 68 years, weight 70 kg has osteoarthritis since several years now and she

vjhos 2017-07-26
29   vjhos 2 hours ago

Leg calf muscles and feet pain - To Dr Mohla
To Dr Mohla, My wife, age 40 years is having pain in both legs calf muscles, feet and s
vjhos 2017-08-23
no replies yet

Help find constitutional remedy
Hai, I have an 6year old Autistic son,please Help to find his constitutional remedy.
Binti1 2017-08-22
2   Binti1 3 hours ago

Mouth fobrosis
Dear Sir, I am suffering from mouth fibrosis and getting treatment from my local homeop
durgvijay 2017-08-23
no replies yet

Attention Simone : Help needed for finger pad burns
Dear Simone, In late June, my wife accidentally burnt two finger pads on right hand. S
declan 2017-08-23
3   simone717 4 hours ago

Hello everyone. I am 19 years old. Male. I am having Cystic Acne on my face and neck
MTaimurG 2017-08-22
1   homeo_helper 6 hours ago

Very Rare Case need you Help Nawaz Khan and Dr Rishimbha
Hello Sir I face very rear ,uncommon mental Condition. Details are gives as
asfandaslam 2017-08-22
1   homeo_helper 6 hours ago

Confirmed Reflux and Dairy Intolerance- 6 week old
Hi Joe, I really appreciate your help. My six week old infant is suffering from acid r
Jackie19gaol.com 2017-08-22
1   homeo_helper 6 hours ago

Child Out of Control
I hope someone can help me with my five year old son, his behavior has been very difficult
sej 2017-08-13
5   Zady101 8 hours ago

How do i use food Generalities in repertory?
I'm confused as to the food section in Generalities. I understand if there is a choic
Deartou 2017-08-22
2   Deartou 11 hours ago

slow growth of a child
I am here with a serious problem with my baby daughter. She is 1.5 years old and her growt
sialkotian 2010-09-15
6   maheeru 12 hours ago

This is my last hope. Doctors please cure me.
Sir, i've been suffering from unhealthy scalp for almost an year now. My hair gets ve
Uenkoo 2017-08-22
2   Zady101 12 hours ago

Seeking treatment for my boy with Pervasive development disorder-Not Otherwise Specified
Hello! Is there any one who is specialist on PDD-NOS or ADHD and wish to take the case

marwan 2017-07-03
29   Zady101 13 hours ago

Multiple remdies
My homeopath insists that my constitutional remedy should take care of all my symptoms. it
tzfin 2017-08-21
1   simone717 16 hours ago

Nux vomica 1m
Hello , hope u r doing great ! I took 2 remedies of nux 1 m since 20 days ago to detox m
Tm. Connections 2017-08-22
1   simone717 17 hours ago

Nerves of the head
I have cervical spondylitis for last 20 years. I have trouble looking downwards, pain and
Sungho1 2017-08-22
1   0antivirus0 17 hours ago

Help 28 yo man anger, self destructive, genius, bowel polyps
My son is tall and thin. Chest bit sunken. Blonde hair blue eyes. Long thin bones and musc
Lovelee 2017-08-21
7   Zady101 18 hours ago

Increse my hight
Hello sir my hight is 5.4 inch my age is 30 nd my weight is 51 can these medicin increse m
Zeeshan3 2017-08-22
no replies yet

enquiry about medicine doses
respected sir, my son is 10 years and sis month age . but according to age his body g
imdadalam 2017-08-22
no replies yet

protestic fluid discharge
Dear Sir, I am 37 year old 6.1 hight i am suffering from protestic fluid discharge sin
umas 2017-08-22
no replies yet

Phimosis i.e urine mouth not opening properly
Sir, I am 68 years of age and regularly taken Allopathic medicine for high blood pre
yogesh baijal 2017-08-22
no replies yet

Ejaculattes too quickly
Doctor, I masturbate once‚Äč in a day but from last two months my lower part of penis got

Ianpaza 2017-08-01
19   Ianpaza yesterday

Pains - fibromyalgia - Attn of Dr KUDWA
To the attention of Dr KUDWA : - I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since a yea
novicehomeo 2017-08-22
no replies yet

Bach flower for fear,anger jealousy.
Holly bach flower. This is best to solve anger ,jealousy among brother sister ,students,n
akshaymohl 2017-08-20
2   akshaymohl yesterday

Any topical remedy for hair fall?
Can anyone suggest me any effective topical remedy for hair fall?
Tish 2017-08-19
8   Tish yesterday

Incredible fear and anxiety after sex
I had been dealing with severe clinical depression and seeing a homeopath for 4 years. M

Quail Neer 2017-08-09
14   Quail Neer yesterday

throat infections, constipation and skin irritations
my daughter is 2 years old . she is very weak and thin.. her weight is very low. the mai

ridhimaawasthi 2017-08-14
18   0antivirus0 yesterday

2 month old baby suffering with severe gerd
Hi sir, my daughter is 9 weeks old she has shown sign of acid reflux from first week aft
samreen1 2017-08-21
1   Reva V yesterday

Premature Ejaculation
Dear Dr good evening... I am suffering from premature ejaculation since pubrty. To cure P
rahul_000 2017-08-20
2   rahul_000 yesterday

Sexual intercourse issues.
HI Dr. I have an issue regarding premature ejaculation... while inserting i ejaculate.

vicky111082 2017-07-27
14   vicky111082 yesterday

Would a homeopath be able to take my case?
Hi, would a homeopath be able to take my case? If so can you send me the questionnaire to
Ad1234 2017-08-05
11   Ad1234 yesterday

8 year old nightly bedwetting and regular pants wetting
My 8 year old daughter wears pull ups every night because she wets her bed every night. Sh

ttflutegal 2017-08-15
19   ttflutegal yesterday

Anal Fistula
Dear Sir, I had a perennial abscess drainage surgery done 3 months ago and I felt very
msameer 2017-08-14
5   homeo_helper yesterday

For Homeodr
Would you be willing to help me out? I have come to the realization that I've been

rom109 2016-10-07
206   rom109 yesterday

vomiting during travel
One year old daughter of my neighbour vomits whenever she travels in car. Surprising to no
skmangal 2017-08-21
no replies yet

Struggling with diagnosis Speech language disorder vs Autism
My son is 8 years old. We are struggling since he has 2.5 years old and doctors have faile
naz84 2017-08-21
2   Zady101 yesterday

Autism and speech delays
This is regarding my son 5yr old severe speech delay,diagnosed with Autism ,hyper functi

Reenakap 2013-10-16
18   naz84 yesterday

I am looking for a remdy for my little girl who will soon be 4 years old. She is under the

Ginger587 2004-12-14
22   naz84 yesterday

Height Increase of 5 year Girl
My 5 Years old daughter is only 40 inches or 101.6 cm tall, the girls who were shorter tha
HARI_DELHI 2017-08-21
1   akshaymohl yesterday

Need Some urgent Suggestions Pls
Doctor, I am 43 yrs. old. I had DVT on my right leg in 2006 and recently about 5 months b
Lakshmi3 2017-08-14
2   Lakshmi3 yesterday

After years of treatment - constitutional remedy
This is just a general question. Asking those experienced with chronic treatment. Afte
Joyner 2017-08-21
no replies yet

Nasal polyp
I have nasal polyp from an early age. Due to the polyp, my nose remains blocked, possibly
sizzler 2017-08-20
2   sizzler yesterday

A simple and effective method to antidote homeopathic aggravation
Diane, can we talk about your special method of antidoting aggravations? When I first b

bandarbabu2000 2005-01-23
47   ibr001 yesterday

Small abscess in between the bump
That my daughter age 36 years is suffering since two years of small abscess taken place j
yogesh baijal 2017-08-21
no replies yet

Leaking of sticky substance from penis
Age: 31 Yrs Sex: Male Built up:Moderate( Height: 5'10", Weight :- 78 Kg) I am

Rahul86 2017-07-29
14   Rahul86 yesterday

Vitiligo in 10 year old Boy
Hello Doctor and Experts, My 10 year old Nephew is suffering from vitiligo from the a

nadeemawan 2017-03-06
35   nadeemawan yesterday

Brachial plexus for newborn
Hi; I want to ask for remedy suggestion for a 4 weeks baby she has a brachial plexus in
kaya.isil 2017-08-20
3   kaya.isil yesterday

Experienced classical homeopathy practitioner please
This is my 5th post here . Previous four posts have yielded nothing. Two homeopaths only m
abezbaruah 2017-08-18
1   abezbaruah yesterday

pcod... no menses for last year ... help please
Hi, I have PCOD . and i have not seen menses/periods for last whole year. My doctor has p
Ourzo 2017-08-17
11   Ourzo yesterday

seek classical homeopath
seek classical homeopath to suggest me the treatment 1. Name Rajiv Bakshi 2. 56 years

Niiev161 2017-07-20
28   Niiev161 yesterday

For Zady101-my case
Not sure where to start, I really don't know what matters and what doesn't. Do I

cosmicweaver 2017-07-03
64   Zady101 yesterday

Dr.Kadwa Please help: Suffering from different ailments
Suffering from different ailments I have heard that are so many wonderful & experie
kumarviren 2017-07-23
12   kumarviren 2 days ago

Recurring breast pain
Hello all, I started having itchy skin on fingers and feet and used sulphur 200, whic
Oampanpere 2017-08-21
1   kadwa 2 days ago

Minscus 3rd grade tear
Hi any medicines to repair 3grade tear for minuscus. My mri report is as follows G
safiishaikh 2017-08-20
1   kadwa 2 days ago

Dr. Kadwa please help coughing problem and allergy
My mother having a problem last one year. She suffering from cough every month. 20 or 2
Arijit3 2017-08-19
2   kadwa 2 days ago

Over Musterbation.
I am suffering from effects of over masturbation. And after 2 months iam geeting married.
Afroz123 2017-08-19
1   kadwa 2 days ago

enlarged prostrate vol 104 cm - dr kadwa, dr murthy etc
Hi Doctor, The last week have been suffering from severe paints. I am a 60 years old m
pimathew 2017-08-19
1   kadwa 2 days ago

Side effect of berberis vulgaris
Why barberis vulgaris causes excessive sweating and swelling in throat....plz explain, is
Ali25 2017-08-18
1   kadwa 2 days ago

Deviated Nasal Septum
Dear Dr Kadwa I am from pakistan,lawyer by profession age 37 male suffering with deviat
Imranniazi 2017-08-17
1   kadwa 2 days ago

Dr kadwa pls reply i m suffering from cronic girdiasis for 5 years
Varun4195 2017-08-17
1   kadwa 2 days ago

Open pores.. anxiety.. Help! Help! Help
Patient ID: female:26 Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner aft
Mourz 2017-08-17
2   kadwa 2 days ago

Sleep Apnea Draining the Life from Me
I suspect I have sleep apnea: I am a 63 yr old female. overweight and my husband says I
shirleystorer 2017-08-12
4   Reva V 2 days ago

Serious problem with gas (trapped wind)
My wife has been having great difficulty with improper digestion resulting in severe gas a

yrogerg64 2017-08-04
13   Reva V 2 days ago

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