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Blood in Stool
For the last 3 days (Tues, Wed and today, Thurs), I have what looks to me a significant am
teenee65 2006-04-13
4   last decade

Herb Forum
Would any of you know of a trustable herb forum that one can go to for advice with using h
teenee65 2006-04-14
1   last decade

Body Odour
Is there any head remedy for Body Odour??
shaikh47 2006-04-11
3   last decade

Dr. Deshlok , Pls help
This is for Dr. Deshlok problem. Pls give remedy. My digestion system is very very down no
rdutt 2006-04-07
6   last decade

choking on mucus
Please offer a suggestion! Last week I have a lot of mucus, post nasal drip. Because of it
tatyana1111 2006-04-14
1   last decade

blood clots in legs
hi every one is there any medicine for blood clots in legs
javaaid81 2006-04-14
1   last decade

Stress & Hypertension
Hi,This is about my elder brother.He is 42 yrs of age,about 1 and 1/2 yrs he had some prob
jack2003 2006-04-04
8   last decade

Which is best for sinus relief??
What is better for relievingsinus pressure?Cold or hot? Thank you.
Natural1 2006-04-13
2   last decade

urine therapy and homeopathy
Can anyone please tell me whether it is safe to take homeopathic remedies while practicing
saguy75 2006-04-13
2   last decade

Antibiotics + homeopathic remedies?
I know it is the absolute no-no. But what am I to do? Molar absess occuring (surraonding g

bolcsasszony 2006-04-11
18   last decade

polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
some one has use lio Olive oil and now he knows it containts POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCAR
kalamefazy 2006-04-13
2   last decade

dr batras hoax ??
according to medical ethics no one is supposed to advertise more than once then how come t
ashwini 2006-04-13
no replies yet

dermoid ovarian cyst
would you have any homeopathic medication for the treatment of an ovarian dermoid?ovarian
ayesha1707 2006-04-12
2   last decade

my left leg is shorter than the right leg
my left leg is shorter than the right leg i am having pain in the right leg i am not sure
neeraj gogia 2006-04-12
4   last decade

alopecia areta
thanks for ur for 1st mailr. i replied ur mail, but i think bcoz of some problem it haven&
palu1-randhawa 2006-04-13
no replies yet

15 months back I fell sick for a Weeks time. In the last 5 years, that was the second tim
lurims 2006-04-12
3   last decade

Chronic renal failure and PVC ( Premature Ventricular Contractions)
I am a male, 67 years of age, from Pakistan. I am a homoeo doctor by profession. I had ope
syedmohsinrizvi 2006-04-13
1   last decade

Calcaneal heel spurs
What's the best remedy?
ahmedbayat 2006-01-21
6   last decade

intense itching/pricking when body heats up
when my body warms up or when i get a rise in adrenaline or temperature my body starts to
fiji519 2006-04-12
1   last decade

Belgian Malinois in pain.
Hello.Malinois Indy,male,age five,did have X-rays because he is in a lot of pain.Vet'
doglover 2006-04-12
1   last decade

receding gums in child from nat sulph
My son is being treated by a homeopath for the past three months for asthma. She told him

maryo 2006-04-01
14   last decade

My best friend
Hi,Can someone point us in the right direction please, i'm looking for a remedy that
kayhello 2006-04-12
8   last decade

Worms, parasites
Greetings. We have been using chemical wormers on our horses for many, many years. We are
horsetrainer 2006-04-07
9   last decade

Where can I buy Nat Phos 6x
I read the post about the gentleman that had his stomach bloat, well, mine too. I am 32 ye
bellosound 2006-04-12
1   last decade

need help for bad headache
Hi all:I am suffering from bad headache for last 3 or 4 days. Its not at any particular pl
preet 2004-11-29
5   last decade

MSM & Sulphur
MSM is methylsulfonylmethane, sold as a dietary supplement.It is effectively a form of Sul
Stephen 2006-03-23
11   last decade

Ear Infection
My son is 18 months old. He had ear infection a month back and he was treated with antibio
NALINS_998 2006-04-11
4   last decade

Children suffering from recurring diseases
To further expand on the topic of birth stress, I would like to explain a certain patholog
Alexthink 2006-03-28
4   last decade

Dr. Deoshlok-remedy complication?
Hello,A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about sleep apnea/snoring.Dr. Deoshlok, yo
virgogalsue 2006-04-11
3   last decade

My left foot
My left soles burn for almost one week and a half. It is almost unbearable. The symptoms
lst863 2006-04-11
5   last decade

Sepsis...Emergency Please Help
My Brother is in dire need of help and my homeopaths are at an NCH conference.Brief histor
Mon Cherie Amour 2006-04-11
5   last decade

Enlargement of prostate
Dear PANKAJ VARMA ,My case history is as below. Male 68 yrs. moderate built not obese. Dia
jsvirdi 2006-04-12
1   last decade

acne on forehead and cheeks
27 year old male....acne on forehead and cheeks since 1 year...tried hepar sulp, pulsatill
vikram78 2006-04-09
9   last decade

effexor withdrawl
Hi, I read other peoples withdrawl symptoms in this forum and was relieved that others fee
jerilynn 2006-04-12
no replies yet

Sinus problems
HelloI Have somekind nasal allergy. Have troubles with breathing thru nose and got headach
infoonhea 2006-04-10
2   last decade

Absence seizures
I have a 5-year-old daughter with chromosome 18p- syndrome (she is missing a small portion
jengehringer 2006-04-10
1   last decade

fao kuldeep re.phytolacca ...pls reply
Dear KuldeepHave been taking Phytolacca Berry Q for over 1 month as recommended by yoursel
carlotta 2005-07-07
8   last decade

chromogenic bacteria
My daughter who is 20 months has brownish black staining. Is there any treatment for this?
roma1 2006-04-07
2   last decade

Homeopathic Opium.
Hi. This may be a stupid question but I am very new to homeopathy and therefore have very
DorianGray 2006-04-01
9   last decade

Abscence Epilepsy
Just over a year ago my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with abscence epilepsy. She was
ravi_s 2005-06-12
6   last decade

Foul smelling gas
Lately I have a terrible time with gas. Its' smells awful.After hysterectomy due to o
Elunia 2006-04-11
2   last decade

cystic acne
I am 36 and quit taking birth control 6 months ago. Since then, my face mostly, has been
Laura42 2006-04-11
2   last decade

anxiety or something alse
I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2001. My symptoms were dizziness, general sense o
spring 2006-04-11
1   last decade

General physical weakness
Best wishes for abchomeopathy.I am 25 year old young man,I feel myself too much weak,I hav
ashraf ali 2005-12-01
3   last decade

14 most used rememdies
I am a new studen, I like to know what are the most commonly used 14 simplexes. Thanks
school 1 2005-11-21
3   last decade

remedy complication?
Hello,A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about sleep apnea/snoring.Dr. Deoshlok rec
virgogalsue 2006-04-11
9   last decade

Is cod-liver oil good for incresaing immunity in kids and adults?
I have heard that adults and kids can take one capsule of cod-liver oil every day and it w
karishma 2006-03-22
4   last decade

Dry skin generlaized throughout in the winter
MY skin is so dry in the winter months but when summer comes around and i have a good tan
Brandupark 2006-04-05
2   last decade

My sister wants to conceive
But unfortunely she hasnt had so much luck. The doctor said everything is fine with her. S
phouayang1club 2006-04-10
2   last decade

Young and Sick....
I am sick, have been sick for at least a month now. First I had coughs, then the flu, I wa
phouayang1club 2006-04-09
6   last decade

Damp weather and body aches
I've recently moved to Malaysia where it rains almost every day. Also here the rooms
gitamadhu 2006-04-10
2   last decade

Badder infection in toddler
My 17 month old appears to have a bladder infection and I don't want to her to have t

minnette 2006-04-03
34   last decade

heart problem
there is child of three months . al of his tests prove that he is suffering from a hole on
dr_nux 2006-04-09
2   last decade

Slip disk
Hi everyone. I actually neede some help regarding slip disk. My mom and my aunt are both s
appu_raja 2006-04-10
2   last decade

whats my problem?advice please! :
Okay, well.. i dont know where to start. 1stly my glands (in my neck) have been up for abo
HELENH 2006-03-29
2   last decade

homeopathic remedies suggestions please for anxiety and panic attacks
I am a 33 year-old female, and a teacher, who suffered what I think is a major panic attac
canadiankaty 2006-04-10
3   last decade

Leg pain
I have rheumatoid arthritis and had a total knee replacement three years ago. For the past
Chuck D. 2006-04-09
2   last decade

Help for my husbands Keloids
My Husband has had several Keloids on the Back of his ears of about 4years. We have had o
Duchess_mermaid 2006-04-09
1   last decade

Tumour in Urinary Blader
Hello everybodyPlease help us. My mother had some problem in her urinary blader.Long time
cjitsahota 2006-04-10
1   last decade

Re: Sinus problem, Dr. Deoshlok-Please advise
Age 53FemaleMarried140lbs.5'4"USANE.Penna. Snow,damp,coolNon DiabeticSinus drip,
Natural1 2006-04-10
1   last decade

Thyroid Condition
Hello,I found a dog who is about 8 years old. The vet I went to said his blood work is in
sashley11 2006-04-11
no replies yet

Allergy 6 years old child
Hi, I am new to his forum.I have a history of seasonal allergy and taking a injections for
californiamom 2006-04-10
1   last decade

hip & knee pain
I'm H.I.V. positive. I got infected with TB in 2002. It cleared but the pain in the h
lumon68 2006-04-10
1   last decade

Acne around mouth
Hello. I'm a 27 year old female that just starting experiencing Acne around my mouth
amanda13 2006-03-29
2   last decade

Nat Suph as a remedy for head injury
My father fell off hi bike a few years back and has suffred headaches ever since. We are
Tidalfire 2006-04-10
3   last decade

serious headache
i have taken nux 200c last night>. today when i woke up i have a serious headache i have t
jasmine oil 2006-03-28
3   last decade

Glaucoma and floaters
Hello,I am 36 year old male working as a computer programmer. I had gone for a routine ey
ramnair 2006-03-29
3   last decade

to joe de livera
Hi Joe, I started taking arnica wet dose (3 glbs in a bottle of water) 4 months ago and th
maryam 2006-04-08
6   last decade

Peculiar problem with penis
I have a peculiar problem ,i am 19 years old and well built,basically most of the people
deeri 2006-04-06
6   last decade

any homeopathy remedy for bacteria and detox?
Hi, after feeling very uncomfortable for few months and doing a lot of tests and examinati
maryam 2006-04-08
2   last decade

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