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is witchhazel the same as hawfawn
pretty straightforward, are they the same thing and which is better for varicocele if they
masterp 2006-02-28
6   last decade

decreased kidney function
My brother is 36 yr old, he has asperbers, functions more like a 18 yr old. 6 years ago he
sherryb 2006-02-27
3   last decade

Frequent urination
Hi all. I have been having a problem with frequent urination for about a year now. I am
LouisianaLady 2006-03-01
1   last decade

Severe Abdominal Cramps
Hello!My sister is aged 23yrs, unmarried gets severe lower abdominal pain (cramps) moving
mallikaroy 2006-02-22
10   last decade

Asprin anybody
Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine (2006) 3, 119doi:10.1038/ncpcardio0467 A
walkin 2006-02-28
no replies yet

What potency and when?
I've just started studying Homeopathy and am wondering when certain potencies are use
puttster 2006-02-28
2   last decade

How is your viral health
The entire medical setup of today is based upon the virus theory. It was the propagation o
walkin 2006-02-27
2   last decade

to Joehair loss question on arnica
i posted be4 but did not show up..Im wandering if there is better result with the weaker w
bocor25 2006-02-28
1   last decade

Are you there J Stanton?
?????? I posted my symptons in the original forum. Please take a look?
deadmanwalking 2006-02-28
1   last decade

My symptons...
I am currently experiencing my eyes being a little irritated. A kind of weird feeling goin
deadmanwalking 2006-02-28
1   last decade

how long should i use remedy for hemmrhoids if symptoms not improving?
i have had internal hemorrhoids since the 8th month of pregnancy. they came out and then
hawaiimama 2006-02-23
8   last decade

Ever since Diwali this year i have been plagued by dysentry. At first I was having loose m

maya_hari 2005-12-17
22   last decade

Chamomile Tea - "Official Approval"
There are two plants known as chamomile: the more popular German chamomile (Matricaria rec
WNCGirl 2006-02-28
2   last decade

anal fistula
does any body know the cure for anal fistula in homeopathy.please inform me if any body k
mehrtex 2006-02-27
1   last decade

Blood Pressure
I am using the wet dose of 400ml spring water and 1 drop of Arnica Montana ,twice a day as
Chuck D. 2006-02-26
4   last decade

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
Has anyone tried this for anxiety, panic disorder? I have recently learned about it and a
april1173 2006-02-25
1   last decade

hairs changing color to white all over the body
hi, my problem is that from last 10 years my hairs are changing color and turning white (h
hasn45 2006-02-27
no replies yet

Sugar cravings, carb cravings
I am a sixty year old woman suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I seem to have uncontrol
chinalady 2006-02-26
4   last decade

Unwanted hair on men's face
Hi, a friend of mine has two sort of problems with unwanted hairs.1) He has dark hair on h
homeo_learner 2006-02-27
2   last decade

Soya beans - Why they are not absorbed by the human body
The chief culprit, as with all beans, is the oligosaccharides in the carbohydrate portion.
WNCGirl 2006-02-27
no replies yet

suffering terrible from sever fibromyalgia & lower back pain due to disc problems & not being able to starighten up
I'm trying to find something that will help a severe case of fibromyalgia & lower
petimager 2006-02-27
2   last decade

Will YOU donate YOUR body
BSE developed after cattle had been treated with many vaccines and antibiotics.This was ju
walkin 2006-02-27
no replies yet

skin problems
I have had a problem with acne or some type of skin disease since I was 14 (I am 26 now).
joshuace69 2006-02-26
1   last decade

i need tp know the efficacy of homotoxicology remidies?ashfaq
ashfaq 2006-02-26
1   last decade

101-102 temprature after 6PM
I am suffering from this problem for a week After 6pm-10pm) i have temprature (101/102) th
kashifjan 2006-02-26
4   last decade

Lost Vigour
Since about 3-4 months I am feeling that I had lost the sexual vigour. There is problem in
indiana1000 2006-02-27
1   last decade

period + over 45 + headache = abject misery
Can anyone help! I'm 48 and suffer from constant severe headaches, particularly at th
sufferer 2006-02-26
2   last decade

Is Lac-c likely to dry up milk...
even if that is not desired or needed? I have a new homeopath who has me on an LM potency
happyvegan 2004-12-15
7   last decade

Sexual anxiety, confusion about remedies?
HelloI first would like to say this site has opened my eyes. I have been confused as too r

taurus 2003-02-28
20   last decade

child with croup
I have three grandkids, years 7 and 8 and 9. They all had the croup at the same time about
tweetystone 2006-02-25
1   last decade

Reduce your weight drastically
Are you realy interested to reduce your weight(Avoid costly affairs health club, Jim, exe
deoshlok 2006-02-23
4   last decade

Deal easily with bid flu
Dr. Leo Rebello replies accordingly: There are NO epidemics in normal times. More epidem
walkin 2006-02-25
3   last decade

early ejaculation
i 've experienced sulpher 200 once a days for one week,ashfaq
ashfaq 2006-02-26
no replies yet

Overactive saliva glands::Embarassing to speak with people at close proximity
All of my life, when I speak a few drops of saliva comes out of my mouth often.I do not th
unluckyguy 2006-02-26
1   last decade

What is the difference between the homeopathic remedy phosphorus and the tissue salts phos
wacky 2006-02-26
1   last decade

Pregnancy & Homeopathy
Does use of homeopathy medicine for gastric like Gastreu of Dr.Reckweg R5 during pregnancy
iffi123 2006-02-26
1   last decade

Organic Cotton
I had a customer come into the store today telling me that he read on here recently about
standrex 2006-02-24
3   last decade

Rhus Tox person
Hi,Could someone please tell me what are the typical characteristics of a Rhus Tox person?

stickyfingaz99 2006-02-03
13   last decade

To Rajiv Prasad
Dear Rajiv,I hope you don't mind my asking for you directly but I have spent some tim
dazedandconfused 2006-02-22
5   last decade

Organic milk ......
Not for me!!Europe Rejects Genetically Engineered DrugBy ANDREW POLLACKhttp://www.nytimes.
walkin 2006-02-25
no replies yet

Hello everybody, will you please share your experiences with Hypothyroidism? Any Homoeopat
manuhomoeo 2006-02-25
1   last decade

treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystro phy in Homeoipathy
My son who is suffering from confirmed Ducxhenne Muscular Dystrophy.I need his cure,treatm
khiam 2006-02-25
1   last decade

Dosage help -
Can I take a pellet form of Symphytum 10M? What would an equivalent dosage be?
rickv 2006-02-24
1   last decade

Nutrovitasub 2006-02-24
1   last decade

treatment for chronic kidney disease
I m 38 yrs old and have the following parameters as of 13/10/2005: 1) S. creatnine- 4.0 m
archana rawat 2005-10-22
3   last decade

grinding teeth
DR.SAJID MAHMOODPls. find reply as under:does your son boring in nose with his fingers? NO
iffi123 2006-02-25
1   last decade

allergy allergy
hi all, i have heard about this forum and have come here looking for some sincere advices.
sereneforme 2006-02-25
4   last decade

2 yr old teething problems
My son is having teething problems. He's almost 2 and according to doctors, mothers e
jatan 2006-02-25
1   last decade

Husband has a sex problem
well the last 2 or 3 years when me and my husband have sex he gets cums to quick please so
mrs_revczar 2006-02-25
2   last decade

Diabetic cure in homeopathy
Dear Sir,I am 40 years old Male, non smoker. Recently I tested my Blood glucose levels. Fa
ramsforums 2006-02-23
5   last decade

food allergies
About a month ago, I had an allergic reaction to penicillin. And now recently I have been
april1173 2006-02-25
no replies yet

materia medica
Can someone tell me where I can get access to a reliable source of homeopathy materia Medi
Pat2006 2006-02-24
1   last decade

using biochemic salt for 9moths old from last 5 months
himy son has gers and i hv been giving him biochemic salt SILICA 6x twice in a day ( 5 mon

cheenu 2006-02-09
15   last decade

mollescum contagiosum, kids
I have an 11 month old son who somehow contracted mollescum contagiosum. His beautiful sk
erinvd 2006-02-22
5   last decade

Rife Lives On
Rife Breakthrough -Hepatitis ZappedBy Ken Welch8-31-99 On August 19th the New England Jour
WNCGirl 2006-02-21
1   last decade

Hospital problems
Superbug deaths up by nearly a quarter in year· Death certificates citing MRSA rise
walkin 2006-02-24
no replies yet

Chrome plated
Scientists working for the chromium industry withheld data about the metal's health r
walkin 2006-02-24
no replies yet

Better quality control required..
for condoms!Robert was always careful. He had contracted HIV in 2000 ("January 14,&qu
walkin 2006-02-24
no replies yet

Bicep weak, sore, and tender
A month ago I helped a friend by lifting up couples of real heavy boxes. Two days later my
alikhan 2006-02-24
no replies yet

Prescription Med Side-Effects
Are there any homeopathic remedies that help to diminish or get rid of thetoxicity and sid
blessme44 2006-02-23
2   last decade

falling of hair
The thing is falling hair continously past 7 years. symptons are; i have lot of sweating
jagadeesh 2006-02-24
no replies yet

X-rayed medicine
Can someone please advise me if I can still use the homeopathy medicine that have gone thr
rsaad 2006-02-15
8   last decade

had sex with boy
i am 30 yrs old,recently i had sexual contact with a teen boy,he was 18 yrs old.I sucked
deeri 2006-02-22
6   last decade

I can't get rid of this cold!
I recently visited my boyfriend 2 days before feb 14 and he had a fever. Of course I got s
s_luevanos 2006-02-23
3   last decade

Partial Achilles Tear Help
Diagnosed with a partially torn left achilles tear located near the heel. Wore a boot for
rickv 2006-02-24
4   last decade

Fasting Assistance
Hello,I'm doing a pretty extreme fast right now. I'm only getting maybe 500 cal
SpiritualDesert 2006-02-23
1   last decade

mycoplasma and ureaplasma in pregnancy
i am 21 weeks pregnant.i am taking antibiotiks since i have been 4 weeks pregnant.i would
erikak 2006-02-22
4   last decade

bonding material on tooth
Hello everyone,I had a very bad experience with one of the dentists. She did a procedure
himabindu 2006-02-23
1   last decade

post natal depression and beyond
Hello, I would be grateful for any suggestions you may have on the following.I had my son
dazedandconfused 2006-02-21
3   last decade

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma saliva information
Hello Doctor well Doctor you gave me so much kinds of Saliva and it is hardly difficult fo
dlock 2006-02-23
1   last decade

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