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body itching
my body itches in the scalp the wrist the legs the feet, it seems to happen when i eat. wh
kahlil007 2006-05-20
2   last decade

thank u pankaj,john de livera
thanks for suggesting remedy.if u kindly look at my profile sanvar,u will find my entire t
sanvar 2006-05-22
1   last decade

Drowning in mucus
Hi, I have had this problem now for about 2 years and it seems to be getting slowly worse.
EMU13 2006-05-21
6   last decade

Sluggish and Dead Sperms
Here is my Sperm AnalysisVolume: 25mlViscosity: NormalColor: Dirty WhiteSperm Count: 35 mi
goshee 2006-05-05
3   last decade

remedy for croup for 5 yr old
My 5 year old son got croup last night. I gave him a dose of Hepar Sulph 30 and Belladona
rasingh 2006-05-18
5   last decade

Swollen gland(s) in toddler's groin
My son has had a few swollen glands in his groin for almost a month...he just had his 1-ye

tapcatt314@yahoo.c 2004-11-30
20   last decade

Anal Fissures
Hi,I've a friend who is suffering from Anal Fissures. He has undergone surgery once t
Srini 2003-05-28
4   last decade

Anxiety / RestlessNess
Dear Memebers, I am 37. I hv Chronic Anxiety Problem. Fear of Future, eventhough doing we
scorpioncan 2006-05-18
6   last decade

Eczema's "slow and late" response to treatment, advice?
My daughter was given Sulphur 30 for three days beginning on April 5. Since then her ecze
josiewales 2006-05-20
5   last decade

8 month old with fever
My son suddenly developed a fever last night. Temp is currently 101.4 He also has a lot of
mayfloweracademy 2006-05-19
3   last decade

Proving arnica 1m
About 2 years ago I was rear ended in a car accident where my head hit the head rest. I h
azsand 2006-05-21
2   last decade

health discussion and exchange of ideas among doctors is a must
I read a controversy concerning interference of one doctor with the other. I believe that
khawaja1 2006-05-21
no replies yet

Hair Loss - Please Help
Hi, My mother (age 51 years) has been suffering from hair loss (alocepia) for last 15 yea
amarkumar 2006-05-19
9   last decade

Opium for Erection Problem
I have a problem regarding erection. During sleep I got a good and hard erection. As I awa

misterindia1 2006-05-06
33   last decade

Muscle paralysis with fever ( dog )
Hi, I have used homeopathics for the past 10 yrs. in acute cases with my pets Question: H
ibc_jem 2006-05-21
1   last decade

Doctors: urgent help needed!
Urgent help needed! We are going overseas to see family and need to get rid of staph sores
Spotty celestial 2006-05-20
4   last decade

8 wk old baby w/ chronic congestion
I have an 8 wk old baby boy who became congested about 3 days after the birth. It used to
aquamama 2006-05-18
6   last decade

Anti wart vaccine!!
The FDA has , yesterday , approved a vaccine against papilloma -- warts -- that occur on t
walkin 2006-05-20
no replies yet

I am searching for information on lichen sclorosis. I am newly diagnosed.
vhopefulg 2006-05-20
2   last decade

big diagnostic puzzle
In 2002, a sudden discomfort started under the right ribs. I went for ultrasound. It show
khawaja1 2006-05-20
1   last decade

test message
khawaja1 2006-05-20
1   last decade

Coming of seroxat
HiI was wondering if anybody has any advice with regards coming of the drug SEROXAT.Im 38
Colette 2005-01-24
12   last decade

Lower eyelid sty- Please help!!
My son who is almost 12 just started breaking out and has a what is looks like a sty under
Nonna 2006-05-18
3   last decade

Dog that wont eat
I have a 2 yr old Jack Russell bitch that simply wont eat. In every way she is fit and hea
daftmare 2006-05-20
no replies yet

One year ago I had a painless growth a little above anal opening towards right side. The s
Sunny2222 2006-02-23
6   last decade

congenit muscle dystrophy/ myopathy
I study homeopathy in Norway.We are going to write about a subject, and I was planning to
Linn Barberg 2006-05-19
1   last decade

Daily headches and neck stiffness after a fall over a year ago
I am a male and 21 years of age. I have been suffering with headaches and neck pain for ov
roy_nyc 2006-05-18
11   last decade

Hi I am on day 4 with no Effexor, totally stopped because I was to sick to go out and pi
fitty 2006-05-19
1   last decade

7 mth year old - ear infection/teething
Our baby boy started his first ear infection at approx 5 1/2 mths. We did not initially re
ssong8 2006-05-18
1   last decade

erm dunno
recentley ive been gettin reli sore throats and den ear ache i wnet to the docters and she
iam a lil star 2006-05-18
1   last decade

greying of hair
hi this is gaurav i m 21 years old i dont observe any disorder in my body till now but s
gaurav9 2006-05-18
2   last decade

knee tightness/pain and hip bone also
Hello, My mother who is 57 has been on her foot a lot. A few weeks back, she had her knee
corsica 2006-05-19
2   last decade

Could you look into these modalities for remedy indication please ?
I am noticing increasingly that I am very succeptible to weather changes and the weather s
carlotta 2006-05-19
2   last decade

excessive desire for sex
Hi,I am a 33-year old male. I am a hyperactive person in many aspects, including sex. I ha

hp2006 2006-02-16
39   last decade

hair problem
Hello! I'm interested if there is any homeopathy product against premature grey hair.
Elektra 2006-04-16
5   last decade

ali mohsin
hi iam 21 years old and suffering from piles(only gums around anal)not bleeding.what kind
ali mohsin 2006-05-19
2   last decade

Where to get homeopathic remedies?
Can someone tell me where I can purchase. 'Verbascum' and I want to buy 'Mulle
Livvy 2006-05-19
2   last decade

john stanton
John attempts to answer all threads even if he is incompetent to do so.His only interest i
Happyface 2006-05-19
5   last decade

2 year old girl not speaking yet
My 2 year old restless girl was prescribed with BARYTA CARB. Some of the symptoms seems ve

LovingMom 2006-05-08
87   last decade

Difference coryza - catarrh
Hi, Can anyone tell me what the difference is between coryza and catarrh in the section &
kayhello 2006-05-19
no replies yet

Help with flatulence and back pain
I have the following symptoms: excessive offensive flatulence food intolerance bloating at
Flaby me 2006-05-18
5   last decade

Psoriasis of palms and soles
I am Male 42 suffering from psoriasis for the last 20 years.It started from one hand,then
sekhar 2006-05-19
3   last decade

Types of Arthritis
Arthritis means 'inflammation of a joint.' There are several conditions that can c
ashishkr 2006-05-19
no replies yet

Homeopathy experience
I have took homeopathy medicine from two very renouned homeopath(both had very good degree
r_mat04 2006-05-18
1   last decade

Do NOT believe Scientists
The CDC: Centers for Deceit Control http://www.mercola.com/2006/may/18/the_cdc_centers_for
walkin 2006-05-18
no replies yet

Constitutional Remedy
Dear Homeopaths Can there be more than one constitutional remedy for a person/diseases, f
sazim 2006-05-18
6   last decade

I am seeking any information on Carcinocin and how it works for chronic sinus problems
SueHa 2006-05-17
4   last decade

Good homeopahic doctor for my mother
Anyone please help me for getting the information for a good doctor for my mother she is s
jbadri 2006-05-18
2   last decade

7 year old and her nagging headache
7 year old and her headache -We tried Bryonia first and then a combination of Nux Vomica 3

sandhya 2006-05-12
61   last decade

John Stanton and others: my daughter's eczema case.
John Stanton, here is my daughter's case. I hope I included all the important inform

josiewales 2006-05-04
34   last decade

please help! remedy for Rheumatic Fever
My sister has been diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever (heart inflammation), after having few s
maryam 2006-05-18
1   last decade

Nasal septum perforation
Recently came to know from allopathy doctor that my nasal septum have got small perforatio
ramesh_krs 2006-05-05
5   last decade

Somebody please help!!!
Today when I opened my eyes in the morning I experienced very bad vertigo as if everything
Talat 2006-05-17
6   last decade

18 y/o teenager needs help with severe gum recession
Dear Doctors and Readers, I have two sevre gum recessions. A gum recession is wh
Breathmints 2006-05-18
1   last decade

Urgent Please help
Sir, I am 39 post- graduate girl. I suffering from many problem regarding my beauty, lik
ashllika 2006-05-11
9   last decade

Enlarged spleen and liver
I was diagnosed with enlarged spleen and liver in september of this year. Have chronic hy

Katherine 2005-11-24
14   last decade

yellow teeth
Is there any remedy for yellow teeth?
oberoidk 2006-05-11
9   last decade

Wrinkles, aging changes in skin, Old age and Wrinkles - By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Wrinkles Definition Wrinkles are visible creases in the skin. Considerations Most wri
deoshlok 2006-05-18
2   last decade

I was suggested to buy ceonatus americanus (jersey tea) for my enlarged spleen. However, n
dabitz 2006-05-17
1   last decade

lumps in armpit during menstrual
Just to make me feel better...I am 25, female, and right before my menstrual cycle I get s
milf4mc 2006-04-28
4   last decade

Joe De Livera
You recommed using Arnica 30, 1 drop liquid in 400ml of spring water twice daily, to stop
Chuck D. 2006-05-17
2   last decade

split tongue
Hi Can anyone advise on the following please? 1)Patient has deep split in middle of tongu
heaman 2006-05-17
1   last decade

I have just ordered Phosphorus and Nux Vomica for my hayfever that will start in May. I h

BelindaCPFC 2005-03-10
19   last decade

Me, summed up. Could use your help
43 years old Male6' 0"145 Lbs (have been since high school)Not particularly athl

jdant 2006-03-07
25   last decade

Is there homeo remedy for thyroid problem
I like to know from homeo doctors if homeo medicine works best for under or over active th
rdutt 2006-04-28
7   last decade

lever problem
A friend of mine has recommended me to use Lycopodium 200 2 drops daily to guard against l
ahmedkhattak 2006-05-07
8   last decade

excessive sex make my left testis bigger
hi all i have a very serious problem.my left testis is almost 30% bigger than my right tes

jasim1234 2006-04-29
21   last decade

Please Help
Hello to all doctors on the forumsMy mother is suffering form gall stones & is not willing
Vimal 2006-05-05
4   last decade

Wound in my throat
About 5 days ago I was eating baked chips. They were triangular shaped like Doritos. Aft
Stealth 2006-05-17
1   last decade

Duodenal Ulcer
Hello I have been suffering from acidity since last 1 month and doctors did endoscopy and
npavankumar 2006-05-16
2   last decade

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