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potency/measurement question
Can anyone explain potency versus milligrams? My bottle lists milligrams, not potency for
augie 2005-09-21
1   last decade

silica and reflux
I read a posting that suggested using silica to help with a nursing baby's acid reflu
augie 2005-09-21
no replies yet

new to homeopathy need guidance
Hello,I am have recently been introduced to Homeopathy and need information on the followi
Larissa 2005-09-15
11   last decade

back and forth with symptoms! Help!
I have a complicated case. I have a neuralgia in my head due to a post surgical scar along
virginiawoolf 2005-09-21
no replies yet

Aching in knees-flu symptoms
After recently recovering from flu symptoms; bronchitis and cold, I have ongoing aching in
djdor1 2005-09-20
1   last decade

First post here- new - chronic acne-HELP
I am a 33 yr old female..acne since about 15. Have been on accutance twice, every antibiot
Donna44 2005-09-20
1   last decade

genital herpes, sabra, passkey, someone? please help
appologies for the long text.Approximately 4 yrs ago was diagnosed with genital herpes fol
kvk29 2005-09-20
1   last decade

leg pain, posting for someone else that can't come here...please help...Joe De Livera, or Sabra
Back in April I started to have pain in my lower right leg about 2-3 weeks after completin
upnorth 2005-09-08
5   last decade

low potency every other day?
A friend of mine was told to take zinc 5ch 5X a day but every other day.The low potentio
Mahatma 2005-09-21
1   last decade

What does Muriaticum mean?A lot of remedies have it in the name (i.e. natrum muriaticum).J
robertm 2005-09-21
2   last decade

Avena Sativa
I read in some post here that Avena Sativa is good for Ercetile Dysfuntion as well as impo
raja4 2005-09-14
3   last decade

Dear Joe: I now have the Homeopathic remedies on hand and have questions: Can I refrigerat
crimson 2005-09-21
no replies yet

Rhus Tox
Hello, I have taken only 6C once ( sucussed in water ) and am proving it I think. I took
virginiawoolf 2005-09-20
5   last decade

Frequent Urinating
My daughter aged 6, the week before starting school, had to keep urinating. It started whi
Liz1967 2005-09-16
4   last decade

menses and calcium
My periods last 3 days. The first day is fine, but the second is very heavy. The third d
kitty 2005-09-19
4   last decade

Causes of relapse?
if we are in a homeopathic treatment and it starts to work fine for a 2 weeks and after t
Mahatma 2005-09-20
2   last decade

ASD or autism spectrum disorder
I have a 10 yr old boy.He is in grade 5 now with the help of a teachers aid.We have him on
metalwrx 2005-09-20
1   last decade

My boyfriand get a could.What can i do?
Anna_M 2005-09-19
1   last decade

Immune support
What is a good overall immune support remedy for chronic bronchitis and flu symptons, with
djdor1 2005-09-19
1   last decade

Having Surgery can some please help
I am having surgery 4 weeks from now, to my face and stomach, I have looked on the site bu
FriendlyC 2005-09-15
8   last decade

Speed of 1M Action
Can anyone tell me how quickly 1M remedies take to work, sort of min and max times? Is it

nature boy 2005-09-12
15   last decade

You guys have to try [...] for acne scars
This cream has helped my acne scars so much that my friends who hadn't seen me in a w
Star123 2005-08-28
7   last decade

chronic urticaria and anxiety
Each symptom in as much detail as possible. For example, for a headache, describe the type
lisams 2005-09-20
no replies yet

cure for sebhoerric dermatisis
i have been suffering from sebhoerric dermatitis for the last 5 months . the most affected
chaitu 2005-09-17
2   last decade

Acute or Chronic? low or high potency ?
HiI have a persistant stutter problem which started 3 or 4 years ago.Is this considered an
Interloper 2005-09-19
2   last decade

Allergies/Sinus Pressure/Follicuitis
Hello. I have a few issues that might be related. I have been having what I thought were r
trixyk 2005-09-17
1   last decade

suffering states of de-realization please help
hello, i really don't know what's happened to me and need some advice if you cou
mike05 2005-09-18
1   last decade

Sciatic Nerve Pain and Back Pain..
I have experienced wonderful results from taking 400mg of Vitamine E and 1,000mg of Salmon
MARCUSEASY 2005-09-18
4   last decade

4321 slim & detox safe for pregnancy?
i bought a bottle of 4321 slim & detox and was wondering if its safe to take while you
melicia 2005-09-19
1   last decade

Glandular supplementation
I have been taking Adrenal, Thyroid, and Thymus 8X for a few weeks now, to support mainly
djdor1 2005-09-19
3   last decade

Pain on the muscles
My husband always complain that his muscles always hurt specially when playing football.
kitty 2005-09-19
1   last decade

cinchona off or lycopodium for appetite???
16 mths old not eaten anything since yesterday except sipping milk periodically. As it is
ethan_mom 2005-09-16
2   last decade

eczema and homeopathy
I have a nine months old baby with eczema. It started when he was 3 months old. He is alle
lindabarrio 2005-09-04
11   last decade

flaxseed and cholestrol reduction
Hi, can anyone tell me if they have had any success in reducing cholestrol levels by consu
MARCUSEASY 2005-09-18
2   last decade

arnica and mint?
hi, I have recently started taking arnica 30 for my hair thinning and I was wondering if m
cassy 2005-09-19
no replies yet

Cold & Cough
My duaghter (22 months) woke up this morning with a stuffy nose. Throughout today she has
chlobo 2005-09-19
1   last decade

eye problem for my 5 year old
Hi theremy 5 year old daughter has had what i thought to be a stye in the middle of her to

gerth 2005-04-09
15   last decade

Aversion to offal
Does any repertory contain aversion to cooked innards - liver, kidney and such? I did not
Selina 2005-09-18
2   last decade

i tend to blush very easily!i have naturelly quite red cheeks!i would like to to reduce th
fresh 2005-09-18
no replies yet

red bumps on penis head
please help. Don't tell me to go see a doctor because If I could go see a doctor I wo
tazdevil 2005-08-12
2   last decade

want to know whether there is any cure for lukemia
amuhamed 2005-09-18
no replies yet

Dog with bleeding gums
My 11 month old Shetland Sheepdog has red, but not swollen, bleeding gums. The redness is
prunie8 2005-09-17
3   last decade

Can Some one suggest remedies for the different types of cough one normally encounters. I
baskaranramamurthy 2005-09-18
no replies yet

Taking Calcarea fluoric for teeth - inducing pain
Hi,I was wondering if anyone could help me please with any of the following queries regard
Courtney 2005-09-17
2   last decade

Craziness during PMS
I am about to start my period anyday. I feel like crying, raging, yelling, throwing thing
Coughing2Much 2005-09-16
2   last decade

What can I use to gain weight
I was wondering I know everyone wants to lose weight, but I was wondering is there anythin
FriendlyC 2005-09-16
4   last decade

My 5 years old son has been sick for three days now. He has hoarseness, barking cough, sli
Maria&boys 2005-09-16
2   last decade

joe urgent can i take both phosphorus and arnica m goin to start??
hi joe,very very thnx for the reply.i will start phosphorus200 in wet dose daily once from
bitsmart03 2005-09-17
no replies yet

can i take phosphorus and arnica both???
hi joe,very very thnx for the reply.i will start phosphorus200 in wet dose daily once from
bitsmart03 2005-09-17
no replies yet

hi joe remedy for dandryff
hi joe can u suggest some good remedy for sulphur i m confused when i see the posts done b
bitsmart03 2005-09-16
1   last decade

Skepitic sister!
Hello all what else can I do? My sister was suffering from a back ache whith a buring sens
jose07 2005-09-11
8   last decade

My son aged 7 years is having wheezing problem since he was 1 year old.In India it used to

naushadakhtar 2005-07-26
48   last decade

Happy GANPATHY celebrations to all Indians
Nesha-India, wishes all fellow indians, a Happy GANPATHY celebrations. May the Lord bless

Nesha-India 2005-09-06
13   last decade

This is my first posting in this forum. I am not a homeopath or even close to being one. B
yrpnet1210 2005-09-16
2   last decade

angina 70% blocked artery
i know someone with angina who has one artery 70% blocked . would homeopthy be able to tr
whitts99 2005-09-11
3   last decade

For JOE: Any experience using Arnica 6C for MS??
Joe,I have a good friend who is using all-natural methods to reverse the symptoms of MS. S

Jane525 2005-09-10
17   last decade

You may not want to address this but I'm going to ask anyway. I rescue dachshunds fo
dgo5204 2005-09-15
2   last decade

Sore Throat
I have a whit bump it kind of looks like a dead pice of skin in the back of my mouth on my
Sore Throat 2005-09-10
4   last decade

desperate help for chronic urticaria
please help me find out how to cure my chronic urticaria, as i posted before, i have been
fogoncito 2005-09-14
1   last decade

sleep problem 2nd half of night
I'm a white male, 50 years old, in great physical health, 5'10", 150, eat v
bhlack 2005-09-14
1   last decade

Pollen Grain allergy -- URGENT
My wife is 25 years old, we stay in Delaware-US.Do you have any medicine for pollen grain
Sukhomoy 2005-09-13
1   last decade

toothache possible abscess?
please could anyone help,I have a toothache and think it is an abscess, is there anything
holme12 2005-09-14
1   last decade

Sperm release after urination
Hello,Im from Sweden, I have a problem, after urination, sometimes i feel that sperm is co
steven 2005-09-16
1   last decade

9 month old - wheezing, congestion, eczema
Hi, We went to a family gathering towards the end of December, and my son and I fell sick
kganti 2005-01-27
6   last decade

i'm a virgin so i know that i dont have genital herpes, but about 6 months ago a whit
sarahj1 2005-09-15
1   last decade

spots on throat keep coming back
I had a sore throat with white spots at the end of August. Then it came back at the begin
mikeysprincess13 2005-09-16
1   last decade

nerve damage in bladder, dr wants to do surgery
Please help me for my grandmother. Her doctor just tested her bladder today and confirm
RebeccaB 2005-09-14
2   last decade

Immune System gone wild
Hi all. I was hoping someone could point me to a proper remedy. I'm a 30-year old Cau
shewolfofga 2005-09-14
7   last decade

new and need help
Hello,I have a multitude of problems. I am in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma and have ve
4everev 2005-09-14
3   last decade

feel better and then get worst again? possible?
i´m taking 2 homeopathic remedies for cronic depression have it for 12 years and af
Mahatma 2005-09-16
1   last decade

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