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Homeopathy while on antibiotics.
I have a friend ( someone I have been persuading to switch to homeopathy)who is on antibio
rsaad 2006-02-16
1   last decade

i have been giving this medicine (ASPIDOSPERMA) to my son as prescribed by a doctor in ind
nineclouds 2006-02-15
2   last decade

Homeopathic Shops
i need address of all the Homeopathic shops in Bangalore.
lakhmani 2006-02-16
1   last decade

dietary antidotes and their duration
Hi.I understand from my study of homeopathy that pepper, ginger and other stimulating subs
happyandhealthy 2006-02-16
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question to dr sharma re prescription
One wee questionI have just stopped a course of amoxocillin on MOnday, is it ok to start t
merc 2006-02-15
2   last decade

nerves weakness, pressure in head,bad memory
Iam 47 years old, physically ok, but extremely underweight all my life,(6'4", 59
novice 2006-02-13
5   last decade

Anxiety & Panic Attacks
I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for almost 2 years. I have tried psyc
mystery 2006-02-15
1   last decade

sore chest and throat
hi, my two sons have got sick three days now, i keep switching remedies but none seems to
elainesmyth68 2006-02-10
7   last decade

HBP out of control
I have HBP, and a body very sensitive to medicines. I am taking cardizem and chlorothiazid
ronbond 2006-02-08
9   last decade

My friends poor cat....
My friends cat was ran over by a car (very slowy) and lost one of her paws (not the whole
deadmanwalking 2006-02-15
no replies yet

gerd or lpr
I feel pain in upper part of my stomach. I was suffering from soar throat for the last 2 m
mtaslam 2006-02-13
5   last decade

High cholestrol Level
I am facing the problem of high cholestrole for last three years and I am 31 years old no
venug 2006-02-15
1   last decade

hairloss,dandruff,irritating .....
I am 40 yr male having gray hair few yr back,lot of dandruff,due to which my hair staretd
ASHOKSJ 2006-02-07
4   last decade

No success?
Three weeks ago I posted my special problem in this forum. I had swollen lower lids since
asterixis 2006-02-13
6   last decade

Disc Degeneration Medicines
Hi!I am struggling with disc degneration for the past one year. I went to Pakistan and a H
ArifMosh 2006-01-29
8   last decade

sinus help needed
Hi again been using the self diagnosis. do you think this would help me "Kali Bich".
merc 2006-02-12
6   last decade

14 years of ear infections
My 14 year old son recently lost his 7th(?) set of tubes which were inserted exactly one y
atuttle 2006-02-13
5   last decade

chronic liver diaese with ascitis and cirrhosis
pls advise me a suitable line of medication for my father who has been diagnosed with chro
neo_2004 2006-02-15
1   last decade

Epstein Barr Virus
I was reading on the net about a woman who had epstein barr virus (chronic fatigue) for fi
filmmaker 2006-02-15
1   last decade

Alopecia & Bald Patches
I am using Arnica 30 for last one and half month in water dose for the remedy of my Alopec
bdmmech 2006-02-11
4   last decade

i am rahul, my father has been chronic liver disease with cirrhosis, ascitis, diabetis dia
neo_2004 2006-02-15
1   last decade

cold sore on lips
Any good homeopathic remedy for cold sores on lips
oliviamarie 2006-02-15
1   last decade

Nausea/vomiting in pregnancy
What medicine u should suggest for the nausea/vomiting at early stage of pregnancy.
iffi123 2006-02-14
2   last decade

I have hypertension from the last 15 years. and I am on allopathic med. but I want to get
mkleo777 2006-02-10
5   last decade

Homeopathic medicine Purilla
Any homeopath here hear before a homeopathic medicine called Purilla
dis43686 2006-02-13
2   last decade

Red blotchy/cracked tongue after eating
Recently, when I eat foods containg salts/spices ie pizza,pistachios, seasoned meats, I ge
lvrodri 2006-02-12
2   last decade

optic nerve improvement or whiteor pale color will removed
Dear sir According to doctor presently i am week vision thatis cloud formation and optic
vaithiyanathan 2006-02-14
1   last decade

Homeo application Clincally
Can the remdies be tested say on blood serum or on urine and checked whether the remedy is
adil_kakar 2006-02-11
1   last decade

how can i increase my breast
if i have a problem of fibrocystic in my breast
divya 2006-02-14
2   last decade

Hellow professional friends of Homeopathy
Some maniac say " homeopathic do not work that is y these have been banned in canada
prafulla 2006-02-14
no replies yet

Dog with Pyometra - Very Urgent
Here we go again ...History of dog is found here http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/4
mersing 2006-02-12
6   last decade

Is there a homeopathic remedy for OCD, for someone having to wash hands repeatedly?
kriti 2006-02-14
1   last decade

Green stools
my son 7 months old is having green watery, gasious,curd type, non smelling stools for the
sundar34 2006-02-08
3   last decade

razor burn
Hello. I shaved under my arms one week ago and still have razor burn. I usually do not s
music girl 2006-02-12
2   last decade

belladonna safety
I have used belladonna with confidence for some time now. I recently suggested to a frien
tbarbie 2006-02-13
2   last decade

desperate to quit smoking, but no will power!
I am looking for help to quit smoking. I have tried acupuncture, i had tried stopping col
amaraya 2006-02-13
1   last decade

Please Please help me i reeli need help
hi ,i have trouble getting to sleep on a night and when i eventually do get to sleep i wak
x-ashleigh-x 2006-02-13
2   last decade

this could be the cause of your symptoms!
Mercury SymptomatologyBelow is a shortened list of the 4000+ symptoms caused by mercury po
TimCam 2006-02-13
no replies yet

is there any homeopathy medicine for irregular autonomic nervous system
is there any homeopathy medicine for irregular autonomic nervous system caused by Post-Tra
javaaid81 2006-02-04
3   last decade

Constipated baby
Hello,I'm having a hard time choosing a remedy for my 10 month old daughter. Right no
Erin 2006-01-16
11   last decade

Allergic Rhinitis
I was diagnosed with allergic Rhinitis by a ENT Speacialist in May 2004 after they do a sc
dis43686 2006-02-09
7   last decade

5 year old dog with epilepsy
We have a 5 1/2 year old dog with epilepsy. we would love to get him off of medication.
JoanieG 2006-02-12
2   last decade

3.5 yr old boy with 20% deafness
My 3.5 yr old grandson has been diagnosed with 20% deafness due to chronic otitis media wh
ooling 2006-02-12
1   last decade

pilonidal sinus
hello sir i wanted to know how many cases of pilonidal sinu u treated. can i get those cas
dr.lingaraj magadu 2006-02-13
no replies yet

dad sick since 18 years
About my dadAge 72Weight 79Skin dry, black spots on the legs and forearmTongue clear

kplavunkal 2006-01-26
15   last decade

dry cough
A woman of 64 years is suffering from dry cough. She feels as if urine will pass out durin
kriti 2006-02-08
5   last decade

What if wrong remedy???
Someone has to know this. If a patient take the remedy that is clearly wrong and ill effec
infosearching 2006-02-13
1   last decade

Squamous cell Carcinoma
Mr. ---Patel, Age 72, was turned back by the HOD, Deptt. of surgery, VSS Medical College &
prafulla 2006-02-12
1   last decade

Acidity in Newborn
I have a 6 week old baby boy and he is having Acidity problem since birth. He is onli brea
ka_kirti 2006-02-12
2   last decade

when a remedy does not follow well
Does anybody know what happens when the mm says a remedy does not follow well? For instan
maryo 2006-02-12
1   last decade

Mitral Valve Replacement & Homeopathy
A case 55 years old Indian married lady, with past history of RHD,MVR, endocarditis with v
prafulla 2006-02-12
1   last decade

Very Chronic Cough
I'm a 30 years guy. From small till big I always having cought from small I was diagn
dis43686 2006-02-12
2   last decade

water therapy for erection problem to Dr. jecee and others
hi Dr. jecee,I am following ur instructions and hope I shall get back my lost strength.No
xiang 2006-01-29
1   last decade

Bell Palsy for 5 years
I am 29 years old. I have had Bells Palsy for almost 5 years. I am constantly in the spo
unbeautiful 2006-02-06
4   last decade

about sebal serrulata and breast increase
hi, i finally found a place near me that sells sebal serrulata in mother tincture form. no
pooja 2006-01-04
3   last decade

any Homeopathic treatment for GAD?
Hello,Can anyone suggest me a Good Medicine for Generalized Anxiety Disorder? I am a Bad s
scorpioncan 2006-02-10
2   last decade

blood cholestrol test
i have a family history of heart disease.my recent blood test results showtotal cholestrol
hisam 2006-02-11
1   last decade

To Mr. Livera
Mr. Livera,Thankyou for your reply in the forum. But I cannot understand about the dose Yo
bdmmech 2005-12-13
7   last decade

3ys old with Asthma
my son is 3 years old and been diagnosed with asthma last August, i hesited in giving him
jojo33 2006-02-10
2   last decade

candida cleanse
anybody on here do a candida cleanse related to antibiotic use? Im just starting mine tom
hotty198 2006-01-11
5   last decade

Serious Problem - Help Wanted..
I'm a young man in my early twenties. For a couple of years now I've been eating
sporty 2006-02-09
1   last decade

medicine duration
can i use sabal serrulata Q for long time.i am using this medicine from 4 month 12 drop 3
lmkcmp 2006-02-10
1   last decade

suspected bells palsy
1) feels like right side of face has shifted down, heavy right eyelid, nose, and right sid
enquirer2006 2006-02-10
1   last decade

Skin beauty
Beauty of the skin lies in its very health. Keeping the color of the skin apart, proper ca
s_neha 2006-02-10
1   last decade

i want to grow tall
Hi,I'm 23 years old, and i'm just 5ft tall...Can I grow tall?Pls let me know...I
dollz_2325 2006-02-10
1   last decade

hai this is kamala.i have asonfrom 6 months he is having suttering problem.know he is 3yea
kamalapisupati 2006-02-11
1   last decade

Living in terror
Don't know what to do. I am subject to occasional dizzy spells/blackouts that obviou
Shaye 2006-02-10
3   last decade

shy gsd
Hi,I ahve a GSD who always had difficulties in going out but now is worse after 3 things:
Miyuki 2006-02-03
11   last decade

gotu kola
how much gotu should i take a day for help with varicocele. keeping in mind i previoulsy t
masterp 2006-02-10
1   last decade

How to start fresh/detoxify/remove remedy
Hi, My child was given a remedy which I think has made is symptoms 1000 times worse. How
infosearching 2006-02-10
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