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Tuberculinum And Prof Kent.
The Lectures of Prof J.T. Kent. It was necessary for me to refresh my memory of Kents elu
passkey 2005-05-05
7   last decade

Has anybody heard of chrysophan?
I was recently reccomended by a friend of a friend from a homeopathic medicine called &quo
ranjit_singh 2005-05-06
2   last decade

Can living on the coast help eczema?
Can anyone tell me if moving to a coastal/beachy area will help reduce eczema flareups?
sallylforrest 2005-05-03
4   last decade

Psychosis Sabra help
I will try and be as detailed about my psychotic trip as possible. I took a cannibas joint
godspeed 2005-05-04
4   last decade

Sabra, need your help
Hi Sabra, I realize you are helping lots of people, but am wondering if you can read my &#

lmhoopes 2005-02-13
44   last decade

advise for taking silicea
Hi,I need expertise advice how to take silicea 6x ,or how often and long?Thanks!
askomacic 2005-05-06
2   last decade

OCD&social anxiety
Hello, Greetings! I am having OCD ( Obsessive compulsive disorder ). It's more r
dhanvantari 2005-05-06
5   last decade

Sabra, need help for 2 year old with fever
Hi Sabra, Tonight as we were putting him to bed, my husband noticed my son was very war

lmhoopes 2005-04-21
19   last decade

Post Partum Haemorrage
Hi everyone My second baby is due in 12 days time. My first was born by emergency c-sect
Lisee 2005-05-02
2   last decade

Hair loss
I am 27 yrs old and i ahve a hgair falling prblm since 4 yrs.my hair fall from front side,
ansarul 2005-05-05
7   last decade

I am pretty new to Homeopathy. I would like to seek consultation on ED / andropause. May I
Periyar 2005-05-02
11   last decade

any good remedies for getting rid of acne scars?
i have acne scars on both sides of my nose. can anyone help?
spowell 2005-05-05
3   last decade

Geographic tongue in infant
My granddaughter was diagnosed with geographic tongue. Although her dentist said that it
SherryLS 2005-05-06
1   last decade

homeopathic pertussis "vaccination"
Hi, What are your thoughts about homeopathic "vaccination"? i am considerin
navashira 2005-05-05
2   last decade

dizziness and vomiting
Any remedies that will help with possible essential oil sensitivity - symptoms are dizzine
teenee65 2005-05-02
3   last decade

neuropathy due to catarrh
I am 70 years old and have cold (catarrh) postnasal discharge ever since my childhood. I t
yousaf36 2005-05-05
1   last decade

homeopathy and eating disorders
I was shuffling through Kent's repertory and under MIND I found "refuses to eat&
Selina 2005-05-04
3   last decade

Penis/Urine Infection
For the past few months I have sometimes been experiencing excruitiating pain while urinat
David 2005-05-03
6   last decade

Red rash! Dont know what to do! Please Help!
Hi, I have had this damn rash on the side of my face for ages now and it is really bugging
windwaker 2005-05-03
10   last decade

vit e 2,5000 doses
Hi have been advised by a chum if i only take this high dosage for 2 weeks during my hot S
emma.devaise 2005-05-03
6   last decade

Bumps in the Back of my husbands throat
My husband is always complaining aboutbumps/lumps in the back of his throat..he saids it i
crystals2004 2005-05-04
5   last decade

desquamative cheilitis
Please has anyone experience of this illness? My son (28) has suffered terribly with it fo
guest user 2005-05-03
1   last decade

Combining Remedies? Please Help!
Hi, I am currently taking homemade silica . Now, i have been reading up about graphites
windwaker 2005-05-04
3   last decade

Desquamative Cheilitis
Please can anyone offer any advice on treating the above condition? It is extreme inflamma
guest user 2005-05-03
2   last decade

i believe my son has thrush. he's 5 wks old and he's been fussy for the past fe
ky0825 2005-05-04
2   last decade

fao carlotta
hi carlotta just wnated to know whether u have noticed any improvement in ur pigmentation
Isma1 2005-05-02
1   last decade

Possible to resolve pigmentation issues?
Hi all, This is a quote from a website that i found& quot; 'Homeopathy also has ver
windwaker 2005-05-03
no replies yet

Kuldeep -- Re: Belladonna
I recently discovered this forum and have been eagerly reading the archives. I have used h
ruth45 2005-03-18
9   last decade

2yr old dribble boy
I have looked all over the net but cant find anything to help my son. He is a slow to lear
jemmsie 2005-04-26
10   last decade

fao dr kuldeep - can u plsss reply!!!
hi i am still waiting for ur response regarding my pigmentation
Isma1 2005-04-30
6   last decade

nose blocked for 3 weeks
My 4,5-years old son's nose has been disturbing him already for three weeks. It does
Maria&boys 2005-05-03
no replies yet

how do you get rid of colds fast?
i hate them and i have one right now. i want to get rid of it as soon as possible so i can
spowell 2005-04-29
6   last decade

Is Ignatia the right remedy?
I have been suffering intense crying spells accompanied by feelings of grief, loneliness a
AnnieT 2005-05-02
6   last decade

Hair loss
here is one answear to hair loss ... Most shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring, toothpas
Hilda 2005-05-03
2   last decade

Nerve Damage in Jaw due to Teeth Bleaching
The sharp pain started when I had my teeth bleached 8 years ago. It is worse when I am in
Mitra96 2005-05-01
3   last decade

I am confused
Can someone please help me in understanding the 'vitality of the client' and how
Zealander 2005-05-02
2   last decade

Blocked, sizzling ears
Hi all, My nan has been complaining of blocked ears. She says that she can hear sizzling.
windwaker 2005-04-30
8   last decade

dreams about cats
Hello! Maybe you can answer my questions because I do not really have a solution for that
innanna 2005-05-02
3   last decade

whats in that tablet?
greetings I have a pretty severe allergy to sulphites, and having reacted twice recentl
angew 2005-05-01
6   last decade

long term skin condition
Many members of my family have suffered from a strange rash/fungus? It starts as a sprinkl
jemmsie 2005-05-01
1   last decade

magicure: Pollen allergy, please review and help
Hi : I started taking Nux Vomica as you had suggested. It's been now about 1 week I
rsmith967 2005-05-02
1   last decade

Terrible cough and runny/congestion in young son
My son began coughing about 2days ago and still is and now also has a cong. and runny nose

tallyrai 2005-04-24
14   last decade

remedies for sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalances?
Seeking Advice Have been to three homeopaths without much luck Current issue - recoverin

guest user 2005-04-10
17   last decade

Newbie questions...
Hi, this is really not for me, but for my mom and my uncle...I take homeopathic medicines
Simthumb 2005-04-28
3   last decade

can sum1 pls reply to my query
hi ive posted a query on the 19th of april regarding pigmentation and hereditary hair lo

Isma1 2005-04-20
25   last decade

Carob Powder
Since I have been taking homeopathic rememdies, I have avoided the known antidotes: chocol
needhelp 2005-04-24
5   last decade

Hi Naryssa
I read your letter to the group and I was wondering... when you were at school did you spe
Hilda 2005-05-01
no replies yet

Alternitive to coffee?
I need some alternitives to coffee that will not effect remedies. I am a heavy coffee dr
tallyrai 2005-04-29
7   last decade

please a recommend a homeopath
Hello, can please someone recommend me a homeopath in new zealand. or may an indian homeo
rejuvinatein 2005-04-30
no replies yet

Dear Kuldeep: Isotrex and Silica
Dear Kuldeep, I was reading your thread on Silica and currently thinking about using it
Morris 2005-04-30
1   last decade

Underweight son of 34 years
Can you suggest some herbal or homeopathy remedy for my very thin son of 34. He suffers wi
jammie58 2005-04-25
6   last decade

Really need some help!
Hi, Since i often get acne outbreaks i am left with these horrible red marks. Now i read
windwaker 2005-03-18
12   last decade

ARNICA MONTANA Can you make it yourself from the plant?
Hi all, I have been reading about arnica and how it is good for acne (i have a little
windwaker 2005-04-28
10   last decade

Help my kids have whooping cough
My kids 2,5 and 9 all have whooping cough and so does my husband. Is there anything that I
mabc98 2005-04-13
3   last decade

frustration 2005-04-25
3   last decade

Wrist Pain
Hello, I have wrist pain just below the thumb. 4 days ago when I got up from the bed it

pimathew 2005-03-11
53   last decade

newborn fearful
I think my child who was very peaceful immediately after birth, got mishandled by the nurs

tjalal 2005-04-11
38   last decade

Chronic Diarrhea, urgent please
My sister age 34 with one child is suffering from severe diarrhea for last 3 weeks. She is
gull 2003-09-19
3   last decade

brown spots
Hi, I'm a 32 yo female seeking any remedies to treat brown liver spots (I have had
angie 2005-04-27
4   last decade

advice please - effects of silicea
Advice please !! I am taking silicea 6c for mild acne scars (thanks to kuldeep threads
carlotta 2005-04-27
2   last decade

bio-plasgen no. 26
Can anyone tell me what is BIO-PLASGEN NO. 26 from Willmar Schwabe used for ?
homeop1975 2004-09-14
4   last decade

Surpressed dieases
I tested positive to vernial warts and herpes when I was 17. I have only had 1 brakeou
tallyrai 2005-04-28
1   last decade

Pilonidal cyst
Hello everyone. Well, my question is this....I have a pilonidal cyst that flares up terri
naydies 2005-04-28
1   last decade

Is the Iodium patient obsessive compulsive? I have been given this diagnosis many times.
MorningSky 2005-04-26
3   last decade

pilonidal sinus - advice from magicure-please respond
Do you have any advice for me? I forgot to mention sex is female. Thank you.
nessa 2005-04-28
1   last decade

Labor and Delivery Homeopathy Kit?
I am 38 weeks pregnant. Had a fast and natural, complication free labor with my first chi
3carolyn 2005-04-28
8   last decade

vit e - 300 iu
Have got myself some Vit E - 33 iu dosage is that ok to begin with and just increase as my
emma.devaise 2005-04-28
2   last decade

Help with how to find my constitutional remedy
Hi, I am new at this, I have heard alot about constitutional remedies and was told that

MartinaRae 2005-04-20
19   last decade

dear bandarababu2000 ..help me please !!!.
Dear Murthy, I am new to ABC forum and on my first visit I saw some threads of your and R

Kewl_Dude 2005-02-23
24   last decade

Low self esteem/procrastination/pain in heel
Sex : male Age: 36 Height: 5 feet 9 inches Weight: 190 pounds I had a troubled childhoo

asharma 2005-03-26
18   last decade

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