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I am looking for information on how to kill bartonella bacteria. I posted a few months
rayne 2005-11-17
2   last decade

To Dr Sajjad
Any advice please?http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/37208/Child eye issues
new2town 2005-11-11
9   last decade

I m srcng Best Homepatic Dr.in Pune
Friends i heard about Dr Santosh kothari in this forum , but i want his Address or contact
immurara 2005-11-16
1   last decade

Allergy help needed for my baby
I hope someone will be able to give me some help.My little boy is 23 mths now and still be
elainesmyth68 2005-11-17
1   last decade

heel pain
the pain started occasionally about 2 months ago. Now its a constant pain, in the middle o
marjorie 2005-11-09
5   last decade

10 year-old Exposed to Shingles
My daughter was recently exposed to shingles and she's beginning to show signs of a r
konshesgirl 2005-11-05
1   last decade

Egotism in Nux Vom
Nux vom is a busy person . He has no time. This patient says. Dr. you can take as much a
deoshlok 2005-11-16
2   last decade

Magic of Patient expression- rubrics -medicine for doctors clinic
Dear doctors here I saw in this forum no body concentrate on the patient expression. For t
deoshlok 2005-11-16
2   last decade

can anyone answer this question?
Hello to all,Im new to this site, this is the 3rd time ive posted.Ive experienced the gett
sonia- taylor 2005-11-11
4   last decade

Hair line moving back
I know I have a thyroid problem but whenever I am under stress, my hairline moves back. L
mollyc 2005-11-16
1   last decade

complete novice
Apologies for my lack of knowledge but am a complete novice. How exactly do you take the h
marty 2005-11-15
3   last decade

Hello, I am new to homeopathy. I was wondering if Sepia contained any types of hormones.
drainmagik 2005-11-16
1   last decade

For Dr. Joe/ Cut, and pus 2 yr old
Dr. Joe:My 2 year old son had a small cut under his left toe(The jount between the foot an
amitra123 2005-11-15
5   last decade

14 year old with poor concentration and anxiety-sweaty palms
Hi All, My 14 year old son is an excellent student who has difficulty paying attention an
thesaurus 2005-11-16
1   last decade

plz help my penis is small
plz tell me some medicine to make permanent increase in penis size.
orris 2005-10-11
6   last decade

practice in us.....please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi All,I have been practising in India along with my mother who is a homeopathy practioner
deedave 2005-11-12
4   last decade

Micro doses Mega results
Disease means discomfortness of mind or the factor that makes one sick.   Diseases li
deoshlok 2005-11-16
no replies yet

graphities + silicea
hello,I want to know is it OK to take graphities and silicea together?i need this for dand
Tommys 2005-11-15
1   last decade

To all the doctors on this forum.......
can you please help with my urticariaplease copy and paste to your address bar:http://www.
spowell 2005-11-14
2   last decade

Asthma cough in cat Remedy?
This forum looks incredible.Who moderates it ?Our 2 yr old CAT has had an asthma cough sin
CatNap 2005-11-15
1   last decade

urethral pain--Staph?
I had a hysterectomy about two years ago. Since then, I've had intermittent urethral
ukulelejack 2005-11-04
8   last decade

Ignatia for cough after cold, wow!!!!
Ignatia worked for my family's cough in a big way!!!My two kids and I shared a cold a
samnbudsmom 2005-11-15
1   last decade

Ileocecal Valve Open
Causing me to itch like crazy. Have had chiropractic adjustment. What can I take to relie
Aliceda 2005-11-12
2   last decade

German Medicine Vs Rest of the World.
hi I am from Pakistani have been adviced some medicine by a doctor when i went to the medi
kashifjan 2005-11-15
1   last decade

GERD or acid reflux
I am currently experiencing severe burning in stomach all the way up to throat with dry mo
hahnemann 2005-08-30
6   last decade

Azoospermia and sulfanilamide
SULFANILAMIDEPHARMACY- Sulfa. Sulfamilamide. The base product is a para-amino-phenyl sulfa
deoshlok 2005-11-15
2   last decade

Large Blister/Lump Under Tongue
As the subject states, I have a 1/4" in diameter bump under my tongue. It really didn
mjb1980 2005-11-11
4   last decade

Acid Reflux with different symptom
I have a sharp pain in my upper left adomen up under my ribs. The pain is only on the lef
arwoman 2005-11-12
1   last decade

Digestion Problem
Hello Sir/Madam, I have digestion problem from very long time (2 yrs). I have been t
dinesharora1983 2005-11-12
1   last decade

Rotator Cuff Injury
I had rotator cuff surgery 12 years ago. It is now feeling similar to the pain prior to th
Gregory 2005-11-13
1   last decade

to HA21- almond milk
i had questions on the almond milk u had suggested for babies. can almond milk be refriger
ravin707 2005-11-14
1   last decade

please help
i ma new to this site so plz plz plz help me because i am very tensed and worried.my age i
shoota 2005-11-13
1   last decade

Chronic Back Pain
Back Pain since my schoolastic days. I used to play Table Tennis at that time. I represe
nirmala 2005-11-14
1   last decade

horse with dry skin
I have a 10 year old horse who intermittently suffers from very dry skin. He has very bad
lins421 2005-11-07
12   last decade

Phosphorus - Severe Nasal congestion & Itching
Phosphorus was shown as my constitutional remedy based on symptoms of my Hypertension and
sthillaiyah 2005-11-10
12   last decade

bird flu
Hai EverybodyNow all eyes are on bird flu and many countries are taking precautionery meas
kunjukb 2005-11-12
2   last decade

Sorry to be back again. 1st November was Diwali our biggest festival. That day i had faste
maya_hari 2005-11-11
4   last decade

Hello,I do get migraines, whenever the weather is windy.Just wanted to enquire what I coul
roseb 2005-11-11
2   last decade

to Sabra
Hi, i delved into the archives and found that you have some pretty good tips of BP. Could
Yoshi 2005-11-14
no replies yet

Re: Urinary Track Infection
Nov 12, 2005 Is there any one who can guide me with a solution for urinary track infectio
radhekrishna 2005-11-13
5   last decade

I've just had this problem in my right eye, and now the left help please how do I get
doclove 2005-11-10
2   last decade

Irregular menses
which medicine should i take as i have late menses i took arsenicum album for some proble
aaffi 2005-11-11
6   last decade

Found an awesome Homepathic acne gel
My son had terrible acne. After coming here and reading about arnica for acne/scars, I fou
curious123 2005-11-14
1   last decade

bags under eyes and crows tails
can u help ime 38 but look 44 so ime told my eyes are always puffy please help i dont drin
ginty dog 2005-11-13
2   last decade

Skin and inflammations don't heal
For the past 2 weeks or so I noticed my skin doesn't heal at all. I've had a sha
Noniya 2005-11-03
6   last decade

Help, Sepia questions.
I have been taking Sepia 1M 2 pellets three times a day for 2-3 weeks. I presented to my d
rainjane 2005-11-08
5   last decade

2yr old with Staph infection..
I had posted a few days ago about my 2 yr old having large bumbs on her chest...We found o
youngmommy19nc 2005-11-13
2   last decade

Very tight,stiff muscles
Hi everyone,Since I was very young, my muscles have been very tight and stiff. My father&#
rooty28 2005-11-11
1   last decade

FAO walkin re Hydrosalpinx
Thanks for getting back to me. Do you know if I am better taking Silicea rather than Apis
Stark140 2005-11-12
1   last decade

Please can someone explain to me how succussing a homeopathic remedy actually increases it
magicwand 2005-11-12
1   last decade

Dog - Fear of thunderstorm
I am fostering a dog that is very frightful of thunder and lightning. When the storm is ap
mersing 2005-11-11
7   last decade

feline cardiomyopathy HELP for my cat
I really need some help for my cat. Tigger is a 13 year male tabby. Last month I noticed h
cherylb 2005-11-12
3   last decade

Tx for Genital Herpes
I'm looking for help with genital herpes. I have had previous homeopathic treatment b
sol47 2005-11-03
4   last decade

I have a large external hemoroid and my doctor tells me that I need to get it surgically r
Joasia 2005-11-10
2   last decade

sore with stinky pus
My friend has a bump that popped and started oozing stinky pus...she said it smells so bad
jean27 2005-10-05
3   last decade

tuberculinum itch
took three dose's tuberculinum 3x 3 days ago and now im itching like crazy at night i
cornelius 2005-11-11
6   last decade

Am suffering every second--Somebody Pls help me
i shall b thankful to anyone who responds to thisi have been suffering fro numerous proble

dhara 2005-08-28
19   last decade

Eyes itch due to Allergic Reaction
From last 2 weeks, my 11 years son is complaining about itching in his eyes. Most of the t
vlohia 2005-09-08
5   last decade

Transient Head ache and acute hypertension
Friends,Would really appreciate suggestions or thoughts. Warmly,Ram
causmicdance 2005-11-11
3   last decade

if i have scabies and use a lotion to get rid am i right in thinkng that this suppresses t
cornelius 2005-11-11
2   last decade

Pet dander allergies
My cat is trying to kill me. I have never suffered from pet allergies before I moved to Fl
dylan freak 2005-11-11
4   last decade

fibroids and flu
I am trying to learn more about connections between PMS/menstruation and flu symptoms prec
dowritewomyn 2005-11-08
5   last decade

sore lips and chin (continual)
For almost 3years I have had random red patches that appear under my mouth in the none sha
marty 2005-11-10
1   last decade

Very painful and seems to be multiplying cystic chin acne
Help, I am a 42 yr old female and I have had mild to moderate acne for appx 20 yrs. Large
janaboo 2005-11-11
1   last decade

tooth decay
I hope this is not ridiculous, but once a cavity is formed it cannot be undone, right? I
joy50 2005-11-11
1   last decade

anxiety, muscle tension, low selfconfidence,-DrSajid
Dr sajid can you help me? I'm new to homeopathy and looking for a cure to anxiety, (t
emma-sun 2005-11-11
no replies yet

I am taking Silicea orally (liquid form one tablespoon per day) for my skin and nails.I ha
Joasia 2005-11-10
4   last decade

head pain
please can anyone help me, i have been experiencing a pain in the top left side of my head

sonia- taylor 2005-11-10
13   last decade

California State Board of Nursing, Guide in Nursing Agency Registry Business
California State Board of Nursing, Guide in Nursing Staffing Agency Registry Business. Ste
cabads123 2005-11-11
no replies yet

buzzing ears Help!!
I need some advice please helpI have had labyrynthitis in the past and as I posted earlier
drizzle 2005-11-10
3   last decade

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