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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
3 Year Old Daughter-Feeding tube & Constipation
Hello, I'm looking for help with my daugh...
3rfmckee22:30 07 Apr 11 by rfmckee
Small penis
kindly help me my penis is too small.. i want to l...
0akif zahid 20:03 07 Apr 11 by
height increase
Hi I am 28 years old and my height is 5.5 inches...
0sunrays.tec18:10 07 Apr 11 by
Indigestion and hair fall
Dear Dr, I am going through fllowing problems c...
8bhatiamoney18:04 07 Apr 11 by nawazkhan
Hi, i am 23, female, wt 60kg ht 5'', i a... [LAST PAGE]
50Sheetal rajput17:54 07 Apr 11 by sohel2011
Side effects of antibiotics
My father (age 72) has been taking antibiotics for...
6ct12317:49 07 Apr 11 by sohel2011
treatment for schizophrenia
Hi ppl i am a patient of 'schizophrenia&#...
4forun17:44 07 Apr 11 by sohel2011
14 month old twins with fluid on ears
Hi, My name is Jennifer, I have 14 month old iden...
5jeneeic315:30 07 Apr 11 by yogeshrajurkar
Anal Fissures
My wife aged 31 with no major / critical illness i...
3kankxx 12:23 07 Apr 11 by nawazkhan
Severe Dark Circles Around Eyes
I am a 33 year old female. I have severe dark cir...
3sk2011 12:09 07 Apr 11 by akshaymohl
breech baby + retroverted/tipped uterus : remedy?
my wife is pregnant. She's 38. we already ...
2gigilamoroso11:17 07 Apr 11 by Mahfoozurrehman
I have testicular pain (mostly in left) since more...
1superf 10:52 07 Apr 11 by DR. BASHARAT AHMAD
Swelling in eyebrows
Hi! I am suffering from pain on my eye brows,foreh...
1Malik shafqat10:22 07 Apr 11 by kadwa
pregnant with dental abcsess
I am 5 months pregnant with my 6th child. With eac...
5aaronsrib10:19 07 Apr 11 by kadwa
Left sided colitis - Arnica 30?
Hi, Please tell me if patients with Left Sided ...
4kbrao8407:07 07 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Anaemia of children
Res all hom .consultants, my nephew 8 yrs old ...
1bbhhaa06:33 07 Apr 11 by bbhhaa
Hi, I have 2 boils on my vaginal area and its very...
1shars06:29 07 Apr 11 by Joe De Livera
I am an alcoholic and have been trying to stop dri...
7jimmyc 05:49 07 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
what is allopathic prescribing in hoemopathy...
1girl201004:42 07 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
J'ai besoin d'informations sur tarif mutuelle
bonjour à tout le monde,je suis déso...
1rachelle0701:50 07 Apr 11 by Joe De Livera
Help stalled recovery from knee injury
I fell and banged and twisted my knee about 3 week... [LAST PAGE]
18balval01:16 07 Apr 11 by balval
ANY success treating VERTIGO
Just wondering if anyone has had success treating ...
4aussiejudi01:05 07 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
For Dr. Nawz Khan
Dr. Khan, This was my previous post, but I have n... [LAST PAGE]
19buggy00:41 07 Apr 11 by nawazkhan
mareina iud
hi i am 23 years old and mother of two and half ye...
1msidhu00:15 07 Apr 11 by sanremo
Is it possible to increase height at 33?
Is it possible to increase height at the age of 33...
1rizdagr823:48 06 Apr 11 by sanremo
Grow Height
Dear Doctor, Is it possible to grow height for ...
3SHAMAN23:10 06 Apr 11 by SHAMAN
Dr Joe de Livers, Im 31 and my hair started to thi... [LAST PAGE]
25ray3420:10 06 Apr 11 by ray34
High BP and bloating stomach
I am 30 year old Male. I have High BP, it was diag... [LAST PAGE]
23soninoida17:47 06 Apr 11 by lubanluban
To: Dr. Mahfooz ( Prostatorrhea problem)
Aoa, I am an 18 yr old male suffering from prosta...
0Salman113:21 06 Apr 11 by
to prevent chicken pox
hi I live in UK, my 6 year old son has got chic...
5zaaim11:56 06 Apr 11 by zaaim
high blood pressure &blood sugar
Recently I found that my b.p remains at high g.e. ...
0fnawazbutt11:03 06 Apr 11 by
Doctors, please help with back pain and stiffness since 2 week
Doctors, I am a software programmer. I am suff...
1imtiyaz.ansari09:36 06 Apr 11 by imtiyaz.ansari
Dr Shahid Shamsher Treatment Reviews
My dandruff was cured in 4 months. I had taken a t...
0Laxmi Kumar 09:26 06 Apr 11 by
please experienced homeopaths Help me.eye floaters, pain when moving eye, dizziness, tinnitis
Hi I have been having black floaters flying in fr... [LAST PAGE]
27anabella09:00 06 Apr 11 by kadwa
Loosing faith in life
I am a female, thirty six years of age and i have ...
6 mystory08:44 06 Apr 11 by kadwa
undecend testies with azoospermia
hi sir am 24 year.with undecended testies,surgery ...
0vssshiva08:05 06 Apr 11 by
Essential Tremor
Can anybody help or suggest what to try for essen... [LAST PAGE]
21paminchicago 07:17 06 Apr 11 by herbs01
Dr.Reva need ur heip ....
hi dr. i m a 21 yr old guy, i read ur post abt mas...
0koolmayankk04:03 06 Apr 11 by
Aggravation or condition worsening???
Hi guys. I don't know if I'm experien...
7dido8502:15 06 Apr 11 by girl2010
Proving chamomilla?
How would I know if my infant daughter is proving ... [LAST PAGE]
15mommyto3cuties01:46 06 Apr 11 by girl2010
stuck in provings sepia
Hello, Sepia is my constitutional remedy and i&#... [LAST PAGE]
27grenoble01:44 06 Apr 11 by girl2010

[message deleted by girl2010 on Sun, 10 Jul 20...
9girl201001:21 06 Apr 11 by girl2010
Is height increase possible at 33?
I'm 33 years old male. Height 5'7'. ...
1rizdagr800:41 06 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
I have a 20 month old boy who just started one day...
3leosmom22:53 05 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
tuberculinum koch aggravation
Hello. I wish to address my question to a homeopat...
2peterpan78197920:58 05 Apr 11 by peterpan781979
Sameer-Please help respiratory virus 2 year old
Hi Sameer- My daughter is 1. She has a histor...
0edstexas20:17 05 Apr 11 by
Regenerect is the Healthy Viagra and Cialis replacement
Natural, drug-free Regenerect™ is an alternative s...
0gprecruiter19:10 05 Apr 11 by
Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome - remedies?
Has anyone with CVS tried various remedies and if ...
0Rhonda78016:47 05 Apr 11 by
food allergies and eczema
Hi, My 3 years old son has eczema because o... [LAST PAGE]
136Blue12314:05 05 Apr 11 by Blue123
Lower back pain and stiffness since 2 weeks
Hi All, I am a software programmer. I am suffe...
0imtiyaz.ansari 12:27 05 Apr 11 by
Bill seeks to ban Homeopathy in North Carolina
I am copying below an article in NaturalNews about...
0Joe De Livera01:36 05 Apr 11 by
Anxiety and diahrea
Sir,I have generalized anxiety disorder and social...
7Ali77701:15 05 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
asking again- SKIN infection please help
This is for a dog. I realize that's not as im...
6homeopathyfordogs22:08 04 Apr 11 by lycopodium
Peanut mystery
I have always has pretty good relationship with pe...
1gnost21:55 04 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Update for Dr.Kadwa
Dr.Kadwa Nux vomica did not work.......My condit...
0wasiq_abc21:13 04 Apr 11 by
I m suffering from Pilles need doctors help.
hi i hope u are are fine i just find this forums...
2hm malik 19:13 04 Apr 11 by hm malik
inguinal hernia-due to phos 30c,,,,,,please help me someone
RES SIR, I have taken phos 30c tid for cough an...
12bbhhaa17:59 04 Apr 11 by bbhhaa
Cat with Hyperthyroidism, now Ascites! help
My cat is 14 and has always been healthy up until ...
5Trik100016:56 04 Apr 11 by Trik1000
diabetes - type 1 along with other autoimmune issues
My son is almost 11. He has had diabetes for 5 mon... [LAST PAGE]
14taacprusso15:05 04 Apr 11 by Joe De Livera
Need advice on face maturity
Hi Docs, I am 27 year old male and below are t...
0lappy6910:18 04 Apr 11 by
27 years but weight is less and lacks matured looks on face.
Hi Docs, I am 27 year old male and below are th...
2lappy69 10:17 04 Apr 11 by lappy69

[message deleted by sagittarious on Sun, 10 Ap...
10sagittarious10:12 04 Apr 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Regular Masturbation at night time
I am 23 and i am diabetic,i have a worst habit of ...
0EngineerFez 09:49 04 Apr 11 by
Skinny Face, Arms, Legs even Whole the body
Hi, Sir i am new comer, I have serious problem, to... [LAST PAGE]
24DO DO09:11 04 Apr 11 by kadwa
skin problem of infant
DEAR DR kADWA JI, I have grandson 9 months o...
4ghanshyam4908:45 04 Apr 11 by kadwa
asking for dr. joe -- ?
Dear Dr. Joe De Livera, I come to these forums a ...
0tomoyo108:02 04 Apr 11 by
hand job problem
hello dr, i am a male, age 24. i am adict to ha...
1m.ravikumar2000 07:19 04 Apr 11 by kadwa
Urine Retention
Hello My name is Niharika and I am a 22 years old...
7NiharikaSahni07:15 04 Apr 11 by kadwa
some drops after urine
I m 28 years old, my problem is after urine some s...
0mateenraza06:23 04 Apr 11 by
some drops after urine
I m 28 years old, my problem is after urine some s...
0mateenraza06:23 04 Apr 11 by
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