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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Cold Abscess in right cervical node with TB trace
Hi, Seeking help here for my wife. CASE HISTORY:... [LAST PAGE]
19rajanluthra15:19 11 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
Anyone know where i can get Polyfax? Also ...there...
1fistulaman12:05 11 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
Asthma and frequent throat and chest congestion
My father is 62 years old and he has developed as... [LAST PAGE]
17sagrawal11:51 11 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
dry,rough,and dull hair !!! with hair fall
im having this problem with the hair that its not ...
1rohan_thota 11:36 11 Mar 11 by sadhnam
Endoscopy after 1 year shingles issue. Is it necesary?
My mother, 84 years of age, had shingles ( Herpe...
0kohhh09:25 11 Mar 11 by
sir i m due for my acl reconstruction surgery next week pls advice me medine to take to heal upacl my post surgery
sir im a male 29 yrs , i was detected with ligamen...
4kushkashyap 07:07 11 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
Exessive sweating Head with little exertion
Hello, I have this problem of exessive sweating of...
1sumtaq 06:29 11 Mar 11 by kadwa
Itchy Skin, Cough, Bronchitis, Breathlessness
Sir, I got severe cold 3 years back which was ...
2rdoshi106:23 11 Mar 11 by kadwa
Hair fall problem cured
Hi All, Well just wanted to inform you all that...
0shahnawazi06:17 11 Mar 11 by

[message deleted by girl2010 on Wed, 18 Jan 20...
8girl201003:06 11 Mar 11 by girl2010
1870 Journal Of Homeopathic Medicine On Ebay 9 Issues
Hello, I thought some of you folks might be int...
0bookfisher02:15 11 Mar 11 by
Potency help please
what are the equivalents of the following potency ...
4lifecycle3122:47 10 Mar 11 by lifecycle31
Osteoporosis Diabetes Obesity
My mother aged 45 got left knee joint problem (Car...
3ShaistaRana17:37 10 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
Baby Eczema, Please Help
Hi, My 3 month daughter has eczema , which starte...
3mansivyas16:46 10 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
arthritise leg ulcer
i suffring from rehumotied arthritise from 18 year...
0rakesh turaiha 12:08 10 Mar 11 by
Have any tips to live a healthy life
To live a healthy life is the motto of every perso...
0bailavis10:29 10 Mar 11 by
fish like skin - ichthyosis
I am male, 45 years old. I have this genetic probl...
1gtripathy08:56 10 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
tonsil stones
hi all i have been on a diet for almost 2 months ...
0badbreathinfinity05:01 10 Mar 11 by
Swollen Thyroid
Can someone help me please? I am 26 years old ...
1LemonDream04:49 10 Mar 11 by Info.rahiq
Where can I get Syphyllinum 200c?
I heard that Lyme disease responds well to Syphill...
1mollymg 03:03 10 Mar 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
form completed for constitutional inquiry
Gender: Female Age: 55 Body Type: slender Heig...
2taz5502:22 10 Mar 11 by taz55
20 month baby with a runny nose..
Hi all, My son is 20 month old his nose has runny...
5Eve62600:25 10 Mar 11 by Reva V
could allergies be assoicated with night sweats?
Hi This is a general question. I posted another...
0anabella23:05 09 Mar 11 by
URGENT help required
I am 45years old, male, and have suffered since ch...
8gtripathy18:52 09 Mar 11 by gtripathy
Pilonidal sinus
I have been feeling a certain kind of pain in my b...
11sadhnam 17:51 09 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
17 month old boy not gaining weight
My son is 17 months old. He eats well and eats al...
8hennadesign16:44 09 Mar 11 by hennadesign
For acute diseases.
For acute diseases as listed below, the homeopathi...
1Parakletos16:34 09 Mar 11 by Parakletos
problem with masturbation
Hi, I started masturbation very early in my child...
0R_A_Jain15:10 09 Mar 11 by
Rib bone fracture (7th rib bone left side)
Today afternoon (1230hrs) I fell off a two wheeler...
6anannya15:10 09 Mar 11 by anannya
help for maid
Dear Doctors this is the case about our maid s...
1lifecycle3114:45 09 Mar 11 by Reva V
Doctors' list
Hello all, Is it possible to know the list of d...
8wisdomhomeo12:45 09 Mar 11 by wisdomhomeo
Ouch! My shin!
I slid in the grocery store on a slick floor and b...
7ruth4511:08 09 Mar 11 by maheeru
Is there anyone that has worked with Chlamydia in ... [LAST PAGE]
35ecogenie10:46 09 Mar 11 by ecogenie
Staring at tv snow with the sound off aborted mania in bipolar disorder
A neighbor came over recently who had extreme pre...
0stevelord08:00 09 Mar 11 by
Try this simple free technique for migraines
Can someone try this for their migraine . Stare ...
11stevelord07:54 09 Mar 11 by stevelord
Migraines and desperately searching for a cure
I have has Migraines/ Cluster headaches since I wa... [LAST PAGE]
21LadyJustice07:21 09 Mar 11 by Cesca
Skin, sinus, parasites
Hi. I have a fungal skin condition on my leg. It s...
2twopaw06:42 09 Mar 11 by twopaw
Dear Dr. My mum is 60 yrs old and for the last 1 ...
1Jovss06:31 09 Mar 11 by kadwa
sexuly week
I'm 40 years man, from some time i feel sexul...
0jeetu00706:31 09 Mar 11 by
nasal congestion & voice change
Hi, I am seeking your good advice. I have nasal co...
3anoopsyd06:02 09 Mar 11 by anoopsyd
Having some discomfort. Weight gain around the ...
1msoceanlover05:56 09 Mar 11 by kadwa
Tinnitus Help Please, Please!
I am so happy to have found this forum. I have bee...
1moosemtnjudy05:50 09 Mar 11 by kadwa
Male cat with UTI
Reva V, Thank You for your quick response. Will lo...
0topkatz05:29 09 Mar 11 by
infertile after polycystic ovarian syndrome
i had a laproscopic surgery last year for cyst, am... [LAST PAGE]
19dia11 05:29 09 Mar 11 by Info.rahiq
Male cat with UTI
My male cat, neutered, 18 lbs. has an UTI. I'...
1topkatz04:53 09 Mar 11 by Reva V
im suffering from nurofibroma from past 20 years a...
0abhay nathani04:46 09 Mar 11 by
homeopath in kolkata, India
Dear all, Can you please suggest some good experie...
0bhondor04:11 09 Mar 11 by
delay in period
my gf suffering for delay in periods of 10 days fr...
2syedkamrannaqvi02:09 09 Mar 11 by syedkamrannaqvi
delted [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 25 Jan ...
2girl201000:16 09 Mar 11 by girl2010
anal fissure
Hi, my husband has been suffering from an anal fis...
1linda5521:55 08 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
Religion Vs Science study please help
Hello, my name is Michael and I am a post graduate...
2MikeW21:52 08 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
Athletes foot
my husbad has had bad athletes ..well for as long ...
8chavamora20:19 08 Mar 11 by julie.m.
otrivin side effects
Dear docter i am 40 year male.I have been using ot...
1prashant1518:09 08 Mar 11 by mani_jee
Skin problem
Sir/madam I am suffering from palm craking from l...
4baibhav16:46 08 Mar 11 by baibhav
Gastroesophageal reflux disease
I have got the endoscopy done it confirmed that I ... [LAST PAGE]
21kak1214:48 08 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
Please give opinion re this tissue salt
My friend found this on a site and wondered woul...
6kohler14:44 08 Mar 11 by kohler
i m taking nat phos 6x but my weight is not decre...
5saisuraj14:42 08 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
Euphrasia for my cat
I just starting using the eyebright for my cat (...
1NurseLinds12:27 08 Mar 11 by maheeru
Email alerts
Is everybody getting the email alerts OK? Or more ...
8moderator11:58 08 Mar 11 by maheeru
Pls advice remedy for Hair loss and graying
Pleas advice me the best solution for my hair thin...
0mohiyudden11:22 08 Mar 11 by
difference between 'sanguinaria canadensis' and 'sanguinariana nitrica'
Would someone explain me the difference between &...
4anoopsyd09:58 08 Mar 11 by anoopsyd
Bleeding in 8th week of pregnancy
I am 43 and pregnant with my 6th child. This morni...
4momof609:27 08 Mar 11 by Mahfoozurrehman
I am on homeopathy since last 3 months for galston...
8giriraj7608:58 08 Mar 11 by giriraj76
Dr. Sharma - Azoospermia - 3 brothers
peace be upon you I am living in Sri Lanka and ...
0imthiyaspmm08:45 08 Mar 11 by
remedy for skin disease eczema
remedy for skin disease eczema ...
1Reaz Haider07:20 08 Mar 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
CBD-stricture remedies
My fathers CBD is narrowed due to thickening of it... [LAST PAGE]
32xsneha 05:58 08 Mar 11 by yogeshrajurkar
knee pain
i am male 45 military career seen lot of wear and ...
5andy_65_in05:29 08 Mar 11 by Joe De Livera
cough and sore throat
i just developed sore throat and cough that aggrav...
4missar6901:17 08 Mar 11 by missar69
Complete my story... Doctors
I was brilliant in studies but neglected child. i ... [LAST PAGE]
46signature22:06 07 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
Hi Can some one suggest to cure Hives .. all over ...
6bhavnas9014:44 07 Mar 11 by nawazkhan
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