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DNS with allergic rhinitis and sinusities
Hi Dr, I am sufferring from allergic rhinitis from Last 5 years. I have problems of sev
debnath 2006-07-11
7   minhaj 7 years ago

16-year-old autistic youth
I live in Taiwan , and have a boy with autism . To himself, repeating the words learned
jh7054 2010-06-03
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Best way to treat UTI (urinary Tract Infection)
Dear Doctors, Please advise in details the best way to treat Urinary Tract Infection. tha
peepintom 2010-06-02
4   peepintom 7 years ago

Do Statins Raise the Risk for Diabetes?
I have taken Arnica 30c in the Wet dose nightly since 1996 and at age 81 I have proved t
Joe De Livera 2010-05-13
11   pvidyapati 7 years ago

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction
hi i am 26 years old... due to excessive musterbation for many years i have lot of sexua
suman1983 2010-06-03
no replies yet

kindly reply( to Dr Joe)
Patient ID: Sex:female Age:21 Please answer the following questions in a descriptiv
dhuva 2010-06-02
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Joint pain
Sir, My brother is 40 yrs old.He is suffering from joint pain from 2 yrs.He sufferes join
anil_deshpande 2010-06-02
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

need Joe de livera's help for melasma
Dear Joe, I need your help for my melasma problem which is about 30 years old. I cou
Libra27 2010-06-02
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Dear sir pls help me ...I am suffering from piles from last one month....its not bleedin
abhilasha 2010-06-02
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

7 month old baby with severe eczema
My infant son has had eczema since he was 4 months old. I knew he was sensitive to dair
poppiesinbloom 2010-06-02
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

girl2010 2010-06-02
no replies yet

Help with Weaning my 2 year old
I am trying to wean my almost 2 ½ year old little girl. She is very stubborn (just
zero31 2010-06-02
no replies yet

constipation and hair loss
dear de mahfooz my younger sis have constipation from last 8 years .she used so many ello
maheehaider789 2010-06-02
no replies yet

how to formulate a 1x for metals
I have read about the efficacy of taking cuprum oxydatum nigrum in a 1x potency for para
namo_yamari 2010-06-02
no replies yet

cough with phelgm
i took Antim Tart 30-C and Gels-30 -C for 4 days for cough. Stopped Antim Tart and Gel
lal_anar 2010-06-02
no replies yet

small breast
plz dr tell me what should i use for small breast,its 29 ,my weight is 55kg, age is 25,hei
maheehaider789 2010-06-02
no replies yet

dr.mahfuz, dr.suni....attention plz...ichthyolum
Dears, both of you were prescribed me to take ichthyolum 30 four times.But you didn
trump 2010-06-02
no replies yet

Help - son has bitten his tongue badly
This afternoon my two year old son bit his tongue and now has a little under 1cm gash in i
amazedaisy 2010-06-01
2   amazedaisy 7 years ago

Foot corn
My daughter is 15 yrs old.She is suffering from foot corn. I applied Salisyclic acid oint
anil_deshpande 2010-05-02
5   anil_deshpande 7 years ago

Chronic daily anxiety
I got panic attack 6 months ago and panic attack came again and again until I realized tha
Geoyu 2010-06-02
no replies yet

Cold/Cough/Asthma treatment
My son has mild asthma which flares up only when he has a cold- he coughs a lot. he take
malhotra10 2010-06-01
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Silica for Chalzion! Help!
Hi I want to take Silica for a chalazion thats been recurring for 2 years. But I know
yogaiskey 2010-06-02
no replies yet

Fighting yeast for past 3 years
I am lactating and on a estrogen only birth control pill, I also take a probiotic once a d
sunnymama 2010-05-31
7   kadwa 7 years ago

post delievery stiches..how to quick heal them ?
Hi All My wife just delievered a baby girl 10 days back normally. But she had got stitc
earthangel 2010-06-01
3   Jatt77 7 years ago

Soul-based prescribing
I am starting a training course for homeopathic practitioners and students of homeopathy t
drfalkner 2010-05-31
1   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
I am 50 years old male, and a retired Govt. servant.I am suffering from Irritable Bowel

mumhi 2010-05-27
13   mumhi 7 years ago

Anwser to your Questionaire, Please suggest appropriate Remedy
Please refer also link http://www.abchomeopathy.com/f.php/Jatt77/229031 Age: 62 Sex
Jatt77 2010-06-02
no replies yet

pain full piles
I am suffering from pain full piles from last 10 days. Stool is hard. Bleeding from ent
mguptapdil 2010-05-31
4   gavinimurthy 7 years ago

Conjectivital cyst in left eye
Hi have a bubble in the interior of my left eye towards the corner, a little away from the
JayaLakshmi 2010-06-01
1   JayaLakshmi 7 years ago

ulcerative colitis
any help for this problem known to help please
aussiejudi 2010-06-01
1   kadwa 7 years ago

anemia - severe - pl. help
Age: 21 years, Wt. 41Kg., Ht.5'3' BLOOD REPORT: Haemoglobin - 3.3 WBC - 5400
drngdas 2007-08-04
2   libra981 7 years ago

Depressed, Crying all the time, Anger
For the past year I have been in a deep depression with crying most all of the time. I f
Arwen 2006-07-05
10   chart55 7 years ago

Hey I am looking everywhere for a homeopathic preparation of D-Glutamic Acid. My friend
taocollins 2010-05-23
1   taocollins 7 years ago

nervousness and Sweating during sex
Hello Doctor.. I am of 27 yrs old unmarried guy. I tried twice to have sex with my GF.. a
rambashtha 2010-05-30
4   rambashtha 7 years ago

Homoepathic Treatment for Baby Boy
Dear Sir, My elder brother have 3 daughters and I have 2 daughters. I will be reall
asimumer 2010-06-01
1   kadwa 7 years ago

nervousness, anxiety, lack of concentration
My husband gets nervous at meetings or talking 2 outsiders.he suffers from palpitations at
sfreya 2010-05-29
6   kadwa 7 years ago

Gastric Ulcers
I have Gastric Ulcers problem from long time. to control this problem i am using Banana ev
mtss1 2010-05-30
5   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Elbow pain / Tennis elbow
Hi, I am (35 Y male) suffering from tennis elbow kind of symptoms, though I donít do any
pranaym 2010-05-31
6   pranaym 7 years ago

continuous use of Avena sativaQ and acid phos 30
i am using avena sativa q and acid phos 30 for 5 months. I am using it on advice of so
getset 2010-06-01
1   kadwa 7 years ago

BoooBooo : Eating Disorders Remedies
Anorexia Rubrics ē anorexia, nervosa - alf., arg-n ., ARS ., calc ., carc., caust

booobooo 2010-05-25
13   booobooo 7 years ago

Hair Loss
Sir, I am 43 yrs old. I am suffering from hair loss from the age of 30.Gradually there
anil_deshpande 2010-05-28
7   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Aconite for glaucoma ?
Hello everybody! My grandma was diagnosed with glaucoma and unfortunately the damage is

nettle 2010-05-23
17   nettle 7 years ago

Hearing Specialist Please
Hello, I just failed hearing test in order to become a police officer and am truly dishea
Ryelink 2010-05-19
1   Ryelink 7 years ago

answers to the questionare by dr.kadwa
Patient ID: Sex: Age: sara khan_27 : female : 28 1. Describe your main suffering? Am
shammas 2010-05-26
5   shammas 7 years ago

Hernia in 14 yr old child - please help
My son is having right side inguinal hernia for 2 years now, where the intestines get push
suna711 2010-05-31
2   gavinimurthy 7 years ago

Knee injury due to sports
Hi. I am a journalist, play squash, am 40, but didn't realise I should have taken it
anupamsrivastava 2010-05-26
11   gavinimurthy 7 years ago

chickungunia fever
There has been circulation of medicines for Chickungunia fever in India. The prescribed m

sumi58 2006-08-27
29   darjela 7 years ago

Dear advisors Dr. Mahfooz, Dr. Sajjad, Pankaj Varma, Maheeru and others please advise
a. Whether a case of tuberculosis should be treated only allopathically or one can rely on
kadwa 2010-05-28
5   kadwa 7 years ago

Urgent - getting married - sexual problem
As Salam Alikum, I am 34 years old from Hyderabad India, I was mastarbating since 13 y
farhan_2010 2010-05-29
4   farhan_2010 7 years ago

avascular necrosis
Dear Dr. Deoshlok, My pain has reduce by 10% comparing the previous stage. but the R
shpawar 2010-05-31
no replies yet

pain and swelling in knees plz see dR pankaj, murthy or dr mahfooz
My mother had fallen from a height some 3-4 yrs back. since then she has swelling in her b

ahila 2010-05-27
16   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Any Doctor??
Is any doctor interested about the treatment of Breast Enlargement? I found many treatment
amarami 2010-05-25
4   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

Child Arm Fracture_urgent response needed
My 13 year old son got a fracture in his left arm (fell down on his wrist) 2 hours back an
suna711 2010-05-31
1   kadwa 7 years ago

gastritis & hair fall
DEAR DR Kadwa Vikas: Male 30:Weight 44kgs height 5'6' Please answer the follo
vikas24in 2010-05-27
5   kadwa 7 years ago

Spinal fracture residuals & homeopathy
We began treatment of a terminally ill dog with a classical homeopathic veterinarian last

Wil_B 2010-04-05
39   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Exam Panic attack
My 11 year old daughter suffers from panic attack during exams.This may seem like a minor
wonderwoman 2010-05-02
7   vikas_grower 7 years ago

Anal Abscess and Fistula
40 Year old male, developed an anal abscess in late April, 2010. Incision and Drained afte
legomaster 2010-05-30
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Belladonna Hand/Feet Buzzing
Hello. I am taking Belladonna for: - Sinus pressure/headaches - Poor circulation (c
pandaxp 2010-05-31
no replies yet

Azoospermia Treatment
Hi Dr Abhishek, I am 37 yrs of age. I have been married for 3 yrs. Recently, I was dia
Kowma 2010-05-30
no replies yet

My father aged 70 a diabetic and has hypertension both of them are mild and fully under
paulm 2010-05-30
1   paulm 7 years ago

I think I may have parasites. My anus itches mostly at night time and it feels like bugs a
SPbumps 2010-05-30
1   SPbumps 7 years ago

cardiac issues
Patient id: Blacksher Sex:F Age: 63 took sepia 1m , for the last couple of years on
blacksher 2010-04-12
7   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

Belladonna for teething baby?
Hi there, My 5 month old daughter is currently struggling with the onset of teething.
bundybear 2010-05-30
2   kadwa 7 years ago

Trembleing in left hand thumb & index finger's
Good Day Doctor's, My father who is aged 61 years is experiencing this problem sin
mblakshmi 2010-05-30
3   kadwa 7 years ago

advice please CM
Can anyone tell me if cm is higher than 10m and what results would you expect,also how lon
candice4 2010-05-29
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Unwanted body hair (FEMALE)
Hi. I am 19yrs old female and I have lots of unwanted hair on my arms,legs,stomach,bac
alia a 2010-05-23
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

breast enlargement
i m 28 years old female and my size is 34 B. when ever i strat working out or i cut down m
soigne 2006-06-17
5   sandhya_my 7 years ago

Is there any medicine in homeopathy contains Biotin vitamin as ingredient? Is that gud for
shadav 2010-05-30
no replies yet

Dr. Mahfoozurrehman....
Please reply doctor. My post is in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/228070/ I�
amarami 2010-05-30
no replies yet

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)
Sir; I've been diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis , is there any Homeopathic remedy for
shaikh47 2010-05-30
1   kadwa 7 years ago

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