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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
dr reva why not answer for this
Dr reva v please help me From imran655 on 2010-02-...
0robina65504:16 15 Feb 10 by
does height increase after menses
My 12 yr daughter i 5 ft 1 inch tall Her period st...
0sevenchakra04:04 15 Feb 10 by
i hava severe cold
hello drs i have cold runing nose sneezeing in t...
1robina65504:00 15 Feb 10 by Reva V
to coimbatore and my mobile no during this period for any advise to exsisting patients 08012640732
j k mohla from 6pm to 8pm m-08012640732...
0akshaymohl00:36 15 Feb 10 by
itchy rash
I have a rash on either side of my mouth, right at...
2venus chant22:16 14 Feb 10 by venus chant
dr. hasnaat plz help me
DEAR Dr. HASNAAT. im naveed hassan from rawalpin...
0rilyble20:59 14 Feb 10 by
help needed
hi my name is kristin 28yrs old and have gained 2... [LAST PAGE]
59kris0117:35 14 Feb 10 by vikas_grower
dr reva v please help me
dear sir please read my case and treat me age 25....
0alizafarpk12316:50 14 Feb 10 by
is there any doctor to help me out
age 25. i start masturbate 10years ago now my cond...
2alizafarpk12316:44 14 Feb 10 by alizafarpk123
Excessive yawning
First off, I am 49 and had a v, v bad stroke when ...
6sakima15:26 14 Feb 10 by kadwa
Hoarse voice
My wife suffering from hoarse voice for last few m...
1lrk12315:17 14 Feb 10 by kadwa
Left side of back pain
I have back pain at left side of back. It aggravat...
1lrk12312:50 14 Feb 10 by akshaymohl
pilonodal sinus and fistula
Dear Docs, I am affected with pilonodal sinus whi... [LAST PAGE]
14kamalnath.j12:12 14 Feb 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
phosporus for bleeding
dear forum, i have had chronic metrorrhagia for...
1pistil09:02 14 Feb 10 by kadwa
does a blister on ur lip mean u have herpes even though u had no physicall contact with anyone or was near somone with herpes.
i used to get these blisters when i was little. bu...
0madeline07:49 14 Feb 10 by
Head Pain while Reading!!!
I have this head pain for long time. When I move m...
1contreras19561 06:11 14 Feb 10 by kadwa
Insulin level
I have insulin level 9.82 myu IU/ml(RIA method)Ref...
11godisgreat 05:47 14 Feb 10 by Joe De Livera
This drives me nuts........
..........when I see this vague statement written ...
1spazrats05:26 14 Feb 10 by kadwa
Some questions about doses
How does one determine the potency of the remedy t...
2spazrats05:24 14 Feb 10 by spazrats
Eczema in a 5 months old baby
When my boy was 3 months old he got red cheeks one...
5mamidi03:53 14 Feb 10 by to_be_cured
Advice please - digestive problems
Am 51. Female. History of bulimia for over 20 yrs....
3colly18:35 13 Feb 10 by colly
I am very weak and thin, der tak khada rahne ko d...
1hardstone15:53 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
About Thyroid and Foot Pain problem..
My Mum is having Thyroid Problem and she is takin...
1michael2303 15:48 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
Want to Increase My Height atleast 5 Inchs...
Hi I have been taking these medicines from last fo...
0michael2303 14:18 13 Feb 10 by
Piles problem
Sir, I am suffering from piles since last 2 ...
3abhishek35109:47 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
Selenium Antidote
A patient has taken Selenium for sexual and uro-...
1sadeqahmed09:47 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Problem with loss of hair
Hello, My friend is suffering with this problem. ...
0msrilu 09:09 13 Feb 10 by
Penis forskin problem!
I used to masturbate twice a week before, then i e...
0ankur_garg 06:31 13 Feb 10 by
Atopic Dermatitis and food sensitivity
Hello I am 27 year old male and had atopic derma...
1dan8206:16 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
constant runny nose!
My one year old has had a runny nose and wet cough...
22girls 05:47 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
antidote....plz help
On 2nd august i took agnus castus 200 and acid ...
8nixter 05:40 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Seeking help for herniated disk and digestion
Hello, I am a 31yr old male. I had a illness a...
1samherb105:35 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
4.5 yrs suffering with adenoids with continuously runny nose and cough
Hi My kid is 4.5 yrs and suffering from continu...
5aniket05:27 13 Feb 10 by kadwa
I had taken four doses of Kali Phos 200c for two... [LAST PAGE]
21a_gnan05:27 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Can anybody tell me exactly what I should take for...
1number04:34 13 Feb 10 by rishimba
antidote procedure
dear forum members kindly advice the basic proced...
11SUDHIRAGARWAL04:30 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Dr. Sameer PLEASE help antidote me!
Dear Dr. Sameer I am a 42 year male with dark h...
9dejpop04:26 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Dr.Deoshlock, Dr Risimba, Dr Mahfooz antidote each and every recent remedy
If someone want to antidote each any every medicin...
5Paki104:09 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Remedies that antidote each other
I have a question. Where can I find out which home...
4aberridge03:58 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Dr mahfooz help me
i want to know about this dieses....
0alsyedimran03:51 13 Feb 10 by
Lycopodium Aggravation & Antidote
On recommendation of a friend i took the following...
3sunnyjamiel03:39 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Antidote required , please help.
Hi everyone, i have a problem of constipation a... [LAST PAGE]
25zeus_god03:36 13 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
Attn: Dr. Mohla
Sir, I am 33 years old unmarried and my sexual ...
2muhammadhussains 01:22 13 Feb 10 by akshaymohl
Pain in the lefthand, and neck aggravation in night immediatly on lying
I am using Homeopathic drugs from long time under ... [LAST PAGE]
32pvlnraobangalore23:58 12 Feb 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
Pimples on scalp.
I am suffering with pimples on my scalp. My hair i...
2cortelyou 22:26 12 Feb 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
dr kadwa plz help me
age 25. i start masturbate 10years ago now my cond...
0alizafarpk123 21:11 12 Feb 10 by
(Correction) Capsule Splitting for 37.5 XR Effexor
I am currently taking 37.5 mg of Effexor XR and wo...
0Lizzygirl12320:50 12 Feb 10 by
Capsule Splitting for 37.5 dose
I am currently taking 37.5 mg of Effexor XR and wo...
0Lizzygirl12320:46 12 Feb 10 by
Any Doctor, Please reply
Sir, I am 33 years old unmarried and my sexual...
0muhammadhussains14:17 12 Feb 10 by
bad life
dear doctors I have long story started from 15 ye... [LAST PAGE]
32medo3912:53 12 Feb 10 by medo39
Tonsils have my son 5.3 years
Dear respected doctors My son have from last few ...
1RKGupta10:54 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
Any doctor! pls. help
Dear Sir, Since the last few weeks whenever I p...
1POINT10:39 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
I need to know please that my left eye ball gets r...
1shabbajee08:30 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
Deafness, Hardhess of hearing
Man aged 65 years, due to cold and cough at the ag...
2lrk12306:19 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
Hearing Voices
I was on respidal for a year now and it stoped my ...
7alexb05:54 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
HELP quick potency advice...
i cannot find Kali Carb in any potency other tha...
3derangenoid05:49 12 Feb 10 by dhundhun
need help with chronic acne, anxiety, fatigue, digestive complaints!!
Sorry to put that in all caps , but please if som...
5treesofgreen05:41 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
Constant tiredness
Hello: Am feeling tiredness almost every day, b...
3viper3505:28 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
Weight gain from antidepressant
Hi, What is the most common remedy for antidepress...
5Rose1305:23 12 Feb 10 by kadwa
Pilonidal Cyst!! I am in so much pain
Hello, I have been suffering from pilonidal cy...
4jdavid100702:43 12 Feb 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
please help
I am looking to purchase Optic Nerve LM4 anywhere ...
0rainbowb01:10 12 Feb 10 by
I would like to find out if it is safe to use Mer...
4zuzuzu00:57 12 Feb 10 by dhundhun
5 year old with alopecia
Hello, I have a daughter with alopecia that ac...
4efialka00:19 12 Feb 10 by Reva V
My 11 year old son just developed extreme case of ...
1AHtyagi18:54 11 Feb 10 by rishimba
bottled up feelings
hi! here is my case. i hope somebody can help m...
12klari18:50 11 Feb 10 by rishimba
Urgent -Asthma
Hi I have bought from your site some remedies for...
8mazighie17:40 11 Feb 10 by mazighie
weight gain from antidepressant
Hi I bought the nux vomica as suggested. But h...
0Rose1317:31 11 Feb 10 by
Question about Remedy
One of my patient has taken remedy as per followin...
4sadeqahmed17:07 11 Feb 10 by dhundhun
Acne 17 year old
Hi, I am new to Homeopathy and I want to find out ...
5bw10016:54 11 Feb 10 by bw100
dr.Mahfooz Pls save me to be BALD
Hello Dr.Mahfooz, I am 30 yrs old Vegetarian gu... [LAST PAGE]
25ABC10016:26 11 Feb 10 by ABC100
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