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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 20...
1girl201005:41 07 Jan 10 by rishimba
Any Doctor Please help
Please tell me about Damiana Q and Tribulus Terr...
2saifmohdarif05:30 07 Jan 10 by saifmohdarif
low sex drive
iam unable to get attracted to my wife,but i feel ...
1serta04:38 07 Jan 10 by drjitesh
dr. mahfooz, dr. pankaj - secondary amenorrhea
please study my daughter's case and advise si...
0NIIEV703:40 07 Jan 10 by
4yr old with pimples on armpit.
Hello I think my 4 yr old son has 'molluscom ...
8nadiapel00:57 07 Jan 10 by nadiapel
my daughter
hi my daughter she 14 and she receive her period f...
1kikiki21:15 06 Jan 10 by drpriyadarshini
Trying to conceive
Hi, I am a 29yr old female with a normal 28-29 d...
5praya16:36 06 Jan 10 by rishimba
Horrible Acne!
I have moderate, well tollerable acne on my face... [LAST PAGE]
14K_elly14:45 06 Jan 10 by acnenomoreatlast
hypothyroidism and hair loss
Hi, I am 30 year old female. I started experie... [LAST PAGE]
19spurswani14:31 06 Jan 10 by gursharan
preamature ejaculation
this is a one type of case in every one.then why n...
0bcn989814:10 06 Jan 10 by
maintaing hair
hi, i would like to know if there is a homeopathic...
0dev anand13:22 06 Jan 10 by
33 Year old and want to enlarge my penis
33 Year old and want to enlarge my penis. Please a...
1rahulpd13:13 06 Jan 10 by rahulpd
Back Pain
Dear Sir, I am 46 yaers male,suffering from back ...
2Prade223811:11 06 Jan 10 by Prade2238
Vertical lines on my hand fingernails
Q: I have got vertical lines on my hand fingernail...
2umar92910:21 06 Jan 10 by umar929
sexual trasnvestic fetisishm
i want a substitute for sertraline(SSRI) for manag... [LAST PAGE]
15serta09:42 06 Jan 10 by rishimba
Dear All I am 65 year old male and suffering from...
0kunjukb09:16 06 Jan 10 by
Please reply this is 3rd time I am posting plz plz plz
I came across many blogs online about how to incre...
1cllist50 08:19 06 Jan 10 by serta
rishimba please help me
rishimba please help me...
0serta07:35 06 Jan 10 by
low libido
iam suffering from loss of interest in sex,iam mar...
0serta06:45 06 Jan 10 by
ddd [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 201...
1girl201005:48 06 Jan 10 by rishimba
Stuffy nose, severe allergies, nasal decongestions
Hello, I am a 24 year old student having a lot ...
1ar263ster05:16 06 Jan 10 by kadwa
2 yr old misdiagnosed
Hi, I'm needing some advice..I have a 2 year ...
3hogsfan4205:09 06 Jan 10 by rishimba
ac joint pain need help!
I used to play high school tackle football and inj...
6ar20004:57 06 Jan 10 by kadwa
front tooth problem due to injury
Hello drs my wife front tooth got loose because s...
6imran65502:40 06 Jan 10 by imran655
Dam Urgent Please Homeopath I need Help Cydonia Vulguris or Cydonia Vulguris-Q
I came across many blogs online about how to incre...
1cllist5017:19 05 Jan 10 by cllist50
hypertension and gastric
my friend, aged 41 years height 5feet 9 inches and...
3nitturguruprasad17:02 05 Jan 10 by nitturguruprasad

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 20...
0girl201014:47 05 Jan 10 by
dr. pankaj verma
Patient ID: DE Sex: F Age: 17 ...
0NIIEV712:07 05 Jan 10 by
can u tell me to stop permanet or temp for my prob...
0bcn9898 11:13 05 Jan 10 by
Recently, during a medical test for life insurance...
1papikondalu10:26 05 Jan 10 by papikondalu
Underarm odour Cured!!
Isopropyl 70%!! This is the answer and works! At ...
0The cured one09:45 05 Jan 10 by
dry skin
My skin is extremely dry and there is intense itch...
4b_apu09:14 05 Jan 10 by b_apu
dr. mahfooz
Sex: F Age: 17 Nature of work: ...
0NIIEV707:12 05 Jan 10 by
secondary amenorrhea
Sex: F Age:17 Nature of work: STUDEN...
0NIIEV706:46 05 Jan 10 by
dd [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 2011...
2girl201004:46 05 Jan 10 by girl2010
gas distention in lower abdomen
I am 40 yrs old male. I suffered acute gall bladd...
1masinha03:57 05 Jan 10 by smile4me
Tuberculosis mantoux test remedy
Hello. Does anybody know where to find a remedy pr...
0colinskys03:37 05 Jan 10 by
Cydonia Vulguris or Cydonia Vulguris-Q (please help)
I came across many blogs online about how to incre...
0cllist50 03:35 05 Jan 10 by
Toddler with asthma
My 3 year old boy's diagnosis has recently be...
1Christoforakis 01:58 05 Jan 10 by Joe De Livera
stammering problem
hello friends, Iam 25/Male, iam having stammer...
5deepakdhote00:41 05 Jan 10 by akshaymohl
Aurum Metallicum for Anxiety
Hi, I have been prescribed Aurum Metallicum, 10 ...
4zokem16:21 04 Jan 10 by zokem
Cough and running nose: Infant
My younger son,9 months and elder son,3 years, a...
9Hello_forum15:42 04 Jan 10 by kadwa
male infertility problem
Please advice me on the following details of my Se...
4aroramit15:39 04 Jan 10 by rishimba
Vitiligo treatment
What is vitiligo ? Vitiligo is a pigmentation mu...
0dreeman15:38 04 Jan 10 by
please advise
I am already undergoing homeopathic treatment for ...
1ritu14s14:15 04 Jan 10 by kadwa
Long standing Gastric trouble
Age: 36 Sex: Male Marital Status: Unmarried Hei...
11bharat.user13:31 04 Jan 10 by drpriyadarshini
gas problem in lower abdomen (corrected version)
I am 40 yrs old male. I suffered acute gall bladd...
8masinha13:11 04 Jan 10 by masinha
adult cheek acne
hi there, Im at the end of my teather- i will try ...
1moomoo 12:47 04 Jan 10 by srisri
recurrent UTI infection
i have underwent Tuberculosis treatment for lungs ...
7ahila11:26 04 Jan 10 by rishimba
succussion clarification
If instructed to give 2 succussions the first dose...
2Iceberg10:40 04 Jan 10 by girl2010

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 20...
0girl201010:25 04 Jan 10 by
urgent request
A 44 yrs. old suffering from kidney problem. C...
8gpof209:56 04 Jan 10 by gpof2
Cure for oligoasthenospermia
need help on oligoasthenospermia. I have married f...
6Vistaxp 07:58 04 Jan 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
Crackling sound from joints
Since 1 month, i am getting lot of crackling sound...
3Saistar07:47 04 Jan 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
Mensuration Problem
Hello My wife has some mensuration problems.The p...
1amit_tyagi200107:36 04 Jan 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
Very complex problem (since 1990); need help immediately; hair loss, hirsutism, eczema, thryoid issues, mercury, more
Hello all, I have a VERY complex problem that I...
2starsweet06:30 04 Jan 10 by starsweet
24 years Female Psychological Help!
Hello, I have a problem with concentrating on my s... [LAST PAGE]
26organikagirl05:50 04 Jan 10 by Dr Riaz
I have hydrocil at left side. and it has developed...
2zagore05:47 04 Jan 10 by zagore
Looking for homeopath in central-south NJ
Hi, My asthma has become worse off late and m...
1usamant105:21 04 Jan 10 by Joe De Livera
Please help Dr. Samir, strange symptoms
Can something rid of my weird symptoms in my body?...
0yikes02:33 04 Jan 10 by
Menstrual Cramps/Pain
My lovely sister suffers every month from PMS an...
7dabitz02:14 04 Jan 10 by Joe De Livera
Vertigo when lying down for sleeping
I am looking for suitable remedy for my wife. She ...
1dspuri01:00 04 Jan 10 by akshaymohl
Dr Samir
Please guide me treatment for my wife I am lookin...
0dspuri00:58 04 Jan 10 by
Hypothalamus - underactive
I was exposed to black mold in our home for 3 year...
2slj9923:23 03 Jan 10 by want2help
how to do analysis of a gingivitis case?
i am a first year homeopathic student i have got a...
0minimano20:51 03 Jan 10 by
Travel to India with toddler
I'm planning to travel to India from USA with...
12goldie20:28 03 Jan 10 by maheeru
i am 18 yrs of age and i play in sun my face and h...
0nanda.kirsh20:17 03 Jan 10 by
lecithin in pregnancy
my wife, who is seven months pregnant now, has ana... [LAST PAGE]
13pcthahir17:02 03 Jan 10 by Reva V
Desperate for help and medical advice
To the homeopaths. I have been off homeopathy sin...
0Suzy52813:34 03 Jan 10 by
Growing Pain or something else
My 10 year old son has pain in left leg from knee ...
0sswaheed 10:46 03 Jan 10 by
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