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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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testicular problem
sir my agr is 23...height 6ft...weight 76 kg. si...
3harry25051305:59 26 Dec 16 by kadwa
continues ringing in ear
Hi I am 32 year old. I have problem in my ear. ...
5jigspat05:21 26 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Herniated disc
I have herniated disc issue in lumbar L4-L5 3 mont...
2Nira03:34 26 Dec 16 by Nira
Reverse voice deepening caused by steroids to women?
I'd like to ask whether homeopathy can revers...
3Linda401:06 26 Dec 16 by telescope
Hair thin and hair fall
i am facing hair fall and my hair becomes very thi...
1abj00:33 26 Dec 16 by jawahar
Ulcerative Colitis
Could you please tell me the best remedy for Ulce...
4Maryruth00:12 26 Dec 16 by homeo_helper
Painful Symphiolysis during pregnancy
Hi there, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and am str...
3maddie3718:33 25 Dec 16 by sameervermani
Eye infection and allergic reaction to medication in toddler
Hi there! Our 18 month old daughter was diagnos...
3maddie3718:25 25 Dec 16 by sameervermani
Fistula In anal Region
Dear Sir, I am suffering from anal fistula from pa...
4sanjm13:57 25 Dec 16 by jawahar
Attention dr Asad. Genital herpes
Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to reso...
0divinci12:52 25 Dec 16 by
Low sperm Motility
Volume=2.3 Consistency=Gelatinous Color=Light Ye...
0AliShehzad09:37 25 Dec 16 by
Black spot under eye and mouth and acne on forehead
I am 24 year old male. I have dark spot under my e...
1Soumya108:54 25 Dec 16 by jawahar
HELP Sexual exhaustion adrenal fatigue
Hi guys I am new here what brought me is my s...
4yorkdock04:47 25 Dec 16 by deadShaft
excessive hair loss
Patient ID: Sex:female Age:20 1. Describe your...
1noor_9704:40 25 Dec 16 by jawahar
Highly Stress and Unable to Sleep Properly
Sir I am 34 yrs old and I am suffering from the fo...
6loogu198217:16 24 Dec 16 by Teupne
Need urgent prescription for piles, anal fissures and hairfall
Hello doctors, I'm Arhaan (22yrs/Male) from ...
2Craib16:55 24 Dec 16 by Craib
Psoriasis since 2003. Requesting Dr Sameer Mavani's help
I have had psoriasis since 2003, I think. It was...
7Wadia108:07 24 Dec 16 by jawahar
Help Needed for Mother
Dear Doctors, I posted a topic few days ago but n...
2illperson06:26 24 Dec 16 by illperson
Any perment cure for cold sores/Herpes?
Herpes labialis, (also ca...
8aamirshah2008 05:26 24 Dec 16 by aamirshah2008
where to buy Q potency
Hi, I need some Q potencies of several remedies. M...
12Jane7721:12 23 Dec 16 by Jane77
ocd+ weak sex
m an Ocd patien t .I m on SSRI nexito20 mg and clo...
5sanyasifat12316:37 23 Dec 16 by simone717
Plz Suggest
I have small warts on my neck face armpits etc...
3emranulhaq12:39 23 Dec 16 by jawahar
Sleep-walk eating somnombulism
What is a good remedy for sleep waling? I eat in m...
0taz5512:02 23 Dec 16 by
PCOS and Infertility
Dear Sir My details are: 1) Age - 28 2) Femal...
1kb888812:01 23 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Severe acid reflux and anemia
My acid reflux has been really bad on and off fo...
1jazmine711:59 23 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Attention Asad genital herpes
Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to reso...
0divinci02:44 23 Dec 16 by
varicocele and epidydimal cyst
sir my age is 24..height 5.11ft..weight 76 kg..i h...
0harry25051317:02 22 Dec 16 by
i am the biggest Challenge For Homeopathy
hey sir asad here.. i m really tired of running a...
10asad315:26 22 Dec 16 by simone717
how to use natrum muriactum
hello plzzz anyone tell me how to use Natrum muric...
11asad315:25 22 Dec 16 by simone717
All Docs.. Come Here Give Attention plz its about Steroid
Honbl All Drs Im Ayurvedic Internee student age ... [LAST PAGE]
19SAJID14115:20 22 Dec 16 by simone717
Sore ribs and cough after a cold
Hello, I had a cold where I was coughing lots with...
3TimLondon10:39 22 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
Phytolacca Berry
Please help I am desperate to lose some weight and... [LAST PAGE]
35kohler07:31 22 Dec 16 by kohler
Flu headache and spasmodic cough
Hi - I have a very nasty bug...It started Sunday e...
1TimLondon07:16 22 Dec 16 by kadwa
Help with severe anxiety and blood pressure
Hi, Age - 31 Sex - Male Occupation - Own Busi...
11varunjain0206:41 22 Dec 16 by varunjain02
ocd+sex problem+pain in boan of legs
I have pain in boan.I was using must nation in the...
1ocd_ahmad06:39 22 Dec 16 by ocd_ahmad
Lichen planus pigmentation
I have lichen planus pigmentation from last 7 mo...
1Orzu06:21 22 Dec 16 by kadwa
One of my relative is suffering from arthritis ...
1advice206:15 22 Dec 16 by kadwa
Attention: Medical Advice Seekers!!!
This forum is a good platform for Homeopaths to ga...
5DrKulkarni05:54 22 Dec 16 by Shemul
Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating , Perspiration
Hello, I am suffering from Hyperhidrosis , Exces...
3sumit205:29 22 Dec 16 by kadwa
Trouble swallowing food
I have to drink a bit of water for food to get to ...
1Foteini05:24 22 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
Aphthous ulcers
Hello Doctor. I'm 38 Years old male. I ne...
2Minhaz04:29 22 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Can i use phosphorus 200 and Canthris ??
I got phosphorus from Remedy Finder and canthr...
3asad317:42 21 Dec 16 by mnaari
Dr kadwa, kindly prescribe for my daughter.
Hello Doc, We live in Bangalore which is cold 1...
3Nehaaadya16:19 21 Dec 16 by Nehaaadya
Line under nail
i have this line under my nail of a finger :( wha...
0asad316:16 21 Dec 16 by
early ejaculation
name - Nikhil age - 21 weight - 47 height - 5.4... [LAST PAGE]
137nikhil00314:30 21 Dec 16 by nikhil003
Hi, MY mother is suffering from Chikungunya. First...
1jayshree.gedala13:27 21 Dec 16 by mnaari
swelling in finger middle joint
I got bike accident before one month. i got 3 stit...
12ajaypanchwal13:16 21 Dec 16 by mnaari
Natrum mur 30,silicea12x,bartya carb30
Hello doctor can i take Natrum mur 30 , silicea12...
0abj07:37 21 Dec 16 by
any medicine for hypoxic encephalopathy in homeopathy
hello sir , iam karthikeyan ,my father age 64 had...
2karthikeyan2505:58 21 Dec 16 by ram3
Cough and headache
Hi - I have a very nasty bug...It started Sunday e...
1TimLondon00:32 21 Dec 16 by simone717
Stomach issue
sir i m having burning in stomach after eating , c...
1asad323:15 20 Dec 16 by simone717
Self Ligating Braces, Pros & Cons, Cost, Brands, Ceramic type
When we think of the word braces, the image which ...
0selflightingbaracs19:18 20 Dec 16 by
Confusion about medicine
Sir i gave symtoms to Remedy Finder and it sugge...
1asad319:11 20 Dec 16 by simone717
erection problem please help
I'm 38 yrs. male suffering from erection prob... [LAST PAGE]
17jimmy23417:18 20 Dec 16 by Shemul
Dr. Murthy or ANYONE request for continuation of treatmemt plan
My previous post is here : http://abchomeopathy.c...
4Brunstuckie13:36 20 Dec 16 by Brunstuckie
Silicea 6X aggravation in behavior
My wife has red acne marks on her right side c...
3varunb13:33 20 Dec 16 by mnaari
Help from doctor for my 2 year old daughter
I was giving Homeopathy medicine for my child. The...
6agriz12:53 20 Dec 16 by agriz
Eye Floaters
I (31 year old female) am seeing 2-3 eye floaters ...
1sukhman12:32 20 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
sexual or pinched nerve?
sir asad here.. i m really tired of running afte...
0asad308:02 20 Dec 16 by
Mental Issues
Hi Doctors My wife's age is 25+. She alway...
3Soumick Basak07:32 20 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
how i get cured from hepatitis b by dr osele
Viewers i am Geeta Kamar, am from India in new del... [LAST PAGE]
56Geeta107:15 20 Dec 16 by simone717
More than 20 years of Premature ejaculation
Dear Doctors, Please see my case history and sugg... [LAST PAGE]
38s1972ks06:06 20 Dec 16 by s1972ks
Baby distressed and crying out after eating
Recently my 3 week old started to become increasin... [LAST PAGE]
16Tgaruccio32104:38 20 Dec 16 by sameervermani
Right eye twitching after eating peanuts
Hi Can you help me please? My right eye twitche...
5Csaba21:37 19 Dec 16 by Csaba
Dog, Thuja, & Non-Papilloma Warts
I am having a bit of a time figuring out how to be...
2xfileluv18:32 19 Dec 16 by simone717
Clinical observation of Arsenic Album 200C to reduce side-effects during Chemotherapy Protocols
European Congress Of Homeopathy 2016 Vienna. Abst...
3ravidoctor13:14 19 Dec 16 by ravidoctor
constipation and incomplete bowel movement
having a incomplete bowel movement from past 6 mon...
2abj10:18 19 Dec 16 by Teupne
Nervous Exhaustion, Chronic Headache, Stress and or Anxiety, Depression
Sir I am 37 yrs old and I am suffering from the fo... [LAST PAGE]
20kiran12308:54 19 Dec 16 by Dikshya2
Hair fall after changing shampoo
Having hair fall problem from past one 1 year.Hair...
2abj08:08 19 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
Tinea versicularis
Pt. have skin affection of Ring worm, Of 7 months...
2Quinp08:03 19 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
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