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Female baldness on the scalp
Dear Dr Kumar, I am 22 years old now. I had dengue and chicken-pox 7 years
hair_loss_00 2009-05-04
4   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Stomach tension and flatulence problem.Please Help!!!
Doctor I am a 24 year old guy residing in U.P,India.From the past 3-4 months I am havin
arvind123 2009-05-01
6   vikas_grower 8 years ago

Internal piles
i m having this problem of piles for a while. 1)they come out when ever i defecate 2)T
hassam121 2009-05-05
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Vasomotor Rhinitis. Please Help.
Hi, To make a long story short- about 2 years ago I developed symptoms where my sin
eezeekial 2009-05-05
2   kadwa 8 years ago

ritinitis pigmentosa
could anyone help me to cure my ritinitis pigmentosa. my vision is getting worse year af
pefas 2009-03-21
1   rishimba 8 years ago

multiple cysts ovary
dear doctors i am 28 years old with good general health i had not had my period for 3 mo
christine ntino 2009-05-04
2   rishimba 8 years ago

Hi, I am 21 years old Lady, There is a Fibroadenoma in my left breast(very small below
shima 2009-04-30
3   rishimba 8 years ago

compulsive eating problem
Can anyone offer a suggestion for compulsive eating. I have gained alot of weight this yea
denisez 2009-05-05
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Alternatives to antibiotics
Dear Homeopathic docs, I am a mother of 7 months old, I am really concerned that anti bio

xpire2wice 2009-05-03
13   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

egg to 7 month old
My baby is 7 months of age , can I give him egg ? the paediatricians /allopathic doctors d
xpire2wice 2009-05-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

help for sever heartburn & stomach burn/pain
i have sever heartburn , stomach pain(under right ribbs)/burn from last three months afte

paki786 2007-05-19
31   Rajendra 8 years ago

Book Recommendations
I'd like to learn more about homeopathy, what are some good book recommendations? I&
anabanana 2009-05-05
1   Dubai2009 8 years ago

Uveitis moon blindness cloudy eye
hello, i am looking for guidance with a horse that has what is called, uveitis, moon blind
lightfoot500 2009-04-26
8   ph1950 8 years ago

Tension & anger, irritate quickly
MY details (what your ask) as under... Patient ID: Sex: Male Age:29 Nature of work: work
prakesh 2009-05-04
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

bells palsy
Hello my name is Tony I live in Las Vegas NM and i have had bells palsy for over 4 yrs n
sanchez32 2009-05-04
2   sanchez32 8 years ago

Hair loss after permanent hair straightening
Hello, I did hair straightening done twice in the last 8 months after which hair loss
ravish 2009-05-04
no replies yet

I suspect that i has staphylococcus.
Hi doctor,i ve been experiencing some burning sensation around my private part,which res
Paulinus 2009-05-02
6   Paulinus 8 years ago

Left shoulder bursitis-Help find homeopathic remedy
Hi, I´m new on the Forum I am a woman, 55, 1,70 high, 57 kg, pale, dry skin , dark
tutoo 2009-04-29
2   tutoo 8 years ago

high sex drive
hi..i m getting married in oct..my fiance is all the time pushing me for having sex..i can
adviceplease 2009-05-02
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

plz help no mensus
dear doctor my coolegue has low mensus problem in her periods someone suggest her to take
yaqeen 2009-04-29
3   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

urgent Chicken pox
hi, my son is 5 month old. 4 days back his maid got chicken pox . Immediately we separate
nitin80 2009-05-03
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Sugar and High Blood Pressure
My mother has a problem of high Blood pressure & very High contents of Sugar. Last f
Spicey 2009-05-04
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Hi there, I have suffered with an anxiety problem for a last 3-4 years. It seems to be a
matus 2009-05-01
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Low B.P. and Tiredness
My mother-in-law has aproblem of Low Blood pressure, and a continue feeling of tiredness a
Spicey 2009-05-04
3   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Tuberculinum bovinum or Tuberculinum Kent
Could some one plz hep me to understand the differnce between the tuberculinum bovinum a
Mrs_Sam 2009-05-04
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Oral Thrush
Dear Doctor, My homeopath doctor has prescribed Kalium Bichromicum 200 ch for my 4 yea
jayashankar 2009-05-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Vitamin E Oil
I've been using vitamin e oil to help with the scar tissue in my fingers. My tendons
JustinSnow 2009-05-04
no replies yet

Stomach is hell for me
Last year I was on Thyroid midicine thyroxine (hypothyroid medicine) for 2 1/2 months, My
ritukishan 2009-05-02
5   rishimba 8 years ago

dr's, advice needed once again-re:fracture & swelling
Hello Drs., your expertise is once again being called upon, Two weeks ago I fell and caus
bookedoo 2009-05-03
2   bookedoo 8 years ago

finally medicin for problems due to over mastervation
Hi, I started mastervation when i was in 12-14 yrs and it is continue till now ( at age o
ODSADMIN 2009-05-03
4   akshaymohl 8 years ago

I did my TSH ( Thyroid) test and the result is 7.47mg. I was feeling almost bored in last
sspareek 2009-05-03
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

pimples and redness on skin: back, arms and face
Hello everyone, I am writing on behalf of one of my flatmates who is suffering of some
Taurus75 2009-01-17
4   Taurus75 8 years ago

book suggestions
I am interested in learning about the different constitutions and their profiles, can any
bookedoo 2009-05-03
no replies yet

Cough from the lungs... No more flu though
Hi everyone. I had a flu 3 weeks ago and I got rid of it thanks to Pulsatilla 200 for
rahman_hope 2009-04-30
1   rahman_hope 8 years ago

Chronic constipitation PLz suggest some medicine!!!
Hi, Docs I have chronic constipitation problem since my child hood from 4 to 5 years of a
feroz2000 2009-05-03
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Not Drinking Enough Water
You all may laugh but thats OK! I live in Phoenix and never drink enough water. It seems
hawkins88 2009-05-03
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Mucocele/Cyst like in lower lip
I am vijay. My 9 years old daughter has a cyst on her lower lip(inside) which was being ob
vijay_cil 2009-05-03
no replies yet

Social anexiety problem
i am a 29 years student. i face some anxiety problem since my childhood but noways its be

sinha500 2009-04-23
14   sinha500 8 years ago

bad pain in surgery sight
My 70 year old husband had leg bypass surgery 2 months ago. No complications. Has a scar f
barb.chadha 2009-04-28
7   barb.chadha 8 years ago

hair falling problem
Hi doctor i m 25 years old and i m suffering with a huge hair falling problem.my hairs r
navaneet 2009-04-15
7   akshaymohl 8 years ago

have difficulty in ejaculating
dear doctors i face extreme difficulty in ejaculating although my erection is normal.Is th
villiamcurtis 2009-05-01
6   akshaymohl 8 years ago

sbllhk 2009-05-02
1   sbllhk 8 years ago

Thank You Kadwa - Re: I think i may have an ulcer
Dear I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with the problems I was having with
jasminex 2009-05-01
1   kadwa 8 years ago

suffering acne from last 6 yars
im suffering chronic acne from last 6 or 7 years, im 24 year male, living in pakistan.

extremis.17 2009-03-28
20   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 8 years ago

hi any one tell me about cocaine
hi i wanna know is there any store from there i can buy this remedy
ali123 2009-05-02
no replies yet

Medication Benefits
I've been suffering from very severe debilitating panic attacks since I turned 20.
Dave-Morris 2009-05-01
1   sameervermani 8 years ago

cant find uti cure
i have had a uti for ten years now,the symptoms are frequent urination, inflamed urethra,
jay_z 2009-05-02
1   Zahid)2 8 years ago

Yeast Infection/Candida
Hi, I am currently living in Pakistan and have developed a yeast infection. I was ignor
gita_a 2009-04-16
1   shazia 8 years ago

I would like advice on a practical and efective detox program
ph1950 2009-05-01
no replies yet

IBS problem. Please help !
I have been suffering from IBS from last 2 years. Alopathy is not helpful at all. I hav
zaplin 2009-05-01
3   zaplin 8 years ago

Profuse Sweating
PLEASE HELP!! My social life is non-existent due to excessive sweating. I sweat if it'
lex420 2009-05-01
2   lex420 8 years ago

High BP help
Dear Sameer, I am 50 yrs old, and i have problem of High BP from last 6 - 7 years. Cur
Vijay Arora 2009-05-01
1   Zahid)2 8 years ago

help my father
request to all docters 2 help me for salection a remedy for my father. he has COPD and
isha_dr 2009-05-01
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Lump(fibroadenoma) in brest
i do have a lump in my right brest of size 1 cm... and the doctor advice me to remove it..
safron 2009-05-01
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

wanna impove in my sex life and memory
sir i started masterbaution at the age of 14 and in early days i continue it 3 to5 time a
ODSADMIN 2009-04-30
4   akshaymohl 8 years ago

My hair stopped growing
Hello: I am a 40 year old female. About 2 month ago I have noticed that I can see my scal
Sofia Loren 2008-08-14
10   akshaymohl 8 years ago

ADHD female teen.
My daughter is 14.10 years old Weight 60kg and height 160 cm. She is suffering ADHD and
Maria maria 2009-04-30
6   Maria maria 8 years ago

Blood Thinning
Respected Doctors What is the best medicine in Homeopathy for Blood thinning. Regard
andrewmathew99 2009-04-29
1   andrewmathew99 8 years ago

What is herbal medicine........?
What is herbal medicine? Many well established medicines originally come from plants. F
galaxy09 2009-05-01
no replies yet

I am a 54 yr old woman who was diagnosed with osteopenia 5 years ago. I am 5'1 slim wi
velvet 2009-04-30
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Mimulus & Agrimony - How effective?
Hello everyone, Based on advice given on this forum, I have gone in for a one-month tre
midagecrisis 2009-04-28
3   kadwa 8 years ago

chickenpox scar treatment
i'm 23 years old and have dark skin complexion. i got chickenpox 3 weeks ago.now, i h
the_amirah 2009-04-30
2   Dubai2009 8 years ago

Boyfriend always irritable!
Please help me find a rememdy for my boyfriend! He is 27 and otherwise healthy, but he ha
cicka 2009-04-28
1   cicka 8 years ago

JRA (Arthritis) in my 12 y old daughter
My daughter has been treated for JRA and Uveitis since she was 2 y old. She's current
Dan1234 2009-04-27
10   sameervermani 8 years ago

Strep and yeast
SO I knew I had strep and overdosed on amoxcicillin next comes the yeast. Took the one day
homeomom 2009-05-01
no replies yet

Blocked Crown Chakra
Hi Folks, I'm led to believe that my crown chakra is blocked. I'm sufferin
HamishC 2009-04-07
1   lightfoot500 8 years ago

uti & thrush
hi im a young female and have been experiencing both serious and not so serious uti's
adbris 2009-04-30
2   adbris 8 years ago

Question about Kuldeep's thuja leaf remedy
Take a small leaf off a Thuja plant and grind it. Mix it with a bit (same quantity as
rania1403 2009-04-28
2   rania1403 8 years ago

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