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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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diarrhea puppy
Hi everybody, we are using homeopathic remedies a...
3suchka 16:34 13 Apr 09 by orian
Parkinson Questions needed???
Hello, I am new to the forum. I thing that it is... [LAST PAGE]
98littlefox 16:17 13 Apr 09 by sorahamsha
explanation of potencies?
Could someone advise or direct me to an explanatio...
1helpinghim16:09 13 Apr 09 by sameervermani
5 yr old with cough & ear infections
My 5 yr old daughter suffering from cough for last...
3rsholdings16:02 13 Apr 09 by rsholdings
Questions re: homeopathy in general
I am trying to learn as much as possible about hom...
4helpinghim15:41 13 Apr 09 by sameervermani
Can someone help my wife? - will donate for any definite help
Hello, My wife suffers from a serious problem tha... [LAST PAGE]
81SBSingh14:14 13 Apr 09 by vikas_grower
In extreme pain and suffering due to allergy/eczema like symptoms
Need help! My mother has dry eczema on her hands...
8atifsheik 13:06 13 Apr 09 by Dr.Ravi Singh
Ache problems
hello Drs. i m 2nd time asking for some remadies ...
3pwnsingh799711:34 13 Apr 09 by pwnsingh7997
Sex problem
am 28 years old MALE. i started mastubutarion sex ...
3rana atif11:09 13 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
Dental crown problems
I have had a crown fitted to replace one that came...
2SJF150311:08 13 Apr 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Did I cause more illness via suppression?
I took some viral supplements to get rid of warts...
1helpinghim08:47 13 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
PCOD Problem
Hi, I have been diagonosed as PCOD patient when... [LAST PAGE]
18g3patient08:42 13 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
Bird flu - is there a remedy?
With talk of bird flu pandemic, is there a speci...
1helpinghim08:36 13 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
Antitode Arnica
After using arnica gel 1x on her back for 2 year...
4oymeem07:33 13 Apr 09 by kadwa
antidote to thuja
plzz help me I was given 3 doses of thuja 10M a...
4hpathyisgr807:32 13 Apr 09 by hpathyisgr8
Thinning hair--female
I am 65 and have been losing hair for about 10 yea...
0terry06:09 13 Apr 09 by
A strange problem
My husband is facing a strange problem these days....
6boney05:45 13 Apr 09 by boney
General Anxiety
22, female Should I try arsenicum album ? I&#...
3rubyjg05:38 13 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
Stories of Cure - anyone got any?
I love homeopathy and I dont know how I didnt arri...
0helpinghim04:28 13 Apr 09 by
dr mahfoozur rahman ; pankaj varma dr rishimba and others need help for parkinsons
I am 50 years old. I had chest pain in June 2000 a...
1faith23090904:09 13 Apr 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
lipoma in my Arms
I am Justine P.Salas,Born in keralain southern ind...
2justine03:33 13 Apr 09 by mhantesh
I have some serious concerns over using/taking Non...
0yolonda 64302:58 13 Apr 09 by
Dear Sameer,Need your help for my husband giddiness
Dear Smaeer, My husband is having giddiness fro... [LAST PAGE]
22champa22:46 12 Apr 09 by sameervermani
insomnia &allergies
i have insomnia for moore than 20 yrs. im 42 now...
1sajor66120:37 12 Apr 09 by khushi_boo
games addiction
i have 16 years old over weight but very bright so...
1babapoint18:08 12 Apr 09 by dramitkarkare
advice on dosing cantharis
hello, i have been suffering with a uterine infec...
4bookedoo12:48 12 Apr 09 by bookedoo
excessive sweating
hi, i am male, 30 yo and i suffered from jaundice...
9waan123 10:20 12 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
swollen turbinates
Dear All, I have been suffering from acute nose...
2tawakkaly08:07 12 Apr 09 by dr.rangadhar
att: dr mahfoozurrahman dr rishimba dr pankaj varma (vitiligo sufferer , need help)
i was diagnosed with vitiligo 18 months ago. it ...
0faith23090905:53 12 Apr 09 by
Unexplained teenage hair loss! HELP!
I am a 16 year old girl and I've been sufferi...
4lizzybrown00:55 12 Apr 09 by akshaymohl
For Sameer and other doctors
For the last two years I have been trying to deal ...
10laila8122:40 11 Apr 09 by laila81
6 month old, 2nd ear infection.
Please help! My 6 month old son is on his second ...
1sevenofblue22:36 11 Apr 09 by sevenofblue
post Lyme fibro
My primary symptom is pain that varies.It is sharp...
0msjordan22:27 11 Apr 09 by
Tension, anxiety, anger.
Hi there, I would be really grateful if an... [LAST PAGE]
15dread16:34 11 Apr 09 by sameervermani
PLEASE HELP!!!! 3 months old with a severe body rash
Dear Doctors! My 3 months old girl developed a ...
4kassyuta15:21 11 Apr 09 by kassyuta
Short-Breath with Pulmonary Fibrosis
1. Breathing difficult. 2. Gasping for Air. 3. C...
2ksingh_senior14:57 11 Apr 09 by ksingh_senior
herpes on lips
Hi, I really need help, I am 33 and been sufferi...
0Lillypg14:34 11 Apr 09 by
cholesterol and BP please help
I have been trying to control my cholesterol, Trig...
7parthasas 11:32 11 Apr 09 by parthasas
gopal18 or someone else : Hypothyroidism
I am looking for a medication for hypothyroidism. ...
5keet12311:00 11 Apr 09 by gopal18
Neck Pain and stiffness with headache
Hi all i have pain and stiffness in my neck wit...
5kamran.cisco06:17 11 Apr 09 by kamran.cisco
6 month old baby-running nose and cough
Hi All, Need help for my 6 month old baby which i...
1goldy_dude06:01 11 Apr 09 by dramitkarkare
Short-Breath with Pulmonary Fibrosis
1. Breathing difficult. 2. Gasping for Air. 3. C...
0ksingh_senior04:57 11 Apr 09 by
acne treatment
Hello according to researchs it is clear that peop...
2lexydoh04:21 11 Apr 09 by whs007
dear dr, i m suffering from azoospermia, nill spe...
2pkd197602:04 11 Apr 09 by pkd1976
Acne Scars
I have several small pitted scars on my face due t... [LAST PAGE]
28Archana01:25 11 Apr 09 by scartastic
L3-L4 diffuse disc with mild central spinal stenosis
Hi Sir, I have tingling in my both feet and num...
1anjha01:17 11 Apr 09 by dramitkarkare
Emotional Breakdown
Hello, My concern is for my husband. He is in hi...
3readingglasses22:44 10 Apr 09 by readingglasses
new to homeopathy--need recommendations
I have never used a homeopathic remedy before but ...
0teton189821:13 10 Apr 09 by
chronic nasal obstruction with sinus pain
Hi I am 59, pleasantly plump woman who has had a ...
1niccinow17:44 10 Apr 09 by dramitkarkare
Hope someone can advise
i am male living in U.K and see a consultant at th...
122tired 17:34 10 Apr 09 by dramitkarkare
Hello according to research it is clear that peopl...
0lexydoh17:23 10 Apr 09 by
Proximity to Remedies
Is there any credence in the idea that merely havi...
3thekind7816:52 10 Apr 09 by sameervermani
weakened lungs
65 year old woman who smoked for 40 years and fina...
1barb.chadha08:25 10 Apr 09 by kadwa
I have pcod problem. I am 33 years old married. I ...
1nishikamishra08:02 10 Apr 09 by kadwa
Ovarian Cysts
hi last month i come to know that i got ovarian cy...
3sayali01:22 10 Apr 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
weight gain
as i say i am 25 years old girl and my weight is o...
2bhumi 20:53 09 Apr 09 by khushi_boo
Over weight
Dear Dr. I am 56 yrs old, with 148 cm ht. and 59k...
2usha200920:42 09 Apr 09 by khushi_boo
Hello according to research it is clear that peopl...
1lexydoh20:40 09 Apr 09 by khushi_boo
15 months old -runny nose, ocassional sneez, itchy eyes
Hello, I browsed through the forums, but since my...
1alerick20:20 09 Apr 09 by khushi_boo
food feels stuck in throat..
hi there -- i have been dealing with severe co...
4xoeyg515:41 09 Apr 09 by kadwa
weight Loss
I have been struggling with weight loss for a whil...
4Sara200614:27 09 Apr 09 by Sara2006
severe fatigue, lack of imagination
Hi! I am suffering from severe fatigue(mental, ph...
6farrukh12313:43 09 Apr 09 by akshaymohl
broken ankle & diabetic
Hello, are you able to give some advice, my overw...
3busymama13:42 09 Apr 09 by kadwa
Facial warts- skin tags
I'm a 31 year old female. I have about 10 sma...
2rania140313:26 09 Apr 09 by rania1403
Please help: how much Fucus vesiculosus
my herbalist told me to take kelp for thyroid supp...
2roberta08:24 09 Apr 09 by kadwa
Need Ur advice can I overcome from physical and psyclogical issue through homepathy
I am 26 years male, weight 57 kg, height-5 fit 7 i...
5kumar12308:22 09 Apr 09 by kumar123
Nat Mur antidote - will Nux Vomica work
Looking for an antidote a proving for Nat Mur . ...
1bamilton07:17 09 Apr 09 by kadwa
Dr. Mahfooz .. Chronic Nasal Blockage
ASAK, I am suffering from Nasal Blockage since ...
4imtiyaz.ansari 07:13 09 Apr 09 by imtiyaz.ansari
intermittent claudication
age 35 yrs profession : doctor country : pakista...
4Doctor Humayun02:54 09 Apr 09 by drsaudamini.k
After my mother and father in law died almost 2 ye...
6eneromio22:28 08 Apr 09 by eneromio
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