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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
stiffness in pennis
dear doctor mehfooz as per ur advice i used acidum...
2yaqeen19:26 01 Mar 09 by syedahmadnaqvi
Sexual Performance Interruption
I am 50 male and having the following problems. Th... [LAST PAGE]
13nitepal15:49 01 Mar 09 by nitepal
advantage of homoeopathy
Advantages of Homeopathy= A large number of healt...
3sameerneeraj15:36 01 Mar 09 by John Stanton
3sameerneeraj15:29 01 Mar 09 by John Stanton
Height growth for 24 year old
I am new to this forum. I am 24 years old and my h...
3nitz2k14:46 01 Mar 09 by nitz2k
Bach Flower Remedies - Part II
Please read the first paragraph of the first post ...
0kadwa07:36 01 Mar 09 by
hitus hernia with crohn disease
asca is positive 154.1 u against 30...
0MCKAUSHAL05:01 01 Mar 09 by
hypnotherapy in crohns disease
suffering from crohn's disease. will hypnothe...
0MCKAUSHAL04:58 01 Mar 09 by
Crohn;s disease
suffering from crohn's disease. 50/female. ab...
0MCKAUSHAL04:57 01 Mar 09 by
Anxiety or mental issue? Don't know what it is.
hi, i'm new here and looking for something th...
4bluegirl04:36 01 Mar 09 by Simonc
17 mo old with severe cough & runny nose
My 17 month old boy has had a cold for about a wee... [LAST PAGE]
33cali_mama01:00 01 Mar 09 by drhomeo2003
i am very fair and got badly burned today as it ...
5mollydalton00:48 01 Mar 09 by paulanpepe
extreme sensitivity to cold
Help! Doctor give me antibiotics and anti allergy...
11Anette00:20 01 Mar 09 by drhomeo2003
No sperms
Are there any homeopth remedies if you dont have n...
4Charmaine23:41 28 Feb 09 by sarup
Help for anxiety
Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me...
1Loobyloo3523:28 28 Feb 09 by sarup
varicose veins in legs (limbs)
Dear Doctors, My mother is aged about 54 years,...
1ksreedhar12323:22 28 Feb 09 by sarup
I am suffering from azoospermic and have undergone...
3vkatyma 23:06 28 Feb 09 by Simonc
Enlarged Adenoids - Trying to avoid surgery
Hi, Can someone help lead me to the correct rem...
1donnaj2419:02 28 Feb 09 by sameervermani
Reminder doses
How often should a reminder does be taken? Does it...
0artgirl 18:07 28 Feb 09 by
What type of doctor could I see?
I am in recovery for Anorexia. I wanted to talk to...
0markslater8816:37 28 Feb 09 by
Dr Sameer Plz help- regarding hair growth
I am 22 yrs old male, 6 feet with heavy build. I h...
1coolleo15:00 28 Feb 09 by coolleo
acidity and gastrict
hi....my brother is suffering from acidity and gas...
2karisma198214:23 28 Feb 09 by Simonc
Anger effects on heart
I am getting pain on left side of the chest which ...
5marana12:35 28 Feb 09 by sorahamsha
Dear Doctors I am 55 years old and just discove...
6RKGupta 12:15 28 Feb 09 by kanchan dhar
my mom is 69yrs old. For quite sometime now she ha...
1chumki11:17 28 Feb 09 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Obsevations on Mr Sameer Vermani
Sir You make Homeopathic Prescribing 1) Ex...
3vikas_grower11:02 28 Feb 09 by vikas_grower
I am 50 year old Govt Official and non-practising-...
10arshadrb11:00 28 Feb 09 by arshadrb
Metabolic Syndrome

[message deleted by vu3axs on Mon, 17 Oct 2011...
3vu3axs10:44 28 Feb 09 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
how to have more chest hair
sir i got engaged my girl said she like men wit...
0vamsi555 10:38 28 Feb 09 by
I have hand problems with TINNITUS for about 15 ...
3KING7 09:24 28 Feb 09 by padmadharmar
complete case and history unsolved
Sir, I have started to follow the nux vomica in ... [LAST PAGE]
15wazihahmad09:22 28 Feb 09 by wazihahmad
Kind Attn. Dr. Rishimba - Please Help
I have been suffering from Anxiety Depression an... [LAST PAGE]
149babul2707:33 28 Feb 09 by babul27
To prevent osteoporosis - Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine. Swami Ramdev's Method.
Swami Ramdev recommends chapatis / rotis / breads ...
1kadwa07:20 28 Feb 09 by kadwa
Allergies over last year, chronic have moved into chest. Now have right side pleurisy.
2fourgrtkidos06:09 28 Feb 09 by fourgrtkidos
Immediately Urine Urge
78 years old male with no prostate problems. As so...
0Sweet_Lemon02:43 28 Feb 09 by
Infant of 1 mon stopped passing stool after taking homeopathic medicine..Plz help!!
My daughter is 2 mon now.She had got infection and... [LAST PAGE]
22antaraadak01:18 28 Feb 09 by drhomeo2003
i need sleep!
Hi. I am 6 wks pregnant and I have not been getti...
5ranchmom16100:47 28 Feb 09 by ranchmom161
Hi! I have received a homeopathic remedy from my d...
1beladonna00:15 28 Feb 09 by akshaymohl
7 yr old bedwetting
my 7 yr old son had stopped wetting the bed at nig...
1tiredmom 00:13 28 Feb 09 by akshaymohl
For Dr Sameer: 19 month old son vomits if given solid food
Kashif is 18 months of age and although his genera...
5mahwesh21:19 27 Feb 09 by sameervermani
Keloid on ear.
About 6 weeks ago I had my tragus pierced. Everyth...
2callaroz17:07 27 Feb 09 by callaroz
weak vision
hello actually i m short sighted & i cant see...
1pari78616:52 27 Feb 09 by vikas_grower
right testicle swollen
anyone can help me about my right testicle swollen...
4ratsky_816:25 27 Feb 09 by PANNAKKAL
Weight Loss
Are there any remedies to help with weight loss. I...
3lll11115:23 27 Feb 09 by dheerajmallick
help requested
i am 41 male.I have three childern . For the past ...
2rizwan malik15:13 27 Feb 09 by rizwan malik
allergy to inscense fumes
My mom is suddenly coughing from morning after inh...
3bhavamalinijps14:41 27 Feb 09 by John Stanton
3,5 years old child/ dental abscess
I will try to explain the problem the best I can: ...
5Icatalina10:37 27 Feb 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
chronic Hyperacidity plz help.
i m sferin frm hyperacidity lst 6 mnths. i gt hu...
1techie08:56 27 Feb 09 by rishimba
intersticial cystitis
Hi, I've been diagnosed with this 3 years ago...
9toberedeemed07:40 27 Feb 09 by manarh2002
joe which one for strokes arnica 30c or arnica 1m
Joe i have read where you write to use Arnica 30c...
2allergic01:14 27 Feb 09 by jjsantucci
Chronic Cystitis in 7 year old
My son whos is 7 years old one day all of sudden ... [LAST PAGE]
13vikas_grower16:55 26 Feb 09 by John Stanton
What the sick patient needst o know.
2 questions to ask anyone whom seeks prescribe for... [LAST PAGE]
17John Stanton15:12 26 Feb 09 by John Stanton
White patches on skin
Hello Doctor, i am ajay 41 years old, i have white...
1ajay_bsnl113:15 26 Feb 09 by akshaymohl
short irregular menstruation
my period has been slighly irregular. i have been ...
3shanthinimadhavan12:00 26 Feb 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
hashimoto thyroid and pcos trying to conceive
dear dr asa i hope homeopathy will help me i m...
0ahmareennajmi09:31 26 Feb 09 by
would love to get rid of my roseasa .What do i do ...
0CHOCKERS 09:10 26 Feb 09 by
Dr. Sameer need help
(a) Very poor mental concentration(disturbed even ...
7nsguy06:32 26 Feb 09 by nsguy
Hii, i am 36 yr old female. since last 2 -3 yrs i...
1suchita_par05:47 26 Feb 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Doc. Guide me
I have question that what is difference between a...
1mzur00105:24 26 Feb 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
travellers diarrhea
Hi, When I travel to third world countries, I g...
1lll11102:47 26 Feb 09 by sorahamsha
Chronic Masterbation
i have a problem. I have a girlfriend which we ha...
1maybhelpless00:30 26 Feb 09 by akshaymohl
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis related hives
I have severe hives related to my thyroid problem,...
2cofee_iv21:06 25 Feb 09 by cofee_iv
Siliciea under Accutane treatment?
Hi everyone... I'm 18 years old, and I'v...
11rahman_hope19:29 25 Feb 09 by rahman_hope
Cry too easily
I'm 44 and happily married with 3 kids. My p...
6flowerlady17:43 25 Feb 09 by John Stanton
Uncontrolable itching during last trimester
I am in my 6th pregnancy. For each pregnancy, I g...
5TessC16:24 25 Feb 09 by John Stanton
Ginseng mother tincture
can you please tell me where in USA i can order G...
2ykonstan14:15 25 Feb 09 by ykonstan
on and off loss of appetite- Dr. Sameer HELP PLZ
Hi,I am experiencing loss of appetite with any ner...
1umadam 12:38 25 Feb 09 by umadam
Usage of Allopathic Medicine along with Homeopathic medicine
I am a father of 2 year old SON. We are treating h...
1saravhomeo12:17 25 Feb 09 by ZellArazimHomeopat
Please cure
Hello, Age 27 Patient of Beta Thelisimia Tra...
2arazas11:45 25 Feb 09 by arazas
chronic tinnitus?? ringing ear
hi there folks, i wonder if you can help me... i h...
5naryssa11:27 25 Feb 09 by padmadharmar
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