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kidney stone
asslam-o-alakum i am 30 years old.i have my righ kidey in stone.stone size is 20mm.plz adv
moonchand 2009-02-16
10   moonchand 9 years ago

Can Sepia be given to a man?
Male, 27 years, light complection, slim build. The mentals are a good match for Sepia: -re
cicka 2009-04-03
4   gumby 9 years ago

Dentition roblems
Hello Dr. Sameer, My 8 month old daughter started to sleep through the night at 5 months o
Sabaz 2009-04-03
no replies yet

Chronic Nasal Blockage
I am suffering from Nasal Blockage since 4 years, I use Nasal Decongestant to open up my n
imtiyaz.ansari 2009-04-02
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Elevated Urea and Creatanine levels
What are the general, physical and mental symptoms to know if the levels of Urea and Creat
paulm 2009-04-02
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Yeast infection in a pregnant bitch
one of my bitches is 7 weeks pregnant and has confirmed yeast in her ears, she drives her
bzblonde 2009-04-01
4   bzblonde 9 years ago

Enlarged Tonsile and Adenoid
I am writing this for my daughter she is 10 years old she is suffering from enlarged tonsi
vettath 2009-04-01
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

sex problem
I am 44 and facing sexual problem since three years.This includes premature ejeculation al
shaheen391 2009-04-02
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

How to treat ocular hypertension?
Any symptoms? How do u treat it?
mabera 2009-04-03
no replies yet

short term memory is totally gone long term memory 20% left.Blank look.reflex is very slow
akber 2009-04-01
2   dramitkarkare 9 years ago

Dr. Sameer...... my baby daughter is sick. will u pl help me?
Dear Dr. Sameer, My 1 yr old daughter is suffering from runny noses and cough. The discha
bhavamalinijps 2009-03-31
5   sameervermani 9 years ago

Where can I find Serodex?
I am reading a book called The Yeast Syndrome. In it, is mentioned a homoeopathic remedy
fovea23 2009-04-02
no replies yet

abdominal adhesion pain
I am 57 years old. I have had 2 abdominal surgeries--one in 2001 that was a complete hyst
catholmes99 2009-04-02
2   kadwa 9 years ago

gangrene gall bladder removal
Does the inability to use your legs and or walk occur immediatley following the removal of
gemruby 2009-04-02
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Epididymitus? Night sweats, Sore right testicle...
Hello Doctor, I am 43 years old and on occasion over many years I have had slight soreness
Dreyes 2009-04-01
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

is there any hope?
please help, I am desperate......... From 152006 on 2009-01-26 9 replies 204 views hi do
152006 2009-04-01
no replies yet

please help, I am desperate.........
hi doctors, i am a 27 year old married female and have been suffering for almost 12.5 yea
152006 2009-01-26
9   152006 9 years ago

allergic asthma
My 6yr old son is suffering from dust and pollen allergy since the past 5 yrs.Six days aft
ijazsh 2009-04-01
no replies yet

Diabetes , cardiac and Renal diseases
How was Diabetes and related renal and cardiac diseases were detected during the time of D
paulm 2009-04-01
no replies yet

My sexual problem
Dr, i was just 16 when i start to do masturbation,i didnot aware abt the results at that t
rana atif 2009-03-30
7   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Pilonidal Cyst - HELP Please
Hi, I am thinking of starting following the directions on here for pilonidal cysts but I
lll111 2009-03-10
6   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Low Blood Pressure
My wife is suffer from low blood pressure . she get the feeling everything is spinning aro
sameergupta 2009-03-16
2   Dr.Ravi Singh 9 years ago

Dr Sameer
Kindly pse advice.Am on thyroxin and take BP medications.My doc tells me my ESR results ar
duby60 2009-04-01
no replies yet

For Dr. John stanton and Sameer Vermani.
For Dr. John stanton and Sameer Vermani. I am a male of 35 years. It's been years si

zibban 2009-03-02
18   zibban 9 years ago

my name is venkat .i am 23 years male.my thyroid gland is swollen this i hav from 6 to 8 y
gvenkat 2009-02-16
4   dramitkarkare 9 years ago

seeking some advice....plzzzzz
I am a student,male,29yrs old.I have been suffering from blood sugar(diabetes)for almost t
AmitabhaDatta 2009-03-31
5   dramitkarkare 9 years ago

Adult Acne, Hirsutism - can one of the dr help?
I'd really appreciate some insight from one of the doctors or anyone with knowledge a
nmr00 2009-03-02
3   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Need antidote to Thuja
I'm a female, 33 years old. In august 07 I was given Thuja 1M. Afterward, I developed
cicka 2009-03-31
6   cicka 9 years ago

low sperm count and motility
45 yrs male married 5 yrs back have Varicocoele doneVaricocoele emobalization Varicocoele
amirroofi 2009-03-31
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

How to stop dribbling of postatic fluid?
I am 37 male.From my early age when I get an erection postatic fluid starts dribbling from
jhon37 2009-03-30
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Hi. I have mastopatia. Before and after periods it is painful. Especially right side. Can
aliki 2009-03-31
1   dramitkarkare 9 years ago

Too much ear wax in toddler
I have a 16 month old little boy that is currently having a problem with his left ear. It
moonchiald 2009-04-01
no replies yet

Kidney Stone in the Left Kidney
On a regular check-up it was discovered (ultrasound) that, I read There is 8 mm non-obs
ivanH 2008-03-02
2   cheefkwan 9 years ago

Cervical Spondylosis
Dear All Doctors My X-Ray Cervical Spine AP/Lateral view says the below findings 1- Ear

kamran.cisco 2009-03-17
17   abid ali 9 years ago

Autism-3 yr old son with PDD-NOS
My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 2. He never babbled and is non verbal. He is 3.9
Leahcim 2009-03-31
no replies yet

Acne treatment
Can one take arnica 30 along with fluoric acid 30
jo1989 2009-01-03
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Buttoks Abscess
I am shy to show anyone my behind area. I keep having these abscess on my buttoks ares fo
torontowest 2005-08-04
3   dramitkarkare 9 years ago

weight loss through phytolacca berry
Dr. I am a 36 year old house wife and my weight is 74 kgs.want to lose weight with schwabe
skub4 2009-03-31
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Erectile Disfunction | Yohimbinum Q helping.. Pls suggest
Dear Doctor, I am 27m / married & have avarage built. I have been suffering from ED for
Ishan-s 2009-03-31
no replies yet

Severe dry skin
Looking for a SOLUTION. My husband is anti dr's and has severe dry skin all over. H
Shocktroop214 2009-03-30
1   Ataulkaafi 9 years ago

Seeking constitutional remedy for my 4.5year old son
My son suffers from frequent colds with thick running discharge, going on to ear ache and
manami 2009-03-30
5   Ataulkaafi 9 years ago

Premature Grey hair-URGENT-Solution please...
Hi, I am 26 years old, around 3-4 year back started grey hair, gradually now its increased
naushad 2009-03-31
no replies yet

hi any one with scleroderma love to hear from you . chockers
CHOCKERS 2009-02-16
1   Hassan_05 9 years ago

reached a block
Hello, after having great results with Sepia (LM1), after two weeks, stopped feeling well,
bookedoo 2009-03-30
3   bookedoo 9 years ago

diseasewise suggested homoeopathic remedies.
Abortion at 2nd or 3rd month* Cimicifuga, Sabina, Secale cornutum. *Abortion from debilit
Rajeshkk 2009-03-31
no replies yet

What is metformin
What is metformin? Is also known as Fortamet, Glucophage, Glucophage XR, Glumetza and Rio
Rajeshkk 2009-03-31
no replies yet

root canal , please help
Hi, My dentist said i need two root canals on molar teeth (last but one), on exactly oppos

anon99 2006-07-28
45   mini123 9 years ago

Please att. What is this occured after appyling homeopathic
hi I am 28yrs old guy having anal problems only, I have been suffering from external hemor
patient123 2009-03-31
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Adenoids and tonsils enlargment
My 4 years old daughter has enlargment of adenoids and tonsils since 1 year. She will be
sreeharits 2009-03-30
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

anxiety, anger, overeating
I am having difficulties with being anxious all the time. I have a prescription for Xanax
dizzymemory 2009-03-30
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

RE: my son's tonsils, anxiety, etc
Dear Dr. Sameer, My son is 5' 1'' tall, he is biracial, so he is light brow
Marika 2009-03-30
no replies yet

Please Help With Daughter's Rash
Good Day To You All, My daughter who is now 13 months old has a rash on her skin that we
vejesh 2009-03-30
2   vejesh 9 years ago

Interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia
I am a 44 year old woman who has had interstitial cystitis for 20 years, and swollen vulva
Hopesprings 2009-03-30
no replies yet

High viral fever for my 4 year old daughter
My daughter 4 year old is having sever cold (running nose, flum in nostrils/lungs, little
sreeharits 2009-03-29
2   sreeharits 9 years ago

Dr. Sameer please help
Hi Dr. Sameer, I read some posts in this forum with suggestions by you. I am badly lookin
sheenu 2009-03-27
2   sheenu 9 years ago

Hair loss and Thinning of Hairs
Hello, I need immediate help for my hair loss problem. My details are as follows:- Age:
sims23 2008-11-03
4   alvacarpenter 9 years ago

Bipolar II
I am seeking treatment for bipolar II (depression, anger, and ocd tendencies) I feel that
Shocktroop214 2009-03-30
no replies yet

What can one do if he/she has had Epstein Barr virus? Walkin has noted in an earlier post
nthaby 2005-08-20
2   a friend 9 years ago

Urien Trouble
Hello Sir My name is K.C.Raizada I have a stone in kidney operated by Doctor 3 yrs ago. N
sanjayr08 2009-03-30
no replies yet

Food allergy with strange symptoms
I appear to have some kind of food allergy linked to various foodstuffs. As far as I can
CLJ1971 2009-03-30
no replies yet

42 year old looking for remedy(s) to improve health
42 year old, male, caucasian. Appearance: gray hair, some pimples, easily sunburned, dry
chris5632 2009-03-29
3   chris5632 9 years ago

In need of some help
For the last two years I have been trying to deal with trust issues in my relationship. I
laila81 2009-03-29
5   laila81 9 years ago

Irregular Periods - Cell Discharge
My wife is suffering from irregular periods from last 2 years, we just got married. She is
arazas 2009-03-30
no replies yet

Dear Doctors, I was diagnosed with Azoospermia 3 years ago. Since then I have tried going
ch123 2009-03-29
1   mazharmhm 9 years ago

Attn of Drs Sameer, Rishimba, Syrup: Seeking constitutional remedy for Hypothyroid case
I am new to this forum. I have posted my query with symptoms at http://www.abchomeopathy.c
manami 2009-03-30
no replies yet

to all drs please help my friend
my friend has a some problems for long time .he feels titness all over his body speacialy
imran655 2009-03-14
4   tendercity73 9 years ago

Can a mid-aged diabetic solve his PME problem?
Hi, I find this question has been asked several times on this forum - problem of prematur
midagecrisis 2009-03-19
5   midagecrisis 9 years ago

Hypothyroid from 2 years
Background: I am a South Indian female age 39 - married, have two kids (both c-sections) y
manami 2009-03-26
3   baba00 9 years ago

constipation with headache
I'm usually constipated with feeling of not being able to empty out the bowel. There
ipandey 2008-12-19
6   mmuunnaa 9 years ago

Lichen Sclerosis
Just wanted to add something to the forum on this topic, but couldn't figure out how
Abigale 2009-03-30
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