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Homeopathic store in Scarborough/Toronto?
Can someone please direct me to a Homeopathic store in Scarborough area or Toronto. Than
swhaque 2007-01-10
1   blanderist last decade

On Homeopathy for one month
Hello to all. I have been on Homeopathy for one month now. Can anyone please be kind eno

Lavina 2007-01-05
18   john34 last decade

Fatigue Issues, Are There Arsenic
based remedies to deal with fatigue associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndr
joyce martino 2007-01-11
4   Daisy43 last decade

cavities for my two year old
My two year old has several small black spots on the inside of his teeth as well as a very
filledwithgrace 2007-01-08
3   ZepOz last decade

Psoriasis or something else, I am confused
Hello Everyone I am new to this website forum but find that there are lots of explanations
neshat 2005-12-15
3   avid123 last decade

Am I going in right direction
I gave Rushtox 6 to a my aunty age about 50yrs, based on the simillimum. The pain was on t
baruasanjay 2007-01-10
1   baruasanjay last decade

My hubby has had itching for about 2 months. Mainly upon standing and located directly be
Newcreation 2007-01-02
3   rishimba last decade

Holy Basil
Does anyone have any thoughts about this herb? I have tried it for stress and found that i
TreeFrog 2007-01-09
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Seeking a remedy for lichen planus
iam a 34 year old male who has been suffering from lichen planus both in the mouth (in the
1   deoshlok last decade

sleep apnea
Hello, My spouse's complaint of loud snoring caused me to visit an over night sleep d
c4479 2007-01-01
1   royhitch last decade

anxiety emerges when meditating
hi there, a few months ago, in august, i decided to include a twice-daily 20-minute rela
dontpinch 2007-01-11
1   TreeFrog last decade

sleeping and sepia...
Hi sergio isnt online and i really need somone to help me out. A week ago when i took sepi
phiryulovehua 2007-01-10
2   phiryulovehua last decade

Eczema and stiffness of joints
my five year old son is being treated for eczema by a homeopath. he has been under treatme

nineclouds 2006-05-11
15   drprodip last decade

Can Homeopathy cure allergies?
We have explored a whole lot of options - ayurveda, accupressure (NAET) etc...so before em
MominVA 2007-01-09
2   drprodip last decade

Gain weight with homeopathy
Is it possible to gain weight using homeopathy? I'm very skinny so want to gain wight
aryandelhi 2007-01-10
1   drprodip last decade

Pitta Imbalance Skin Problems
I already know I have a Pitta imbalance by filling out certain questions on another site.
starfisch 2007-01-10
no replies yet

tachycardia and aching legs
Hi New here. Today taking Nux.vom 30 for nausea and vertigo which coincided with bad mens
vintagevix 2006-09-28
4   sparvez00 last decade

3yr old with congestion
Please Help... My 3yr old has been suffering from congestion and cold symptoms since Octob
hnb13 2007-01-10
no replies yet

Polycystic Kidney Disease
Hi. My name is Irfan and i am from India. My younger brother who is 17 yrs old is sufferin
irfan_lai 2007-01-10
no replies yet

Intestinal Metaplasia
Hi, My friend have the inflammation caused by H Pylori. This is a bacteria that is assoc
Mohammadali 2007-01-08
5   Mohammadali last decade

my moms case in detail
Plzz can u suggest any remedy for sleeping and hair fall also a remedy that can be combine
phiryulovehua 2007-01-09
4   rishimba last decade

Boil in Rectum - Burning and paining
Hi,Had taken 2 doses of Sulphur 10M. This week there was swelling/boil in the rectum and o
pimathew 2005-11-12
6   needhelp911 last decade

Do medicines for Acidity aggravate BP?
Three months back, I went to doctor with backpain, palpitations on upper left chest, in ha
ramesshbabu 2007-01-10
no replies yet

Hair loss Dry flaky itchy scalp HELP!!!
Hi, I am currently 18 1/2 years old and since this summer i have been experiencing hair lo
trouble 2007-01-10
no replies yet

left ear fullness and psycosomatic disorder
I have this left ear fullness and pressure symptom occasionaly. CT and MRI scan (BRAIN PLA
cajahan 2007-01-08
3   rishimba last decade

"Danger" can we discus?
written by Dr William.E.Thomas MD TOXICITY Homeopathic medicines are drawn from animal,

Seena 2006-12-30
61   Daniel Iype last decade

Acne, bloated, Ulcerative Colitis,
CAn anyone help with a remedy for my wife please? She has ulcerative Colitis, but recently
tomski 2007-01-10
1   tomski last decade

Stickiness/tackiness, soles of feet
One of my children has been having various problems with his right foot incl. swelling, jo
ddfpa 2007-01-10
1   kuldeep last decade

Ring ear and dose amout
I have read a lot about ring ear on this forum. But what should I take and how much? There
fordnascar 2007-01-09
1   fordnascar last decade

When to use constitutional remedies ...
When using homeopahy, when do you know if to find & use the contitutional remedy for s
tomski 2007-01-10
3   gavinimurthy last decade

Hello, does anyone know how you would describe a stramonium type person, and what the rem
mike2305 2007-01-09
1   gavinimurthy last decade

mgh01 2007-01-06
6   purdaysee last decade

Indigestion after using Tramadol
I was recently in an accident and was in extreme pain, so this doctor perscribed Tramadol.
Elliecats 2007-01-09
2   Elliecats last decade

DAYDAY 34 depression post here
original post by dayday34..'..Some please help!!!Every month I go through this major d

John Stanton 2006-05-05
63   alangail1 last decade

I've got bloated/puffy face and deep rooted allergies and have been prescribed stramo
hammy 2007-01-09
2   hammy last decade

can i take homeopathy medicine and Finax togther for Hair fall ?
can i take homeopathy medicine and Finax togther for Hair fall ?
monty_080 2007-01-09
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

Dr Deoshlok -- Pl reply
This is regarding stomach problem for my brother 65 yrs old. You first suggested Petroliu

kns_3 2006-09-27
37   kns_3 last decade

To Sir Joe
I am right now taking Sepia 200C for Pcos and was advised on this forum.I am taking it onc
Shaik Maqbool 2006-08-11
8   phiryulovehua last decade

Important question plzz reply..
i have noticed that everyone seem to advice different remedies for same disaese and they s
phiryulovehua 2007-01-09
1   gavinimurthy last decade

which lm??
I would like to know that which LM potency will be effectively higher in potency than the
Krrish 2007-01-09
no replies yet

Sincerely Require Urgent Help - Eyelashes Falling
I have ben loosing eyelashes for the last 3 to 4 months form both me eye lids.It is mainly
meher 2007-01-06
3   rishimba last decade

Tuberculinum questions- to all Homeopaths
Hello My eczema suffering daughter - 10 years old, head to toe e - is using Tuberculinum L
CAKmum 2007-01-09
no replies yet

Brown patches behind left ear
Sir, I am 31yrs old male,now last 01years brown small no of patches(not acne) started beh
sotirakesh 2007-01-09
1   rishimba last decade

Laughter is the best Medicine : JOKES
" LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE "Based on the above maxim (or quote), following

Nesha-India 2006-03-20
337   kuldeep last decade

regarding Arnica Q-Dr.Joe de Livera plz answer
Hello Joe, I am writing this to report something after 2 days of using the Arnic

arsenal 2006-04-24
18   jennyhrh last decade

Is my doctor prescribing the correct potency for me?
Hi my name is Diego and i'm mexican, I came with an homeopath because of chronic and
diegoyogui2 2007-01-05
4   diegoyogui2 last decade

Hot feet (and hands)
I nearly always have very hot feet at night, and always have had, since I was a child. Th
josie1 2007-01-07
2   josie1 last decade

loose erection
is there any single remedy of any type of loose erection ? or premature ejculation ?
asad66 2007-01-08
no replies yet

white hairs
hi.is there any homeo medicine for white hairs..i heard that iodine hepls to turn white ha
yahya 2007-01-08
no replies yet

Dramatic Increase in appetite
My daughter (will be 4 yrs in one month) had always been a picky eater. She liked candy, s
rasingh 2006-12-21
2   rasingh last decade

asafoetida and onosmodium , underdevelopment of breasts
under developed breasts small remedy for the underdevelopment of breasts, onosmodium and
nmgdes 2007-01-08
no replies yet

Spots on throat
For the past month and a half Ive had this horrific looking throat, red with acouple white
moira 2006-12-29
1   RK_Girl last decade

Homeopathy is Fake?
Did any one read the main page story in Time Of India dtd 28/08/2005(i think). There was a

scorpioncan 2005-08-31
86   rajivprasad last decade

Homeopathy medicines are ineffective.
I was reading more on homeopathy on the internet and I happened to logged on to skepdic.co

cks689 2006-12-28
37   ZepOz last decade

are these aphrodisiacs
I want to know if these are aphrodisiacs -Dendrobium stem -cordyceps -ligustrium fruit -sc
kab1412 2007-01-08
no replies yet

for rajiv prasad - my mother
i think i sent you apost of her details but here i will repeat them. 67 years old smoker y
mollydalton 2006-12-23
4   mollydalton last decade

Please Help
Hello everyone, Im new at Homeopathy and 17 years old. I apologize if someone posted some
ChristianDT 2007-01-08
no replies yet

Hi there, I was taking 30 c of nux vomica almost nightly as it helped keep my face from b
olivia_b 2007-01-07
3   rishimba last decade

Ringing in ear
Hi, I've been suffering with ringing in the ear for 13 months now after someone scre
themightyone 2007-01-03
3   rishimba last decade

scalp psoraisis: help !!!sos
have white scaly patches on scalp along with hair loss for last 2 -3 years. inox-T Shampo
monish 2007-01-07
4   rishimba last decade

My moms problem
Age:50 Weight:72kg Height: 160 cm Married and have two kids. The pain started in march

phiryulovehua 2007-01-02
15   phiryulovehua last decade

alfalfa tonic and lupus
July;My wife, 34,developed mild swelling in left leg. It became more prominent when seated
lupusindia 2006-10-15
4   i question last decade

Left sinus cavity
At night, my left nasal passage gets clogged and my left eye gets puffy. I only breathe o
patricia 2007-01-07
no replies yet

Anal Cracks, Pain and Burning
Hello, Since two months I am suffering with buring pain in recturm when I go to bowl move
kb123 2007-01-05
5   drprodip last decade

taking cell salts for ever?
is it ok to take cell salts as general tonic?
Tommys 2007-01-05
2   asimattar last decade

Question about Natrum Carb
My husband was blessed to finally be able to see a local homeopathic practitioner last we
blessme44 2007-01-07
no replies yet

Ganglion Cyst
Mother always had small bumps above her wrists on top of both her hands. I inherited them
SHILLBURE 2007-01-07
no replies yet

bad breath
dear doctor one of my friend has a small breath we cant sit in front or very close to him
yaqeen 2007-01-07
1   livex last decade

Nose mocus and knee pain
Hi, I am suffering from a long time, and from time to time, of too much mucus and some c
Andreu22 2007-01-07
no replies yet

plzz reply.. antidot???
does tootpaste antidote a remedy?
phiryulovehua 2007-01-05
3   erika last decade

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