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arm bumps
I am a woman in my early 20's and have had small, red, dry bumps (that don't itc
kim87 2007-02-10
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two and half year old with constant cough and vomiting
My son is 21/2 year old was diagnised with sinus infection and was on antibiotics.His infe
pinkie 2007-02-10
1   JCS2006 last decade

Left Facial Palsy post parotidectomy
I'm looking for help with this - it has been 2.5 years since surgery to remove a beni
Yalini 2007-02-07
2   Yalini last decade

The most important characteristics in constitution
Everyone has characteristics that fit several constitutional remedies. Which are the most
Maria&boys 2007-02-10
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facial numbess and tingling
I have facial numbness around my cheek area, and also brning ingling lips and toungue. Fe
merc 2007-02-10
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which miasms may be involved with crohn's?
someone with crohn's disease, intrested in homeopathic treatment has asked me about w
john34 2007-02-06
10   john34 last decade

How to regain reactivity
Dear All, I have consulted several hom. drs. and all they agreed about my constit
Albert 2007-02-06
9   JCS2006 last decade

Arsenicum album?
I have bad OCD and arsenicum seems to be the only thing that's helped it. It hasn
Lissah 2006-12-09
5   JCS2006 last decade

rishimbha, asking for your help
I was wondering if you can help me with some issues i am having. I am 31 yrs old, i have 2
white_miracle 2007-02-08
1   rishimba last decade

I have tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in my ears. It never stops. I have diminishe
hoot214 2007-01-24
5   maheeru last decade

Quinine sulfate
I have been taking quinine sulfate for about 7 months. Now the distributor of it is making
tweetystone 2007-02-10
no replies yet

My child is about 7 months old , he developed Eczema with weeping at the age of 3months.
wasim1969 2003-11-27
7   sumirian last decade

Chronic Eczema in 12 year old Please Help
My 12 year old daughter has eczema. Given below are notes I keep of her meds: She was give
sgambhir 2005-10-23
3   JCS2006 last decade

Healing Crisis
I am a 32yr old nutritional therapy student, diagnosed with Glandular Fever last June. On
apple 2007-02-07
4   JCS2006 last decade

8 year old with white spots on finger nails
Hi, My 8 year old has numerous white spots on his finger nails and I have found out that t
sunny31 2006-07-03
5   sunny31 last decade

Tinnitus Ear Drops
I found some otc homeopathic ear drops for tinnitus with the following active ingredients:
MSphar 2007-02-09
no replies yet

Question re:purchasing remedy
If I need sulphur 30x, and I place an order for quantity of ONE, what do I get? Like a bot
11:11 2007-02-08
5   11:11 last decade

DR Kumar, Im Spawn. help me pls. Im 20 yrs old. i have many problems. im having good
spawnpady 2007-02-03
8   spawnpady last decade

Case of Azoospermia
This is a case of a young boy who is 18 years old but got married 1 year ago. During his
Kaka Manna 2007-02-09
1   andres last decade

Yellow stains from Sepia
Is it normal that a person gets yellow/orange rustlike stains from Sepia?
Dalia 2007-02-08
1   andres last decade

3 staph infections in 10 months
last may: 1st staph infection ever, behind l. upper arm, sept: 2nd inside l. nostril, dece
technorock 2007-02-08
1   andres last decade

Cracked tongue
Any suggestions about how to heal a cracked tongue?
chuchin 2007-02-07
5   chuchin last decade

does anyone know if aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides is safe for babies?
Hi has anyone out there tried this aloe vera extract on there baby?? aloe elite and serove
naked ewok 2007-02-09
no replies yet

Sore spot on tongue
I have what appears to be a possible ulcer on my tongue. It is about 1/4' round with
deneharp 2007-02-07
1   andres last decade

what is going on?
I started nat mur to prevent uti the day i took it next day i got such a severe uti and it
phiryulovehua 2007-02-05
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

madam rubina
madam i am waiting to hear from you. regards
KHATTAK 2007-02-03
4   KHATTAK last decade

help......pls drs(kind attn: all the drs)
pls tell me medicine to promote the growth of beards ,mustaches and hands hairs
dhoom2 2007-02-09
no replies yet

High Fever and Cough
What are the best medicine to give in the following condition ? Fever starts with chill i
homeolearner 2007-02-07
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Demodectic mange on a dog
Hi,What can i give a dog with demodectic mange . This is the mange which comes because of
Miyuki 2006-02-12
6   Naturessecrets last decade

Allergic Rhinitis or allergy to dust mites, I need help
I have been diagnosed with allergic rhintis. i.e nasal inflammation due to exposure to dus
anichakravarty 2007-02-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

am i suffering from acidity???
hi, I am a male,aged 24 years,height 5'11 and weight 65 .I have the following prob
sandesb 2007-02-08
1   sandesb last decade

Attn: Dr. Sajid
Is sulfanilamide 30 is homoeopthic medicine for producing sperm? I shall be grateful if, U
Mahfoozurrehman 2007-02-08
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Kidney Failure and Toxic Molds
Has any Homeopathic doctors treated anyone with kidney failure due to exposure to toxic mo
cks689 2007-01-24
4   cks689 last decade

Stomach Flu..., Please help.
My daughter who is 5 yrs old is having stomach flu. Yesterday afternoon it started with h
anon99 2007-02-03
10   anon99 last decade

its urgent
I have no beards no mustache and no hairs under my arms too pls tell me the medicine to
crush_u_for_me 2007-02-07
4   JCS2006 last decade

big doubt
Sir, Im Srikanth. I am having medicines 1.BACILLINUM 200 2.BARYTA CARB 200 Three drop
sri920 2007-02-04
4   JCS2006 last decade

is 100m called a cm?
Thanks! Also, what is that high of a potency usually used for?
Lissah 2007-02-08
3   Albert last decade

Acid reflux in 13month old, worse at night PLEASE HELP ME!!
I have a 13month old son, he has acid reflux which is worse at night when he has been led
naked ewok 2007-02-08
3   naked ewok last decade

TK Basu Clinical Trial - Treating Myopia With Physostigma
I recently read a clinical trial run by TK Basu around 1980 time frame where he obtained g
RB123 2006-10-18
4   sunny31 last decade

Palm oil
My friend told me about this site called Palm Oil Truth Foundation which says that palm oi
EnidJacobson 2007-02-07
1   andres last decade

craniopharyngioma patient 27 yrs needs urgent help docs
Hello All docs, I had undergone a surgery for removal of craniopharyngioma(pit. tumor) 5
praka123 2007-02-08
no replies yet

H5N1 Virus - Any thoughts ?
H5N1 virus is making its annual round throughout various parts of the world. Human infecti
chiongguo 2007-02-05
2   chiongguo last decade

Little fingure getting numb
Little fingure getting numb.
lrkukreja 2007-02-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

hand copulation
I am a 25 years old. My memory has been becoming very week and my skin has been oily and d
Pakya 2007-02-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

eczema in 3 months old
Hi all, hope somebody can help me here. My little girl is 3 months old, and for the last f

seaflower 2005-10-14
15   bobby27 last decade

immotile sperm
Is sulfanilamide 30 is homoeopthic medicine. I shall be grateful if, U Could provide me s
Mahfoozurrehman 2007-02-08
no replies yet

rutas grav dose?
ppl tell me the workable dose 4 the ruta grav in case of eye vision prob is it ok
livex 2007-01-31
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

How do I buy Bio-Plasgen # 25 in the USA. I am looking for product manufactured by Schwabw
Chinmoy 2007-02-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Refractory eczema – Please help – To John Stanton
I learn from the other posts that you’re a great homeopath who has successfully treated ma
CAKmum 2007-02-07
4   CAKmum last decade

Will SIlica help in expelling parasite infestation
Rio1234 2007-02-08
1   JCS2006 last decade

inspired by kuldeep—using pearl powder like silica?
I have been captivated by Kuldeep's discussion on Silica and using the mountain water

laddy111 2005-03-16
32   JCS2006 last decade

Adenoids, tonsils
I have a child with an airway constriction. He also has large adenoids and tonsils. He h
benatarfan29 2007-01-24
10   rishimba last decade

wet dreams
doctor, i m suffering from night discgarge since 1997. it means i m suffering this for 10
nawaz 2007-02-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Frequent Urge to Defecate
This forum has been quite helpful to me since I stumbled upon it several months ago, and I
Mousey 2005-10-12
7   rishimba last decade

allergic nose and asthma
Hi, I have sensetive nose since childhood, I start sneezing since morning followed by runn
Ksonal 2007-02-05
7   Ksonal last decade

Eye Problem
My daughter is supposed to go for surgerY two weeks ago unfortunately the surgery was post
pritpal 2007-02-07
6   pritpal last decade

lose weight with risperdal
Is there any homeopathic medicine that will take away the side effect of gaining weight wh
millan 2007-02-07
no replies yet

Acid reflux in 13month old, worse at night
I have a 13month old son, he has acid reflux which is worse at night when he has been led
naked ewok 2007-02-07
1   naked ewok last decade

does anyone have the answer?????
I have no beards no mustache and no hairs under my arms too pls tell me the medicine to
crush_u_for_me 2007-02-07
no replies yet

Help find name for pill
I saw a new commercial about a couple of months ago regarding stress and anxiety. I did no
jaylon9n9n 2007-02-07
1   betly last decade

I really need help with my voice!!!
My voice is gone with the last 2 days and I need it for a singing competition next Tuesday
aoione 2007-02-03
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

suffocating cough...urgent
My husband is not smoking since last 15 years but prior that he has smoked for 25 years. W
Reiki 2007-02-07
2   Reiki last decade

need help pls. How to remove red/brown acne marks?
Hi, I came accross this forum while looking for some natural ways to remove those post ac
dogfin 2007-02-04
1   dogfin last decade

kid bed wetting and swollen sore throat.
hello,my 5 yearold has been in an odd mood lately and now complains of sore throat,i looke
mollydalton 2007-02-06
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Nat Mur
I've just been prescribed nat mur for bloating, fluid retention and other issues but

hammy 2007-02-05
13   hammy last decade

I have been seeing a local HD (homeopathic doctor) for about 4 months for eczema (on hands

abuyaseen 2003-01-17
15   sumirian last decade

painful acne
I am 19 years old and suffer from painful acne on my face and back. I have been on multipl
royroyroy 2007-02-06
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

rugby veteran suffers chronic pain
this is for my partner because his symptoms are interfering with day to day life. His main
mollydalton 2007-02-05
2   11:11 last decade

SkinB5 & Cetaphil is a must for acne free skin!
Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that I’ve had had great success clearing my
mjasse 2007-02-07
no replies yet

Child with worms & attitude issues
My daughter aged 6 sufferes with frequent worms. We gave drugs for worms and they recur. o

chiru71 2007-01-18
30   rishimba last decade

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