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Help - Severe cough and cold -- recurrent
Hi, My wife Age: 30 Wt: 48KG Ht: 5' Gender: Female Problem: Frequent cough and col
rohitchattar 2006-09-16
2   last decade

BPPV Vertigo
Hello experts .. I am suffering from extreme tiredness and restlessness .. I was diagnoise
npavankumar 2006-09-15
3   last decade

need help! urgent!
Can someone please comment...can a professional please advise. I have been taking as presc

angel eyes 2006-09-13
40   last decade

Tangled and broken capillaries
I am only 18 years old and I am slowly developing what my doctor likes to call 'tangle
KaitGizmo 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Are you Hypersensitive?
I am and its such a job keeping it in check. I try to eat only Organic foods but its so ex
Callie 2006-09-15
9   last decade

Very Bad Foot Odour
I have been suffering from very bad foot odour for many years. It is worse when I wear clo
hadenuf 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Dark Textured eyes..19
Can anyone suggest some remedies? im 19yrs old and have had dark eyes for a few years now,
Dim1987 2006-09-14
2   last decade

understanding potency
Can any body suggest some good books for understanding potency to be used for homeopathic
Reiki 2006-09-14
4   last decade

Please help, 16 years of acne!!!
Hello, I was wondering if anyone may be able to offer me some advice on how to treat my ac
amylico 2006-09-14
1   last decade

deleted post
deleted post
kellbelle30 2006-09-15
2   last decade

Female intact lab's feet inflamed
I im very interested in learning more about alternative treatments for my labrador .
labee3 2006-09-14
2   last decade

i want a cure for my schizophrenia
5 years ago i was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and i dont feel 100% good since
be free 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Fungal Infection
Fungal Infection From susieque on 2006-08-31 0 replies 6 views Hello My dog has just b
walkin 2006-08-31
3   last decade

Agnus Castus and its effects
I was using 10 drops of Agnus Castus 30c twice a day and found better response in terms of
Nitish 2006-09-14
1   last decade

30C For Chronic Condition
Should a 30C potency be taken daily for a chronic condition or should something like a 6C
RB123 2006-09-15
3   last decade

urine therapy as homeopathic ?
:):):):):):):):):):):):):):) How to Do It Very briefly, here are two main ways that are
greensparrow 2006-09-14
2   last decade

PCOD & Weight Gain.....depression is sinking in
I need help!! i have put on 35 kgs in last 2 years.... After getting frustrated with all t
pooh_bear 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Weak Kidney & Hypertension
Hello, Need help and advise for my mum aged 75 years suffering very recently from weak ki
pimathew 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Lycopodium Clavatum for the treatment of social phobia
will Lycopodium Clavatum work to cure socil phobia. how much to take and of which potentcy
teetotaller 2006-09-13
3   last decade

Sir I am suffering from Diabatics since last 6 years. My BS Fast is in range of 130-16
RKS567 2006-09-08
3   last decade

Anal Fissure - itching only no pus etc.
I have had anal fissures since I was around 3 yrs old. I do not have them as bad as some
4luvofk9s 2006-09-14
1   last decade

Fluid retention due to renal and heart failure..
I have an 84 years old patient with a history of renal and heart failure.. She is current
medman 2006-09-15
4   last decade

drainage causing coughing and sleep apnea
My husband has had what he has been told by drs for over 50 yrs dust mite, mold, mildew al
4luvofk9s 2006-09-11
6   last decade

Eczema Dry Skin help
I'm 18 year old and i have had eczema/dry skin since i was born. My skin turns very d
jeks1987 2006-09-14
1   last decade

Question for the Moderator
This is not a criticism but a suggestion. I've noticed that many posters are not r
Simonc 2006-09-14
no replies yet

What does it mean please?
I have just been given the word Parasympathic but I dont know what it means can someone pl
Callie 2006-09-14
7   last decade

Autistic boy reacting negatively immediately after 2 doses of Thuja 200c - please help someone.
My 7 yr old, talented (usually scores above 90% in most subjects, in a normal school setup
Sujattha 2006-09-12
12   last decade

allergy to Homeopathic lactose tablets
Does anyone know if there can be a problem using the homeopathic tablets which are lactose
NurseSandy 2006-09-14
1   last decade

a remedy better than SUICIDE
HI EVERYONE i am 20 years old and i have had symptoms of derealization(feeling detached fr

redbutterfly 2006-09-08
48   last decade

sexless wife
i am middle aged married man .i have a problem.that my wife is cold when it comes to sex.s
goharpakistan 2006-09-14
1   last decade

"phantom" smell of dirty socks
My husband is experiencing a puzzling situation...wherever he goes he can smell what seems
SashaK 2006-09-14
3   last decade

5 month old with eczema on head and swollen glands
Hi, I would like some advice please. My 5 month old has very bad eczema which was cleared
isabellesmom 2006-09-10
4   last decade

Treatment for frequent cough and cold for 4.5 yr old child
Hi, My sone: Age: 4.5 yrs Wt: 20KG Ht: 3' 6' Skin color: Wheatish Problem: He f
rohitchattar 2006-09-14
5   last decade

how can we grow new hair again?please advice for quick remedies
asutosh1234 2006-09-14
1   last decade

for pankaj verma
can u pls look on my poss for deoshlok will u pls sudy all posts
pankajnarang81 2006-09-14
4   last decade

AIDS - Can be cure by Homoeopathy - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
In all type of Aids try Arsenic alb 3 at least three times in a day. I will reduce your al
deoshlok 2006-09-14
3   last decade

Treatment for glomus jugulare vascular tumour
Hello, My mom is suffering from Glomus Jugulare vascular tumour (middle ear -- on tempora
rohitchattar 2006-09-13
4   last decade

Herpes zoster - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
In Homoeopathy -The Herpes zoster - The cure rate is very high than the other medicine. Kn
deoshlok 2006-09-10
1   last decade

Treatment for sneezing
A friend of mine has a 8 year old son who sneezes a lot in the morning right after he wake
syegna 2006-09-13
1   last decade

hair fall
is there a way to regain lost hair?please advice
asutosh1234 2006-09-13
1   last decade

to joe de.
hi joe could you please tell me what do you do, for a day to stay healthy. i mean foods yo
kahlil007 2006-09-11
8   last decade

Are they all the same thing?
Is arnica montana, argentum nitricum and argent nit all the same product? I was told to ta
zap1003 2006-09-13
1   last decade

14 year old boy with alopecia
We have a fourteen year old boy with alopecia universalis. He developed this condition 2 y
Michele Ann 2006-09-14
1   last decade

Adult acne
So i used to have bad acne as a teen and even took roaccutane for a year which helped. My
DamnTh3Man 2006-09-13
2   last decade

to jose07
hi jose i would like to know if you got the post about your mother success. did she change
kahlil007 2006-09-14
no replies yet

High blood pressure controled!
I just wanted to let you all know that I have given my mother arnica and calc-carb for sev
jose07 2006-06-04
8   last decade

C- is forbidden ?
C is forbidden ? where i live ..they say that c can cure somebody ?so they only have D ...
greensparrow 2006-09-13
3   last decade

Plz help me
hi I just learnt that im supposed to make my own post rather than post my problems accordi

loolz83 2006-08-16
18   last decade

No Bowel Movement!!
I haven't had a trip to the bathroom in a week! About once every 2 days, i do but i o
Pat014 2006-08-13
9   last decade

My Drs. office called and said my profile came badk a little high. It was 5.1 Is this high
royhoward 2006-09-13
1   last decade

Hi, Anyone heard about painting your tonsils with iodine? I'm schedueled for tonsille
llugo 2006-09-12
5   last decade

Joe De Livera -- Bronchitis/Asthma treatment
Hi, My mom details: Ht: 5'6' Wt: 70KG (154 lbs) Age: 52 Body type: Indian type P
rohitchattar 2006-09-13
3   last decade

Calcification of Placenta
What can be the most effective organic remedy for Calcification of Placenta. Or should it
vital force 2006-09-13
no replies yet

suggestions to help chemotherapy
Does anybody have any suggestions what to use to prevent side effects caused by chemo (cis
LUXHILD 2006-09-12
3   last decade

Head pressure / mental symptoms
I have follow-up appointment next saturday. I've been quite badly stressed and anxiou
bamboopaul 2006-09-13
1   last decade

Chicken Guinea
Hi, Can anybody throw light on the remedy of Chicken Guinea. This is a new disease spread
getgoing 2006-09-13
2   last decade

Joe - Help for My Cat?
Hi Joe, Our cat was poisoned a little over a year ago by the medication Metacam. This dru
GDS444 2006-09-13
1   last decade

Pain in knees
I am 31 year old female from the past 2 weeks i have been having pain in my knees.I have b
shiny 2006-09-12
5   last decade

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
I suffer from NAFLD. All possible diagnosis excluding actual liver biopsy has been done. I
tmahmud 2006-09-03
5   last decade

large bust
my daughter is 13 years & her breasts are very large. can u suggest any medicine to re
vfaiz 2006-09-11
1   last decade

Growing Hair
Hi, I am trying to grow my beared but it is never complete. A hairless line runs just belo
abdos 2006-09-11
1   last decade

need help dr.deoshlok
i had asked about how to increase height and you told to get the details from http://www.
asutosh1234 2006-09-10
1   last decade

Ear Popping.. .but different
Ive had an ear popping issue pretyt much my whole life. the only thing is, most people whe
soma34 2006-09-12
1   last decade

Teeth Problem
My front bottom teeth are feeling cold.I mean I can sense coldness in the front bottom of
naushadakhtar 2006-09-12
1   last decade

black freckles on face and nose
Hi: For the past ten years, black freckles or spots have started to appear on my Mothers c
Muhammad Taimur 2006-09-12
1   last decade

absess tooth pain>>>please help!
I am here hoping that someone can assure me that a homeopathic antibiotic WILL in fact do
angel eyes 2006-09-12
2   last decade

For Hasnaat and others:Different remedies for Hair Loss
Hasnaat you used to make suggestions regarding hair loss. There were many remedies suggest
zorro_- 2006-09-13
no replies yet

Successes with seizure disorders??
Hi, anyone in the know... I have worked with a homeopath in the past, using Cuprum Arseni
fifthworld 2006-09-11
2   last decade

Less Beard
Hello Dr. My age is 19 years and i am having problem with my beard and moustach growth. Th
pomi_janlewa 2006-09-11
2   last decade

Thiosinaminum + Stretch Marks
I have just started taking Thiosinaminum 30C for stretch marks. They are old and white. I
annka 2006-09-12
1   last decade

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