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Angina / Heartburn / GERD / Muscular - Confused
Hi Guys, I have been on the website before but discovered the forum today, it seems the
kamilp 2006-07-03
6   last decade

Has any homeopath friend come across Patient with 'Dystonia' Please suggest tre
azizahmedq 2006-07-02
8   last decade

joint pains - almost immovable - fever - high. Many shops are giving preventive as '
rathano 2006-07-05
1   last decade

Dear Joe
Please see my post on nat phos and kindly reply. Thanks Bali
Bali36 2006-07-05
no replies yet

homeopath in canada
Is any practicing homeopath of this forum in canada? ashfaq
ashfaq 2006-07-04
4   last decade

Please help me !!!!
Hi, please help me >< the bottom of my feet everywhere is sorta swollen and it�
alisherz 2006-07-04
1   last decade

antidepressant side effects and withdrawl symptoms
i came down with depression and generalized anxiety disorder in november of 2005. starte
jlhs10s 2006-07-05
no replies yet

5 yr old w/ recurring sinus issues
Hi, I have a 5 1/2 yr old daughter who has consistently had sinus issues. She had recu
mamee 2006-07-04
4   last decade

Need help with rear lameness in dog
Hi everyone, I hope someone here can help me...my four year old female Rottie started fav

Ilovemypuppy 2006-03-18
124   last decade

Hi,All........i m 27Yrs.Old Guy form Kanpur, i have Vocal problem i.e Stammering when i wa
dhiraj_cool2k4 2006-07-04
no replies yet

Renewed eczema
I'm a 46 year old woman who had chronic asthma and eczema as a kid. I grew out o
ytorrie 2006-07-03
2   last decade

Delayed and short periods and gaining weight
hi homeopaths i want to share my problems and want to get quick solution 1- i am 30
Faria 2006-07-03
6   last decade

New Member Introduction
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to log on and say hi. I have visited this site many time
jdavis 2006-07-04
no replies yet

Less erotic power and Less sexual desire
Sir, I have been suffering from early discharge since my marriage i.e. 12 years ago. The
aamirlodhi66 2005-09-05
6   last decade

CHRONIC bad breath and mucus drip
Hi, I 've had chronic bad breath for the past 3 years and can't seem to find
nataliebonita 2006-06-29
7   last decade

Hello, I am 31 yrs. old, female, within the last year I have been diagnosed with excema an
salvador 2006-06-07
12   last decade

abcess? possible staph infection
My husband has a wound the size of a quarter on the top side of his left wrist that when i
wsensing 2006-07-04
2   last decade

Only for Dr. Carlos
Only for Dr. Carlos. Dr. Carlos you are a qualified allopath as well an experienced hom
s_lewis 2006-07-03
12   last decade

2 year old with chalasions
Hello, I am so new to the chalazion word and to homeopathie. I would like to avoid
mafille 2006-07-04
1   last decade

please help severe problem mainly hair loss
I've hair loss .i don't know when it started exactly.i think almost three years
dondon 2006-07-04
no replies yet

Dog with Lyme disease
HI, my dog has just been diagnosed with Lyme. He is 4, I recently retired him from field w
hwatson 2006-07-04
3   last decade

natrum sulphuricum and sulphur - difference between
somebody can help me ? i want to know the difference of the caracteristics between natru
piergiorgio 2006-07-04
1   last decade

Cellulite - orange peal skin
Hi, do you have any experience how to get rid of cellulite with homeopathy? I have celluli
Jirina 2006-07-02
2   last decade

Male hair loss and thin hair
My husband has thinning hair on top of head and hairline-esp. in front . Hair is much full
snowprincess274 2006-07-03
1   last decade

Hi, i have been suffering from rosacea for the past 8 years, i always had acne ever s
ravinod 2006-07-04
1   last decade

My friend was diagnosed as Prurigo several months ago. He was treated as Antihistamine a
rxlove 2006-07-04
no replies yet

Hi, I've been percribed 200c from my homeopath. I just wanted to be clear whether tha
xxSophiexx 2006-07-03
2   last decade

Lingering Symptoms
Hello. I am a 29 woman with a five month old baby. About two months ago, I took a constitu
cameo 2006-07-03
5   last decade

Acne on the head age 32
Hello, Would appreciate any advice. I have been working with many different health pract
monib 2006-07-03
3   last decade

SFMA (single female mutt w/acne) please help
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help me with my acne . I have been browsing th
winefig 2006-07-03
1   last decade

swelling and pain in gum
i awoke this a.m. with a very sore spot in my gum. it is now swelling and throbing. it is
rstates 2006-07-03
1   last decade

Oily Skin
My skin is insanely oily. I have to wash my face several times a day or otherwise it has l
MrBeefy 2006-07-04
1   last decade

my son's cold
my son (3.5 years old) has got cold from last 2 days he's got sore throat and today h
Nkale 2006-07-01
2   last decade

Kidney/UTI infection, maybe stones
Hell0 everyone, I'm sort of new to homeopathy so you'll have to be gentle. I
dustin667 2006-06-16
7   last decade

Hey everyone, I am having terrible terrible flatulence (gas) issues. I don't know w
glitteron123 2006-07-03
2   last decade

Asthama and atopic dermititis
My son Aryan used to cough a lot when he wqas 5-6 months.He is now almost 5 year old. When
Aryan 2006-06-16
4   last decade

Hi, I am 36 years old and have a severe case of Ichthyosis (severe scaling and dryness
pj 2003-05-16
5   last decade

Acne Oily skin
hey , i'm 22yrs old, and i have really had oly skin and some scars from acne ,
amankumar83 2005-12-19
5   last decade

Excema on Chest
Hi there, I am writing to ask if anyone else has these symptoms or if there are any cures
leb123 2006-05-30
4   last decade

f w. excema, rosacea and breathing disorder
Hi...I was born with excema but aside from dry skin , the itchy part went away as an adul
cawood 2006-06-21
3   last decade

does safi ....
Does Safi have another name? I cant find it. I need help finding it. Any clues? I read
gracey 2005-09-28
5   last decade

Trying to help mom with hot flashes.
Hi! I'm trying to help my mom, she's 51 and having major hot flashes ( menopa
Herbalguy451 2006-06-30
4   last decade

bad smell when sneeze
my husband often has a very strange smell coe from his nose after a big sneeze . It'
chavamora 2006-07-03
no replies yet

Only for carlos.
Only for carlos (Dr. Carlos). Dr. Carlos you are a qualified allopath as well an exper
s_lewis 2006-07-03
2   last decade

Invertet nipple symdrom
Hello, does anyone know of a way of reverting inverted nipple syndrome. My friend has had
Trixie5 2006-07-03
1   last decade

pitutory stimulation
Can anyone suggest any medicine for proper functioning of pitutiory...to produce all the h
sulalitg 2006-07-01
2   last decade

Help with my hair's please
Hello everyone i am 19 years old and i am currently very stressed because my hair's
sunnygill 2006-07-02
2   last decade

lichen planus oral
My freind had above and needs some advice as to relief
gallaghs 2006-01-31
2   last decade

lichen planus
Can anybody suggest any remedies for Acute Lichen Planus .
guest user 2004-10-06
3   last decade

Heavy periods - been bleeding for months
Help Can anyone advise me what to do about heavy periods. I'm 44 years old and hav
heaman 2006-03-27
8   last decade

for Dr. Deoshlok re. 16yr. old girl
1. Name- Brooke 2. Age-16 3. Sex- female 4. Married/Unmarried-unmarried 5. weight
tbarbie 2006-06-30
3   last decade

gastritis in pregnancy
Hi, I am a 34-year-old from Slovenia, 3 months pregnant. I was diagnosed with gastritis
alenka43 2006-06-29
7   last decade

need help...!!!!
Can i get some help here...PLease. Weird things happens to me, for instance sometimes my
collagesky 2006-05-27
10   last decade

painful lumps underarms
I have excessive underarm sweating. It causes my lymph nodes to become inflamed and it is

allisona 2006-06-28
18   last decade

Excessive hari loss
My Age 24, Gender - Male. I have hair loss from last 3-4 yrs where by I lose 50-100 hari
sethi_24 2006-07-02
2   last decade

I've been diagnosed with OCD , Chronic Anxiety and Depression ... but in the end no
_Lex_ 2006-07-02
3   last decade

Hapatitus C, blood pressure, vericose,
Few months back my mother tested his blood and found Hapatitus C. She already have some h
baberdba 2006-06-30
5   last decade

crooked baby teeth- can homeopathy help?
I've used homeopathy for the kids and us and our animals for about 5 yrs now. We try
wendypape 2006-07-02
6   last decade

thuja 200
Hi i am currently being treated for hair loss and was prescribed thuja 200 I just want
Desperado_pLZ 2006-07-01
6   last decade

productive cough
i am 18 years old 5 feet 10 inches body weight 55 kgs . i am suffering from cough probl

fuu_math 2006-05-24
18   last decade

body swelling
please can anyone help, 2 years ago i went to doc cause was feeling unwell also gained 3 s
goddess 2006-06-29
2   last decade

High Blood Pressure
My doctor has put me on Rx for HBP, all of which cause terrible side effects. Is ther
haggis 2006-07-02
8   last decade

i was reading dr kuldeep's posts about silica and acne scarring and i want to mak
jwalz120002002 2006-06-29
2   last decade

Dr. Deolosk Sharma [was alternating blocked nostrils + post nasal drip + chest pains]
Hi Dr. Sharma, I've been on Belladonna 30C for about a week now. And, the postn
thefreshprince 2006-07-01
1   last decade

Attention Deficit Disorder?
Hello, I'm a 25 year old male, living in the US. Of late, I've realized that
thefreshprince 2006-07-01
1   last decade

Tinnitus etc - Please cd a homeo look into this case
I would be very grateful if one could look into my boyfriend's case and suggest an ap
carlotta 2006-04-24
12   last decade

common allergies - severe reactions
When researching allergic reactions I came across pollen dot com and after watching the vi
Penelope 2006-07-01
no replies yet

What do I need to do?
Hello, Can someone help figure out what I need to do to get well? Here are my symptoms
komatsukid 2006-07-01
3   last decade

penis size!!help me!!!!!
i am 25 yrs old.i have penis 3.5/1.2 inch and having the testis around 2/1.2 inch. when er
emon3729 2006-06-29
1   last decade

Dear all, I am looking for some advice please. I have a 3 year old daughter who has ha
Hendrix 2006-06-30
2   last decade

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