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IQ Test for USA Army Pilots
iq test for usa army pilots try it w w w . f o r m s . g e
xx1090 2006-08-14
no replies yet

5 yr old talking in his sleep
doctors, my five and a half year old has been talking in his sleep lately. he talks loudly
white_miracle 2006-08-14
2   last decade

New To Homeopathy With Question
Is is OK to take several remedies at a time? I take a sleep aid at night which is Calms
joyce martino 2006-08-14
2   last decade

help me
[message deleted by kokeelam on Wed, 02 Jan 2013 17:19:52 GMT]
kokeelam 2006-08-14
1   last decade

to joe de.
hello again joe this kahlil, youve givin me great advice question last friday i cut my wri
kahlil007 2006-08-14
1   last decade

How Do I Make Wet Dose of Arnica 30C
I live in the U.S. and not sure in the measures just how to do this..sorry for my ignoran
joyce martino 2006-08-14
2   last decade

dry,hacking,croupy cough -anybody help
Hi My two year old daughter has been having dry,hacking and croupy cough since yesrterday.
shiny 2006-08-12
5   last decade

23 w/PCOS, please advise
Please, can anybody help with this issue? I have a 23 year old daughter with PCOS. It has
freenmaddie 2006-08-11
3   last decade

How long does it Take????
How long Does it take for Homeopathy to work?? I am taking Natrtum MUr for last three days
chaturchand 2006-08-11
2   last decade

Sorry, I'm new here and I did the little check on my symptoms and it tells me to take
reonna 2006-07-30
4   last decade

Bioplasma (Cell Salts)
Has anyone taken this remedy? I've taken them off and on but will now get a little mo
joyce martino 2006-08-11
2   last decade

hair loss, underactive thyroid, bloating,
Hi Dr First I should give you some background information on me... I am 23 yr old male, a
john1020 2006-08-13
1   last decade

Cystic Acne...Please HELP!
I have cystic acne that I developed at about age 22. Before this I had beautiful, clear s
Firefly22128 2006-08-14
1   last decade

Rust inhalation
I have inhaled rust particles from the machining off of rust with a rotary brush tool. Hav
goncolgo 2006-08-13
1   last decade

To: Joe De Livera - Hair Loss
Hi Joe, I am a 50 year old female and have hairloss whenever I have problems with my kidn
Beach 2006-08-13
2   last decade

Sudden Rash in Groin area and inner thighs
Alright so I've had this pimply rash out of nowhere for the third or 4th time in abou

thatkid 2006-08-09
14   last decade

whiteheads and acne need help plz
hi i m nida 22 yrs af age,unmarried,suffering from acne since the age of 15,initailly i to
nida h 2006-08-11
5   last decade

Burning sensation
Burning sensation in Anus while and after passing the stool. History of Gastritis, IBS and
iffi123 2006-08-09
5   last decade

can you be sure of anything
40,000 NHS drug errors logged in a year Friday August 11, 2006 More than 40,000 medicatio
walkin 2006-08-13
no replies yet

Whiteness in Throat
Please Help!!!! I recently developed a sore throat and noticed that there is a white subst
abillman 2006-08-11
1   last decade

being conscioous about health i got
I am of 70 plus and through out my life I have undergone one or the other health check ups
arifkhan 2006-08-11
2   last decade

Oops, where did my post go?
Oops, where did my post go? From Angelica on 2006-08-12 0 replies 14 views Aloha, I saw
walkin 2006-08-13
1   last decade

hi i am pawan i have problem of gerd.6months back i had an endoscopy in which they told me
jatthegreat 2006-07-27
3   last decade

To Dr. Dinesh Sharma
Hello, I gave my son 1 dose of Thyroidinum - 7pellets for 7 days for undescended testicl
ohill777 2006-08-13
no replies yet

Joe - about Diabetes and Arnica
Hi Joe, I have been reading your advice about using Arnica C 30 for Type II diabetes. I h
Creating Joy 2006-08-13
1   last decade

Very high thyroid antibodies, what can help me ?
Please note I am new to homeopathy :) My doc recommended high doses of Vitamin E, Gingko
zosolizard 2006-08-12
1   last decade

need answer, quickly
Does anybody know what the herb 'hydra' is used for? I can't seem to find it
freenmaddie 2006-08-12
2   last decade

I am Shasta my son is Christian (6) with SV
My son is 6 and came to me the other day describing the way he see's. He says he sees
Cheeto 2006-08-10
2   last decade

WEISBADEN 200. Question for Deoshlok and Joe De Livera
wiesbaden 200 daily is like universal formula for hair loss or doesn´t fit every cas
zorro_- 2006-08-08
6   last decade

Bee Sting on Lip - major swelling!!!
Hi there. My husband was handling his bees yesterday and got stung on the left hand. It sw
wendypape 2006-08-11
10   last decade

The red color therapy to reduce weight
has anyone found success in doing this recently.... i have started , 5 day now....very afr
shrirn 2006-08-12
1   last decade

addressed to joe thanks
Hi again Joe, I was telling my sister all about you and the arnica and about your story in
elainesmyth68 2006-08-11
1   last decade

Can you help me Joe De Livera?
Hi Joe, I posted this before and didn't put your name in the title, sorry i'm ne
lily white 2006-08-11
2   last decade

Sinus Pain but no Infection
Hello all. Quite recently, specifically 5 days ago, I recieved sinus pain. At first I tho
JoeCookieee 2006-08-11
2   last decade

Dear Joe
I just wanted to thank you for your quick reply with regards to my hair loss. I will post
marso 2006-08-12
1   last decade

Oops, where did my post go?
Aloha, I saw the post I wrote this morning, but, now, it appears to have vanished. Hummm,
Angelica 2006-08-12
no replies yet

adhd/ocd, autism?
To Joe De Livera or whomever can help. Joe, I just requested advice for my ill boyfriend,
lily white 2006-08-11
1   last decade

Pains and 'burning' and tingling sensations in limbs
Hullo, I have suffered with 'restless legs' intermittently (usually if stressed)
victoria plum 2006-08-11
1   last decade

hepatitis c, manic depression, pain meds
To Joe De Livera or whomever can help. Joe, I've been using the arnica for my cystic
lily white 2006-08-11
1   last decade

mental illness
i went through a mental illness break about 9 years ago paranoid schizophrenia and took a
itworks 2006-08-09
7   last decade

JOE please respond- Hair loss/itchy/psoriasis
I have had thinning hair since i was 17. When i was 18 i got excema patches on my legs/ kn
EW179 2006-08-09
12   last decade

Joe De Livera, can you help?
Joe, I left a post earlier and I'm new, so I didn't realize the request for you
lily white 2006-08-11
no replies yet

i need help for my sister's thrush
Please could someone suggest a remedy for my sister, she gets thrush everytime she has her
elainesmyth68 2006-08-10
2   last decade

joe need to know about antidoting effect
hi joe, sorry to bother you but i forgot i wasn't allowed to eat sausages or bacon wh
elainesmyth68 2006-08-10
2   last decade

Not sure if I should Switch Homeopathic Dr!
I've been seeing a wonderful dr for almost two years (this oct. will be 2 yrs) who li
stickysnap 2006-08-11
2   last decade

got a problem?
this posting is for those that are not having enough courage 'balls' to post them

John Stanton 2006-05-18
142   last decade

Remedies for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?
My husband was diagnosed with COPD-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- and has been sch
blessme44 2006-08-04
2   last decade

adhd help
My son was given 200c Medorrhinum 3 pellets each day by a homeopath. He got really worse.
azul06 2006-02-07
2   last decade

Topical remedies
I am new to this forum but want to find out about making topical remedies. I need a reme
beckyg 2006-07-22
5   last decade

Homeopathy for Hepatitis B
my father has hepatitis B.every one told me there is no medicine to cure hepatitis B.but i
ushasree 2006-08-11
no replies yet

Son's Case
Over Christmas he had a Sinus infection which led to a throat infection and an ear infecti

healthyliving 2004-01-06
16   last decade

Need Help: Infected with E. Hystolytica
Hi, Name: Binod Kumar Gupta Sex: Male & Unmarried Age:25 Height: 158cm
bk123 2006-08-11
1   last decade

22 year old male...losing hair!
So this is whats going on... About 3 months ago i started noticing that my hairline was re
streetfighter 2006-08-11
1   last decade

shooting pains in upper thighs
So what could be causing shooting pains that hit fast, hard, and brief from my inner to ou
razzy59 2006-08-03
1   last decade

Foot Ganglion
I have a 8 cm wide, growing, synovial ganglion just below and forward of my outside ankle
chrissieanne 2006-08-04
1   last decade

patch of rash
I have a patch of red little painful rashes under my armpit. When it seems it will go aw
apeach822 2006-08-10
1   last decade

lymph cell count is more than normal
Hi, My one and half year old girl is having cold for last 4-5 days. There is congestion i
amarkumar 2006-08-10
1   last decade

acne breakout
hi,i m nida 22,,,,really tensed caz of my acne prob tht i m suffering from last 8 yrs,,,i
nida h 2006-08-10
3   last decade

Hi everyone, I have a question as to the potency of a supplement I am taking a berry blen
1Sage 2006-08-10
2   last decade

Fruit allergy
my mum is 52 years old and has recently started peri-menopause she used love fruit but al
zarano7 2006-08-04
3   last decade

Joe de livera --- asking for your help
Sir, i have been reading posts on hairloss in this forum and many reported success to the
nineclouds 2006-08-07
5   last decade

my daughter is autisn and non verble
Hi My girl is 4 years old ,autistic and she is not use even a single word, I do lot od bio
Amalka 2006-08-10
1   last decade

extreme hair shedding-help Joe
ihave searched the forums and get diff remedies as well on the tools. I am 43 and moved 6
marso 2006-08-10
3   last decade

Help for 5yr old boy
My son is normal & active child, however I am facing some problems with him request re
anisri 2006-08-07
2   last decade

Dr. Doeshlok - Please help me
[message deleted by mani_jee on Sun, 12 Jul 2015 04:25:11 UTC]
mani_jee 2006-08-10
2   last decade

Animal homeopathy
My dog was hit by a car 2 days ago. She has has a very bad hit on the head and has had 10
tracee 2006-08-06
4   last decade

Impotency - Dr Deshlok Plz Help
I have taken thuja 10M for excessive masturbation and chronic amoebic colitis, 2 months ba
pradipde 2006-08-08
2   last decade

severe case of allergies and eczema..plz help
MY 13 yrs old daughter has a severe case of eczema and allergies. i breasfed her for an ye
nidaomerkhan 2006-08-09
2   last decade

Stomach Disorder
stomach diosrder From moran73 on 2006-08-09 0 replies 6 views i'm new to this board
walkin 2006-08-09
1   last decade

Help with 14 month old
Hi again, I wrote earlier about the possibility of my son having had a reaction to his 12
luckylot1999 2006-08-09
1   last decade

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