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High blood pressure controled!
I just wanted to let you all know that I have given my mother arnica and calc-carb for sev
jose07 2006-06-04
8   last decade

C- is forbidden ?
C is forbidden ? where i live ..they say that c can cure somebody ?so they only have D ...
greensparrow 2006-09-13
3   last decade

Plz help me
hi I just learnt that im supposed to make my own post rather than post my problems accordi

loolz83 2006-08-16
18   last decade

No Bowel Movement!!
I haven't had a trip to the bathroom in a week! About once every 2 days, i do but i o
Pat014 2006-08-13
9   last decade

My Drs. office called and said my profile came badk a little high. It was 5.1 Is this high
royhoward 2006-09-13
1   last decade

Hi, Anyone heard about painting your tonsils with iodine? I'm schedueled for tonsille
llugo 2006-09-12
5   last decade

Joe De Livera -- Bronchitis/Asthma treatment
Hi, My mom details: Ht: 5'6' Wt: 70KG (154 lbs) Age: 52 Body type: Indian type P
rohitchattar 2006-09-13
3   last decade

Calcification of Placenta
What can be the most effective organic remedy for Calcification of Placenta. Or should it
vital force 2006-09-13
no replies yet

suggestions to help chemotherapy
Does anybody have any suggestions what to use to prevent side effects caused by chemo (cis
LUXHILD 2006-09-12
3   last decade

Head pressure / mental symptoms
I have follow-up appointment next saturday. I've been quite badly stressed and anxiou
bamboopaul 2006-09-13
1   last decade

Chicken Guinea
Hi, Can anybody throw light on the remedy of Chicken Guinea. This is a new disease spread
getgoing 2006-09-13
2   last decade

Joe - Help for My Cat?
Hi Joe, Our cat was poisoned a little over a year ago by the medication Metacam. This dru
GDS444 2006-09-13
1   last decade

Pain in knees
I am 31 year old female from the past 2 weeks i have been having pain in my knees.I have b
shiny 2006-09-12
5   last decade

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
I suffer from NAFLD. All possible diagnosis excluding actual liver biopsy has been done. I
tmahmud 2006-09-03
5   last decade

large bust
my daughter is 13 years & her breasts are very large. can u suggest any medicine to reduce
vfaiz 2006-09-11
1   last decade

Growing Hair
Hi, I am trying to grow my beared but it is never complete. A hairless line runs just belo
abdos 2006-09-11
1   last decade

need help dr.deoshlok
i had asked about how to increase height and you told to get the details from http://www.
asutosh1234 2006-09-10
1   last decade

Ear Popping.. .but different
Ive had an ear popping issue pretyt much my whole life. the only thing is, most people whe
soma34 2006-09-12
1   last decade

Teeth Problem
My front bottom teeth are feeling cold.I mean I can sense coldness in the front bottom of
naushadakhtar 2006-09-12
1   last decade

black freckles on face and nose
Hi: For the past ten years, black freckles or spots have started to appear on my Mothers c
Muhammad Taimur 2006-09-12
1   last decade

absess tooth pain>>>please help!
I am here hoping that someone can assure me that a homeopathic antibiotic WILL in fact do
angel eyes 2006-09-12
2   last decade

For Hasnaat and others:Different remedies for Hair Loss
Hasnaat you used to make suggestions regarding hair loss. There were many remedies suggest
zorro_- 2006-09-13
no replies yet

Successes with seizure disorders??
Hi, anyone in the know... I have worked with a homeopath in the past, using Cuprum Arseni
fifthworld 2006-09-11
2   last decade

Less Beard
Hello Dr. My age is 19 years and i am having problem with my beard and moustach growth. Th
pomi_janlewa 2006-09-11
2   last decade

Thiosinaminum + Stretch Marks
I have just started taking Thiosinaminum 30C for stretch marks. They are old and white. I
annka 2006-09-12
1   last decade

Failure in eye contact, social anxiety
Sirs, It all started when I was preparing for competitive exams and in the examination hal
Adnan 2006-09-12
1   last decade

Back Pain due to minor fracture in spine years ago
My 38 yr old brother fell on the steps around 15 years ago or so. His spinal column showed
maya_hari 2005-09-20
7   last decade

anal fistula
I had an anal abcess which now has turned into a fistula. Doctor says surgery will cure it
manian66 2006-09-11
3   last decade

Numbness in lower body (legs).
My uncle is above 75 yrs. he is having numbness in lower portion of the body (legs), docto
gold_dust17 2006-09-11
2   last decade

argent nit 200
I WAS TOLD TO TAKE ARGENT NIT 200 FOR MY PTERYGIUM. Could someone also tell me how much to
zap1003 2006-09-12
1   last decade

psoriasis of teh palms and soles
my daughter (16)developed one month ago a condition which has been described by a dermatol
lilac1 2006-09-08
5   last decade

to dr.deoshlok advice needed
i had asked of how to increase height? and you replied to get the details from http://www.
asutosh1234 2006-09-10
2   last decade

After single dose - possible antidoting?
I took lycopodium C30 soon 20 days ago. I've just been wondering if it's possibl
bamboopaul 2006-09-12
no replies yet

need more info on wiesbaden200 and recommended dosage for hairloss
moddy 2006-09-12
5   last decade

Extremely greasy skin
Hello I have had this problem with greasy skin for a long time, 10 years plus. After wash
chahat 2006-09-08
5   last decade

overweight and nursing
I am 28 years old have 4 children. Have been overweight all my life.But since I started ha
AnnaK 2006-09-12
1   last decade

wound seems to be infected
whats the best remedy for a wound that seems infected . i was bitten by a alsation dog and
whitts99 2006-09-09
10   last decade

Ezcema my almost 4 year ald dauther
My dauther is almost 4. she has had exzema since she was 8 months old. First at 6mnth she
AnnaK 2006-09-11
1   last decade

5 month old with chronic congestion
Our 5 month old came down with a cold 25 days ago. The cold disappeared and now all he has
jonahandjacksmom 2006-09-11
1   last decade

No news ?? Best wishes Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-09-01
7   last decade

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
I have just started researching homeopathic medicine as a option for anxiety and panic att

newbie 2005-02-08
33   last decade

Children Candida
My niece is 9 years old and she has a very strong sugar craving and because of which she i
vidya_269 2006-09-10
3   last decade

Kidney help
Hi everyone, I consulted a medical intuitive recently and she suggested using homeopathy
olivia_b 2006-09-06
2   last decade

Could any one suggest for the treatment of Malria which prolonged to two months. Thks.
iffi123 2006-09-11
1   last decade

argent nit 200
I would like to purchase this product for my pterygium. Where can it be bought and what ar
zap1003 2006-09-10
4   last decade

My husband's lipid profile show cholesterol 255, triglycerides 234, HDL 58 and LDL 15
Reiki 2006-09-07
3   last decade

Neck Pain
Hi All, Oflate I have been suffering from severe neck pain. Even when there is no pain, th
sugatadas 2006-09-08
5   last decade

Stomach trouble - abates by eating for short time. Pl help!!
This is regarding my brother 65 years age. He has problem in stomach. It gets relieved b
kns_3 2006-09-10
2   last decade

Help for my son's cough please
My son is seven years old and has suffered with a croup type cough which sets in with ever
bartay 2006-09-09
11   last decade

homeopathy critisism
So i was reading on the internet about homeopathy and a couple people said homeopathy was
musicman 2006-09-10
5   last decade

cyst in right kidney
After going through some of topics and advices by Dr.Deshlok and Dr. Pankaj I strongly bel
rngband 2006-09-04
6   last decade

I need an opinion on melatonin as a sleep aid...
brendaonearth 2006-09-08
2   last decade

progressive MS for 37 years
Hello friends, I am a full time caregiver for a friend with MS. She was diagnosed 37 yea
bettybeautiful 2006-09-10
2   last decade

To Joe De Livera
Yesterday I replied you question. Perhaps you did not read it. I am giving it here again
kns_3 2006-09-09
3   last decade

duphaston but no menses
im taking duphaston for quite some time now. my ob-gyne said that if I will get pregnant,
bhayeng 2006-09-09
1   last decade

Eczema in scalp
I am 35 years old male suffering from eczema on my chest and in scalp. I was applying Co
shuq2006 2006-09-04
6   last decade

Hyper tension
My Bp is 160/90 after daily medication of LOSAR-H.I have under gone CABG on beating heart
sanker 2006-09-09
2   last decade

Balanitis Xerotica obliterans-BXO
My sixteen year old son has BXO causing Utethral Stenosis. Are there any know homeopathic
Stoner 2006-09-09
1   last decade

i have a pterygium on my left eye that i would like removed without surgery.i would like t
zap1003 2006-09-09
1   last decade

how long should one take ledum palustre for pain stiffnes in big toe. hurts when i walk
kahlil007 2006-09-09
1   last decade

joe de
what do you fell about green tea in the concetrated form. one dropper equal 8 cups. would
kahlil007 2006-09-09
1   last decade

1M Kali Sulph and now want to take Lithium Carbonicum 200
A person has took Kali Sulph 1M and now need to take Lithium Carbonicum 200. Is there any
baberdba 2006-09-09
1   last decade

i am 45 yr woman.. I had suffered from septisimia 3 yrs back.. that was the time wen the d
caden 2006-09-09
1   last decade

frequent allergies or cold
i live in california where the evenings are cold & dry. i get allergy easily with frequent
kalaj 2003-05-30
7   last decade

abdominal bloating
My abdomen protrudes like I'm pregnant. I am pretty well sure it's something in

bettybeautiful 2006-09-05
20   last decade

please help me for sexual problem
dear doc. i am of 27 years. i started masturbation in age of 14. now my problem is that my
stylish678 2006-09-07
4   last decade

Mouth Ulcers and various Problems
This is regarding my brother in law. I mentioned Mouth ulcers first because they really tr
maya_hari 2006-09-08
6   last decade

welder epilepsy maybe due to cadmium?
hi everyone, My friend's husband who is in his early thirties has started taking epil
elainesmyth68 2006-09-06
5   last decade

headache with noises in ears
Help me finding a remedy for my husband. He's having headaches. Says the headache is
Selina 2006-09-05
3   last decade

constipation for a 5month old baby
my five month old has not had a bowel movement for 3days now. he is formula fed and takes
firefly 2006-09-05
9   last decade

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