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Stomach Disorder
stomach diosrder From moran73 on 2006-08-09 0 replies 6 views i'm new to this board
walkin 2006-08-09
1   last decade

Help with 14 month old
Hi again, I wrote earlier about the possibility of my son having had a reaction to his 12
luckylot1999 2006-08-09
1   last decade

Getting pregnant - This is how it works
Dear forum members and visitors, Over the years I have encountered many woman who were try
Alexthink 2006-07-18
4   last decade

For about the last 2 weeks I have noticed a few weird things about my penis and I was wond
onlyonegoal 2006-08-08
1   last decade

Ostrea Edulis
Dear all, I wonder if the remedy 'ostre edulis' is exactly the same as Cal
Albert 2006-08-08
2   last decade

stomach diosrder
i'm new to this board but have posted this question elsewhere but had no answers. the
moran73 2006-08-09
1   last decade

cold/ breathing difficulty
my 11 year old has a cold and sore throat accompanied by difficulty in breathing deeply. a
mumbaigirl 2006-08-08
1   last decade

Dont take drugs even if they pay you
Drug trial victim is told he has signs of aggressive cancer August 7, 2006 One of the six
walkin 2006-08-07
1   last decade

child age 07 years having problem of adenoids/sinusites. mouth breathing is also present.
salam473 2006-08-09
2   last decade

dysmenorrhoea/ painful menses
is there any good medicnes in our system for painful menses. i know about mag-phos which w
nupur 2006-08-09
1   last decade

Undescended Testicles
Undescended Testicles-after 7 days of Thyroidinum From ohill777 on 2006-08-09 0 replies 9
walkin 2006-08-09
1   last decade

Need to Know
Hi, this is Rollen Here. I need to know from you, is this some big problem I'm suffer
Rollen 2006-08-09
1   last decade

Undescended Testicles-after 7 days of Thyroidinum
Dr. Dinesh Sharma, I gave my son one dose (7 pellets) for 7 days. There is no change in h
ohill777 2006-08-09
no replies yet

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Hi I have recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovarain syndrome.My symptoms are irregul
lushlegs 2005-10-20
6   last decade

Ear infection- so many diagnosis and med's...don't know what to do!!
Hi everyone...I'm getting a tad frusturated here and need some advice. -I have psor
dcjessi 2006-08-09
5   last decade

Hair Loss help!! 24 f/ with excema
I have had thinning hair since i was 17. When i was 18 i got excema patches on my legs/ kn
EW179 2006-08-08
1   last decade

Penis infection? help!
I am a 15 year old uncircumsized male, not sexualy active but i do masterbait occasionaly.
quentin 2004-03-21
6   last decade

2 yr. old constipated possible anal fissures
My two year old daughter has been constipated for about 3 weeks. Normally she has very so
mayfloweracademy 2006-08-08
4   last decade

PCOS related
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken the rare step of overruling one of its ow
walkin 2006-08-08
no replies yet

Hepatitis B and C
No personal experience of this proceedure, but if any one tries it please post results.
walkin 2006-08-08
no replies yet

Psorinum where to buy?
Psorinum where to buy? From jose07 on 2006-08-08 0 replies 1 views I want to buy Psorinum
walkin 2006-08-08
1   last decade

acne : get rid of it!
Hey, I can understand your problem. Acne is a serious thing and it is not fun! As far as I
vnck25 2006-08-08
1   last decade

What skin disease is this?
My mother is a diabetic for last 15 yrs She is on insulin for last 4 yrs For last 1yr some
rayofhope 2006-08-08
1   last decade

discharge with urine
i have discharge problem during urination and slightest excitment
ska_221262 2006-08-08
1   last decade

Hair problem
Argh I hate my hair >_> My hair has been always very thin and I'm not sure if
AznDreamer 2006-08-08
4   last decade

can "AIDS" cure by homeopathy.?
dear friends. we study in homeopathy that the homeopathy is belive on symptoms(symptoma
haroon israr 2005-01-07
5   last decade

Psorinum where to buy?
I want to buy Psorinum but I can't seem to get it here in the states without a prescr
jose07 2006-08-08
no replies yet

hair trouble
hai. im 23 year old (male). is amica helpful in regrowing lost hairs in the receding hair
samkris 2005-10-29
5   last decade

Something about Colon Hydratherapy
HI, Can anybody tell me that, is it safe to have a colon hyderatherapy? With regards, Bino
bk123 2006-08-07
1   last decade

Muscels cramp during pregnancy
My wife facing muscels cramp during pregnancy due to lack of calcium. Could any one advise
iffi123 2006-08-07
1   last decade

hpylori ++
Pls. advise some medicine for HPylori infection.
iffi123 2006-08-07
1   last decade

Total thyroidectomy Tuesday
Hi, I am having surgery Tues. to remove a large multi nodular goiter. It will be a total t
charl7 2006-08-05
9   last decade

Headache, acid reflux
I have had thsi problem for some time. If I eat a heav meal I feel better. Sometime totall
zulfi.ali 2006-08-07
2   last decade

My god child in Germany has been diagnosed with this unusual illness, it started when one
ikaika23 2006-08-02
2   last decade

To Dr Girilal - bartya carb CM not available
Dear doctor, Thank you very much for taking interest to help. Bartya carb CM is not ava
kns_3 2006-08-07
1   last decade

To, Dr. Dinesh Sharma
1. Name: Tushar 2. Age : 26 3. Sex : Male 4. Married/Unmarried : Unmarried 5. weight : 60
samroy 2006-08-05
2   last decade

best remedy for stretch marks
Could be thiosinaminum as this thread suggests ?http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/17
zorro_- 2006-08-06
3   last decade

baby constipation
My baby is constipated from eating bananas. She is 10 months old and has only gone to the
allisona 2006-08-04
12   last decade

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------First Name

jasmer 2005-11-11
13   last decade

breathing problem, with trembling
hi all doctors i am 30 years old female. married and 1 daughter 2 years age. i have breat
shazia 2006-07-30
3   last decade

need help with falling hair
hi, i am new to this forum. but i have been reading the posts for a while and believe ther
white_miracle 2006-08-06
4   last decade

Severe Heacache with Reflux and acidity
I m having Severe headache and acidity for approx. more then 10 years. i m 32yrs right now
Hasnain 2006-08-05
8   last decade

ear infection in 9 month old-first time?
I have a nine month old daughter and she's been tugging on her left ear and has had a
LindsayS 2006-08-07
1   last decade

performance anxiety
Hi, please suggest a remedy for performance anxiety during intercourse, especially when i
Dr.sairam.k 2006-08-07
1   last decade

Uric Acid
Recent routine blood test showed my uric acid is high ie 8.4mg/dl. spec is 3.0 - 7.9. All

rsaad 2006-05-22
19   last decade

erection problem
TO JOE, Hi doctor I am suffering from erection problem please do help
tarunkukreja 2006-07-23
3   last decade

Hearing Issues
I am 31 years old and have hearing problems out of my left ear. When I was tested for scho
Jay 15 2006-08-03
5   last decade

Constipation and bloating
Female 61 yrs Complaints - bloating - stomach becoems noticably big Coantipation. Other p
new2town 2006-08-07
1   last decade

Is there anybody to help with my depression?
To Kuldeep, Rajiv Prasad, or some doctors who have time to go through my case, who don
anon99 2006-08-05
3   last decade

Lymphatic Edema
Two years ago my husband was burned in an accident. he suffered second and third degree bu
moondancer64 2006-08-07
1   last decade

Involuntary Winking of Left Eye
Hi, My daughter who is 6 years old has developed the above problem recently...she winks he
sahithi 2006-07-19
5   last decade

Combination of medicines
I wanted to know whether the use of following medicines can be combined 1)Arnica 3oc(For h
yogafreek 2006-07-06
8   last decade

Hahnemann's Advanced Methods-Part 3
Another article on Hahnemann. Hope all will find it as enlightening as I did. Maya Part 3
maya_hari 2006-08-06
1   last decade

Not able to stand or walk Help !!!!!
My brother, 65 years is bedridden for the past five months. He is not able to walk even t
kns_3 2006-08-06
1   last decade

moderator someone is abusing your forum
Moderator someone named Tiffiny is using your forum to advertise the sale of some juice by
Pat2006 2006-08-06
no replies yet

Stiff neck+acidity+constipation+fatigue
Hi! AGE:23 SEX:Male WEIGHT:75 HeIGHT: 5'9 I have a problem with my neck since 7-8 year
ranganathan 2006-07-03
12   last decade

High BP during Preganancy
Sir , My Wife AGE-33 Years is having third pregency. Firts two Delevery was normal, this t
nhverma 2006-08-06
no replies yet

Nitricum acidum for melasma??
From the Remedy Finder, I find nitricum acidum to be the remedy for melasma. Can anyone he
mohini 2006-01-31
7   last decade

blue spots over skin
Dear Dr. I am suffering from skin problem. There are blue spots on my face and on hands
Masood 2006-08-04
1   last decade

Is homeopathy medicine cause any side effects?
I am new this type of treatment.I have large kidney stones at both of my kidney and in my
mikechong 2006-08-04
6   last decade

Diabetes Article
This article I downloaded from hpathy.com. I hope it is of use. Maya Diabetes Mellitus and
maya_hari 2006-07-07
11   last decade

to joe de.
joe i read earlier in your post we can now use tap water, as long as it has been boiled. i
kahlil007 2006-08-05
2   last decade

cats with fleas
we have four (!) cats. Three of which have fleas... the other is completely unaffected! We
sarahstw 2006-08-03
3   last decade

dental bone loss
back molar got an abcess, treated with penicillin tooth is loose because of bone loss due
firemaiden 2006-08-03
1   last decade

immature sperms
one of my friend is taking heart stimulating drugs(as few years back, his heart got almost
ashfaq 2006-08-05
1   last decade

Ear inflamation w/mild cold 12 months old
My son who just turned 12 months has had a cold for about a week and a half. He has a dry
Clementine958 2006-08-04
3   last decade

A Case of Chronic Osteo Arthritis
Here is a case of chronic Osteo Arthritis treated successfully, as per advice of Joe De Li
sthillaiyah 2006-08-04
4   last decade

I am 65 yrs old.Iam suffering from this problem for 2yrs.At daytime hizzing inright earsto
D.R.Johar 2006-08-04
1   last decade

Hepa B
My wife is tested HbAg +ve during her pregnency. She does not have any problems. No pains
sandeepptk 2006-08-05
1   last decade

Fatigue, Tongue rawness on sides, brain fog, acheyness
Ok, I'll start here. Two months ago switched to Vegetarianism, gave up coffee, eating
MariS 2006-08-04
1   last decade

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