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Injuries & accidents

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Injuries and accidents; burns; agar., alum., ant-c., 1ars., calc., 1canth., carb-ac., 2carb-v., 2caust., cycl., eupho., 2kreos., lach., mag-c., plb., 2rhus-t., ruta., 2sec., stram.

Injuries and accidents; bruises; 1arn., 2bad., bry., cham., chin., cic., 2con., dulc., euphr., ferr., 2hep., iod., 2lach., laur., nux-v., par., plb., 2puls., rhus-t., 2ruta., sec., 1sul-ac., 2sulph.

Injuries and accidents; injuries in general; 1arn., 2bad., bell-p., bry., calc., canth., 2carb-v., cham., chin., 2cic., 1con., croc., 2dulc., euphr., 1hep., hyos., 1hyper., 2iod., kali-c., kreos., 2lach., laur., 2led., lyc., merc., mez., nat-c., nat-m., 2nat-s., 2nit-ac., nux-v., par., ph-ac., 2phos., plat., plb., 1puls., 1rhus-t., 2ruta., samb., sec., seneg., 2sil., 2staph., 1sul-ac., 2sulph., 2symph., verat., zinc.

Injuries and accidents; injuries of bone; calc-p., calc., 1ruta., 2sul-ac., 2symph.

Injuries and accidents; injuries around the bone; ruta.

Injuries and accidents; injuries of glands; 2arn., cic., 1con., 2dulc., hep., 2iod., merc., 2phos., puls., rhus-t., 2sil., 2sul-ac.

Injuries and accidents; injuries of nerves with great pain; 1hyper., 2phos.

Injuries and accidents; injuries of soft parts; 1arn., cham., 1con., dulc., euphr., lach., 2puls., samb., 2sul-ac., sulph.

Injuries and accidents; injuries of tendons; 2anac.

Injuries and accidents; Poisoning

Injuries and accidents; shock from injury; 1acon., 2am-c., 1arn., bell., 1camph., 2caps., 2carb-v., 2cham., 2cic., cocc., 2coff., 2cupr., 2gels., 1hyper., 2ip., 1lach., merc., 1op., psor., 2ran-b., sec., 2staph., stront., sulph., 1verat.

Injuries and accidents; stings of insects; acon., ant-c., 2anthr., 2apis., 2arn., ars., 2bell., bry., bufo., 2calad., 2carb-ac., caust., 2cedr., coloc., hyper., kreos., 2lach., 1led., merc., 2nat-m., seneg., sep., sil., sul-ac., sulph., tarent., 1urt-u.

Injuries and accidents; Wounds