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Chest; Arm pit

Chest; complaints in cartilage of chest; 2arg-m.

Chest; sensitive to air; 2ph-ac.

Chest; alternating with eye symptoms; ars.

Chest; alternating with diarrhoea and bronchitis; 2seneg.

Chest; alternating with rectal symptoms; calc-p., 1sil., verat.

Chest; alternating with skin symptoms; crot-h.

Chest; Anxiety

Chest; apprehension; carl., nat-m., ph-ac.

Chest; apprehension; region of heart; ant-t., 2aur., carl., meny., mez., plat., plb., 2rhus-t.

Chest; sensation of iron bar; around chest; arg-n.

Chest; sensation of iron bar; across centre of chest; haem.

Chest; Breast

Chest; cancer
This symptom is not self-limiting and so remedies are shown only to professional members.

Chest; complaints of capillary network; carb-v.

Chest; decay of bones; collar bones; sil.

Chest; decay of bones; breast bone; con.

Chest; catarrh; 2acon., 2ammc., 2ant-c., 1ant-t., 2apis., 2arn., ars-i., 1ars., 2aur-m., 1bar-c., 1bar-m., benz-ac., 1bry., 1cact., 2calc-s., 1calc., canth., carb-s., carb-v., 2caust., chel., 2coc-c., cop., 2dros., 1dulc., ferr-ar., ferr-i., 2ferr-p., ferr., 2guai., 1hep., 2hippoz., 2hydr., 2iod., 2kali-ar., 1kali-bi., 2kali-c., 1kali-chl., kali-p., 1kali-s., 2kreos., lac-d., 2lach., 2lact., 1lyc., 1merc., 2nat-m., 2nat-s., 1nux-v., 2petr., phel., 1phos., 2psor., 1puls., 2rhus-t., 2rumx., 2samb., 1sang., 2senec., 1seneg., 1sil., 2sin-n., 2spong., 1stann., 1sulph., 2ter., 2tub.

Chest; catarrh; alternating with diarrhoea; seneg.

Chest; catarrh; aged people; 2ammc., 2ant-t., 1bar-c., 2chin., 2nat-s., phel., 1seneg., 2tub.

Chest; Chilliness

Chest; clawing sensation in chest; samb., stront.

Chest; worse clothing; ail., aur-m., benz-ac., bov., calc., 1caust., 2chel., 2con., 2kali-bi., 1lach., lact., 2lycps., 2merc., 2tarent., zinc.

Chest; clucking sound; cina., kali-c., nat-m.

Chest; sensation as if coated; ant-t., bar-c., caust., 2nat-m.

Chest; Coldness

Chest; Congestion

Chest; Constriction, tension

Chest; cracking in breast bone; on bending chest backwards; am-c.

Chest; cracking in breast bone; on movement; nat-m., sulph.

Chest; cracking in breast bone; in region of heart; 2nat-c.

Chest; diphtheria; 2spong.

Chest; Swelling

Chest; as if pulled; toward back; ind., syph.

Chest; as if pulled; downward, to heart; thuj.

Chest; dry; chest; 2ferr., kali-chl., 2lach., 2merc., osm., 2puls., stram., zinc.

Chest; dry; arm pit; hep.

Chest; extremely thin; kali-i.

Chest; extremely thin; around collar bones; 2lyc., 2nat-m.

Chest; extremely thin; breast; 1coff., 2nux-m.

Chest; Sensation of emptiness

Chest; bony growth on ribs; merc-c.

Chest; Fullness

Chest; Gurgling

Chest; Heart

Chest; Heat

Chest; immovable; 1phos.

Chest; Inflammation

Chest; Jerks

Chest; Lumps

Chest; Lungs

Chest; Movements in and of chest

Chest; murmurs; agar., 2aml-n., 2apis., 2ars-i., 2ars., aspar., 2aur-m., 2aur., bar-c., 1cact., 2calc., carb-ac., 2chel., chin-a., 2cocc., 2colch., 1coll., 2crot-h., cupr-s., 1dig., ferr-ar., ferr-i., 1ferr., 2glon., hep., hydr-ac., 2hydr., iber., 2iod., ip., kali-ar., kali-br., 2kali-c., 1kalm., 2lach., 2lith., lob., 2lyc., 2lycps., 2merc., 1naja., nat-a., nat-c., 2nat-m., 2nit-ac., 2phos., plb., 2psor., puls., 1rhus-t., 1spig., 1spong., stann., stram., 2sumb., tab., tarent., tub.

Chest; Numbness

Chest; Oppressed feeling

Chest; Bubbling sensation in blood (see heat flushes)

Chest; Pain

Chest; paralysis; diaphragm; bell., cact., cimic., cupr., mez., mosch., rhus-t., 2sil.

Chest; paralysis; heart; acon., 2ant-t., ars-i., ars., 2bell., 2bufo., cann-i., 1carb-v., chlor., cimic., 2crot-h., 2cupr., 2dig., 2gels., 2hydr-ac., 2iod., 1lach., 1naja., 1op., ox-ac., 2phos., 2plb., sang., sumb., verat-v., verat.

Chest; paralysis; Lung

Chest; Perspiration

Chest; sensation of plug; anac., aur.

Chest; Pulsation

Chest; purring; feeling in region of heart; 2spig.

Chest; purring; noise in region of heart; 2glon.

Chest; restlessness in chest; bell., petr., seneg., thuj.

Chest; restlessness in chest; about the heart; anac., 2ars., lyss.

Chest; chest feels too small; ign.

Chest; Skin

Chest; stagnation of blood; 2lob.

Chest; sticking sensation; arn., aur-m., aur., bry., cadm., coloc., dig., eupho., hep., kali-c., kali-n., 2merc., 2mez., nux-v., par., petr., phos., 2plb., puls., 2ran-b., 1rhus-t., seneg., 2sep., 2sulph., 2thuj., verb.

Chest; sticking sensation; around heart; 2graph.

Chest; Swelling

Chest; tickling; 2calc., cham., coc-c., con., ign., 2iod., 2lach., merc., mez., mur-ac., 2ph-ac., 2phos., puls., 2rhus-t., 1rumx., sep., sul-ac., verat., verb., zinc.

Chest; tingling; acon., ars., cadm., colch., plb., puls., ran-b., 2rhus-t., seneg., spong., stann.

Chest; tingling; in breast; sabin.

Chest; velvety sensation in chest; ant-t.

Chest; sensation of warmth; alum., eupho., hell., lact., 2mang., nat-m., ol-an., rhod., 1sulph.

Chest; sensation of warmth; about the heart; cann-s., croc., rhod.

Chest; sensation of water in chest; crot-c.

Chest; sensation of water in chest; sensation as if boiling water were poured into chest; 1acon.

Chest; sensation of water in chest; hot water; 1acon., cic., 2hep.

Chest; Weakness

Chest; worse drinking wine; bor.