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Arsenicum Album - Mouth symptoms

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb

Boiron and HomeodelWHP - Washington HomeopathicHylands and Standard Homeopathic
Available in 3C-200C, 6X-200X, 1M-50M, CM from $6.50
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HPUS label indication: Vomiting

Below are the strongest indications of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

BETTER from heat; from head elevated; warm drinks.
WORSE, wet weather, after midnight; from cold, cold drinks, or food. Seashore. Right side.
Complementary: Rhus; Carbo; Phos.; Thuja; Secale. Antidotal to lead poison.
Antidotes: Opium; Carbo; China; Hepar; Nux. Chemical antidotes: Charcoal; Hydrated Peroxide of Iron; Lime Water.
Compare: Arsenicum Album. stibiatum 3x (Chest inflammations of children, restlessness with thirst and prostration, loose mucous cough, oppression, hurried respiration, crepitant rales). Cenchris Contortrix; Iod.; Phosph.; China; Verat. alb.; Carbo; Kali-phos. Epilobium (intractable diarrhoea of typhoid). Hoang Nan. Atoxyl. - Sodium arseniate 3x, sleeping sickness; commencing optic atrophy. Levico Water - (containing Ars., Iron and Copper of South Tyrol) ( Chronic and dyscratic skin diseases, chorea minor and spasms in scrofulous and anaemic children. Favors assimilation and increases nutrition. Debility and skin diseases, especially after the use of higher potencies where progress seems suspended. Dose. Ten drops in wine glass of warm water 3 times a day after meals ( Burnett). Sarcolactic acid (influenza with violent vomiting).


Gulping up burning water.
Bloody saliva
Epithelioma of lips
Metallic taste

Bleeding; gums
Bleeding; gums; black blood when teeth are extracted
Bleeding; gums; easily
Bleeding; gums; scurvy
Bleeding; tongue

Cancer; tongue

Cracked; tongue

Difficult to open

Discoloration; gums; white
Discoloration; reddish blue
Discoloration; redness
Discoloration; tongue; black
Discoloration; tongue; blue
Discoloration; tongue; brown
Discoloration; tongue; brown; centre
Discoloration; tongue; pale
Discoloration; tongue; red
Discoloration; tongue; red; edges
Discoloration; tongue; red; stripe down centre
Discoloration; tongue; red; tip
Discoloration; tongue; reddish-blue
Discoloration; tongue; white
Discoloration; tongue; white; as if painted
Discoloration; tongue; white; line
Discoloration; tongue; white; silvery, all over
Discoloration; tongue; yellow
Discoloration; tongue; yellow; base
Discoloration; tongue; yellow; dirty
Discoloration; tongue; yellow; white
Discoloration; tongue; yellow; white; thick

Dryness; could not moisten food
Dryness; tongue
Dryness; tongue; sensation of dryness
Dryness; with thirst

Froth, foam, from mouth
Froth, foam, from mouth; during convulsions

Gangrenous; in children
Gangrenous; tongue

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; burning
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue; burning
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue; painful
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; bluish
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; burning
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; edges elevated; irregular
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; edges elevated; jagged
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; extending from throat to palate (roof of mouth)
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; gangrenous
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; gums
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; malignant
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; painful
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; spreading; obstinate, difficult to treat
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue; blue
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue; edges
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; with black base; spongy

Gums; spongy
Gums; teeth detached from gums; scurvy-like

Heat; tongue

Inflamed lining of mouth from ulcer

Inflammation; gums
Inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); tongue
Inflammation; tongue
Inflammation; tongue; with indurated (hard from inflammation)

Lining; discoloured, some places blue, others pale, covered with tough mucus which lies in brown crusts on lips
Lining; excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed)
Lining; tongue, excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed)

Numbness; tongue

Odour (halitosis, bad breath); cadaverous, like dead body
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); offensive
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); putrid

Pain; aching; tongue; top of tongue
Pain; as if burnt; tongue
Pain; as if burnt; tongue; in spots
Pain; boring; tongue; right edge
Pain; burning, raw and smarting
Pain; burning, raw and smarting; cold water
Pain; burning, raw and smarting; gums
Pain; burning, raw and smarting; tongue
Pain; burning, raw and smarting; tongue; extending to stomach
Pain; gums
Pain; gums; jerking
Pain; sensation of fish bone in root of tongue, on swallowing
Pain; sore
Pain; sore; gums
Pain; sore; tongue
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; gums
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; gums; morning
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; tongue; root
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; tongue; root; when swallowing
Pain; tearing; gums
Pain; tongue
Pain; tongue; root; on swallowing

Paralysis; tongue

Puckered sensation; tongue

Saliva; bitter
Saliva; bloody
Saliva; mucus, slime
Saliva; offensive smelling
Saliva; offensive
Saliva; scanty
Saliva; sticky, thick and sticky; tongue
Saliva; thick (see thick and sticky)
Saliva; thick and sticky
Saliva; white

Salivation; cough

Sensation of coldness

Shrivelled; tongue

Speech; difficult
Speech; difficult; heaviness of tongue
Speech; difficult; in typhoid
Speech; lisping
Speech; stammering
Speech; unable to speak
Speech; unable to speak; with typhoid
Speech; unintelligible

Swelling; gums
Swelling; palate (roof of mouth)
Swelling; tongue
Swelling; tongue; base, externally and internally

Taste; bad
Taste; bad; after eating
Taste; bitter-sweet; bloody
Taste; bitter
Taste; bitter; after drinking
Taste; bitter; after eating
Taste; bitter; during eating
Taste; bitter; food tastes bitter; after swallowing
Taste; bitter; food tastes bitter; intermittently
Taste; bitter; morning
Taste; bitter; water tastes
Taste; dry taste; all food
Taste; flavourless
Taste; flavourless; beer tastes flavourless
Taste; food does not taste salty enough
Taste; metallic
Taste; putrid
Taste; putrid; in intermittent fever
Taste; putrid; morning
Taste; salty
Taste; salty; food tastes salty
Taste; sharp, pungent
Taste; sooty
Taste; sour
Taste; sour; food tastes sour
Taste; sweetish
Taste; sweetish; morning
Taste; tasteless, lacks taste
Taste; tasteless, lacks taste; tastelessness of food

Teeth; bites tumbler when drinking
Teeth; decay, hollow
Teeth; decay, hollow; rapid
Teeth; deposits on teeth during illness (see mucus)
Teeth; discoloured; yellow
Teeth; feel as if on edge
Teeth; grinding
Teeth; grinding; convulsive
Teeth; grinding; during chill (see chewing)
Teeth; grinding; during sleep
Teeth; grinding; maniacal, when angry
Teeth; grinding; while sitting
Teeth; looseness
Teeth; looseness; falling out
Teeth; looseness; morning
Teeth; looseness; painful
Teeth; looseness; sensation
Teeth; mucus on teeth (see deposits on teeth during illness); black
Teeth; mucus on teeth (see deposits on teeth during illness); brown
Teeth; numbness
Teeth; pain
Teeth; pain; biting, chewing
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; ear
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; head
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; temples
Teeth; pain; from cold; from anything cold
Teeth; pain; from cold; from cold drinks
Teeth; pain; from talking
Teeth; pain; from touch
Teeth; pain; from working in damp places
Teeth; pain; heat; external warmth
Teeth; pain; heat; heat of heater
Teeth; pain; heat; warm drinks
Teeth; pain; heat; warm room
Teeth; pain; in cold weather
Teeth; pain; in nervous patients
Teeth; pain; in sound teeth
Teeth; pain; in women; before period
Teeth; pain; in women; during period
Teeth; pain; in women; in breast feeding mothers
Teeth; pain; jerking
Teeth; pain; jerking; extending to temples
Teeth; pain; jerking; sitting up in bed
Teeth; pain; jerking; stroking head
Teeth; pain; knocking
Teeth; pain; lower teeth; 1st bicuspid
Teeth; pain; lying on painful side
Teeth; pain; morning
Teeth; pain; morning; wakes up with pain
Teeth; pain; night
Teeth; pain; night; after midnight
Teeth; pain; on going to sleep
Teeth; pain; periodical
Teeth; pain; periodical; every seven days
Teeth; pain; pressure
Teeth; pain; pulling; pulling-pressure
Teeth; pain; pulsating
Teeth; pain; sitting quiet; sitting up in bed
Teeth; pain; sore, bruised
Teeth; pain; sore, bruised; from cold drink
Teeth; pain; sore, bruised; when chewing
Teeth; pain; tearing
Teeth; pain; tearing; before period
Teeth; pain; tearing; during period
Teeth; pain; tearing; night
Teeth; pain; tearing; night; lying on painful side
Teeth; pain; tearing; warmth
Teeth; pain; tearing; while lying on painful side
Teeth; pain; the talking of other people
Teeth; pain; twitching
Teeth; pain; when biting; when biting teeth together
Teeth; pain; while eating; from chewing
Teeth; pain; while lying down
Teeth; pain; while travelling
Teeth; pain; winter
Teeth; pain; with swelling of cheek
Teeth; painless pulsation
Teeth; sensation of elongated teeth
Teeth; sensitive, tender; to cold; water
Teeth; sensitive, tender; to pressure

Thrush (whitish flakes)
Thrush (whitish flakes); bluish in colour
Thrush (whitish flakes); gangrenous
Thrush (whitish flakes); tongue
Thrush (whitish flakes); white

Tongue; cold tongue
Tongue; cold tongue; icy
Tongue; enlarged (see swelling)
Tongue; heaviness, tongue
Tongue; heaviness, tongue; difficulty in moving (see movement)
Tongue; jagged edge of tongue
Tongue; movement of tongue; difficult (see protruded)
Tongue; red patches on tongue (mapped or geographic tongue)
Tongue; sensation as if tongue swollen
Tongue; smooth, shining, glazed, glossy tongue
Tongue; spasmodic contraction
Tongue; stiff tongue
Tongue; taste buds; enlarged; at tip
Tongue; taste buds; enlarged; reddened
Tongue; taste buds; erect
Tongue; tongue feels thick
Tongue; trembling

Neuralgia of teeth; feel long and very sore; worse after midnight; better warmth

Tongue dry, clean, and red; stitching and burning pain in tongue, ulcerated with blue color

Ulceration of mouth with dryness and burning heat

Unhealthy easily-bleeding gums
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.