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Arsenicum Album - Respiration symptoms

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb

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HPUS label indication: Vomiting

Below are the strongest indications of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

BETTER from heat; from head elevated; warm drinks.
WORSE, wet weather, after midnight; from cold, cold drinks, or food. Seashore. Right side.
Complementary: Rhus; Carbo; Phos.; Thuja; Secale. Antidotal to lead poison.
Antidotes: Opium; Carbo; China; Hepar; Nux. Chemical antidotes: Charcoal; Hydrated Peroxide of Iron; Lime Water.
Compare: Arsenicum Album. stibiatum 3x (Chest inflammations of children, restlessness with thirst and prostration, loose mucous cough, oppression, hurried respiration, crepitant rales). Cenchris Contortrix; Iod.; Phosph.; China; Verat. alb.; Carbo; Kali-phos. Epilobium (intractable diarrhoea of typhoid). Hoang Nan. Atoxyl. - Sodium arseniate 3x, sleeping sickness; commencing optic atrophy. Levico Water - (containing Ars., Iron and Copper of South Tyrol) ( Chronic and dyscratic skin diseases, chorea minor and spasms in scrofulous and anaemic children. Favors assimilation and increases nutrition. Debility and skin diseases, especially after the use of higher potencies where progress seems suspended. Dose. Ten drops in wine glass of warm water 3 times a day after meals ( Burnett). Sarcolactic acid (influenza with violent vomiting).


Wheezing respiration
Air-passages constricted
Asthma worse midnight
Burning in chest

Cough dry, as from Sulphur fumes; After drinking.

Cough worse after midnight; worse lying on back

darting pain through upper third of right lung

Expectoration scanty, Frothy

Hemoptysis with pain between shoulders; burning heat all over

Accelerated; during anxiety

Asthma attack
Asthma attack; after anger
Asthma attack; after suppressed out-breaks on skin
Asthma attack; change of weather
Asthma attack; coming on during sleep
Asthma attack; evening; after lying down
Asthma attack; from catching cold; in summer
Asthma attack; from stress
Asthma attack; in aged people
Asthma attack; in hay fever
Asthma attack; night
Asthma attack; night; 2 a.m.
Asthma attack; night; after midnight
Asthma attack; night; after midnight; must spring out of bed
Asthma attack; periodic
Asthma attack; spasmodic

Catching; after cough

Deep; impossible

Difficult (dyspnea)
Difficult (dyspnea); after anger
Difficult (dyspnea); after eating
Difficult (dyspnea); after exertion; physical exertion
Difficult (dyspnea); after stress
Difficult (dyspnea); ascending
Difficult (dyspnea); bending forward
Difficult (dyspnea); breathing in difficult
Difficult (dyspnea); breathing out
Difficult (dyspnea); cold weather; cold, wet weather
Difficult (dyspnea); during chill
Difficult (dyspnea); evening
Difficult (dyspnea); evening; in bed
Difficult (dyspnea); excitement
Difficult (dyspnea); from dust
Difficult (dyspnea); from mucus in the wind pipe
Difficult (dyspnea); from talking; after talking
Difficult (dyspnea); from warmth; from clothing
Difficult (dyspnea); from warmth; in a warm room
Difficult (dyspnea); hysterical
Difficult (dyspnea); in cold air
Difficult (dyspnea); lying down impossible
Difficult (dyspnea); night
Difficult (dyspnea); night; after midnight
Difficult (dyspnea); night; after midnight; 2 a.m.
Difficult (dyspnea); night; in bed
Difficult (dyspnea); night; midnight
Difficult (dyspnea); on movement
Difficult (dyspnea); periodic attacks
Difficult (dyspnea); retraction of shoulders
Difficult (dyspnea); sitting; sitting bent forwards
Difficult (dyspnea); stormy weather
Difficult (dyspnea); when laughing
Difficult (dyspnea); when turning in bed
Difficult (dyspnea); while lying down
Difficult (dyspnea); while lying; lying on either side
Difficult (dyspnea); while lying; lying on the back
Difficult (dyspnea); while sitting; sitting bent forwards
Difficult (dyspnea); while walking
Difficult (dyspnea); while walking; walking in the open air
Difficult (dyspnea); windy weather
Difficult (dyspnea); with cough
Difficult (dyspnea); with heat
Difficult (dyspnea); with perspiration
Difficult (dyspnea); with weakness


Hot breath

Impeded, obstructed


Interrupted; breathing out
Interrupted; coughing
Interrupted; with suppressed out-breaks on skin


Jerking; breathing out

Like deep snoring




Problems come on suddenly


Respiratory allergies (including hayfever)
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); open air
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); running nose; burning, stinging
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); tears; burning, stinging
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); warmth
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); with asthmatic breathing
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); with sneezing
Respiratory allergies (including hayfever); with sneezing; violent




Wheezing; evening; on lying down


Suffocative catarrh

Unable to lie down; fears suffocation
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.