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Berberis Vulgaris
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Berberis Vulgaris popularity:
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Berberis Vulgaris - Skin symptoms

Barberry, Berberis, Berber

Boiron and HomeodelWHP - Washington HomeopathicHylands and Standard Homeopathic
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HPUS label indication: Itching

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Berberis Vulgaris in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
H.C. Allen - no Berberis Vulgaris
T.F. Allen  
Boenninghausen - no Berberis Vulgaris
Hahnemann - no Berberis Vulgaris
HeringKent Lectures  
Kent New remedies - no Berberis Vulgaris
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Berberis Vulgaris
NashChange default source(s)
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Flat warts

Itching, burning and smarting; Worse, scratching; better, cold applications

Small pustules over whole body

Eczema of ANUS and Hands

circumscribed pigmentation following eczematous inflammation.

Blisters; white

Coldness; spots

Discoloration; bluish; spots

Discoloration; dirty; spots

Discoloration; purple (purpura haemorrhagica purplish spots or patches from haemorrhage under skin)

Discoloration; red; spots

Discoloration; white; spots

Discoloration; yellow, jaundice, etc.

Goose bumps

Abnormal growths; ulcers

Abnormal growths; warts; flat

Abnormal growths; warts; small

Itching; night

Itching; gnawing, biting

Itching; burning

Itching; smarting

Itching; spots

Itching; wandering

Visible network of blood vessels

Out-breaks on skin; blotches

Out-breaks on skin; burning

Out-breaks on skin; crusty; brown

Out-breaks on skin; herpetic

Out-breaks on skin; painful

Out-breaks on skin; patches

Out-breaks on skin; small, purple spot

Out-breaks on skin; pimples

Out-breaks on skin; pimples; inflamed

Out-breaks on skin; pimples; sensitive to touch

Out-breaks on skin; pus-filled pimples; itching

Out-breaks on skin; pus-filled pimples; painful

Out-breaks on skin; pus-filled pimples; red

Out-breaks on skin; pus-filled pimples; stinging

Out-breaks on skin; rash (see granular); red

Out-breaks on skin; tubercles (nodules, knob-like lumps); red

Pain; gnawing, biting

Pain; burning

Pain; tearing



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