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Chamomilla - Mind symptoms

German Chamomile, Chamomile, Camomile, Chamom., Camomilla, Chamomila, Camomila, Chamomilla Vulgaris

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HPUS indication: Irritability

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications (i.e. symptoms) of Chamomilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

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Whining restlessness

Child wants many things which he refuses again

Piteous moaning because he cannot have what he wants

Child can only be quieted when carried about and petted constantly

Impatient, intolerant of being spoken to or interrupted; extremely sensitive to every pain; always complaining

Spiteful, Snappish

Complaints from ANGER and vexation

Mental calmness contraindicate Chamomilla

Aversions, dislikes; open air


indolence, aversion to work

being touched

aversion to mental work

to being spoken to

Behaviour; attempts to escape

makes gestures; of hands; grasping or reaching at something

makes gestures; picks at bedclothes

kicks; kicks and becomes stiff when carried


in children

with the pain

during sleep

on waking

inclination to sit

sits quite stiff


striking; in children

throws things away

Conscientious about things of little importance



morning; on waking


during chill


nonsense, with eyes open

during sleep

Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; creatures and animals

illusions of fantasy

hears sounds; noise

hears sounds; voices



about self; body; health, hypochondria; head; shaking the head

about self; circumstances; thinks is insulted

about self; circumstances; stresses and offences

visions (see visions or presence of phantoms, figures, people)

visions; night

visions or presence of phantoms, figures, people




Desires, wants; to be carried

to kill; while talking

to kill; on waking

to be naked

As if in a dream

Symptoms follow intense emotions; anger




during chill

while perspiring

Mental exertion

Fantasies; of exaltation

of exaltation; night

of exaltation; vivid

Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; anger (see irritability and quarrelsome)

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); with anxiety

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); when consoled

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); from the cough

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); from interruption

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); from suppressed anger

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); violent

contemptuous (see scorn)




impetuous; heedless

from pain

impulsive; capriciousness


in projects

indifference, apathy, etc.

alternating with; stress

to external things

to pleasure



morning; on waking


in children

during chill

while teething

after eating

during heat

before period

during period

while perspiring

when questioned

sends doctor home, says is not sick

sends nurse out of the room

when spoken to

while talking

on waking

cannot bear to be looked at


mirth, hilarity, liveliness, etc.

morose; after eating

quarrelsome, argumentative


reproaches; others

rage, fury (see insanity, mania, delirium)

violent, intense feeling

violent, intense feeling; from pain


excessively religious (see anxiety, despair, fear)

sensitive, oversensitive


after drinking coffee

to music

to noise

easily offended



unhappy; despair

during chill


during heat

with the pains

while perspiring

of recovery

unhappy; discontent, displeased, dissatisfied, etc.

with everything

with himself

unhappy; dwells on past disagreeable occurrences

unhappy; inconsolable

unhappy; lamenting, regretting

complaining (see lamenting)

while asleep

moaning, groaning

moaning, groaning; during heat

moaning, groaning; during sleep

unhappy; sadness, mental depression

during chill

after eating

from music

weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting)


in sleep

aggravated by own weeping


when carried

during the chill

during convulsions

during coughing

during the heat

while perspiring

when refused anything

during stool

from stress




Uncooperative; dictatorial

Intellectual faculties; bright, intelligent, clear; abundant ideas, clearness of mind

impaired thinking; absent-minded (see forgetful)

impaired thinking; difficulty concentrating

while studying, reading, etc.

impaired thinking; confusion


on rising



during chill

as if in a dream

a nose bleed

during the heat

when lying down

from mental exertion

sudden confusion, when in pain

on waking

impaired thinking; dull, sluggish

during chill

during heat

unable to think for long

impaired thinking; idiocy

impaired thinking; imbecility

impaired thinking; mistakes; localities, places

impaired thinking; mistakes; when reading

impaired thinking; mistakes; speaking

impaired thinking; mistakes; words; misplacing

impaired thinking; mistakes; in writing

omitting letters; syllables

omitting letters; words

impaired thinking; vanishing of thoughts

on mental exertion

impaired thinking; weakness of mind


ideas; abundant ideas, clearness of mind

ideas; deficiency of ideas

Insecure, uncertain, scared; anxiety

anxiety; evening; in bed

anxiety; night

anxiety; in bed

anxiety; after drinking coffee

anxiety; after eating

anxiety; during fever

anxiety; about future

anxiety; hypochondriac - worrying about imagined illness

anxiety; mental exertion

anxiety; periodical

anxiety; during sleep (see dreams)

anxiety; before stool

anxiety; during stool

anxiety; during urination



after stress

of wind

work; of dread

frightened easily

starting, startled

starting, startled; while perspiring

starting, startled; during sleep

starting, startled; trembling

starting, startled; at things of little importance

Memory; forgetful

weakness of memory

for people

for words

Ailments after death of part of body

Perception; senses; vanishing

Preoccupied; absorbed, buried in thought

absorbed, buried in thought; introspection

brooding (see anxiety, sadness)

Quiet, peace (or lack of); quiet only by being carried

feeling of tranquillity

Restlessness, nervousness


anxious, etc.

forcing out of bed

wants to go from one bed to another

tossing about in bed

in children

being carried about

during headache

during heat

during period

during metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding from womb)


Sighing (see respiration)

during heat

while perspiring

Talking, conversation; answers not lucid; incorrectly



upon appearance of period

dislike of talking, desire to be silent, taciturn

during heat

muttering (see delirium)

in sleep

speech; confused; at night

speech; incoherent

speech; strange

speech; unintelligible; in sleep

speech; wandering

talkative; makes speeches

Thoughts (see preoccupied); persistent (see delusions)



after emotion

with suppression of period

Wearisome, tired

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