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Chamomilla - Mouth symptoms

German Chamomile, Chamomile, Camomile, Chamom., Camomilla, Chamomila, Camomila, Chamomilla Vulgaris

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HPUS label indication: Irritability

Below are the strongest indications of Chamomilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

BETTER, from being carried, warm wet weather.
WORSE, by HEAT, anger, open air, wind, Night.
Compare: Cypriped; Anthemis; Aconite; Puls.; Coffea; Bellad.; Staphis.; gnat. Follows Belladonna in diseases of children and abuse of Opium. Rubus villosus - Blackberry - (diarrhoea of infancy; stools watery and clay colored).
Antidotes: Camph.; Nux; Puls.
Complementary: Bell.; Mag. C.


Bleeding; tongue

Children put fingers in the mouth

Cracked; tongue

Discoloration; gums; redness
Discoloration; palate (roof of mouth); red
Discoloration; palate (roof of mouth); red; soft palate (back of roof of mouth)
Discoloration; tongue; red
Discoloration; tongue; red; centre
Discoloration; tongue; red; stripe down centre
Discoloration; tongue; white
Discoloration; tongue; white; centre; red stripe down centre
Discoloration; tongue; white; patches
Discoloration; tongue; white; sides
Discoloration; tongue; yellow

Dryness; morning
Dryness; tongue
Dryness; with thirst

Froth, foam, from mouth
Froth, foam, from mouth; during convulsions

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue; stinging
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue; under the tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; cyst under tongue, from obstructed salivary gland (ranula)

Heat; gums

Inflammation; gums
Inflammation; palate (roof of mouth)

Odour (halitosis, bad breath); after eating
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); offensive
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); putrid
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); putrid; after eating
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); sour

Open; during sleep

Pain; aching; tongue
Pain; burning, raw and smarting
Pain; burning, raw and smarting; gums
Pain; burning, raw and smarting; tongue
Pain; gums
Pain; palate (roof of mouth)
Pain; pressing; palate (roof of mouth)
Pain; pulling; palate (roof of mouth); convulsive, extending to throat at back of mouth
Pain; sore; gums
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; tongue

Saliva; frothy
Saliva; metallic tasting
Saliva; sweet (see taste)


Speech; stammering

Swelling; gums
Swelling; gums; sensation of swelling

Taste; bitter
Taste; bitter; after coffee
Taste; bitter; during eating
Taste; bitter; morning
Taste; fatty, greasy (see rancid)
Taste; offensive
Taste; putrid
Taste; putrid; night
Taste; rancid
Taste; slimy
Taste; sour
Taste; sour; bread tastes sour

Teeth; crawling
Teeth; decay, hollow
Teeth; grinding
Teeth; grinding; during chill (see chewing)
Teeth; itching
Teeth; looseness
Teeth; mucus on teeth (see deposits on teeth during illness)
Teeth; pain
Teeth; pain; after anger
Teeth; pain; after eating
Teeth; pain; after stress
Teeth; pain; after washing
Teeth; pain; as if being bitten
Teeth; pain; as if being bitten; night
Teeth; pain; boring; in roots
Teeth; pain; burning
Teeth; pain; cold; anything cold
Teeth; pain; cold; cold water
Teeth; pain; comes on suddenly (see intermittent)
Teeth; pain; corrosive
Teeth; pain; digging
Teeth; pain; eating dinner
Teeth; pain; evening
Teeth; pain; evening; in bed
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; cheeks
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; ear
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; eyes
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; face
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; head
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; nose
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; temples
Teeth; pain; from a cold
Teeth; pain; from a draft of air
Teeth; pain; from certain foods or drinks; from drinking coffee
Teeth; pain; from cold; after overheating
Teeth; pain; from cold; from cold drinks
Teeth; pain; from cold; washing with cold water
Teeth; pain; from drinking
Teeth; pain; from excitement
Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm drinks
Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm food
Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm things
Teeth; pain; from suppressed perspiration
Teeth; pain; from talking
Teeth; pain; grumbling (see dull)
Teeth; pain; heat; warm bed
Teeth; pain; heat; warm room
Teeth; pain; in bed
Teeth; pain; in children
Teeth; pain; in cold air
Teeth; pain; in nervous patients
Teeth; pain; in sound teeth
Teeth; pain; in the open air
Teeth; pain; in the summer
Teeth; pain; in women; after period
Teeth; pain; in women; during period
Teeth; pain; in women; during pregnancy
Teeth; pain; incisors
Teeth; pain; intermittent (see comes on suddenly)
Teeth; pain; jerking
Teeth; pain; late morning
Teeth; pain; left
Teeth; pain; lower teeth
Teeth; pain; lying on painless side
Teeth; pain; molars
Teeth; pain; neuralgic (pain along nerve)
Teeth; pain; night
Teeth; pain; night; 3 a.m.
Teeth; pain; night; after midnight
Teeth; pain; night; before midnight
Teeth; pain; periodical
Teeth; pain; periodical; every other day
Teeth; pain; piercing
Teeth; pain; pressing
Teeth; pain; pressing; as if too close
Teeth; pain; pressure
Teeth; pain; pulling
Teeth; pain; pulling; after eating
Teeth; pain; pulling; eating
Teeth; pain; pulsating
Teeth; pain; rheumatic
Teeth; pain; scraping
Teeth; pain; sore, bruised
Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging
Teeth; pain; tearing
Teeth; pain; twitching
Teeth; pain; upper teeth
Teeth; pain; washing with cold water
Teeth; pain; when smoking tobacco
Teeth; pain; while eating; from chewing
Teeth; pain; while lying down
Teeth; pain; while travelling
Teeth; pain; while walking; in open air
Teeth; pain; winter
Teeth; pain; with involuntary flow of saliva
Teeth; sensation of elongated teeth
Teeth; sensitive, tender
Teeth; sensitive, tender; hollow tooth
Teeth; teething; difficult

Thrush (whitish flakes)

Tongue; red patches on tongue (mapped or geographic tongue)

Nightly salivation.

Toothache, if anything warm is taken, from Coffee, during pregnancy
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.