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Chelidonium Majus - Sleep symptoms

Celandine, Chelidonium, Chelid, Chelid, Chelidon, Chelidonin

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HPUS label indication: Diarrhea

Below are the strongest indications of Chelidonium Majus in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

BETTER, after dinner, from pressure.
Worse, right side, motion, touch, change of weather, very early in morning.
Chelidonium Majus. - (Spasm of smooth muscle everywhere, intestinal colic, uterine colic, bronchial spasm, tachycardia, etc.) Boldo - Boldoa fragrans - (Bladder atony; cholecystitis and biliary calculus. Bitter taste, no appetite; constipation, hypochondriasis languor, congestion of liver, burning weight in liver and stomach. Painful hepatic diseases. Disturbed liver following malaria.) Elemuy Gauteria - (Stone in kidneys and bladder; grain doses of powdered bark in water or 5 drops of tincture. Pellagra).
Sulph. often completes its work.
Complementary: Lycop.; Bryon.
Antidote: Chamomile.
Compare: Nux; Sulph.; Bry.; Lyc.; Opium; Podophyl.; Sanguin.; Ars.



Deep; after dinner

Dreams; amorous
Dreams; animals, insects, beasts; vermin
Dreams; animals, insects, beasts; vermin; lice
Dreams; anxious
Dreams; being buried alive
Dreams; confused
Dreams; death
Dreams; death; of dying
Dreams; disconnected
Dreams; disgusting
Dreams; frightful
Dreams; funerals
Dreams; journey
Dreams; murder
Dreams; nightmare
Dreams; not remembered
Dreams; of being murdered
Dreams; of business
Dreams; of business; of the day
Dreams; of dead people; dead bodies
Dreams; of falling
Dreams; pleasant
Dreams; previous events
Dreams; previous events; events of the previous day
Dreams; soldier
Dreams; vivid
Dreams; wedding

Falling asleep; during heat
Falling asleep; while talking

Not refreshing

Restless; night; feeling comes on before midnight

Sleepiness, tiredness
Sleepiness, tiredness; after dinner
Sleepiness, tiredness; after eating
Sleepiness, tiredness; afternoon
Sleepiness, tiredness; afternoon; 2 p.m.
Sleepiness, tiredness; during the heat
Sleepiness, tiredness; evening
Sleepiness, tiredness; in open air
Sleepiness, tiredness; late morning
Sleepiness, tiredness; late morning; 10 a.m.
Sleepiness, tiredness; while speaking
Sleepiness, tiredness; while talking
Sleepiness, tiredness; while walking; in open air

Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; from 3 to 4 a.m.
Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; from after 11 p.m.
Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; from before midnight
Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; from coldness; of feet
Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; until 11 p.m.
Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; with sleepiness

Waking; 11 p.m.
Waking; as from fright
Waking; early
Waking; frequent
Waking; frequent; before midnight
Waking; midnight

While perspiring (see perspiration during sleep)

Yawning; afternoon; 2 p.m.
Yawning; evening
Yawning; frequent
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.