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Dulcamara - Generalities symptoms

Bitter-sweet, Dulcam

Boiron and HomeodelWHP - Washington HomeopathicHylands and Standard Homeopathic
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HPUS indication: Colds

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Dulcamara in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
H.C. Allen - no Dulcamara
T.F. AllenBoenninghausenBoerickeBogerClarkeHahnemannHering  
Kent Lectures - no Dulcamara
Kent New remedies - no Dulcamara
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Dulcamara
NashChange default source(s)
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Late morning




Night; before midnight

Night; after midnight

Night; 3 a.m.


Abscesses; glands

Open air

Dread of bathing


Change of weather

Blood vessels; congestion of blood

Blood vessels; excited, rapid blood flow

Bones; decay of bone

Bones; bony growth (exostosis)

Cloudy weather

Constriction; externally

Constriction; internally

Constriction; of orifices

Contractions, closing, stenoses, after inflammation


Convulsions; begin in the face

Convulsions; rapid muscle spasm

Convulsions; convulsive movements

Convulsions; epileptic

Convulsions; with falling

Convulsions; one-sided

Convulsions; continuous contraction


Eating and food; before eating

Eating and food; while eating

Eating and food; after eating

Eating and food; cold drinks

Eating and food; cold food

Eating and food; frozen food

Emaciated (extremely thin)

Emaciated (extremely thin); parts affected with disease

Emaciated (extremely thin); certain parts

Faintness, fainting

Faintness, fainting; during stool

Fluid build up; external

Fluid build up; internal

Fluid build up; excess of blood, or other fluids

Formication (like insects crawling around); external parts

Formication (like insects crawling around); internally


Heaviness; externally

Heaviness; internally

Inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation)

Inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); glands

Inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); glands; like knotty ropes

Inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); muscles

Inflammation; externally

Inflammation; internally

Inflammation; glands

Inflammation; hair follicles

Lack of irritability

Jar, stepping

Jerking; internally

Jerking; as in convulsions

Jerking; muscles

Jerking; during sleep

Straining of muscles and tendons, from lifting

Lying down; inclination to lie down

Lying down; lying down

Lying down; after lying down

Lying down; lying on back

Lying down; lying in bed

Lying down; lying on side


Movement; of affected part

Aversion to movement

Mucous secretions increased


Numbness; externally

Numbness; internally; in single parts

Numbness; internally; of suffering parts

Pain; bones

Pain; glands

Pain; benumbing

Pain; gnawing, biting

Pain; boring

Pain; boring; outward

Pain; boring; bones

Pain; burning externally

Pain; burning externally; internally

Pain; constricting; externally

Pain; constricting; internally

Pain; cutting; externally

Pain; cutting; internally

Pain; digging up (burrowing, rooting sensation)

Pain; digging up (burrowing, rooting sensation); bones

Pain; digging up (burrowing, rooting sensation); glands

Pain; gnawing, biting; externally

Pain; gnawing, biting; internally

Pain; paralytic

Pain; pinching

Pain; pinching; externally

Pain; pinching; internally

Pain; pressing; externally

Pain; pressing; internally

Pain; pressing; inward

Pain; pressing; together

Pain; pressing; from within outward

Pain; sore, bruised

Pain; sore, bruised; externally

Pain; sudden, sharp; externally

Pain; sudden, sharp; internally

Pain; sudden, sharp; outward

Pain; sudden, sharp; bones

Pain; sudden, sharp; muscles

Pain; tearing; externally

Pain; tearing; internally

Pain; tearing; downward

Pain; tearing; upward

Pain; tearing; bones

Pain; tearing; glands

Pain; tearing; muscles; cramp-like in muscles

Pain; tearing; muscles; jerking in muscles

Pain; tearing; muscles; sticking in muscles

Pain; twisting

Pain; ulcerative; externally

Pain; undulating

Paralysis; internally

Paralysis; one-sided

Paralysis; one-sided; with coldness of the paralysed part

Paralysis; of organs

Paralysis; single parts

In women; symptoms before period

In women; symptoms when breast feeding children

Perspiration gives no relief

Symptoms from suppression of perspiration



Pulsation; internally

Pulse; abnormal

Pulse; frequent, accelerated, elevated, exalted, fast, innumerable, rapid; evening

Pulse; full

Pulse; hard

Pulse; hard; evening

Pulse; imperceptible

Pulse; heavy; and slow

Pulse; jerking

Pulse; slow

Pulse; slow; slower than the beat of heart

Pulse; small

Pulse; soft

Lack of reaction

Sensitive; internally

After scarlet fever


Electric-like shocks


Symptoms after sexual intercourse; symptoms after sexual excesses

Symptoms not symmetrical; symptoms on one side

Symptoms not symmetrical; crosswise, left lower and right upper

Symptoms not symmetrical; right

Symptoms not symmetrical; left

Symptoms not symmetrical; left then right

While sitting

Before sleep

At beginning of sleep

During sleep

In spring


Stretching; morning; on waking

Swelling; in general

Swelling; of affected parts

Swelling; puffy

Swelling; bones

Swelling; glands

Swelling; glands; cold

Swelling; glands; like knotted cords

Swelling; glands; painless

Swelling; swollen sensation

Swelling; swollen sensation; glands

Tension; externally

Tension; internally

Tension; bones

Tension; glands

Tension; muscles

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); cold feeling; lack of vital heat

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); cold in general

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); cold air

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); from becoming cold

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); becoming cold

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); after becoming cold

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); entering a cold place

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); tendency to catch cold

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); cold, wet weather

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth; warm room

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth; warm bed

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth; becoming warm in open air

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warm bed

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warm heater


Illusions of touch

Trembling; externally

Trembling; morning

Trembling; morning; on waking

Twitching; twitching, involuntary movements (chorea)

Twitching; during sleep

Ulcers, at glands (see skin)


On waking


Walking; in open air


Warmth; warm room

Warmth; warm bed

Warmth; becoming warm in open air

Warm bed

Warm heater

From getting wet

From getting wet; wet applications

From getting wet; feet

From getting wet; while perspiring

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness)

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); morning; on rising

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); morning; on waking

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); from diarrhoea

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); after stool

Weariness (see weakness)

Wet weather

In winter

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