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Kali Carb
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Kali Carbonicum - Genitals symptoms

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum

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HPUS indication: Wheezing

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
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H.C. Allen - no Kali Carbonicum
T.F. AllenBoenninghausenBoerickeBogerClarkeHahnemannHeringKent Lectures  
Kent New remedies - no Kali Carbonicum
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Kali Carbonicum



Male; Complaints from coition

Deficient sexual instinct

Excessive emissions, Followed by weakness.

Female; Menses early, profuse (Calc)

C.) or Too late, pale and scanty, with soreness about genitals; pains from back pass down through gluteal muscles, with cutting in abdomen

Pain through left labium, extending through abdomen to chest

Delayed menses in young girls, with chest symptoms or ascites

Difficult, first menses

Complaints after parturition

Uterine hemorrhage; constant oozing after copious flow, with violent backache, relieved by sitting and pressure.

Male; bubbling sensation; penis

bubbling sensation; penis; during erection

aversion to sexual intercourse

constriction; causing contraction sensation

cracks; head

erections; troublesome


erections; night

erections; after emission

erections; impetuous

erections; painful (see urethra)

erections; without sexual desire

erections; violent

erections; impotency

out-breaks on skin; burning

out-breaks on skin; scrotum


hot; spermatic cord

inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); testes

inflammation; spermatic cords

inflammation; testes




pain; penis

pain; burning; during urination

pain; burning; after urination

pain; burning; penis; foreskin; after urinating

pain; cramping; spermatic cord

pain; dragging; testes

pain; pinching; testes

pain; pressing

during stool

pain; pulling; penis

head (glans)

pain; pulling; testes


pain; sore; scrotum

pain; sore; testes

pain; tearing; penis

head (glans)

ejaculation; copious

with dreams

ejaculation; failing, during sexual intercourse

ejaculation; painful

thick emission from penis

after sexual intercourse


after urinating

emission of prostatic fluid; after stool

emission of prostatic fluid; after urination

sensitiveness; scrotum

sexual passion; diminished

sexual passion; increased

after an emission


easy excitement of passion

sexual passion; lacking

swelling; penis; hot

swelling; scrotum; fluid accumulation

swelling; spermatic cords

swelling; testes

tubercles (nodules, knob-like lumps); spermatic cord

tubercles (nodules, knob-like lumps); testes

prostate gland; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp

Female; congestion

contractions; womb; hour-glass

vaginal discharge

strong and sharp (acrid), wearing away skin



after period


displacement of womb

fluid build up (see swelling); ovaries

fluid build up (see swelling); womb


second month

tendency to miscarry

out-breaks on skin


during period


excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed)

during period


heaviness; ovaries



irritation; itching

from vaginal discharge

before period

during period

after period

period; amenorrhoea (suppression or absence of period)

period; strong and sharp (acrid), wearing away skin

period; as if period would appear

period; in girls who are too young

period; bright-red

period; clotted

period; copious


short duration, and copious

period; first period delayed in girls

period; frequent

period; intermittent

period; late


period; membranous

period; offensive smell


period; painful; and difficult (dysmenorrhea)

period; pale

period; during pregnancy

period; protracted

period; scanty

period; short duration

period; suppressed

from fright

metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding)

between the menstrual periods

at menopause


during and after labour


after stress



womb (see abdomen, pain)

womb (see abdomen, pain); flow of blood

womb (see abdomen, pain); before period

womb (see abdomen, pain); during period

womb (see abdomen, pain); during period; at beginning

womb (see abdomen, pain); when period is suppressed

womb (see abdomen, pain); extending to other parts; down the thighs


vagina; during sexual intercourse

pains after giving birth

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen)

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); as if everything would come out; during pregnancy

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); before period

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); during period

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); during pregnancy


burning; during period

cramping; womb

cramping; womb; during period

cramping; womb; when period ought to appear, but does not

cutting; womb; during period

gnawing, biting


labour-like; during period

labour-like; extending to thighs

labour pains; back; down the back, into buttock muscles

labour pains; ceasing

labour pains; distressing

labour pains; false labour pains

labour pains; ineffectual

labour pains; shooting

labour pains; spasmodic

labour pains; weak

labour pains; extending to thighs


pressing; during stool

sore, tenderness

sore, tenderness; before period

sore, tenderness; during period

sore, tenderness; after period

sore, tenderness; ovaries

sore, tenderness; ovaries; before period

sore, tenderness; ovaries; during period

sore, tenderness; ovaries; after period

sore, tenderness; womb

sore, tenderness; vagina

sore, tenderness; vagina; during sexual intercourse


stinging; during period

stitching, sudden, sharp

stitching, sudden, sharp; ovaries

stitching, sudden, sharp; womb


prolapse; womb

relaxation of muscles; around vagina

sexual intercourse; aversion to

after period

sexual intercourse; desire increased; before period

womb does not return to normal size after birth (subinvolution)

tumours; cysts

tumours; womb; fibroid

Urethra (urinary part of genitals); discharge; sharp mucous or pus

discharge; milky

after urinating

discharge; white


with burning



pain; comes on suddenly

pain; gnawing, biting; passage; morning

pain; gnawing, biting; passage; evening

pain; gnawing, biting; passage; after urination

pain; burning

during urination

after urination


passage; after urination

pain; cutting

comes on suddenly

when not urinating

pain; pulling

at front

pain; pinching

pain; tearing

when not urinating

at front


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