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Lachesis - Chest symptoms

Bush Master, Surucucu, Laches, Lachesis Mutus

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HPUS label indication: Sore throat

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Lachesis based on traditional homeopathic usage. Indications have not been reviewed by the FDA. If symptoms persist always consult a medical professional.

BETTER, appearance of discharges, warm applications.
WORSE, after sleep ( Kali-bich.) Lachesis sleeps INTO worse; ailments that come on during sleep (Calc.); left side, in the spring, warm bath, pressure or constriction, hot drinks. Closing eyes.
Antidotes: Ars.; Merc.; HEAT; Alcohol; SALT.
Complementary: Crotalus Cascavella often completes curative work of Lachesis ( Mure.) Lycop.; Hep.; Salamandra.
Incompatible: Acet-ac.; Carb-ac.
Compare: Cotyledon (climacteric troubles); Nat-m.; Nit-ac.; Crotal.; Amphisbena - snake lizard - (right jaw swollen and painful, lancinating pains; headaches, lancinating pains. Eruption of vesicles and pimples); Naja; Lepidium.



Anxiety; region of heart
Anxiety; region of heart; comes on suddenly

Breast; milk; absent
Breast; milk; bad
Breast; milk; flowing
Breast; milk; suppressed
Breast; milk; thin
Breast; milk; thin; and blue
Breast; tumours

Bubbling sensation in blood (see heat flushes)

Cancer; breast
Cancer; breast; epithelioma



Congestion; at peak of disease
Congestion; on waking

Constriction, tension
Constriction, tension; heart
Constriction, tension; heart; before epilepsy
Constriction, tension; heart; grasping sensation
Constriction, tension; night
Constriction, tension; on waking
Constriction, tension; when falling asleep
Constriction, tension; while lying
Constriction, tension; while sitting; bent

Dry; chest

Fullness; heart

Heart; accumulation of fluid, pulmonary
Heart; angina pectoris
Heart; dilatation of heart
Heart; fluid build up around heart
Heart; hypertrophy of heart
Heart; palpitations
Heart; palpitations; after excitement; after sudden excitement
Heart; palpitations; anxiety
Heart; palpitations; at menopause, or male menopause
Heart; palpitations; before epilepsy
Heart; palpitations; comes on suddenly
Heart; palpitations; from exertion
Heart; palpitations; late morning
Heart; palpitations; lying down
Heart; palpitations; lying down; on right side
Heart; palpitations; morning
Heart; palpitations; morning; on waking
Heart; palpitations; on movement
Heart; palpitations; on rising; from bed
Heart; palpitations; on rising; from seat
Heart; palpitations; on waking
Heart; palpitations; sitting up
Heart; palpitations; sitting
Heart; palpitations; tumultuous, violent, intense
Heart; palpitations; turning in bed
Heart; palpitations; visible
Heart; palpitations; warm bath
Heart; palpitations; warm room
Heart; palpitations; warm soup
Heart; palpitations; when in pains
Heart; palpitations; when leaning back
Heart; palpitations; while lying down
Heart; palpitations; while lying down; on back
Heart; palpitations; while lying down; side; left
Heart; palpitations; while sitting
Heart; palpitations; while standing
Heart; sensation as if heart had ceased

Heat; glowing

Inflammation; breast
Inflammation; bronchial tubes (bronchitis)
Inflammation; heart
Inflammation; heart; endocardium
Inflammation; heart; endocardium; rheumatic
Inflammation; heart; pericardium
Inflammation; lung lining; neglected
Inflammation; lungs
Inflammation; lungs; left
Inflammation; lungs; pleura-pneumonia (affecting lung lining)

Jerks; shocks; around heart
Jerks; shocks; around heart; during sleep
Jerks; shocks; with the heart beat; during sleep

Lungs; abscess
Lungs; emphysema
Lungs; empyema
Lungs; fluid build up in chest cavity (pulmonary oedema)
Lungs; gangrene of lungs
Lungs; haemorrhage (see expectoration)
Lungs; lungs full of matter, so breathing difficult (hepatization)
Lungs; lungs full of matter, so breathing difficult (hepatization); left
Lungs; tuberculosis
Lungs; tuberculosis; acute
Lungs; tuberculosis; containing pus and ulcerative
Lungs; tuberculosis; damp weather or sea air
Lungs; tuberculosis; early stages
Lungs; tuberculosis; full of mucus
Lungs; tuberculosis; last stage

Movements in and of chest; fluttering
Movements in and of chest; spasms of chest
Movements in and of chest; spasms of chest; before period
Movements in and of chest; spasms of chest; cramp; heart
Movements in and of chest; spasms of chest; in heart
Movements in and of chest; spasms of chest; when coughing
Movements in and of chest; trembling; heart (see fluttering)
Movements in and of chest; trembling; heart (see fluttering); on waking


Oppressed feeling
Oppressed feeling; before period
Oppressed feeling; burping, belching
Oppressed feeling; clothing
Oppressed feeling; during chill
Oppressed feeling; during fever
Oppressed feeling; during sleep
Oppressed feeling; heart
Oppressed feeling; heart; lying on left side
Oppressed feeling; night; 2 a.m.
Oppressed feeling; night; midnight
Oppressed feeling; on waking
Oppressed feeling; while talking
Oppressed feeling; while walking

Pain; aching
Pain; aching; heart
Pain; aching; on rising
Pain; after inflammation of lungs
Pain; breast bone
Pain; breast; left
Pain; breast; nipples
Pain; breast; under breast
Pain; burning
Pain; burning; breast bone; under
Pain; burning; breast
Pain; burning; during coughing
Pain; burning; night
Pain; bursting
Pain; cramp; in heart
Pain; cutting (sudden sharp pain); breast
Pain; cutting (sudden sharp pain); breast; left
Pain; digging
Pain; during a cough
Pain; during chill
Pain; heart
Pain; heart; after period
Pain; heart; before period
Pain; heart; rheumatic
Pain; heart; when lying down; on left side
Pain; lower chest
Pain; pressing
Pain; pressing; heart
Pain; pressing; in breast; under breasts
Pain; pulling; extending upward
Pain; rawness; after coughing
Pain; rawness; when coughing
Pain; rheumatic
Pain; sides; left
Pain; sore, bruised
Pain; sore, bruised; breast; nipples
Pain; sore, bruised; during chill
Pain; sore, bruised; from coughing
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; breast
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; breast; after period
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; breast; left
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; breast; nipple
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; breast; under breast
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; coughing
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; during chill
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; heart
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; lower part
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; sides
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; sides; left
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; sides; lower part of; right
Pain; ulcerative
Pain; when rising

Paralysis; heart
Paralysis; lung

Perspiration; arm pit
Perspiration; arm pit; offensive
Perspiration; arm pit; red

Pulsation; breast bone

Skin; abscess; breast
Skin; discoloration; blue; from lack of oxygen in blood
Skin; discoloration; blue; near collar bone
Skin; discoloration; breast, bluish red
Skin; discoloration; spots
Skin; discoloration; spots; bruising
Skin; discoloration; spots; mottled
Skin; discoloration; ulcerated blueness
Skin; out-breaks on skin
Skin; out-breaks on skin; boils
Skin; out-breaks on skin; breast; herpes
Skin; out-breaks on skin; pimples
Skin; out-breaks on skin; rash
Skin; out-breaks on skin; shingles

Swelling; arm pit glands
Swelling; arm pit glands; painless
Swelling; breast
Swelling; breast; nipples


Constricted feeling causing palpitation, with anxiety


Heart; Palpitation, with fainting spells, especially during climacteric

Irregular beats.
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Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.

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