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Lachesis - Respiration symptoms

Bush Master, Surucucu, Laches, Lachesis Mutus

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HPUS label indication: Sore throat

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Lachesis based on traditional homeopathic usage. Indications have not been reviewed by the FDA. If symptoms persist always consult a medical professional.

BETTER, appearance of discharges, warm applications.
WORSE, after sleep ( Kali-bich.) Lachesis sleeps INTO worse; ailments that come on during sleep (Calc.); left side, in the spring, warm bath, pressure or constriction, hot drinks. Closing eyes.
Antidotes: Ars.; Merc.; HEAT; Alcohol; SALT.
Complementary: Crotalus Cascavella often completes curative work of Lachesis ( Mure.) Lycop.; Hep.; Salamandra.
Incompatible: Acet-ac.; Carb-ac.
Compare: Cotyledon (climacteric troubles); Nat-m.; Nit-ac.; Crotal.; Amphisbena - snake lizard - (right jaw swollen and painful, lancinating pains; headaches, lancinating pains. Eruption of vesicles and pimples); Naja; Lepidium.


Cramp-like distress in precordial region
Breathing almost stops on falling asleep ( grind.) Larynx painful to touch

Cough; dry, suffocative fits, tickling

Feels He must take a deep breath

Little secretion and much sensitiveness; worse, pressure on larynx, After sleep, open air

Asthma attack
Asthma attack; alternating with other conditions; out-breaks on skin
Asthma attack; coming on during sleep
Asthma attack; in hay fever
Asthma attack; night
Asthma attack; night; after midnight
Asthma attack; spasmodic


Deep; deep breathing relieves other symptoms
Deep; desire to breathe deeply
Deep; while sitting

Difficult (dyspnea)
Difficult (dyspnea); after eating
Difficult (dyspnea); after exertion; physical exertion
Difficult (dyspnea); after exertion; with hands and arms
Difficult (dyspnea); after sleep
Difficult (dyspnea); afternoon
Difficult (dyspnea); bending forward
Difficult (dyspnea); cannot bear to have handkerchief approach the mouth as it will cause difficulty breathing
Difficult (dyspnea); constriction of larynx
Difficult (dyspnea); covering nose or mouth
Difficult (dyspnea); during palpitation
Difficult (dyspnea); during period
Difficult (dyspnea); during sleep
Difficult (dyspnea); during sleep; when falling asleep
Difficult (dyspnea); evening
Difficult (dyspnea); from talking; after talking
Difficult (dyspnea); lying down impossible
Difficult (dyspnea); manual labour
Difficult (dyspnea); morning
Difficult (dyspnea); night
Difficult (dyspnea); on movement; movement of arms
Difficult (dyspnea); open air
Difficult (dyspnea); sitting; sitting bent forwards
Difficult (dyspnea); sitting; sitting upright
Difficult (dyspnea); stimulants
Difficult (dyspnea); waking with difficulty breathing
Difficult (dyspnea); wants doors and windows open
Difficult (dyspnea); when laughing
Difficult (dyspnea); when touching larynx
Difficult (dyspnea); while lying down
Difficult (dyspnea); while sitting
Difficult (dyspnea); while sitting; sitting bent forwards
Difficult (dyspnea); while sitting; sitting upright
Difficult (dyspnea); while walking
Difficult (dyspnea); with cough
Difficult (dyspnea); with heat
Difficult (dyspnea); with perspiration
Difficult (dyspnea); with weakness

Gasping; night

Impeded, obstructed
Impeded, obstructed; evening; after eating

Interrupted; coughing
Interrupted; during sleep (apnea)
Interrupted; on going to sleep

Like deep snoring
Like deep snoring; with puffing breathing out




Shrill grating sound


Slow; morning
Slow; night



Whistling; morning

Sensation as of a plug (Anac.) which moves up and down, with a short cough.

Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down, particularly When anything is around throat; compels patient to spring from bed and rush for open window

Spasm of glottis; feels as if something ran from neck to larynx

Upper part of windpipe very susceptible to touch
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Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.

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