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Nat Mur
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Natrum Muriaticum - Mouth symptoms

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum

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Available in 2C-30C, 200C, 2X-30X, 200X, 1M-50M, CM1LM-30LM, from $6.50
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HPUS indication: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
H.C. Allen - no Natrum Muriaticum
T.F. AllenBoenninghausenBoerickeBogerClarkeHahnemannHeringKent Lectures  
Kent New remedies - no Natrum Muriaticum
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Natrum Muriaticum
NashChange default source(s)
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Frothy coating on tongue, with bubbles on side

Sense of dryness

Scorbutic gums

Numbness, tingling of tongue, lips, and nose

Vesicles and burning on tongue, as if there was a hair on it

Eruptions around mouth and Vesicles like pearls on lips

Lips and corners of mouth dry, ulcerated, and cracked

Deep crack in middle of lower lip

Tongue mapped ( Ars.; Rhus; Tarax.) Loss of taste

Large vesicle on lower lip, which is swollen and burns

Immoderate thirst.

Biting self; tongue

Bleeding; gums

Bleeding; gums; easily

Bleeding; gums; scurvy

Bleeding; tongue

Discoloration; paleness

Discoloration; tongue; pale

Discoloration; tongue; red

Discoloration; tongue; white

Discoloration; tongue; white; patches; with island of red

Discoloration; tongue; yellow


Dryness; with thirst

Dryness; palate (roof of mouth)

Dryness; tongue

Dryness; tongue; without thirst

Dryness; tongue; sensation of dryness

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; gnawing, biting

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; bloody

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; burning

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue; tip

Growths, blisters, swellings; cyst under tongue, from obstructed salivary gland (ranula)

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; from biting

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; burning

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; flat

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; painful

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; painful; to touch

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; gums

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; palate (roof of mouth)

Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue

Sensation of hair in mouth; tongue


Inflammation; gums

Inflammation; tongue

Lining; pale

Numbness; one-sided

Numbness; tongue

Numbness; tongue; one-sided

Odour (halitosis, bad breath); offensive

Odour (halitosis, bad breath); putrid


Pain; burning, raw and smarting

Pain; burning, raw and smarting; gums; while eating

Pain; burning, raw and smarting; tongue; night

Pain; burning, raw and smarting; tongue; while eating

Pain; burning, raw and smarting; tongue; tip

Pain; sore

Pain; sore; gums

Pain; sore; gums; cold and warmth

Pain; sore; palate (roof of mouth)

Pain; sore; tongue

Prickling; tongue

Prickling; tongue; tip

Saliva; bloody

Saliva; bloody; before period

Saliva; mucus, slime

Saliva; mucus, slime; collection of mucus on tongue (see sticky)

Saliva; salty (see taste)

Saliva; sour (see taste)

Saliva; sticky, thick and sticky

Saliva; sticky, thick and sticky; tongue

Saliva; watery


Salivation; evening; in bed

Salivation; night

Salivation; from mercury poisoning

Sensitive; tongue

Speech; difficult

Speech; difficult; from weakness (see voice); of organs of speech

Speech; thick

Inflamed lining of mouth from ulcer

Swelling; gums

Swelling; gums; bluish-red; spongy, between lower incisors, begins on left and extends to right, bleeds often

Swelling; tongue

Swelling; tongue; after sting of insects

Swelling; tongue; tip

Swelling; tongue; under

Swelling; tongue; under; with stinging pain

Taste; bad

Taste; bad; morning

Taste; bad; water, tastes bad

Taste; bitter

Taste; bitter; morning

Taste; bitter; during eating

Taste; bitter; after eating

Taste; bitter; food tastes bitter

Taste; bitter; food tastes bitter; intermittently

Taste; bitter; tobacco tastes bitter

Taste; clammy

Taste; flavourless

Taste; metallic

Taste; mushy (see flavourless)

Taste; putrid

Taste; putrid; water tastes

Taste; salty

Taste; sour

Taste; sour; morning

Taste; sour; before eating

Taste; sour; after eating

Taste; tasteless, lacks taste

Taste; tasteless, lacks taste; tastelessness of food

Taste; tasteless, lacks taste; with running, or blocked nose

Thrush (whitish flakes)

Thrush (whitish flakes); burning

Thrush (whitish flakes); gums

Thrush (whitish flakes); tongue

Gums; boils on gums

Gums; teeth detached from gums; scurvy-like

Gums; fistula (hole)

Gums; tumour on gums

Gums; putrid gums

Tongue; tongue seems too wide

Tongue; cold tongue

Tongue; enlarged (see swelling)

Tongue; heaviness, tongue

Tongue; herpes on tongue

Tongue; red patches on tongue (mapped or geographic tongue)

Tongue; ringworm, right side of tongue

Tongue; smooth, shining, glazed, glossy tongue

Tongue; stiff tongue

Teeth; decay, hollow

Teeth; feel as if on edge

Teeth; sensation of elongated teeth

Teeth; looseness

Teeth; looseness; sensation

Teeth; numbness

Teeth; pain

Teeth; pain; incisors

Teeth; pain; upper teeth

Teeth; pain; lower teeth

Teeth; pain; right

Teeth; pain; morning

Teeth; pain; late morning

Teeth; pain; night

Teeth; pain; night; before midnight

Teeth; pain; night; after midnight

Teeth; pain; in cold air

Teeth; pain; when pulled in from air

Teeth; pain; in the open air

Teeth; pain; biting, chewing

Teeth; pain; from cold; from anything cold

Teeth; pain; from cold; from cold drinks

Teeth; pain; while eating; from chewing

Teeth; pain; while eating; after chewing

Teeth; pain; after eating

Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm food

Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm things

Teeth; pain; in women; at beginning of period

Teeth; pain; in women; before period

Teeth; pain; in women; during period

Teeth; pain; periodical; every other day

Teeth; pain; pressure

Teeth; pain; pulsating

Teeth; pain; with involuntary flow of saliva

Teeth; pain; in the spring

Teeth; pain; in the summer

Teeth; pain; with swelling of cheek

Teeth; pain; touch

Teeth; pain; from touch

Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; ear

Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; eyes

Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; gullet

Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; temples

Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; throat

Teeth; pain; boring

Teeth; pain; burning

Teeth; pain; pulling

Teeth; pain; pulling; night

Teeth; pain; pulling; extending to other parts; ear

Teeth; pain; pulling; extending to other parts; eyes

Teeth; pain; pulling; extending to other parts; throat

Teeth; pain; pressing

Teeth; pain; sore, bruised

Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging

Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging; extending to ear

Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging; extending to eyes

Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging; incisors

Teeth; pain; tearing

Teeth; pain; tearing; night

Teeth; pain; tearing; during period

Teeth; pain; tearing; extending to other parts; to ears

Teeth; sensitive, tender

Teeth; sensitive, tender; to air

Teeth; sensitive, tender; brushing

Teeth; sensitive, tender; to cold; water

Teeth; sensitive, tender; to touch

Teeth; sensitive, tender; to warmth

Teeth; tension

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