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Nux Vomica - Skin symptoms

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina

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HPUS label indication: Vomiting

Below are the strongest indications of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

BETTER, from a nap, if allowed to finish it; in evening, while at rest, in damp, wet weather (Caust.), strong pressure.
WORSE, morning, mental exertion, after eating, touch, spices, stimulants, narcotics, dry weather, cold.
Nux seeds contain Copper, notice the cramp-causing proclivities of both Complementary: Sulphur; Sepia.
Inimical: Zinc.
Compare: Strychnia
Compare: Kali-carb.; Hydr.; Bry.; Lyc.; Graph.
Antidotes: Coff.; Ignat.; Cocc.
First to thirtieth potency and higher. Nux is said to act best given in the evening.


Urticaria, with gastric derangement

Body burning hot, especially face; yet cannot move or uncover without feeling chilly

Acne; skin red and blotchy.

Abnormal growths
Abnormal growths; cauliflower-like fungus; haematodes
Abnormal growths; ulcers
Abnormal growths; ulcers; as if burnt
Abnormal growths; ulcers; bruised with pain
Abnormal growths; ulcers; burning
Abnormal growths; ulcers; burning; around about ulcer
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; corrosive
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; green
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; greenish
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; offensive
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; scanty
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; watery
Abnormal growths; ulcers; discharges; yellow
Abnormal growths; ulcers; foul
Abnormal growths; ulcers; generating pus
Abnormal growths; ulcers; generating pus; with pain
Abnormal growths; ulcers; hardened
Abnormal growths; ulcers; hardened; with red circle around
Abnormal growths; ulcers; inflamed
Abnormal growths; ulcers; itching
Abnormal growths; ulcers; itching; around about
Abnormal growths; ulcers; painful
Abnormal growths; ulcers; painless
Abnormal growths; ulcers; red with red circle
Abnormal growths; ulcers; sensitive
Abnormal growths; ulcers; sensitive; around ulcers
Abnormal growths; ulcers; smarting
Abnormal growths; ulcers; spongy
Abnormal growths; ulcers; stinging, sudden, sharp
Abnormal growths; ulcers; stinging, sudden, sharp; in red circle around
Abnormal growths; ulcers; swollen
Abnormal growths; ulcers; swollen; with red circle
Abnormal growths; ulcers; tense
Abnormal growths; ulcers; tense; with red circle
Abnormal growths; ulcers; unhealthy
Abnormal growths; ulcers; with crawling sensation
Abnormal growths; ulcers; with jerking pain
Abnormal growths; ulcers; with tearing pain
Abnormal growths; warts; wrinkled, shrivelled

Becomes sore when lying down
Becomes sore when lying down; feeling




Discoloration; bluish
Discoloration; bluish; spots
Discoloration; brown, liver spots
Discoloration; mottled
Discoloration; mottled; during chill
Discoloration; pale
Discoloration; purple (purpura haemorrhagica purplish spots or patches from haemorrhage under skin)
Discoloration; red
Discoloration; red; after scratching
Discoloration; red; spots
Discoloration; yellow, jaundice, etc.
Discoloration; yellow, jaundice, etc.; after anger
Discoloration; yellow, jaundice, etc.; after intermittent fever
Discoloration; yellow, jaundice, etc.; during heat

Dry; burning
Dry; inability to perspire (see inactivity)

Generally unhealthy

Goose bumps

Heat without fever


Itching; alcoholics
Itching; burning
Itching; crawling
Itching; evening
Itching; evening; in bed
Itching; gnawing, biting
Itching; night
Itching; on becoming warm; in bed
Itching; scratching
Itching; smarting
Itching; stinging
Itching; unchanged by scratching
Itching; undressing

Like insects crawling on skin

Loss of feeling


Out-breaks on skin; after scratching
Out-breaks on skin; bleeding; after scratching
Out-breaks on skin; blotches
Out-breaks on skin; boils
Out-breaks on skin; boils; large
Out-breaks on skin; boils; small
Out-breaks on skin; burning
Out-breaks on skin; crusty
Out-breaks on skin; discharging, moist; bloody
Out-breaks on skin; generating pus
Out-breaks on skin; gnawing, biting
Out-breaks on skin; granular
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic; burning
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic; corrosive
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic; crusty
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic; itching
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic; stinging
Out-breaks on skin; herpetic; tearing
Out-breaks on skin; itching
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; after scratching
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; evening
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; night
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; nodular
Out-breaks on skin; measles
Out-breaks on skin; painful
Out-breaks on skin; phagedenic (spreading, obstinate ulceration)
Out-breaks on skin; pimples
Out-breaks on skin; pimples; painful
Out-breaks on skin; pus-filled pimples
Out-breaks on skin; pus-filled pimples; itching
Out-breaks on skin; rash (see granular)
Out-breaks on skin; rash (see granular); close, white, with burning
Out-breaks on skin; rash (see granular); rose coloured patches
Out-breaks on skin; rash (see granular); white
Out-breaks on skin; small, purple spot
Out-breaks on skin; smarting
Out-breaks on skin; stinging
Out-breaks on skin; tubercles (nodules, knob-like lumps)

Pain; burning
Pain; burning; after scratching
Pain; burning; night
Pain; excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed); between skin folds
Pain; gnawing, biting
Pain; gnawing, biting; after scratching
Pain; gnawing, biting; eating at skin
Pain; like bruising
Pain; pain after scratching
Pain; stinging
Pain; ulcerative pain


Scars; become sore


Sticking; after scratching

Swelling; bluish-black
Swelling; burning
Swelling; crawling
Swelling; hard
Swelling; of parts affected with symptoms
Swelling; pale
Swelling; spongy
Swelling; stinging

Swollen sensation

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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.