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Platinum Metallicum
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Platinum Metallicum - Genitals symptoms

The Metal Platinum, Platina, Platinum Metalicum, Platinum metallicum, platina, Plantinum metallicum

Boiron and HomeodelHylands and Standard Homeopathic
Available in 6X-30X, 200X, 4C-30C, 200C, 1M-10M, from $6.50
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HPUS indication: Numbness

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Platinum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
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H.C. Allen - no Platinum Metallicum
T.F. Allen - no Platinum Metallicum
Boenninghausen - no Platinum Metallicum
Clarke - no Platinum Metallicum
Kent Lectures - no Platinum Metallicum
Kent New remedies - no Platinum Metallicum
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Platinum Metallicum



Female; Parts hypersensitive

Tingling internally and externally ( Kali-brom.; Orig.) Ovaries sensitive and burn

Menses too early, too profuse, Dark-clotted, with spasms and painful bearing-down, chilliness, and sensitiveness of parts



Excessive sexual development; vaginismus

Pruritus vulvae

Ovaritis with sterility

Abnormal sexual appetite and melancholia.

Male; sexual intercourse, enjoyment absent

erections; troublesome

morning; on waking

erections; night

erections; continued


erections; violent

hot; penis


erotic itch



masturbates frequently

during sleep

numbness; penis


testes; gnawing, biting pain in testes

burning; scrotum

burning; testes

gnawing, biting

gnawing, biting; scrotum


pressing; downwards

sore; bruised

stitching, sudden, sharp; penis

ejaculation; too soon, premature

thick emission from penis



sexual passion; increased


easy excitement of passion

sexual passion; suppressed

sexual passion; violent

with trembling

tingling; scrotum

tingling; like insects crawling on skin


testes and scrotum (balls); fretting sensation (corrosion), testes

Female; abscess; ovaries

after-birth; strong and sharp (acrid)

after-birth; copious

after-birth; dark

after-birth; gushing

after-birth; intermittent

after-birth; protracted

after-birth; suppressed


during period



constriction; womb

constriction; vagina

contractions; womb; hour-glass

vaginal discharge

daytime only


albuminous (white, thick)



from masturbation

before period

after period

from sexual excitement



displacement of womb

fluid build up (see swelling); ovaries


out-breaks on skin


during period


inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); ovaries

inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); womb


mouth of womb

inflammation; ovaries

after haemorrhage

from sexual excesses




itching; during period

itching; feels erotic

frequent desire to masturbate

period; amenorrhoea (suppression or absence of period)

period; as if period would appear

period; black


period; bright-red

period; clotted


period; copious

aged women

with nymphomania

short duration, and copious

period; dark

period; fluid blood containing clots

period; frequent

period; late

period; offensive smell

period; painful; and difficult (dysmenorrhea)

period; pitch-like

period; during pregnancy

period; protracted

period; periods return after having ceased; in an old woman

period; short duration

period; stringy

period; suppressed

in emigrants

in women with excessive fluid build up

period; clinging

period; thick

metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding)




dark blood

dark blood; fluid

dark blood; fluid and thick

emotions, excitement, etc.

during and after labour


thick blood

thin, fluid blood



before period


ovaries; left

ovaries; extending small of back

ovaries; with chronic gonorrhoea

ovaries; after sexual intercourse

ovaries; during period

ovaries; extending to other parts; back

ovaries; extending to other parts; groin; through toward left leg

womb (see abdomen, pain)

womb (see abdomen, pain); after sexual intercourse

womb (see abdomen, pain); comes and goes gradually

womb (see abdomen, pain); maddening

womb (see abdomen, pain); during period

womb (see abdomen, pain); comes on suddenly

womb (see abdomen, pain); during pregnancy

vagina; during sexual intercourse

vagina; prolonged contraction or spasm of vagina (vaginismus)

vagina; prolonged contraction or spasm of vagina (vaginismus); during sexual intercourse

vagina; prolonged contraction or spasm of vagina (vaginismus); preventing sexual intercourse

pains after giving birth

bearing down

bearing down; ovaries

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen)

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); when walking up steps

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); as if everything would come out

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); before period

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); during period

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); urging with stool

bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); walking

burning; while urinating

burning; ovaries

burning; ovaries; comes on suddenly

constricting, contracting; vagina

cramping; ovaries

cramping; womb

cramping; womb; during period

cramping; womb; after period

pulling; ovaries

pulling; ovaries; after sexual intercourse

pulling; womb

pulling; womb; after sexual intercourse

gnawing, biting; ovaries


labour-like; before period

labour-like; during period

labour-like; after period

labour pains; ceasing

labour pains; distressing

labour pains; ineffectual

labour pains; interrupted

labour pains; left-sided

labour pains; spasmodic

labour pains; causing urging to stool

labour pains; weak


pinching; ovaries

pressing; during period

pressing; ovaries

pressing; ovaries; as though period would appear

pressing; ovaries; with urging to stool, after period

pressing; womb (see bearing down)

pressing; womb (see bearing down); as if period would appear

pressing; vagina; during period

sore, tenderness

sore, tenderness; ovaries

sore, tenderness; ovaries; right

sore, tenderness; ovaries; left

sore, tenderness; ovaries; during period

sore, tenderness; vagina

sore, tenderness; vagina; during sexual intercourse

sore, tenderness; vagina; preventing sexual intercourse

stitching, sudden, sharp; ovaries

stitching, sudden, sharp; ovaries; right

stitching, sudden, sharp; womb

tearing; ovaries

tearing; ovaries; left

tearing; ovaries; during period

polyp (growth inside); womb

prolapse; womb

sexual intercourse; aversion to

sexual intercourse; enjoyment absent

sexual intercourse; desire increased


after giving birth (lying-in-women)

during period

during metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding)

during pregnancy


with violent involuntary orgasms

forcing to masturbation

in virgins




from excessive sexual activity

womb does not return to normal size after birth (subinvolution)

swollen; enlarged; womb

tingling; like insects crawling on skin

tingling; erotic

tumours; standing upright

tumours; ovaries



tumours; womb; fibroid

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