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Secale Cornutum popularity:
Sales rank: 135
Remedy Finder rank:65

Secale Cornutum - Genitals symptoms

Claviceps Purpurea, Ergot, Secale, Secal, Secale cereale

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HPUS label indication: Restlessness

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Secale Cornutum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
H.C. AllenT.F. AllenBoenninghausenBoerickeBogerClarke  
Hahnemann - no Secale Cornutum
HeringKent Lectures  
Kent New remedies - no Secale Cornutum
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Secale Cornutum
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Female; Menstrual colic, with coldness and intolerance of heat

Passive hemorrhages in feeble, cachetic women

Burning pains in uterus

Brownish, offensive leucorrhoea

Menses irregular, copious, dark; Continuous oozing of watery blood until next period

Threatened abortion about the THIRD month ( Sab.) During labor no expulsive action, though everything is relaxed


Suppression of milk; breasts do not fill properly

Dark, offensive lochia

Puerperal fever, putrid discharges, tympanitis, coldness, suppressed urine.

Male; erections; after sexual intercourse

Male; gangrene; penis; from tight foreskin stuck behind head of penis (glans)

Male; masturbates frequently

Male; pain; cutting; when beginning to urinate

Male; pain; dragging; spermatic cords

Male; pain; pulling; spermatic cords

Male; retraction; testes

Male; tingling; like insects crawling on skin

Male; tingling; like insects crawling on skin; penis

Male; tingling; like insects crawling on skin; scrotum

Male; prostate gland; enlargement

Male; prostate gland; inflammation

Female; after-birth; brown

Female; after-birth; copious

Female; after-birth; dark

Female; after-birth; greenish pus

Female; after-birth; offensive smelling

Female; after-birth; protracted

Female; after-birth; scanty

Female; after-birth; suppressed

Female; after-birth; thin

Female; coldness; vagina

Female; congestion

Female; congestion; ovaries

Female; congestion; womb

Female; congestion; womb; during period

Female; constriction; womb

Female; constriction; womb; like a band

Female; contractions; spasmodic, during labour

Female; contractions; womb; hour-glass

Female; vaginal discharge

Female; vaginal discharge; black

Female; vaginal discharge; brown

Female; vaginal discharge; copious

Female; vaginal discharge; cream-like

Female; vaginal discharge; dark

Female; vaginal discharge; greenish

Female; vaginal discharge; jelly-like

Female; vaginal discharge; offensive smelling

Female; vaginal discharge; offensive smelling; putrid

Female; vaginal discharge; pus

Female; vaginal discharge; thin, watery

Female; miscarriage

Female; miscarriage; inertia of womb

Female; miscarriage; third month

Female; abnormal growths

Female; abnormal growths; womb (cervix)

Female; abnormal growths; womb (cervix); watery

Female; abnormal growths; wart-like; womb

Female; gangrene

Female; gangrene; womb

Female; gangrene; vagina

Female; hot

Female; hot; womb

Female; hot; vagina

Female; inflammation; womb

Female; inflammation; womb; after labour

Female; period; amenorrhoea (suppression or absence of period)

Female; period; in girls who are too young

Female; period; black

Female; period; bright-red

Female; period; bright-red; mingled with dark clots

Female; period; brown

Female; period; clotted

Female; period; clotted; dark

Female; period; copious

Female; period; copious; from dancing

Female; period; copious; in lean women

Female; period; copious; during menopause

Female; period; copious; from movement

Female; period; copious; with nymphomania

Female; period; copious; in thin women

Female; period; dark

Female; period; fluid blood containing clots

Female; period; frequent

Female; period; intermittent

Female; period; irregular

Female; period; offensive smell

Female; period; painful; and difficult (dysmenorrhea)

Female; period; pale

Female; period; during pregnancy

Female; period; protracted

Female; period; suppressed

Female; period; clinging

Female; period; thin

Female; period; thin; with clots

Female; period; only while walking

Female; period; ceases while walking

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding)

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); active

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); between the menstrual periods

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); black

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); black; liquid

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); bright red

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); at menopause

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); clotted

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); clotted; mixed with dark liquid blood

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); concussion

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); continuous

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); continuous; but slow

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); with convulsions

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); dark blood

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); dark blood; mixed with clots

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); dark blood; fluid

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); fluid

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); gushing

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); intermittent flow

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); during and after labour

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); movement

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); offensive smelling

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); painless

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); pale

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); passive

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); profuse

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); from retained placenta

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); in scrawny women

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); when womb has not completely returned to normal size after childbirth

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); sudden

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); thin, fluid blood

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); thin, fluid blood; mixed with clots

Female; metrorrhagia (non-menstrual bleeding); thin, fluid blood; foul smelling

Female; pain

Female; pain; ovaries

Female; pain; womb (see abdomen, pain)

Female; pain; womb (see abdomen, pain); before period

Female; pain; womb (see abdomen, pain); comes on suddenly

Female; pain; womb (see abdomen, pain); extending to other parts; toes and coccyx (bottom tip of spine)

Female; pain; womb (see abdomen, pain); extending to other parts; downward

Female; pain; pains after giving birth

Female; pain; bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen)

Female; pain; bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); before period

Female; pain; bearing down; womb, and region of womb (see labour-like pains, also pains in abdomen); during period

Female; pain; burning; womb

Female; pain; cramping; womb; during period

Female; pain; cutting; womb; during period

Female; pain; labour-like

Female; pain; labour-like; during period

Female; pain; labour pains; ceasing

Female; pain; labour pains; ceasing; when convulsions come on

Female; pain; labour pains; ceasing; haemorrhage

Female; pain; labour pains; distressing

Female; pain; labour pains; excessive

Female; pain; labour pains; false labour pains

Female; pain; labour pains; ineffectual

Female; pain; labour pains; irregular

Female; pain; labour pains; prolonged

Female; pain; labour pains; spasmodic

Female; pain; labour pains; suppressed and missing

Female; pain; labour pains; weak

Female; pain; pressing; womb (see bearing down)

Female; pain; sore, tenderness

Female; pain; sore, tenderness; womb

Female; placenta retained

Female; polyp (growth inside); womb

Female; prolapse; womb

Female; prolapse; womb; after confinement

Female; relaxation of muscles; womb

Female; rigidity of neck of womb during labour

Female; sensitive; vagina

Female; womb does not return to normal size after birth (subinvolution)

Female; swollen

Female; tumours; womb; fibroid

Female; ulcers

Urethra (urinary part of genitals); haemorrhage

Urethra (urinary part of genitals); haemorrhage; painless

Urethra (urinary part of genitals); pain; burning; during urination

Urethra (urinary part of genitals); pain; cutting; during urination; on beginning to urinate

Urethra (urinary part of genitals); closing; spasmodic

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