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Silicea - Mouth symptoms

Silica, Pure Flint, Silica Terra, Silicon Dioxide, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 12 / Twelve

Boiron and HomeodelWHP - Washington HomeopathicHylands and Standard Homeopathic
Available in 3C-200C, 3X-200X, 1M-50M, CM from $6.50
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HPUS label indication: Formation of pus

Below are the strongest indications of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

BETTER, warmth, wrapping up head, summer; in wet or humid weather.
WORSE, new moon, in morning, from washing, during menses, uncovering, lying down, damp, lying on left side, cold.
Complementary: Thuja; Sanic.; Puls.; Fluor-ac. Mercurius and Silicea do not follow each other well.
Compare: BLACK Gunpowder 3X ( Abscesses, boils, carbuncles, limb purple. Wounds that refuse to heal; accident from bad food or water. - Clarke.) Hep.; Kali-phos.; Pic-ac.; Calc.; Phos.; Tabasheer; natrum silicum (tumors, hemophilia, arthritis; dose, three drops three times daily, in milk); Ferrum Cyanatum (epilepsy; neuroses, with irritable weakness and hypersensitiveness, especially of a periodical character). Silica Marina - Sea-sand - (Silica And Natrum Mur. symptoms. Inflamed glands and commencing suppuration. Constipation. Use for some time 3X trit.) Vitrum - crown glass - (Potts; disease, after Silicea, necrosis, discharge thin, watery, fetid. Much pain, fine Grinding and grating like grit.) Arundo Donax (acts on excretory and generative organs; suppuration, especially chronic, and where the ulceration is fistulous, especially in long bones. Itching eruption on chest, upper extremities and behind ears).
Sixth to thirtieth potency. The 200th and higher of unquestioned activity. In malignant affections, the lowest potencies needed at times.


Gums sensitive to cold air
Sensation of a hair on tongue
Abscess at root of teeth
Boils on gums
Cor.) Sensitive to cold water.

Bleeding; gums

Cancer; tongue

Discoloration; palate (roof of mouth); white
Discoloration; tongue; brown
Discoloration; tongue; white

Dryness; night
Dryness; while walking in open air
Dryness; with no thirst

Froth, foam, from mouth
Froth, foam, from mouth; during sleep


Grasping at mouth

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; gums
Growths, blisters, swellings; small swellings; tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; tumours; gums; size of walnut; in place of two bicuspids
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; gums
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; palate (roof of mouth)
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; palate (roof of mouth); perforating
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue; edges; right side
Growths, blisters, swellings; ulcers; tongue; phagedenic (spreading, obstinate ulceration)

Gums; abscess
Gums; abscess; frequently recurring
Gums; boils on gums
Gums; fistula (hole)
Gums; suppurating (producing pus)


Inflamed lining of mouth from ulcer

Inflammation; gums
Inflammation; tongue
Inflammation; tongue; with indurated (hard from inflammation)

Itching; palate (roof of mouth)

Numbness; tongue

Odour (halitosis, bad breath); after eating
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); mercury
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); offensive
Odour (halitosis, bad breath); offensive; morning

Pain; burning, raw and smarting; gums
Pain; gums
Pain; gums; cold air
Pain; gums; when touched
Pain; pressing; in gums
Pain; sore; gums
Pain; sore; gums; cold water
Pain; sore; palate (roof of mouth)
Pain; sore; tongue
Pain; sore; tongue; tip
Pain; tongue; tip
Pain; ulcerative; gums

Paralysis; palate (roof of mouth)

Saliva; mucus, slime
Saliva; mucus, slime; morning


Sensation of coldness; upper gums

Sensation of hair in mouth; tongue
Sensation of hair in mouth; tongue; front part
Sensation of hair in mouth; tongue; tip
Sensation of hair in mouth; tongue; to trachea (wind pipe)

Speech; difficult

Swelling; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour), after extraction of teeth
Swelling; gums
Swelling; gums; after extraction of teeth
Swelling; gums; painful
Swelling; palate (roof of mouth)
Swelling; palate (roof of mouth); suppurating (producing pus)
Swelling; tongue
Swelling; tongue; one-sided

Taste; bad
Taste; bad; water, tastes bad
Taste; bitter-sweet; bloody
Taste; bitter-sweet; morning
Taste; bitter
Taste; bitter; food tastes bitter
Taste; bitter; food tastes bitter; after swallowing
Taste; bitter; morning
Taste; clay-like; food tastes like clay
Taste; fatty, greasy (see rancid)
Taste; like rotten eggs
Taste; like rotten eggs; morning
Taste; metallic
Taste; putrid
Taste; slimy
Taste; soapy
Taste; sour
Taste; sour; after eating
Taste; tasteless, lacks taste
Taste; tasteless, lacks taste; tastelessness of food
Taste; tasteless, lacks taste; with running, or blocked nose

Teeth; abscess of roots
Teeth; ailments from emergence of wisdom teeth
Teeth; decay, hollow
Teeth; deficient in enamel
Teeth; discoloured; yellow
Teeth; feel as if on edge
Teeth; inflamed enamel
Teeth; large and swollen, sensation
Teeth; looseness
Teeth; pain
Teeth; pain; after eating dinner
Teeth; pain; after eating
Teeth; pain; after going to sleep
Teeth; pain; after washing
Teeth; pain; boring
Teeth; pain; burning
Teeth; pain; damp weather
Teeth; pain; digging
Teeth; pain; eating dinner
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; bones, cheek
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; face
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; forehead
Teeth; pain; extending to other parts; temples
Teeth; pain; from certain foods or drinks; from drinking coffee
Teeth; pain; from cold; from anything cold
Teeth; pain; from cold; from cold drinks
Teeth; pain; from drinking
Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm drinks
Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm food
Teeth; pain; from heat; from warm things
Teeth; pain; from suppressed perspiration; after suppressed foot sweat
Teeth; pain; heat; external warmth
Teeth; pain; heat; things
Teeth; pain; heat; warm bed
Teeth; pain; heat; warm drinks
Teeth; pain; heat; wrapping up head
Teeth; pain; in cold air
Teeth; pain; in raw wind
Teeth; pain; in the spring
Teeth; pain; incisors
Teeth; pain; intermittent (see comes on suddenly)
Teeth; pain; jerking
Teeth; pain; left
Teeth; pain; lower teeth
Teeth; pain; molars
Teeth; pain; morning; in bed; on waking
Teeth; pain; neuralgic (pain along nerve)
Teeth; pain; night
Teeth; pain; piercing
Teeth; pain; pressing
Teeth; pain; pressing; as if held in a grip
Teeth; pain; pulling
Teeth; pain; pulsating
Teeth; pain; rheumatic
Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging
Teeth; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging; night
Teeth; pain; sucking teeth
Teeth; pain; tearing
Teeth; pain; tearing; night
Teeth; pain; tearing; while eating
Teeth; pain; ulcerative
Teeth; pain; ulcerative; at roots
Teeth; pain; ulcerative; at roots; worse when chewing
Teeth; pain; upper teeth
Teeth; pain; when biting; when biting teeth together
Teeth; pain; when pulled in from air
Teeth; pain; while eating
Teeth; pain; while eating; from chewing
Teeth; pain; winter
Teeth; sensation of elongated teeth
Teeth; sensitive, tender
Teeth; sensitive, tender; to cold; water
Teeth; sensitive, tender; when chewing
Teeth; teething; difficult
Teeth; teething; slow

Thrush (whitish flakes)

Tongue; movement of tongue; hanging out
Tongue; trembling

Pyorrhoea ( Merc
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.