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ABC Homeopathy Survey Comments

Many of the comments shown are not relevent to the survey's objectives.

However, we do wish to show all our results openly, and without prejudice, so all responses have been included. Responses added by ABC Homeopathy, where a comment felt in need of one, are below the original comment, in italics and right aligned.

Email addresses, etc, have been removed to protect the privacy of the individuals who included them.


there is a lot of work to do to improve the search engine coz most of the topics/diseases are very strange for the search engine. plz try to make it more easy n reliable.

this has been revised since

no thanks

i use abc remedy finder and it is a very good software.i will like to buy it if it will not be too costly.my e mail is email address withheld

how safe it is to use credit card for purchasing medicine on line.

very safe. see the link from our shop page

I came to your site looking for paarticular ingredients and their use and purpose Was hoping to be able to click on a specific item and learn about its use and purpose, did not find that with your site.

that is a good idea and we will work on it.


no thanks

I would highlight or let some of the single remedies stand out if they are not availible in the USA or not allowed to be distributed there. For instance Opium. ETC.

that is a good idea and we will work on it.

Thanks for helping a budding homeopath. I have found the remedy finder very useful though I go thru the materia madica in detail before I start using the remedy. In most cases it has pointed to the correct remedy.

I would purchase from you if you carried the LM's.

We do for some remedies, from our USA East supplier


I'm still learning to repertorize effectively. This site is a good way for me to "double check" my findings, and it't helpful when I don't have a lot of time.

I am a student trying to get a project going for the science fair. I'm just looking for imformation on hoeopathic remedies. Can you Help?



none at this moment

I really am greatful to use your "free" site, if you do charge for a download I hope you don't take this free one away. It is very helpful to me as a student of homeopathy. Thank you again for your great site.

don't panic. the online homeopathic tool will remain free


Questionnaire was too long, but light-hearted comments in it helped...



Hello Dear, (1) I have just started practising. How can I prescribe for the 2nd time and afterwards? Considering the symptoms can you suggest about how many doses and potency (power) should I use for a particular patient? Can you provide the 2nd time dose(s) and afterwards remedies in a seperate grid? (2) Can I download your remedy finder software free of cost? If not how is it possible to use it offline. I have no internet connection in my chamber. I would be grateful to you for your guideline. email address withheld Bangladesh.

1) There is a potency guide link from the shop
2) We will not be launching an offline version

nothing else

Is there any medicines to cure frackel's?

i am suffering from cronic desease of neck pain in left hand side which is spread all over to left side of whole body inluded solder , chest ,left hip joint & upper back in left side.

thank you

I really love your site. The only time I have used it and bought elsewhere was when it was a common remedy. I've used it for my cat, and myself, and as a business and life coach, I've sent many of my clients here, feeling safe that if they take the time, they will achieve safe results. Two of my clients who had never used homeopathy are now enthusiastic users of your site and love the results it produces. Thank you thank you thank you. (name withheld ) www.LighthouseConnections.com

no thanks

If it is possible to put different weights on the symptoms, the remedy finder would be better.

You can do this. Read the help instructions on the grid page


Would be interested in buying books for Homeo Med for Lay person

i have calcification in my pencreatic ducts.and now i feel very pain.i take calcarea carb.os and lycopodium clav. 30 and alopathy cotazym ecs 8 andpariet 10 mg please guide me that am i right job to take togather these medication thank you

I'd rather complete a form After I've gotten into and used your site.

didn't answer all the questions because I have only had 2 doses of one homeopathic remedy, and I am totally new to your website--barely saw anything before the survey popped up. I used a homeopathic remedy for my dog a few months ago after the nasty toxic stuff the vet gave her didn't work. The homeopathic remedy seemed like a miracle!! Now I am going to a D.O.M. who also does some homeopathic work, and wanted to find out more about what she gave me. Thanks for having information on your site, not just product listings!

I use Helios because I lived in the town they were based and I know and trust their methods. I order by phone for next day delivery and again, I trust this method. Dunno how much I'd pay in US dollars - but I was tempted to spend Ģ1000 on the new improved version of Cara.... but they wouldn't haggle and wanted around Ģ1500 which was a reduced fee for a student. Good luck!

need places where people taking a survey can say they don't know or never have.

Homeopathic remedies to common known deseases the allopaths call by name, eg. gout, atrithis, etc.

I have been in poor health for several years and have been considering the holistc approach.

I would like to study homeopathy with an online course. I get bored reading books. THANKS!!



i like your website thanks


- It seems that you can only provide medicines inside USA. This is one reason I have not ordered medicines from you. - Sometimes the questions asked about a certain case are not detailed enough. - I feel that the questions asked to narrow down aiming at describing the medication need additional alternatives and options. Thank you and looking forward to more developments of your site.

we will be adding more suppliers shortly
the questions are taken directly from Kent's Repertory

it is a fantastic user friedly site

thank you!

wWould like to know why can't homeopathic medicines do'nt come in PET or PP bottles. Glass do breaks.

Glass does not react with its contents as PET or PP would

Pets pages would be useful.

Some of the symptoms are not covered like black thickened scar on forehead.Please suggest a remedy.


I was pleasantly surprised to find this site. I was very surprised to find the remedy finder was as through and free. I felt more confident and inclined to purchase from you because you were willing to help before you made a sale.

There should be a potency guide too - if you want to mass market your product. Naturally, based on larger market uptake - you can keep the prices lower (making sure that target count is achieved). Kal

The potency guide is there in the shop, where it always was.
We'll make it more obvious

if we find correct remedies than tyey work very fast

This is a very good and profitable scam. I would like to get in on it because there are a lot of really gullible people I can scam out there just as you all do. Thanks

I said we'd show them all, didn't I?

Thanks for your great work. Would like to see info on pets


no thank you!

I found that your website is very useful and informative for those who wanted to know more about homeopathy and the remedy for certain ailment. Congratulation.

Itīs second time I access this site. I hope it will be very usefull to find appropriate homeophaty suggestion for all family. Near my home we have a lot of specialized pharmacy.



thanks for your help

I want to know what a homeopath is, maybe you should put explainations on the website

A homeopath is a homeopathy practitioner

if any such type homeopathy web side in indian national language(hindi) please reply me on this e-mail address (withheld)

Keep up the good work. Sites like yours are showing the world that there are alternatives to traditional medicine that work.

very good service and excellent guide

thank you



I love the software. I am an ND in Indianapolis, IN and would love to speak with you further about the new software. (identity withheld)

I am in a study group affiliated with NCH....I find the remedy finder helpful to double check my paper case.

great site

If you add Boericke's repertory and one more for better reference then you already have a customer. Yours is the best site on the net for finding remedies. Excellent keep up the good work.

I'm stay in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, so, could I buy the remedy from you ? Will you send it as ap, and what the delivery time you need for shipping the remedy to me ? Thank you, my best regards, ...

Yes we can ship there

thanks for providing this usefull software free of charge. But dont think that you giving something for nothing, im sure it helps the remedy sale. keep up a good job!!! many thanks to you.

two minor spelling mistakes on your explanations page

Hi, I am a homeopath and I need most right now are the latest provings of the drugs alongwith the pathological changes. This is what every homeopathic site is missing. AND ofcourse the sexual sphere of plumbum.phos ? Its deleted from all materea Medicas... Why ?

Not a this moment. Thank you.

good website

I have found your site to be the most useful homoeopathy site I have visited (I've searched and visited a LOT of sites). I love that there is a free remedy finder and that I can explore as much as I want to. Thank you!

Please include the benefits and ill effects of using Homoeopathy medicines such as Damiana and Yohumbinum. If the duration and potency to be taken is given, it will be much fine for us. I hope U will consider my advice.

i was interested in reading about some of the less common remedies and couldn't find anything, X-ray in particular on this occasion

we currently only provide information on remedies in Kent's.

none so far

how to reduce serum uric acid(gout)?require medicine with potency in homeopathy

this is the first time i am browsing the site. i expect some useful tips and other medication


No other comments

A useful website, thank you!!

I haven't been able to find any good info on constitutional remedies and being a new learner, I just keep trying different remedies. Also, there isn't much info as to how long to take them for. I really like this site and wished someone had told me about homeopathy a long time ago.

no thanks

nice site


Yes you do.


Thanks for your useful website.

Thank you for providing this service which is exteremely helpful. Also, it helps when a repertory becomes a burden. I am sure your site has helped many people and provides an needed service in the world as well as exposing people to homeopathy and providing them access to information that they may not otherwise be open to had they had to buy a book or pay for needed information. Your site allows for convenient access to homeopathic recomendations that may otherwise be missed. Thanks again!

None - you are good. I use this all the time now that I have found you. I would like one to call my very own!

as i am a student i hope abc can be of help to me and i will now explore the site to have a good look round thanks

Thank you for such a great site!



Need to feel the personal touch; sometimes when I'm using the remedy finder I think, "Is there a doctor in the house?"

The remedy finder is not a person - that's why it's free

thank you

I'm fairly new to homeopathy and feel like I'm taking "baby steps".

I'm using nother supplier because it's much easier to delievr where I live,Cairo , Egypt. Africa is a continent as well and you did not include it in your survey

sorry about that - our survey software only allowed 5 choices

I think the remedy finder will be more useful if you can add the guiding sysmptoms by Herring. It seems to me that the remedy finder ranks the remedies by counting the number of rubrics matched, but does not consider their weights. In any case thank you very much for providing free access to such an useful remedy finder. Thank you very very much.

it considers the strength of indication too.


Thanks so much for your website...when i was away travelling without my reference books or access to any resources, it helped me enormously and i feel very grateful.

keep the good work

I have just entered this site on advice by a friend and am unable to answer any questions. I would really like to get into the site

Could not comment much about the site as this questionary came before I even started using your website!


And thank you very much !

The survey appeared BEFORE any remedy finder info was supplied. If I was a first time visitor to your site, it would be difficult & frustrating for me to answer some of the questions. Maybe you could position survey later or give first time users the option of answering questions after. Also, will I find this survey starts my every visit? That would be annoying as I have now thoroughly responded. Thanks. CW

good job in puting website

no thanks

i have no idea why the questions are being asked

My first time therefore I have no commnet at this point.

No, your site is great.

The ABC Homeopathy remedy finder is very useful, but it is not covering all the symptoms. If such minir symptoms are covered, it will be the best remedy finder. Thank you.

It covers the whole of Kents - 64,000 symptoms!

The drug is found based on the symptoms. But what about the dose? The dosage is not mentioned anywhere. Perhaps this is the reason homoeopathy does not seem to work: people hardly have an idea of the dosage information. I have other doubts - for instance, how do I check and confirm that the medicines I am buying from the local store (or from you for that matter) are really homeo medicines?

On the first point, see the link in the shop
On the second, all the suppliers we use have been in business
for over 70 years and have more to lose than to gain by cheating.

There are remedies I've needed that you haven't had available. That's why I haven't ordered from you. (Combined with the distance and time delay in shipping.)

I would appreciate greater clarity in the "symptom" area. I find that too many options come up from the symptoms that are not pertinant and this causes a great waste of time. Perhaps each section should have an option. If it is not what you need you can simply click "yes" or "no" and it wont keep appearing.

How would it know what is pertinant if it doesn't ask?

Most success with homeopathy (for long-term illnesses) has been in combination with herbal medicine. Alone, however (i.e. single homeopathic medicines in pellet form), for short-term illnesses such as headaches, I have had little success.

Have you found exactly your headache? Try the remedy finder!

Homeopathy is the best cure I consider. I have bulge disc problem with L3,4&5. I have been getting relief by using Rhustoxidrum in different potencies with Arnica in different potencies but nowadays it doesnot give me relief. Suggest medicine if any.

Please see a homeopath



no thanks


Thank You

Just so you know: I use the remedy finder to help me with wildlife rehabilitation cases that I am having trouble identifying a remedy for. You've been very helpful in both confirming and correcting my initial remedy choices!

Glad to help!

no commit



your site sometimes works too hard to narrow down choices but I am referring a friend to it tonight rather than loaning her my personal repertory. Do you recommend any particular courses? I am seriously considering becoming a professional homeopath.

I'm just glad that you exist, because I wanted a second opinion from my books. Cheers!



Thank You very much for your helpful site.


As a first time user of homeopathic, I find the result very successful. But sadly however, in Singapore, Homeopathy is little known.

I havn't yet seen the site, so too soon to give any comments


Keep up the good work

On every computer I've tried, the site runs out of time if I try to use more than 2 symptoms. Or if I use symptoms that have too many options. In some cases, none of the options fit my situation, and if I try to add something, the site closes down for lack of time. So I use the site on a very limited basis. I am very appreciative of this site. I work in a library and share it with people. If you charge for the service, they would just use books or other online sites. You might triple or quadruple the amount of time you allow people to do a search, or preferably allow unlimited time for six months and see if your product sales increase. I usually start here, but get shut down so often, I do the majority of my research elsewhere. On this questionnaire, you didn't have this option, but I buy my remedies at Whole Foods, a national health food chain. They have charts and books available there to finish the research I can't do on your site because you have such extreme time limits. Also, if we are doing searches while doing other things, and coming back and forth, we can't use your site because of the time limits.

We have no time limits, it may be your internet connection

This is my very first experience with homeopathic medicine, I wanted to use it on my daughter who appears to have a sensitivity to chest infections, coughs etc. I am sick and tired of the usual routine of try this syrup, try that syrup, try this inhaler that inhaler which I am convinced is not really approaching the problem from the right angle. I tried Sepia which you recommended yesterday, from constant coughing yesterday during the day and into the night a few hours after taking the medication she slept through the night with only two or three coughs at about 3-4 am, and so far today I have only heard her cough twice, the cough has also changed its nature. I am impressed! By the way my daughter is almost six years old, the first time she got a cough that wouldnt go away she was only nine months old or so. I am going to find a homeopathic practitioner to look at both my children and I am trying to find something for my father who is suffering from chills as a result of chemotherapy. Thank you very much, this was a most useful site!

Glad to help!

Great site, but the repetitive questioning is infuriating! In my calmer moments, though, I do realise that the program is just trying to "fine tune" my query and give me the most able guidance available.

more remedemy on line to look at not enough i was looking for some thing it was not there starting with medoromine my homeo path give me.

Helping people without having a primary monetary consideration is one of the greatest things homeopathy does. Don't spoil that.


thank you

I would like to find more information about characters and types( the three main profile in Hanneman's Homeopathy), not only the remedy description.. At this moment I have just moved to another country and I find the website very useful as I didn't find yet a new doctor here.

Just simply a thank you for keeping the remedy finder free.





no thank you


there is no feedback

is there any demo version homeopathic diagonisis


many thanks,but I wish to be better informed about antidotes such as coffie,garlick camphor etc I shall appreciate feedback and stay in touch

Find all the information useful. Thanks

the symptoms shown against any question are more , some times overlapping and confusing. But your remedy finder is a useful tool.

Not at this time

thank you for your helpful site - i have used it for a long time and appreciate it.


chonic illness would be helpfull,but still saying about what ever your doing check with your medical practisner,like myself if i had a pendasitus i would go to a doctor,I do use common sense,I have healed myself of melanoma cancer and cancer of the cervix,so i know that herbs and homeopathic rems can work. 18 years ago my son had bad ears i went to a homeopath my son is now 21 and hasnt look back

Provide the free download facility for this software for working with it offlineoffline

We will not be providing a download version.

The new green scheme is very pretty, but I REALLY like the new availability of all indications in the materia medica, organized by relevance and with excellent navigation. You are on your way to becoming the ideal in "internet meets classical homeopathy"! One thing I would like to see is a prose description of each remedy. These are often very useful in confirming a remedy, as well as being educational and even comforting. Such descriptions are the main reason I turn to my favorite homeopathy books. You would also do well to prominently display a link to www.minimum.com, where your target market could become yet more enamored with the beautiful art of homeopathic medicine. Thank you for this site; you have helped me many a sleepless pregnant night! -AP

I would like to thank you for your site and you fast reliable service.

First of all I Thank you very much first, The country where I am living has lot of regulations in using foreign exchange. If your medicines and expertise can be accessed in my city, i am pleased to pay for it. I am of the kind of a person, "To return the favour by kind or cash, to who ever has helped me in my life. In fact I am willing to pay the heirs of HAHNNEMAN, NASH, ALLEN, BOERICKE,CALVIN/KNEER AND OTHERS. KINDLY E-MAIL ME @ I would like to thank Mr.Billgates for the free e-mail medium. Thanks to you once again,

I am Homeopathic Medical Specialist (Community Psychiatrist & Clinical Sexologist) I am a Medical Research Scholar, I have much worked (70%) for treatment of AIDS and Hepatitis but it is very much problen in Pakistan because there are less resources to make the new remedies useful for Utilizations. So my research is going in Wastages. Think about me please.

a number of deficiencies being 74 years of age.less energy, trembling figures in right eye, arthritis, difficulty in urinating - prostet, heart burn, blood pressure controlled by using allopathic medicines, pace maker implanted two years ago, digestion problem, and so many other things

bye bye


I didn't find anything about: Harpagophytum procumbens Devil's claw - in portuguese it's called Garra do diabo, and I'd like to have some information about it. I'll be back to your site to see if you add any information about Harpagophytum procumbens. Thanks.


This is our first time on this site, our daughter ordered something for my husband and we want to research it better before taking.

very good website i recommend it to all my friends.

i am happy to find this online treatment software and it make homeopathy very easy then ever. So i am thanks full to ABC homeopathy site maker who done this wonderful job. Thanks alllllllllllll


great sites. remedy finder- I love it!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!

You ask questions about using the site, as a first time user of this site, it is not possible to answer this question, as your pop up comes up BEFORE letting you view the site!.........wouldn't it be better to ask the question whilst either doing a search on the site OR beofre leaving?

i hope you keep the remedy finder free, itīs quite easy to use and easy also to send friends there...

really amglad the software is available. Makes it so much easier to repertorize. Thank you.

Thank you very much for providing a WebPage and which is useful.


I have find your site from www.homeopathyNHS.com which is very useful and subscribe to the honcode principles but regret to inform you that you have not index link with the above site. WHY ?

yes we do.

i love the remedy finder software. and it is a great service to the people to have something like this available to them. thank you


The finder has helped me and my familly a lot. Thanks for the great site


Feed back about this, will be take some more time after using the prescription to some individuals


Overall, a great site!!!

no thanks

in principle it is a great idea, and great to have this facility on the internet. but maybe needs more rubrics.

Thanks for your exellent site....

Thank you for this amazing resource.

Thank you for your professional help.


I am planning to order from you in the not so distant future.

Your search/ matching of symptoms is not exhaustive and quite misleading some times. Eg. I want to search for Urinary Incontinence in Older people - Male. There is no specific help coming. These people suffer for whole day and night. As soon as the bladder has a little urine they must urinate or else they will pass it in the panties. Their bladder gets irritated but the symptoms on an online search are as cumbersome as consulting a Materia Medica.

try searching the remedy finder for "incontinence aged people"

Homeopathy is new and fascinating to me.

I love your site! The Remedy Finder works very well. I hope that you will be able to keep it free of cost, so that people who can't afford more expensive resources can be helped by homeopathy. You will certainly be my first choice next time i need to buy a remedy, because you provide such a worthwhile service. Thanks and best wishes! Laurie

I love this site and will be back again


I am looking for a summary of the human types which are covered by constitutional remedies... so far without success on your site

I've just started using homeopathy medicines.

Somehow highlighting the remedies that cannot be purchased online and perhaps giving alternatives on where to purchase or how to make.

Interesting site but i think u make a big mistake.It does not exist a software that can tell u which pill u have to take,only a doctor can do that job. Remember we're still in 2003.

very nice site

Excellent website.. please don't make the remedy finder pay only, some other company will only take over where you left off...!

I was dissappointed that Africa was not featured as one of the countries one can live in!!!!

Apologies - explained above


As my children are growing up and moving away they always call me to ask what remedy they should take when they are having problems. I found your site for them to use before they call me and then we can work together from there. I didn't even know sites like yours existed. I'm hoping that it helps my scattered family help themselves and still be able to count on good old mum!

I use combination homeopathy, but find the remedy selection of use in narrowing down my choices.

Actually, the reason I don't purchase online is because I don't have a credit card. I have to use mail order. I love your site and the remedy finder has been invaluable to me. If you ever make it available only to subscribers, I hope you take checks!!

a synopsis of the rubriks of the materia medica would be useful

You could perhaps sell this software if translated in foreign languages. It is pleasant to use, but subtilities need be answered in the native language of the 'patient'.

The cost of translating it is too great.

I have passed your url along to others who appreciate it.

I'd like to recieve online courses and literatures on Related topics to my email as well as to my residence address as it foloows here,... ,India and my email ..... Thanking you ...

Thanks for being here with so much information about so many remedies


Thanx for a very good and trustfull site! /Maricha Sweden

maybe add a quick way to move from one remedy to the next...like an alphabet on the bottom of every page that will link to each remedy and its description

Thank you for making your site available to us

no more feedback, thank you.

Great site!


way to suggest proper potencies and dose

it's in the shop!

I'm a medical student trying to find out more about the homeopathic remedies one of my patients is using. Although I didn't find what I was looking for the site was still quite helpful.

It sounds as if we are going to lose this wonderful, free tool - the remedie finder! I was absolutly elated when I found it, and have been so grateful for it ever since! Thank you for all of your hard work on it. If you do choose to offer it only as a payed download, I am afraid of how many people may not be willing or able to pay, and therefore how many more people in this world who will not benefit from the use of homeopathy. It's a tough line. Good luck with your decision. Sincerely, ...

Hey, don't panic. It's here to stay!

Please continue to provide the Remedy Finder for free. It is much appreciated. :-)

You should be able to type in what is wrong, not just the symptoms, as i knew the problem but had difficulty explaining symptoms. This would make it much easier.

You may open outlet to supply medicine in India as done in USA.

We would like to but have not yet been able to find a suitable supplier


I really like the online remedy finder. It is the only one I've really found online. However, it gets really confusing sometimes. I'm not sure what is going on but sometimes I ge the same thing ovr and over again. It's hard to sit through the whole thing when you are sitting there for 10-15 minutes still sorting through the same symptoms you've already chcked or left alone.


Thank you for a good website

I have been able to treat my bipolar disorder for five years now with homeopoathy alone. In that same time period, I've lost 70 lbs., mostly repaired an atrophied right knee and right foot that was extremely painful, and improved my mental attitude 100%.

Good Job, keep the good work up - regards- Munna

Just checking out the site

Please make it more easy to get result due to any symptom feed in computer.What is grid in remedy?

My first time here; I'll be back, and I'll order remedies next time I need them. Thanks!

I love this site. Use it often. Can't afford to pay for it.

Great site, have had miraculous healing and success with homeopathy in cases as severe as cancer, uterine prolapse, and rib lesions...

Very useful site!

I'm a degreed naturopath and use homeopathy in my practice and wonder if there might be a professional discount?


I always prefer to use abchomeopathy website before prescribing medicines,and most of the time i find excellent results.


Keep on working. This is a very good sight. So keep up the good work and I'll be watching you. Thanks Karin from Sweden

i am ... egyptian,studying homeopathy with lake land college,my e mail is ....

I really do enjoy your web site and I hope you don't start charging to download information!! (I took the time to answer your survey because I appreciate you being there when I need help.) Thanks again!

than you

keep it up! thanks

I want to study on line homeopathy course ,please manage for me. Thank you in advance. My Email address is as follows....


No Comments this time... But i found this site really Good... And i prefer to tell my fellows to tell about this site...its really good site....

I am merely looking for information for my students. Do NOT put me on your mailing list.

We don't have a mailing list.

I have opened this site site for the first time. Will be more qualified after usin ABC and other facilities.


well it's really a gr8 efforts in medicine field. I am sure this site is very much usefull for homeopathy lovers. zaidi

No thanks..

Keep up the good work!

I really appreciate this site. I have found it to be quite helpful and recommened it to my sister-in-law who is also a practising homeopath. I usually start with my books, but if the issue is hard to pin down or not in my books I will turn to this site. Thank-you for your service to the homeopathic community.

I miss the option to give a weight to certain symptoms if I feel that they are more important than others. Otherwise it's a good tool and it helped me.

Thank you very much for the survery...

no no. thank you!


I always double check with my homeopath as unsure if I've chosen the best symptoms and ending up with the best remedy. I find the materia medica less helpful than the book I have at home, as I don't like the list of things as much as the character picture. My homeopath tells everyone to use this site now and encourages us to buy our own remedies as she doesn't keep all types in stock.

As I am new to homeopathy, I appreciate having this information available. I am planning to buy some books and take a formal training, and in the meantime, this really helps me.

Very useful websight and service. Took a whle to get the hang of it, but the thoroughness is very well respected. I love to work with you guys, but sometimes hesitate to place such small orders because of shipping charges.

I kept getting asked to fill out (or tick boxes) over and over again, the same boxes with the same choices.

I thought i had to fill this out before i got into your sight from the pop up. some of the survey is not answered because this is the first time for me. Im mainly inteested in anti-inflammatoires for the lung. i have severe copd . thank you

(1)The 'Questionnaire'is lengthly, difficult to stay. (2) You should know one's e-mail address. (3) Site should be more attractive.


thanks so much

Yes, I would like to understand how to read the prescription once it is given. If I take it to my natural health food store to purchase any of the products, I don't know how to read the prescription to purchase the right amounts.

The information you are looking for is in our shop.

I am a Medical Doctor, and jus start to get training on Homeopathy, I`m reall just searchin for information, any way I`ll try to take a chance ordering some Remedies from you, some time ahead. thanks.

GREAT SITE, even though homeopathy hasn't been expanded

more information on different diseaes with successful homeopathic treatments.

Thank you very much for the useful site


Can I buy medicine in Karachi Pakistan?

Very helpful thank you. Would you consider a part for treating animals?


It is because I don't know the dosage, therefore I do not order here.

Ever since I learned about Homeopathy from my past MD I have been using it whenever possible and learning as much as possible about the remedies. I have had much success when I had accidents of different types and was able to get a dose of Arnica immediately and literally witnessed amazing results in pain and injuries.

I have been struggling with symptoms which my doctor had never heard of. Your site clearly defines. Thank you!

no, thanks

yes plz make the survey short $ easy to access



It may be a good idea if you could get Weleda to advertise your remedy finder web site on the leaflets they have in their pakcaging, considering you sell their products, it would just be fair.

excellent site


I bought my kit a while back, and don't have a need to buy at this time. But will consider it in the future. I love your remedy finder. I have 2 children and aging in laws I always try to help as well, and your site is great for that.

i would like a phone number to contact you and place an order.

We only accept orders through our online store.

Do not give out my information to any thiird party

Thank you for your site!

I was introduced to homeopathy 13 years ago. The initial treatment I received caused my overall health to deteriorate. I was treated with high potency remedies by a classical homeopath who was at the time and still is a highly respected member of the homeopathic community. Nine years of treatment from another highly skilled classical homeopath has been unable to undo the damage caused by the first practioner. I am aware that I am not the only individual who has been injured by homeopathy and I know I won't be the last. I am not opposed to the practice of homeopathy but I do not appreciate the way it is being promoted by most of its supporters including your web site that states "homeopathy is completely safe". I recommend that your web site carries some sort of warning wrt the risks associated with the misuse of homeopathic remedies. It is just a matter of time before some users of this site are imprinted. I can honestly say I wish I had never heard of homeopathy.

Ultimately, I make my final decision in conjuction with my advisor( an amethyst pendulum). I am an Energy Channel Psychic, a Medical Dowser/Diviner, a Medicine Man, a CAM student (Homeophaty is one aspect of my Holistic approach. I am self teaching. I hold a Baccalaureate in Biology and a MS in ME.

have a nice day!

my email is ... as i have also entered your forum for help to my chronic problem of OCD.If you wanna add anything regading treating my problem,dont give second thougths to email.

I am very interested in your site for maybe ordering products for my mother, who lives in Cornwall (UK) and it is difficult for her to get in touch with an homeopath.

yes. another point for canadins for ordering online is the dollar exchange, shipping AND duty on icncoming shipments! i would LOVE to buy my remedies online! it's just not cost effective. anyhow, great site, it is just one more tool that i use when trying to determine a remedy.

we are looking into adding canadian suppliers to the list

I cannot purchase homeopathic medicines from yourselves from India as payment in foreigh currency procedure is tedious. And there are reliable importers of Hoemopathic medicines in Bombay


I just started my treatment.It is too soon to be able to give you any feedback.

Not right now, maybe after more visits to the ABC site!

I use the abc Homeopathy finder is my knowledge He is the best of of homeopathy.


plz improove this software as compair to radar software.

homeopathy rools!

(just an address)

i have suffered due to provingof remedies prescribed by an amateurabout 9 yrs back and some symptoms still continue.i am now looking to cure myself by study.i am very sensitive to homeopahyand didnt use any remedy for last 8 yrs except biochemic salts which real help .i hope to use it now in small potencies

If all this information could be in spanish I probabbly pay for it. Thanks

no feedback

I prefer using Homeopathy first.. in cases when it does not work, I go to the doctor as a last resort.

Thanks, This looks interesting! I submitted three questions to the contact site.

thank you for the information that you provide me with. i appreciate it . (flowers)

I am a practicing chiropractor who has implemented homeopathic into treatment regimens. This is the first time at your website.

If your Remedies also indicate correct potency with method of taking and what time, and also tips of observing patient. It will do more good.

I am a classical homeopath from Quebec, Canada. One of my patients has the habit to ask me the name of the remedy I give him, and makes a research on this remedy (and others!). He found your site and tried the Remedy finder...which suggested Nux vomica as the best remedy for his problems (this was the first remedy I gave him!). But, as I work with a quite complete version of RADAR software (which includes the Vithoulkas Expert System - VES) as I work with some french and english books too (like Rajan Sankaran's), I found that CHINA may be of better interest for him. My patient just send me a email to make me verify if this 2nd prescription was right! I now - and this is a little bothering- will have to explain to my patient the difference between a live consultation with a homeopath and a "conversation" with a computer. I think that your -yes, surprising- system can help people who do not have access to a homeopath, for any reason, but particularly in acute conditions. In november I will give a 15 hour family homeopathy course to non initiated people; so I think I will give the reference for ABCHomeopathy. I think people will find it interesting and complementary to my course. I thank you for reading this opinion and hope you will reply to it at (email address) Best regards.

Best Regards! Slavica


I think this is a nice and wonderful way of learning about homeopathy. Do you have a veteranary version?

please do not send any promotional mails/pass my details 2 anyone. thank you

We don't do that.

appreciate the site very much...nice to use to refer newbies to

It would be great if you could be more specific about the use of some remedies for babies and children under 3 years old. Thanks!

i would like to know if homeopathy could help me to get off of the hrt i am presently taking for hot flashes. If so, please let me know. thanks


sir/madam, i am ... kolkata. i shall be so thankful if i get a job in homoeopathy. my e-mail id is :- ... . thanks.


well done!

I'm impressed being my first visit. I need to make more searchs to have a final opinion. Thak you for the help.

did something change a few months back, isn't as easy or comprehensive now. Love the site; it has "saved" me in the middle of the night a few times.

The order of things has been changed around a little
- it may take some getting used to

no thanks!


Please let me treatment fot colic and irritating bowl syndrome

I find it very helpful - the remedy finder, and I am pleasantly surprised to find it quite accurate. I feel validated, as it points out the remedies I have been considering from my books.

- it is good, but you need a materia medica to be thorough, - have a student price for the download... please... - scientific proof of research, links, info on remedies, a bit of history, how remedies are found and tested. - (email address withheld) if any more questions...

remedy finder is no substitue for a proper consultation, so for the lay-person, it may be quite damaging for the reputation of homoeopathy. I think it would be good top have different levels of signing in in order to access the information. As a student of homoeopathy i would use if for checking rubrics, it is a handy tool and free. Well done.

to many Qns


thanks later


I am seeking a M.D. with a homeopathic and alternative therapy background.


some times it is not possible for me to express my illness properly, and could not get the right medicine and the site is giving many option that one find it some time difficult to figure out whihc item to select. One question, is there is any book avaliable in this site which i can use for my personel use because the book will help me a lot? THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT HOMEO SITE.

Pls increase the content of your website by telling people about the LM potency and also about Biochemical Combinations

Why is "not ovulating" not recognised?

try different terms for the same thing ie period absent

it's ok




I like your remedy finder. I would like to know if there is a homeopathic preparation for whale blubber and what it would be called. Thank you. ...


Great resource--thank you for providing it!

a very good site :)

While I know that dosing is individual, I would still like to see more information on dosing, as to not only potency but repetition.

a spanish web.

first time

Re buying remedies - I buy professional remedies in small kit sizes so I can easily travel with them. Re software - I do a lot of analysis with my software. I like yours for acute work.

Your shopping cart should tell the exact shipping cost at check-out instead f "Shall be calculated later and added to your total" Also not all the potencies are available in your on line shop.

only overseas orders from USA East do not give shipping costs

Great site. Glad I found you. Stay healthy.


would like to have more information on childhood epilepsy and vaccine-induced damage

I am a hom doctor

No, at the time being.


ABC homeopathy is good i heve HOMPATH (OZONE)

none at this time

Thanks to you!

Wonderful site with good advice and fast service!


I would appreciate if the symptom list is even more fine grained and information on the dosages and potency is included in the remedy finder.

Keep up the good work.


Certainly, after accustomed to your site.

ur site sucks

shame that one was the last word!