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ABC Homeopathy Survey results

At the time the survey was launched, ABC Homeopathy had been running for nearly two years , and this was the first time we surveyed our visitors for their opinions.

Survey highlights

The remedy finder has proved to be very successful, both in terms of the success of the remedies people take after using it, and in comparison with other software.

84% of our visitors take remedies suggested by the remedy finder, though 56% only take them after consulting other sources. Of those that take remedies suggested by the remedy finder, a staggering 97% say the remedies suggested have helped. This statistic is slightly weighted by the survey methodology - see the notes on the survey for more.

Have the remedies suggested by the remedy finder helped?
Yes, they have cured 23% 23%
Yes, they have relieved symptoms 39% 39%
Sometimes they have helped 35% 35%
No, they haven't helped 3% 3%

Overall, 71% of respondents said that they felt that our free online homeopathic Remedy finder software was as good as (24%), or better than (47%) professional homeopathic software (Mac Repertory, Cara, Radar, Hompath, and Lau Scientific's remedy finder) when taken as an aggregate. Splitting the vote for the homeopathic software, in to the individual packages, produced a much murckier comparison, as there were so few respondents who had used the software and were able to comment.

Equally important to the success of the remedy finder is the success of the online shop. Customers who had purchased products from the shop were very pleased with the service they received:

How do you feel about the service you have received from the ABC Homeopathy shop
Excellent 63% 63%
Good 34% 34%
Average 3% 3%
Bad 0% 0
Dreadful 0% 0

Your concerns

The last, open ended question of the survey yielded the most interesting responses. Firstly, a few of you had concerns:

It sounds as if we are going to lose this wonderful, free tool - the remedie finder! I was absolutly elated when I found it, and have been so grateful for it ever since! Thank you for all of your hard work on it. If you do choose to offer it only as a payed download, I am afraid of how many people may not be willing or able to pay, and therefore how many more people in this world who will not benefit from the use of homeopathy. It's a tough line. Good luck with your decision. Sincerely, {name withheld}

Don't panic! The online remedy finder will remain free of charge for the foreseeable future

how safe is it to use credit card for purchasing medicine on line?

Much safer than anywhere else you'd give your credit card to! See here for more info.

If it is possible to put different weights on the symptoms, the remedy finder would be better.

You can do this to an extent already. See the help links from the remedy grid page

And some selected comments:

Thank you for providing this service which is exteremely helpful. Also, it helps when a repertory becomes a burden. I am sure your site has helped many people and provides an needed service in the world as well as exposing people to homeopathy and providing them access to information that they may not otherwise be open to had they had to buy a book or pay for needed information. Your site allows for convenient access to homeopathic recomendations that may otherwise be missed. Thanks again!

I really love your site. The only time I have used it and bought elsewhere was when it was a common remedy. I've used it for my cat, and myself, and as a business and life coach, I've sent many of my clients here, feeling safe that if they take the time, they will achieve safe results. Two of my clients who had never used homeopathy are now enthusiastic users of your site and love the results it produces. Thank you thank you thank you {name withheld}

I am a classical homeopath from Quebec, Canada. One of my patients has the habit to ask me the name of the remedy I give him, and makes a research on this remedy (and others!). He found your site and tried the Remedy finder...which suggested Nux vomica as the best remedy for his problems (this was the first remedy I gave him!). But, as I work with a quite complete version of RADAR software (which includes the Vithoulkas Expert System - VES) as I work with some french and english books too (like Rajan Sankaran's), I found that CHINA may be of better interest for him. My patient just send me a email to make me verify if this 2nd prescription was right! I now - and this is a little bothering- will have to explain to my patient the difference between a live consultation with a homeopath and a "conversation" with a computer. I think that your -yes, surprising- system can help people who do not have access to a homeopath, for any reason, but particularly in acute conditions. In november I will give a 15 hour family homeopathy course to non initiated people; so I think I will give the reference for ABCHomeopathy. I think people will find it interesting and complementary to my course. I thank you for reading this opinion and hope you will reply to it at {email address withheld} Best regards.

I have found your site to be the most useful homoeopathy site I have visited (I've searched and visited a LOT of sites). I love that there is a free remedy finder and that I can explore as much as I want to. Thank you!

The comments were overwhelmingly positive. We have also published the whole list of comments, Glasnost style, so you can read the complete survey comments by following the links on the left.