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Homeopathic Combination Remedies and Single Remedies

In recent years, Homeopathic remedies have been sold increasingly as combinations. A group of remedies, effective in tackling say, anxiety, in a range of people are combined on a single pill. This is in contrast to the principals of classical homeopathy, but sufficient people seem to benefit from this approach.

This practice has been met with mixed opinions in the homeopathic community. What is generally agreed is that combination remedies may work for you, but you have a much greater chance of success if you use single remedies, chosen for your specific ailments, as the other remedies contained along with the right one may complicate a condition, or prevent the right remedy from working.

The strength of combination remedies is certainly the convenience with which they can be prescribed; if it says headache on the box, then that's what it's for. However, through the online remedy finder, we hope to make the choice of the right single remedy apparent from simple self diagnosis, and we hope therefore that people have a free choice wether to use single remedies or combinations.

Although we reccomend single remedies, combination remedies have been added to the shop, for those who wish to use them.