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Recent Improvements to the Remedy Finder

You may have noticed a few changes to the remedy finder, and elsewhere on the site recently, here is a quick guide to the improvements:

Search Functionality

The search has been improved in the way it orders results.

Database Reordered.

The database has reverted to the order of the original Kent's; that is, from the top of the body downwards, rather than the alphabetical order of previous versions. In addition, some of the medical terminology has been added back in. This is in response to feedback from our users.

Colour Coded Remedy Finder

The remedy finder now has colour coded backgrounds to give you an idea of how many options are behind each tick box. The reasons for this are: firstly, to highlight options which are the most common (i.e. have the most detail behind them), and secondly, to make it clearer that certain options, even deep down, can lead to a lot more options. The colour coding is on a continuous scale and is as follows:

Very Many Options
Many Options
Medium number of options
Few Options
No further options

The colour coding only applies to the next immediate level, not all the options below each of the options on the next level, where there are further options.

Search relevancy indicator bars

The bars to the left of the search results are coded as follows:

The red bar to the left of a search result indicates a result which is probably a very good match, but may be given too high a prominence because search words occur more than once in that result.
A solid green bar indicates a result where all words were matched in this result, but (in most cases) without inflating results by duplication of words.
A shorter green bar indicates only a partial match to the search string. The shorter the bar, the less relevant the result.


Improved Context Help

The context help has been updated to keep up with all the above changes. If you're wondering about anything, just click on the near what you're wondering about and you'll get a page full of explanation.