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Have an impact on the Online Homeopathic Remedy Finder

The online homeopathic remedy finder is currently in beta version. Beta version is a term used in the computer industry when a project seems to be running fine as far as its makers are concerned, but is likely to contain errors. This version of the online remedy finder is just that.

It is only through user feedback that the online remedy finder can be improved. I am extremely grateful for any feedback, however insignificant it may seem, and all emails will be replied to. I won't consider you petty if you tell me there's an extra full stop on the second paragraph from bottom on the last page of the introduction.

People have reported technical problems; many of which have been repaired already, and many are still being worked on. Spelling mistakes were also rife in the first edition. Some people also moaned about the colour scheme of the first version, which has been changed accordingly

By far the largest amount of feedback I've received so far has been overwhelming praise, for which I'm also very grateful. The online remedy finder is a solitary endeavour, and the result of working more than 14 hours a day over many months. It is not perfect yet though, for that it needs your input.

Talk to me.