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Neuralgia from Shingles

My wife is in severe nerve pain from the shingles. What is the best approach to relieve the nerve pain and to get rid of the virus internally?
  gaetano on 2007-08-15
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Have a look at the following discussions:

maheeru last decade
Thank you for the reply.

How many pills a day should she take and how long do you before she will she any relief. Are you saying Variolinum in 200 potency will actually heal from the inside and stop the nerve pain? Would help to also take Hypericum, and if so how would she alternate?

She has been taking other meds like Lyrica/Neurontin for the nerve pain so should she stop all other meds and only take the remedy. Where is the best place to purchase or do you think I can buy anywhere locally in Kansas City MO?
gaetano last decade
One dose= 3pills/3 drops(if liquid dilution). As mentioned in the discussion you can administer twice daily for 3 days. Observe for a week and report.

If other medication are OTC you can stop otherwise no need to stop till improvement is seen. No need to alternate Hypericum with it.

You can buy the remedy through this website or in your local homeopathic drug store.
maheeru last decade
To make sure I understand. Only take 3 pills twice a day for 3 days and then stop and wait one week to see what happens.
gaetano last decade
Can someone tell me where to buy Variolinum 200? I tried to buy from this site but when I clicked on USA the 3 companies said this product wasn't available.

Thank you
gaetano last decade
well dosage is right. For purchase other online purchase options are: Helios.uk and Ainsworth.
maheeru last decade
My wife took Variolinum 200 for three days as instructed but unfortunately she is still having the nerve pain. Any other suggestions, should she try another round of Variolinum?
gaetano last decade
You can try the same medicine without consumption of any other medicine. Meanwhile descriptively describe the exact problem and how it was caused, Location of pain, sensation, modalities(Consider: time, temperature, climate/weather, food items, applications, movement, rest, and any emotional changes etc.) of the problem.
maheeru last decade
My wife originally broke out with the shingles on the right side of her chest and it went around to the back. The shingles dried up within a week but then she started having a combination of stabbing pains, burning sensation in the back, and sometimes her hands/feet tingle. She works 8 hrs a day and by the time she gets home she is very tired and she is having the pain/burning/ tingling sensations. She is also having problems with her scalp like a bad case of dandruff but she is losing her hair. She usually takes the medicine Lyrica to get her through the day. Is the medicine preventing the remedy from working but she needs something to relieve the pain.

Hopefully this explains it well and please advise and if she should take the variolinum 200 all over again for 3 days and stop again.
gaetano last decade
Its possible that Lyrica is preventing the remedy from acting. So ask her to try Variolinum skipping the other one(preferably on holidays to cushion any painful effect).

Meanwhile please answer the following questions:

What's the effect of heat and cold on pain?

How does stimuli of touch affect her? How do the affected parts feel Hot or cold?

What's the time the pain's worse?

What are the emotional changes during the pain? Is she restless, anxious, irritable etc?

Are the Hair-loss and shingles related?
maheeru last decade
What's the effect of heat and cold on pain? Cold use to feel better now heat makes it feel good.

How does stimuli of touch affect her? Pressure on the back or the chest makes the feel better.

How do the affected parts feel Hot or cold? The back feels warm and the chest is just room temperature.

What's the time the pain's worse? It's worse after working all day, evenings.

What are the emotional changes during the pain? Very irritable.

Is she restless, anxious, irritable etc?

Are the Hair-loss and shingles related? Not sure but it started in about 3 weeks after she got the shingles.
gaetano last decade
Dear Maheeru

I don't know whether you have Murphy or not.

There is a rubric..

Neuralgic pains, persisting, after herpes zoster:


I think we need to consider grade 2 medicines only for this case, as the severity of the compalint is high.

That leaves us with Mez,Ran.b and Rhustox.


Homeopathy for Shingles

There are many effective homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of shingles, including:

Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus tox) is useful when blisters emerge that are not only painful but very itchy, and warmth brings relief. The pain is worse at night and less noticeable when moving about.

Arsenicum album is indicated for shingles with red, burning lesions that are relieved by warmth and are worse at night, causing great restless anxiety.

Mezereum is indicated if there is severe pain, if the skin burns and itches and forms brown scabs, or if the is person middle-aged or elderly. Lasting neuralgic pains that shoot along the nerve after the skin has healed are often helped by this remedy.

Ranunculus is useful if there are nerve pains and itching, or the slightest touch, movement or eating makes the symptoms worse.

Lachesis is prescribed if the left side of the body is affected, plus some swelling, which is aggravated by warmth but is relieved by cold.

Apis is used when the swelling and stinging pains predominate, improve with cold and become aggravated by heat.



Hope this information helps to some extant.

gavinimurthy last decade
I tried to help a friend with severe posthepatic neuralgia. She is hypersensitive. I had her on a mild 30C wet dose, 2 or 3 times a day. Within one day she was aggravating. I think we tried 3 different remedies over a week or so.

If I tried now, knowing a little more about dosing, I would have recommended a SINGLE 30C dose (wet) and given her at least a couple days to see how it went before redosing.

I don't understand the blind dosing of 200C multiple times a day for multiple days. This type of neuralgia is severe. You want to take it slow to be sure you are not aggravating.
Daisy43 last decade
Dear Murthy

Nice to see you on this thread. I don't have Murphy. I think healed blisters, aggr. on touch, pain not on chest will rule out Rhus and Ranun. From Boericke MM more than Mez, Ars. Alb looks good choice to me. Feel free to tell your opinion.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru

This is from Kent regarding Ran.Bulb.


He is sore and bruised in many parts. Stitching pains in liver, ears, chest, abdomen, shoulder and other joints, spine, lumbar region to abdomen, between the shoulders in the back, stitching, burning pains radiating from the dorsal spine.

It has creeping crawling, tingling.

Back: Sore spots in the spine.

Pain along the inner margin of the left scapula. Stitching pains in the spine between the scapulae. Pains in lower and inner margin of scapula in shoemakers, needle workers and writers from sitting bent. One scapula often becomes adhered to the back and it is immovable, and later burning pain comes on. Weak spine and great lassitude. Vesicular eruptions form upon the back and chest with blue contents, with severe pain.

It has been used for vesicular eruptions; for burns; for herpes zoster; for pemphigus; for eczema.


Rann.bulb has got some definite indications in back too. Many times the text talks about pain along the nerves.

I am not ruling out Ars. study both Ars and Ran.bulb in two three MMs, and decide.

Both are indicated for the present condition of the patient,and the relief from heat,(if confirmed beyond doubt) and anxiety with the pain may tilt the case in favour of Ars. slightly.

I leave it to you to advise the patient further.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy A correction in my earlier post: Feeling good with touch is contradictory to the modality of Ranunculus which is worse with touch. Also I am slightly inclined towards Ars than Ranun. with itchy scalp.
maheeru last decade
Hi Gaetano

You have a couple of options now. You might want to order both the remedies. If your wife has anxiety/restlessness at night and relief with heat I hope Ars. will help.

Dosage will be like this--If Arsenic alb. then 200(potency) is more suitable for nueralgic pains. Let 3 to 5 pills or drops dissolve in 500ml of Mineral Water bottle and take 3 doses daily for 3 days and report. Before taking subsequent doses, shaking the bottle vigorously for 7 times is important.
maheeru last decade
Just to clarify.

1. Don't use Variolinum 200 anymore?

2. Are you only suggesting Arsenicum album as follows; Drink 500ml of bottled water with 3-5 drops and shake 7 times before drinking 3 times a day for 3 days, and the stop?

3. What about Mezereum?
gaetano last decade
1) If you've already started Variolinum be through with it. Otherwise no need.

2) That's right. ONly one extra clarification. Take 5 drops from the water bottle containing medicinal solution for a dose. Just before taking the subsequent doses you have to do the vigorous shaking.

3) You can stock Mez. if you want.
maheeru last decade
I cured my grandmother shingles ( 85 years). My grandmother has shingles and she has been using some expensive lidocaine patches for three years (she spent $36,000 in the course of three years on those patches).
Every time I spoke with her on the phone she mentioned the ineffectiveness of lidocaine patches, but she could use nothing better.

Identify the tree - Mountain Laurel - it is cure

Google Awakening Blog Cure for shingles
maxinatlanta last decade

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