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2 week girl - snuffles and reflux


I have a 2 week old newborn whose heart rate dropped just before delivery and upon birth she had to be suctioned to clear mucous out of her lungs. She recovered very quickly within a few minutes but the mucous seems to have stayed and her breathing is rattly and congested. Other than this, she was born naturally -- I had a small episiotomy for which i was given a local anaesthetic but that was the only intervention.

As of now, she is gaining very well, born at 7lbs 11 oz and already over 9 lbs. I have a bit of an oversupply of milk due to my nursing 2 year old I suspect which makes her choke often and very gassy. She is also spitting up at almost every feed,mostly curdled milk but also soon after feeding sometimes. Her nasal discharge is green and sticky. She hiccups soon after spitting up and the hiccups bother her. Feeds often, worse in the morning, better evening through the night.

Her tongue is white coated in the centre, tip is red. Not thrush but effects of curdled milk that comes back I feel. Her breathing is somewhat accelerated in her sleep and the reflux seems to disturb her sleep as I often find her waking with a choking sensation. She is squirmy, kinda colicky but not that distressed -- she just seems very restless at times and twists and turns as if something is bothering her -- again my suspicion here is either the reflux or gas. She strains hard when passing her stool (seedy yellow, on the watery side with mucous and smells sour) and her eyes water a great deal. Her mouth also smells sour. Extremeties,esp hands very cold,pale. Skin very scaly and dry. Umbilical cord stump has come off but navel still a little bloody and oozing pus. Red spots over parts of her body typical of newborn. Feels slightly clammy to touch. Likes to be held, when you put her down, she tends to wake up.

My first inkling was ant-t but then sulph, lyc, calc, carb-v also fit to varying degrees.

Would appreciate any help, many thanks
  JMalik on 2008-03-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Any ideas please? the congestion is getting bad, lots of grunting, clearing throat type noises and hawking.

Many thanks
JMalik last decade
Please try Aethusa cynap. 30 with maximum of 6 doses 6 hours apart.
maheeru last decade
Thanks Maheeru, can i take the dose myself as I am breastfeeding?
JMalik last decade
Dear Jmalik

Ok try taking Aethusa 3 doses on your own if that doesn't help the infant, you'll have to give the remedy directly by dissolving in half a glass of water and giving 3 drops from that solution for a dose. For subsequent doses you can stir the solution half a dozen times.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

I took one dose of aethusa 30C and at the moment my baby seems to be spitting up more than usual and is much more uncomfortable than before -- I shouldn't take any more doses right?

How long would it take for the agg to settle?

Some other symptoms that have cropped up:

-- her bottom is red -- no spots just very red
-- she tends to move her legs up and down when she is distressed, most often during her sleep
-- hardly sleeps for 20 mins in a go during the day, starts to settle at around 4pm and is better until 4/5 am the next morning at which point she gets restless again
-- gets very red when crying
-- choking at every feed (because of too much/forceful milk i believe) and gets very upset after coughing. Often falls asleep soon after the coughing/choking fit
-- doesn't like to be on her own for very long, will start crying 5/6 mins after you put her down on her own

Thanks a lot for your help :)
JMalik last decade

How many hours have passed since Aethusa dose?

Wait for some days till infant feels comfortable. THen administer only one dose directly to the infant.

Some of the symptoms you've described are not uncommon in newborns.

Most babies will inevitably take in some air during a feed, and will need winding. Pop baby upright over your shoulder, pat and rub their back soothingly after feeds. Some babies also need to be winded mid way through the feed. This is an old granny way of doing things. Hope this tip also helps.
maheeru last decade

I took the aethusa roughly 72 hours ago -- haven't seen any improvement yet in the spitting up or the gassiness.

I have been trying to burp her regularly, esp since she chokes mid feed anyway -- helps a little, thanks for the recommendation too.

I was thinking calc-carb because of my milk supply issue too, are you still thinking aethusa fits her symptoms?

thanks again
JMalik last decade
The mother should take Silicia (or Silica) 30C three times a day for 3 days. After about the 2nd day, improvement should be visible. Please report back in 3 days time. If there is marked improvment, please continue the dose and don't wait to continue for my reply.

Also, make sure the supply to the baby is reduced for 3-4 days before improvement occurs and after that continue normal.
homeopathbuff last decade
Hi JMalik

How's snuffles issue now?

Does she have oral thrush or something like that?

Does she spit only the excess or everything that goes in?

How's the umbilical/navel region now?

Regarding over-supply, you can try to reduce supply to your infant because obviously infant requires less than your older child.

Regarding Calc. like anti-psoric remedies probably will be required a bit later but we've to be careful since infant's only a couple of weeks old and usual time of administering constitutional remedies is around 4 months.
maheeru last decade
Hi JMalik -- I was thinking of my own experience while BFing my son.. It sounds like you have a 'forceful let-down' or an 'oversupply'.. Try nursing your baby up-hill.. either having baby's face at the same level or higher than the breast.. or even BFing laying down on your back and baby laying on top of your stomach. This is to prevent gravity to help slow down the let down.

I'm not sure if you can add links to the forum.. but Kelly Mom has a good resource site on overactive let down.. Just google 'forceful let-down & Oversupply'.

The symptoms on that site are similar to your baby's.. and they have very good recommendations to help slow down the let-down of milk.

Hope this helps.!
xvxjennyxvx last decade
Try Silica 30C that I have recommended, it has very much the symptoms that the child is having being on mother's milk.

For homeopaths who may be interested, please look into Kent's writing on Silica, he has laid this out. I have tried this on couple of mother-babies pair and it has given wonderful results!
homeopathbuff last decade
thanks all for suggestions, i have actually tried nursing uphill (the kellymom website is wonderful isn't it!) but without much success.

Maheeru -- Although her tongue is pretty much white coated all the time, the ped ruled out thrush -- I don't have any visible symptoms either but I guess it might be a possibility. The snuffles are still very much there, wakes up very congested and during the night too seems very stuffed up. She's spitting up small amounts usually but once or twice will vomit quite a bit. The umbilical region has healed(this was before giving the aethusa though and I had applied some calendula topically which worked wonders)

What do you think about ant-tart? i noticed the repertory has asphyxia of newborns and in one of my books I read this is adminstered when the newborn swallows meconium. Perhaps she's still recovering from her post delivery experience?Just a thought.

Homeopathbuff -- thanks for your suggestion. I actually tried silica in the same manner when my son had reflux but it didn't work so would prefer to prescribe on total symptoms this time -- thank you though!
JMalik last decade
Hi Maheeru,

Any thoughts? I haven't repeated the aethusa but there still isn't any improvement from the first dose.

To add on to her symptoms, she hates sudden noises, doesn't sleep unless there is complete silence. Noticed a lot of white,thick mucous mixed with her vomited milk yesterday. I think her throat is obstructed too perhaps that is why she hawks/grunts so much. She also has a red milk rash all over her face and on her forehead there seems to be a small pimply rash that is not red but there is quite a bit.

Thanks for any advice
JMalik last decade
Hi JMalik

To me it feels there's some action going on inside the system after a dose of Aethusa 30 especially when it has helped partly in healing of umbilical region and the infant has milk rash now and mucus in vomit. Aethusa in itself is a constitutional remedy for infants so before changing to another remedy a maximum wait and watch and caution is to be exercised. I don't feel Ant. tart. should be given now.

If you want to give three more doses(a day apart) of Aethusa to follow up- try split method. Dissolve 2 pills of Aethusa in a 500 ml mineral water bottle. Just before administering the dose you need to shake the bottle vigorously for 10 times. And 3 drops from this bottle will be a dose. And give maximum time for the doses to work.

Just use warm baby wipe for milk rash don't apply any strong cream or ointment.
maheeru last decade
Thanks Maheeru, appreciate your reply.

I will wait and see what the progress is then. How long shall we give it, a week?

If not needed, then I prefer not to give any further doses just yet.

Thanks and regards
JMalik last decade
Hi Maheeru,

Sorry to bother you again -- the spitting up is really getting bad, she's vomiting after each feed and in excessive amounts -- its not even curdled half the time anymore, it's watery and immediately after feeding. Also this is disturbing her sleep and in general she is very uncomfortable right before she spits up -- will wriggle and grunt and cry (gets v red in the face too) until the milk is vomited.

Could this still be an aggravation?

JMalik last decade
Hi JMalik

Ok as I referred to in my above post --directly administer three doses of Aethusa 30 in split dose method(Using 500 ml packaged water bottle).

Overfeeding affects infants (Digestion of one feed usually takes more than 2 hours). So please be sure that you give atleast 2 to 2 1/2 hours space between feeds. Also continue to use those tips to burp the child.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

I gave my daughter 3 doses of the aethusa over 3 days -- so far have noticed that the stool is a little yellower than before but still sour. The spitting up is still there as is the red rash on the face and the congestion. The sleep is a little better.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for all your help so far

Kind rgds
JMalik last decade
Hi JMalik

You're welcome! Continue the remedy in split dose method (One dose a day). Don't forget to shake the bottle 10 times just before administering each dose. Let me know after a week about progress.
maheeru last decade
Thanks for your reply. Since yesterday the rash on my baby's forehead and eyebrows has honey coloured crusts on it -- its not oozing but has changed colour. The rest of the rash is still red esp on cheeks and chin.

I am also concerned about the spitting up as she has woken up twice today in a puddle of milk and also twice today she projectile vomited a lot of curdled milk.she seems to be crying more than usual too, esp during and after sleep

Are you sure we should continue the aethusa?

JMalik last decade
Quick update -- the vomited milk has become very watery and thin -- a little curdled but predominantly watery and shoots down her clothes and mine when she is on my shoulder. She is coughing a lot more too during sleep too.

The ped saw her today at her 1 month visit and said the rash on her cheeks is eczema :( I haven't put anything on it but I do feel she is finding it itchy as her hands are constantly on her face and she frequently rubs her forehead against me when lying on me.

The rash gets worse (v red) when she is warm or upset and is more defined on her left cheek

JMalik last decade
Hi Jmalik

I'm not getting the exact picture. Is she showing any bit of improvement in vomiting or energy/sleep pattern or her congestion after aethusa? Are you sure this projectile vomiting is not due to any mechanical cause like pyloric stenosis?

Now don't repeat the remedy.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

The sleep is better. the vomiting seemed to improve initially but now it is back to being frequent although the consistency of the vomit has changed -- it's much more watery and much more forceful now than before. Don't think pyloric stenosis is the reason as she would be losing weight no? As of today she weighs 11 lbs 4 oz and so has gained about 3 pounds in the last few weeks.

The congestion is the same, she still sounds very rattly when breathing and is especially so when she wakes in the morning.

The other thing that has changed is the rash which as I said earlier has become yellow and crusty around her eyebrows and forehead. The red rash on her cheeks seems to have worsened.

JMalik last decade
Hi Maheeru,

Sorry to keep bothering you but should we just wait and watch now to see what happens? The rash on her cheeks seems to get better in the cold and worse when she's bundled up or angry but it has started peeling a little too -- don't know whether this is a good sign or not?

Other than that, the vomiting yesterday seemed a lot better but today she is back to spitting up watery milk (as opposed to predominantly curdled)

Her sleep is definitely better i have to say however she sleeps best in a swing or when we're carrying her.

Does the eczema imply that she will need a deeper remedy eventually like sulphur?

Thanks again
JMalik last decade
Hi JMalik

Ok try 3 doses of Chamomilla 30 first on your own -dose spaced apart by 8 hours. If that doesn't improve administer the doses directly to infant and let me know the progress(not exceeding 6 doses on direct).

Please get more than one expert opinion regarding eczema. If its confirmed probably she'll require anti-psoric remedies--yes sulphur and even Calc. are possible.
maheeru last decade

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