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Update a week on from my last.

This is depressingly slow to treat. This week, my peeling has slowed considerably. One side of my skin is much more pink than the other side. It's the side I started treating first (the other side had an injury just after I started). Except the other side doesn't seem to have started peeling at anywhere near the same rate. Tonight, I took to using a pumice stone to gently scrub away the thick skin on the side that is progressing slower. It's very like a callus. Scrubbing it is entirely painless. It's quite satisfying to have an immediate effect. My theory behind it is that, by thinning the layers of skin, it will make it easier for the peroxide to penetrate down to where it needs to.

I've tried Manuka Honey as an ONT for a couple of nights, but have stopped for a little while as it seems like the 'dryness' approach was working better for me.

Due to the excruciatingly slow progress, I've been forced to dwell on small highlights each week. Highlights for this week are:
1) The obvious 'creep' of 'normal skin' onto the BXO skin. This is apparent in a lot of areas as, while the healthy skin still has the BXO colour, it is raised at the same level as the normal skin rather than being sunk in. Looking with a magnifying glass shows it's getting fine wrinkles, which the healthy ski has, and gaining elasticity.

2) The ring has peeled away a few layers, and it's no longer painful to slide the foreskin back and forwards over the head. I'll leave it up to your imagination to figure out why that particular breakthrough might be beneficial :)

The rate of progress is depressing. I've been battling the effects of this condition now since 2012, and while I know it took a long time to develop and will also take a long time to get rid of, and that I've only been treating it properly for a little under 3 weeks, that still doesn't change the reality that this has affected my life now for two years. I'm trying to be realistic, and I said to myself that July would be the month where I learn how long it's likely to take me to treat my BXO naturally. I'm not expecting a cure by the end of July; I'm just expecting to be able to understand how long I'm likely to have my sex life regulated after so long.
greaneyr 5 years ago
Update as I approach the 4-week mark. Treatment this week has involved applying talcum powder every morning after my shower, keeping it dry all day, applying Hydrogen Peroxide in the evening, and Manuka Honey as an overnight treatment.

Progress continues at a steady (albeit slow) rate. It often seems like nothing is happening when you compare it from one day to the next, but looking at photos weeks apart you can definitely see it is. The peeling is evident every day.

Highlights from the last week:

- The very apparent reduction in the phimotic ring. I put this down to the application of Manuka Honey every night.

- The emergence of a few zones of much healthier, shiny, pink skin on my inner skin. BXO on inner skin comes away differently from how it does on shaft skin. On shaft skin, the peeling happens much faster. On inner skin, it either happens very slowly, or it comes away in very small fragments gradually, thinning the skin back to its normal thickness.

The other noteworthy discovery this week is that the red marks on my glans that I thought were unhealed wounds are actually normal tissue. The pale skin around them is the problem - BXO again. I didn't realise that my glans was so badly affected by BXO. I dug out an photo I took of my penis years ago, and noticed that the glans was a different colour from how it is at the moment.

The tip of it (that is open through my foreskin) is, and always has been a more normal pink/red oolour, which I believe proves beyond doubt that BXO in my case is thriving in a damp, anaerobic environment. Take away those two factors and the problem will gradually go away.
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greaneyr 5 years ago
It is certainly a slow process. TTO/DMSO causes the peeling, but the ring is extremely stubborn and looks very deep. Keeping the area dry also seems to be crucial.

My real difficulty is knowing whether the treatment will really work, or if I'm just wasting time and effort, enduring the treatment discomfort, with no real benefit.
wantfsf 5 years ago
wantfsf, if it's peeling, then it's working. The ring is deep, yes. But I fell into the trap of assuming my skin would all peel off in one fell swoop. When it didn't, I wondered if it was working.

My experience seems to be that the layers gradually thin out. They do that by peeling. The type of peeling we see here is different from anything we've typically experienced in the past. Peeling skin that has been sunburnt will peel off in one sheet. A scab of a healing wound will peel off in one sheet. BXO peels off in what seems like about ten sheets, averaging one per week. Sometimes, it doesn't come off in sheets at all, and instead, the layers gradually break down and shed the skin in small pieces. If the skin is thicker, there will be more of it to lose, so this process will take even longer.

While it probably doesn't seem like the ring is doing anything, the more likely situation is that it's all thinning, but because the ring was so much thicker, it seems like it's not going away. In fact, if you could measure the number of layers, you'd probably still find it has lost plenty too.
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greaneyr 5 years ago
Hi all, I have come across with some websites suggesting that hydrogen peroxide may be succesful for treating the BXO. Don't know if anyone has heard about this. I think though, that so far the most effective treatment for this disease seems to be surgery, the well-known circumcision although there is now some other less invasive alternatives like the state-of-the-art stem cell procedure (worth considering). I am too a BXO sufferer since 3 years and still trying to find the best approach to tackle this nasty disease.
draytek 5 years ago
Still circumcision won't guarantee that bxo from coming back to your penis, and i would rather keep my foreskin.

But everyone can do they see fit.
jomppa 5 years ago
Well, circumcision has a very high success rate and there are many medical reports backing this up. Obviously no one is happy of losing the foreskin but seems a small price to pay considering the long-term progression of the disease.
draytek 5 years ago
Draytek, there are people who have participated in this forum that have had circumcision and have not gotten rid of the disease. In case you missed it at the beginning, this is a website for natural remedies. People are here to avoid slicing themselves up. Pretty much everyone knows that doctors recommend circumcision, but that it doesn't guarantee complete healing. By all means, undergo the knife and let us know how that works for you.
dfrance 5 years ago
I actually wonder whether circumcision has such a high success rate because it simply forces the issue of keeping the area dry all of the time. I've read descriptions of it as 'removing the affected skin', but in cases where the glans or sulcus are affected, circumcision obviously isn't going to do that. Those who are circumcised but leave white skin behind recover anyway, despite not removing all the affected skin.

I've read the suggestions about H202, and I'm using it daily as part of my regime. I'm pretty sure it helps.

Personally, I'm forming the opinion that keeping the area dry is literally all I need to do to get over this. Stuff like talcum powder helps to dry the area quicker, hydrogen peroxide helps to loosen the dead skin, and manuka honey seems to help with the healing of the ring. But ultimately, I think I could probably drop the peroxide and manuka honey and just stick to keeping it dry to achieve a similar result.

I haven't changed my diet. In fact, I've eaten quite a bit of sweet food and drunk a reasonable amount of alcohol (by my standards at least) this past month, yet my recovery continues.

Going by what I've seen so far, I really can't understand why western medicine seems to struggle so much with this. Although it has been suggested on here (and I agree) that BXO is a symptom of one of several underlying causes. Perhaps mine is just easier to address than others. I don't know. I just know that surgery for me is a last resort, and yet with this ailment I'm making progress without even using prescription medication for it.
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greaneyr 5 years ago
I agree with all of you that circumcision should be the last resort. Even steroids o tacrolimus can put this disease into remission in a couple of months and alternative medicine may work out after long-term treatment. Saying this, my BXO is starting to affect the tip of the meatus so thats the reason i was considering surgery asap.

I really think that the urine was probably the trigger and is the medium for the BXO to progress, as i had noted for some years urine drops coming out after voiding (dribbling). That urine trapped under the foreskin may have been the reason for long-standing inflamation and posterior trigger of the disease.
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draytek 5 years ago
You know what I first thought when I noticed my BXO? How much it reminded me of wet skin after you've been sitting in the bath for too long. I'm thinking specifically about the skin around the sides of the fingernails. That's exactly how it looked, and how it felt too. It was always urine that had made it wet, and I didn't initially realise it was a bad thing, as I thought it was just like wet skin.

Like you, I'd been noticing drops of urine coming out after urinating for a few years, and it probably ties in nicely with when BXO started. Now, I always use the stalls when going to the toilet, simply because I absolutely must use toilet paper to keep dry.

How much foreskin do you have? Are you fully covered when flaccid? What treatments have you tried?

The reason I ask is that I recall a few years back noticing what I suspect was a meatal stricture beginning to form. It never really affected my flow, but I was never happy about it. However, I noticed at the start of this year that it was gone - perhaps a result of the treatments I had tried last year to rid myself of the 'red marks on my glans' (which were actually non_BXO skin). It would seem to me that, if it's at all possible, you might want to try either exposing the tip of your glans, or at the very least, putting some powder on to try and encourage it to dry out.
greaneyr 5 years ago
Keeping it dry seems to be very important, but I have my doubts whether that alone would repair the white-ring phimosis. That needs the something to get to the fungus. For medical treatment, I am surprised laser treatments haven't been used as that could peel the skin a layer at a time. I suspect it's considered cost-ineffective by health insurers. BXO would be given serious attention if it wasn't for America's obsession with mutilating small boys.
wantfsf 5 years ago
My foreskin completely covers the glans most of the time and urine is trapped beneath it after voiding. Right now im under dermovate and most probably going for a circumcision shortly. I think dermovate has done a big improvement after 1.5 weeks of use and the inflammation has folded back noticeably. Laser is something im considering to vaporize the BXO on the tip of the meatus but that's something I need to discuss with my dermatologist. I am probably not the best person to talk on this thread, as someone pointed out before, though i will encourage anyone to follow a natural treatment if your BXO is confined only to glans or prepuce, which is not my case.
draytek 5 years ago

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