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Hi Jersey57, I've been using the same mixture as has been recommended by dfrance - half and half tea tree oil & DMSO.

I try to put on a few doses through the day or before I go to work. Once I know I won't be able to put that mixture on again for several hours (going out, working,etc.)then I'll coat my penis in emu oil and rub it in really good.

Sometimes after the emu oil I'll also put on Perron's Creme Complete.

At night I'll often do a few doses of tto/DMSO then I'll put some Perrin's Blend on the head, all around it especially the underside and frenulum, and inside my urethra...it stings but whatever. Then I roll my foreskin over the head and use medical tape to seal it up really good so it doesn't leak out. It makes a horrible mess and stains. I leave it taped up for at least an hour. Then open it up wipe of the excess, do another 50/50 mixture application, emu oil, creme complete and go to bed.

I've had a lot of peeling. It's been going very well. My frenulum used to be much wider where it joined my head but now it's actually detaching gradually and looking like a normal frenulum. It's quite amazing. I have peeling happening almost every day now.

Hope this helps.
dragonreborn 4 years ago
I consider myself to be well beyond halfway now. I'm doing a blog of my journey, and will be posting photos at some stage. I have photos of me when I had first started, and it staggers me how far I've come.

Something I've been experimenting with over the past week or so is something that is totally radical and goes against a lot of what I've tried up to this point. In the past, I had said that anything that dries the skin out is good. However, I read a few posts from women who said that dryness made things worse, and that TTO dried the skin out further so should be avoided. Obviously this isn't the case for those of us (myself included) who have gotten good results from using TTO as part of our regime, but nonetheless I still wondered if there might be some merit to their argument, so I tried using moisturising treatments for a week or so.

What I noticed was that the skin that was at the advanced stages of healing seemed to progress a lot faster. There is a moisturiser I use on my face and was (before I figured out that elimiating dairy is the main thing) the only product that could keep my rosacea under control. I have been using it during the day and noticing the almost-healed skin looking much healthier.

I had always had a suspicion that there were 'attacking' treatments, and 'healing' treatments, and I suspect anything involving TTO is an 'attacking' treatment, that will be useful to get to the root of the disease. I do, however, think that products like Creme Complete are more healing, and perhaps more useful in the later stages.

Right now, I'm in a slightly tricky state in that I have patches of healthy skin among my BXO skin, so it's difficult to apply specific treatments to certain areas.

Probably helpful, however, for those who feel they've reached the stage where their skin isn't progressing as quickly, to try a more calming, healing treatment involving moisturising products.
greaneyr 4 years ago
Hello everyone
Here I am again after a period that i didnt post any new
I have been disappointed as try the TTO / DMSO... I tried 2 months and did not see results.
I went through the process of peeling off just one time, i didnt peles off more tan one time. I have didnt have a very tight phimotic ring, just a Little, so I expect results in my white patch on the head and the urethral opening, and I did not see results in the 2 monts that ive tried... the size and color of the white patch on the head never shrank or change its color ... But I'll try back.

It really gives me strength to read you all so I'll start again today the treatment.

7 years ago I have BXO and I will not be cured in 2 months ...

TX again

It will be really helpfull to see photos of progress to see if we have the same visible symptoms...

I have 2 or 3 but the arent different
astor 4 years ago
To be honest, I didn't have very high hopes when I started and never took any before pictures. I wish I would have because my pictures now wouldn't really mean anything lol.
dragonreborn 4 years ago

What is the moisturiser called that you are using? It's interesting that you have Rosacea as well as BXO as I also have some redness/rosacea on my face too.
lb_65 4 years ago
lb_65, it's called 'Skinfood Nourishing Moisturiser'.

I have updated my progress blog with pictures. I'm unsure if I'm allowed to share links on here or not. If you do a Google search for 'obliterating BXO' you'll find the page. The photos are in the very latest post.
greaneyr 4 years ago
Thanks for that greaneyr. Also checked out your blog and looks like you really have had great improvement! Keep the blog going as it's really useful to see someone's progress.
lb_65 4 years ago
I'm puzzled by some comments I've seen which seem to say 'I'm all healed now, except for the ring'.

IMO, the ring is the real problem, and discolouration is a symptom.
wantfsf 4 years ago
Wantfsf, I do agree that the ring is a problem. But it's a problem because of the normal function it prevents. It prevents motion by tightening the underlying skin.

In my case, the ring was evident and problematic but another problem was the recurrent injuries I got from any kind of sexual activity for prolonged periods because of tightness on the underside. I would actually argue that the ring is not the problem, but tightness is. That tightness affects people differently. For some, it created a ring so tight they can't retract their skin. For others, it makes an already tight area get so tight that sexual activity causes injury. And then there's those who lose their ability to urinate properly if the urethra is affected.

Whichever area was the tightest will be, in my opinion, the last to heal fully. Hence why people are making those comments. That's my guess anyway.
greaneyr 4 years ago
Things are progressing very well. Just a question about how to know when to stop using the 50/50 mixture. I think my mild case is nearly cleared up.
My urethra is open wide again and I'm only getting a little peeling in the frenulum area now. My frenulum has narrowed significantly and is no longer attached to a wide section of my penis head. It nearly looks as it should, and used to.

How do I know when to stop?

Will regular use of the 50/50 mixture make all skin peel even if it's healthy?

So glad I found the site!
dragonreborn 4 years ago
What i have read about treating BXO/Lichen Sclerosus,
from reading some posts from other sites about the disease people use the ointments/creams less frequently than daily. Not sure about for how long, think 1 month would be safe.
jomppa 4 years ago
I have tried the dsmo mixture with the tea tree oil it made the skin so sore and bleeding had to stop for a few days almost like it blistered it ,then when I started up again did every other day and did the same but will not penetrate the hard spots any ideas
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bob0499 4 years ago
dragonreborn, I don't think there's any definite point at which it's right to stop, and the answer to that will vary from one person to the next. Stop when it feels intuitively like it's the right thing for you to do. It sounds like you've made some great progress. That can make it seem like you're almost healed when you're actually still a long way from it. I'd say keep doing what you're doing until you stop noticing peeling.

jomppa, I have read similar accounts from some people using prescription treatments too - treat, then do nothing for a few days to give the skin a chance to heal. I'm personally noticing real progress again after a long time of seeing very little obvious peeling, and all i've been using is creme complete at night with nothing at all during the day other than keeping the area dry.

bob0499, dragonreborn may have some useful advice to offer you as he had a similar experience. A caveat, however, is that I found no treatment penetrated through to the bottom of the BXO. With me, the layers gradually peeled away one by one. If I were you, I'd stop hoping for the whole thing to just peel away magically and instead, enjoy any peeling you see. That said, pain and blood are not great things to have. Perhaps try a lighter application of TTO, and ditch the DMSO. I found a heavy application of TTO was painful after a while, but a lighter application was painless and still very effective.
greaneyr 4 years ago

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