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dragonreborn, I don't think there's any definite point at which it's right to stop, and the answer to that will vary from one person to the next. Stop when it feels intuitively like it's the right thing for you to do. It sounds like you've made some great progress. That can make it seem like you're almost healed when you're actually still a long way from it. I'd say keep doing what you're doing until you stop noticing peeling.

jomppa, I have read similar accounts from some people using prescription treatments too - treat, then do nothing for a few days to give the skin a chance to heal. I'm personally noticing real progress again after a long time of seeing very little obvious peeling, and all i've been using is creme complete at night with nothing at all during the day other than keeping the area dry.

bob0499, dragonreborn may have some useful advice to offer you as he had a similar experience. A caveat, however, is that I found no treatment penetrated through to the bottom of the BXO. With me, the layers gradually peeled away one by one. If I were you, I'd stop hoping for the whole thing to just peel away magically and instead, enjoy any peeling you see. That said, pain and blood are not great things to have. Perhaps try a lighter application of TTO, and ditch the DMSO. I found a heavy application of TTO was painful after a while, but a lighter application was painless and still very effective.
greaneyr 4 years ago
Perhaps you're right greaneyr. I'll keep on going with the applications. Thanks - good point.

Hi bob0499, I have not had blistering but plenty of redness and tenderness on my penis head and also regular splits in my frenulum. As greaneyr mentioned, you may need to use less 50/50. Just put on a small amount and immediately follow it with emu oil and then follow that with creme complete. No promises, as I am not a doctor, but it may make it easier to take. Also, the DMSO may help absorb more of the healing properties of the emu oil and creme complete.
I had a lot of bxo on my frenulum so despite the fact the 50/50 causes it to be tender and split, I continue anyway because I know the peeling needs to happen. The stinging is worth the end result as far as I'm concerned. Creme complete and the stronger Perrins Blend may be something to start with - see if it starts the peeling process and if so hold off on the 50/50.

This is an individual learning experience and you'll likely have to tailor your own applications to suit you.
dragonreborn 4 years ago
Has anyone here actually eliminated the tight ring in the foreskin?
wantfsf 4 years ago
wantfsf, I never had the ring, just white skin mostly on my frenulum (which had widened and grown further attached to the head) and the underside area of the corona. I have made great progress - lots of peeling and my frenulum has been narrowing and detaching from my head in the areas where it shouldn't have been attached - but still have some to go.
dragonreborn 4 years ago
wantfsf - yes, I have. Well, all but eliminated it. All BXO skin is tight, and the thicker it is, the tighter it is. The ring is, for many at least, the thickest skin and therefore, the place where tightness is most apparent.

I still have BXO skin where the ring was, but there's practically zero indentation now.
greaneyr 4 years ago
I have a slight indent where ring was but skin staying healthy as long as I stay to diet! Apply TT/DMSO monthly but taking 600-800 mg of Red Clover daily!
bartmh 4 years ago
bartmh, are you keeping the area dry too? If so, is that something new for you and something you believe has contributed to your recovery?
greaneyr 4 years ago
Unfortunately greaneyr I let them mutilate me before I found this forum! I now only get the phimotal skin where the circumcision was stitched! I do keep him dry, I wash after ejaculating as the protein seams a trigger. Also, avoid any food with whey content. I had thought I was cured until I tried eating a yogurt rich diet! Bad move, it came back with a vengeance! Another observation, if I try to cut back on the amount of Red Clover I ingest daily I get slight returns! As of this writing I apply TT/DMSO monthly or if I feel constriction coming on. Good luck to you all! This disease is surely HELL
bartmh 4 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Well the 50/50 mix of DMSO and Tea Tree Oil has been working well. With me the problem was just inside the opening of the urethra. Much has peeled away with only a little bit to go. The problem is the other uninfected tissue is redder and slightly inflamed. No pain but I need to know what mixture I can use that will still work on what's left without damaging the healthy tissue. Thanks.
Jersey57 4 years ago
I would try the Emu and TT mixture without DSMO. You realize you can mix the TT oil light but use it several times a day.
bartmh 4 years ago
Just posting here that im clear of bxo, but will still keep using mixture for a while.

This Treatment worked for me and all i can say thanks to this forum and Dfrance. You've saved me from going to surgery table to get my foreskin removed.
jomppa 4 years ago
jomppa, I know it's difficult to describe, but how bad was your BXO before you began treatment?

I have a bit of an update to bring to the forum. I suffered my first setback since I started treating myself recently. It began as a slight itch around the BXO skin, which I initially wrote off as being the skin healing. But it never really went away, and eventually got worse. The area became red and inflamed. I'd try a different treatment and it would work initially, then stop working within a few days. I tried literally every treatment I've used in the past, and none appeared to do much more than ease the itch for a little while. Manuka Honey, for the record, was the most relieving. But ultimately, it alone didn't cure the itch.

The cure for the itch was actually for me to sleep. It's the end of the year and I'm very tired after a long and stressful year. It's not helped by the fact I'm dealing with a few stressful situations at work at the moment. I had been staying up too late most nights, and wasn't getting the sleep I needed. I guess that caught up with me, and presumably my immune system has been compromised.

After getting enough sleep, I have only brief periods where I feel any itch whatsoever, and even that only hits when I am slightly damp and need to dry myself.

I believe this shows the 'overall health' component in BXO. If you are going to endure stress or anxiety in any form, you need to ensure you get plenty of sleep. I had obviously gotten my body into such a run down state that the disease was grabbing a hold of things again. Fortunately, I now look and feel exactly like I used to before the flare up.
greaneyr 4 years ago
greaneyr, i think i noticed the bxo quite early, only the tip of the foreskin was affected by it, no glans or anything and i think around 40% of the skin was white.
jomppa 4 years ago

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