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Im in Canada and when i tried to order from your site they only gave me one choice in credit cards...weird..
ANyhow Iherb is cheap and so is their normal shipping...I really hope your theory will work.

How long did it take to get some skin peeling?? Do you think the gel goes in deep inside the skin? And do you think the gel can be used inside the urethra inside the gland, not just the entrance...as i have urethral shrinkage there.

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Vic75 4 years ago
Vic75, Sorry for the late response my dog was in the vet being spay, so been occupied with her. Let me look at Lichen Sclerosus et atrophicus for a bit and get an understanding. If its a autoimmune issue you may want to get colloidal silver into your blood to help best way to do this is via the rectum. Please check out all the videos at good vitality on colliodal silver before applying it or putting it into your body. As for the applying in the urethra I am not sure. Email chris hyslop am sure he would more than happy to help. I will get back soon.
Zonatedsumo 4 years ago
I have been drinking collidal silver for a whikle internally..a 20ppm drink. Didnt help with my lichen sclerosus. I have been applying what people have been doing on this forum a topical solution of DMSO and tea tree oil which would kill off diseased skin on the gland..its every few days i would get some peeling..like you got with your colloidal silver gel...SO Im wondering if adding that onto my glands will be as efficient..

BXO is considered autoimmune as well..its just that the symptoms are different..i don't get the hard white skin,,,my glands where a shiny white..but the problem is that there is always some for of inflammation inside in sort helps in atrophying the entrance of the penis..MY theory was that whatever white you guys had on the penis was causing your trouble..my white inside the glands was causing an immune reaction..thus getting rid of the white might help in the inflammation...

Im just wondering if your CS gel goes deep into the skin glands to reach the diseased skin..

Interesting idea with the CS inserted into rectum.
I wll have a look into your videos. thanks
Vic75 4 years ago
Ok so its seems that BXO refers to men and Lichen to women some what. What I have read so far is all very confusing as both Lichen and BXO are poorly studied. I don't know much about DMSO. Drinking colloidal silver is pointless as the stomach acid will neutralize the silver turning it a blue/black colour thus the best way is via the rectum according to Chris Hyslop. I am not how deep the CS will penetrate, but I was thinking that if your inflammation is affecting the urethra maybe drawing some gel up in a syringe and pumping into the opening. Do that at your own risk my friend its just an idea.
Zonatedsumo 4 years ago
well i wrote to chris and he only replied to try the CS gel as i told him i was going to try it. guess all i can do is what till i get it and try it out!! but will order some 20ppm solution and syringe and tubing..if the gel doesnt help
Vic75 4 years ago
Good luck keep me posted. Also check out the Becks Protocol and see if you can find anything in there can help with the Lichen.
Zonatedsumo 4 years ago
Have you guys tried any kind of diets? i have read about that leaving out dairy and sugar could be helpful against this disease.

But i have problems leaving the milk out of my morning coffee...
jomppa 4 years ago

I unfortunately took a bit of a 'shotgun' approach to treating my bxo in that regard. I cut out dairy (as much as I could) at the exact same time as I began using treatments and keeping the area dry. At least one of those treatments worked, but I will never know for certain which it was.

I get rosacea on my face, but I noticed that in cutting out dairy, it goes away. If I eat some food with a lot of dairy in it, by the next day my face will have the red patches again. So clearly, dairy is something that isn't great for me. Whether cutting out dairy has had an affect on my BXO or not, I'm just not sure.

I also tried cutting out sugar. The trouble is, which 'sugar' do they mean when they say 'cut out sugar'? Sucrose? Maltose? Glucose? Fructose? They are all sugars, and it's extremely difficult to avoid them all. I personally tried cutting out excessive amounts of sucrose (table sugar, the one that the warning labels imply is as bad as cigarettes these days) but didn't notice any difference anyway.
greaneyr 4 years ago
True, avoiding all of the sugars is really difficult, but trying to keeping it at minimal is the best i could do.

Also there's this "Low Oxalate Diet" which people have tried and had good results against bxo, but i'm just too lazy make a entire change on my eating habits.

So far my foreskin looks like "BXO free" but im still not completely sure if im cured, though i think the tto+dmso mixture makes your skin whiter than normal.

I still keep taking red clover + fish oil capsules daily and applying tto+dmso mixture two times a day.

What comes to the diet i drink like 2 litres of water daily and don't eat/drink anything with lots of sugars in them.

Thinking if should just now start applying tto+dmso mixture as often i could daily or keep going twice daily.
jomppa 4 years ago

I should be getting my colloidal silver gel soon.

Can you please tell me how long before you noticed that your BXO skin started to peel off?

My problem is more internal than external like yours..Hoping it will help me like it helped you..At night sometimes it stings to urinate as the urethra inside the gland has gotten way small.
Vic75 4 years ago
I just received this afternoon my Sovereign Silver Gel...though i was able to order some CS Gel from good vitality plus the parafilm sheets the guy was talking about in one of the vids to cover the affected area so the CS Gel can go deeper...

Anyhow I sure hope i did the right thing in buying from Sovereign Silver..it doesnt tell you how much ppm is in there and they call it homeopathic ...."contains both homeopathic levels of silver (10x, 20x, 30x), as well as agentum metallicum, meaning metallic silver (the amount of argentum metallicum is unspecified). "...anyhow..gotta try everything..cant live with his disease
Vic75 4 years ago
Hi Vic75, Sorry for late reply been planning a 60th birthday. Ok in regards to skin peeling off was about 2 days and about a week till the scaring was almost flat. As for sovereign silver I cant help you as I have not used it or done any research into it. I really hope it helps anyway. Update on my BXO. So a couple of days ago I noticed that the scaring was starting to get thicker nothing out the ordinary, now I am trying to work out if this was a food and drink related scar thickening or old medication based. So for the last week I have had more sweet food than I would usually and alcohol,but if you remember I was still having some scaring on my frenulum so I tried using the dermovate which is steroid based to soften the ski. Unfortunately no such luck but shortly after that the scaring started to get thicker. I am using the CS again and hoping that my body hasn't got use to it. Have you started using your silver and if so how is it going?
Zonatedsumo 4 years ago
omppa, very interesting. I am also starting to think that it is definitely related somehow to diet. This is why I believe it is thrush based as thrush can be brought on my bad diet and sugar.
Zonatedsumo 4 years ago

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