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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Also and yes I’ve done the following along with it to help it along

-tea tree oil
-tea tree oil blemish stick
-tea tree oil + dmso
-tea tree oil + emu oil
-tea tree oil face wash (on the head of my dick and face wash)
-dr bronners soap
-manuka honey UMF 15+

I’ve done all the above. It all has helped to some degree or another and I would continue to do so. All the above is important but just as important is your f*cking diet. Sugar f*cks everything up. No sugar. No carbs. Start with intermittent fasting, then fast and watch your body heal itself.


Do the DMSO + Tea Tree oil

I got to the point where the white skin on my glans had disappeared and my foreskin could easily retract and I pretty much would say I was 90 percent cured. But after so much progressed I stopped everything, rested on my laurels. I went back to excessive masturbation , going to sleep without washing myself, using shirts and socks to clean myself up, I ve gotten myself back to square 1. Inflamed head, white skin and phimosis, tight ring.

It’s a constant back and forth battle between progress and letting myself go.

Now I’m going back to my strict diet, I have high blood pressure and I eat like crap, so fasting and being generally healthy again is a big motivator for me.

I don’t want surgery on my dick. I want to keep all my foreskin have a normal sex life. I dont want women to look at my dick and ask me what’s wrong or tell women that my dick hurts because the foreskin is too tight so be careful. Screw all that I just want to have a normal dick for f*cks sake.

My hope is that my tips will help one person out there. If it does, do us a favor and write an update. It’s easy to lurk but I randomly check on this forum every once in a while and it’s good to hear of progress.

Progress happens, I start to cure myself and then I rest on my laurels after I see progress. Don’t give up y’all.

Good luck, try fasting and continue the treatments on yourself.
Yowhatupmane last year
I also recommend using raw coconut oil as a moosturizer if you’re drying out and hurting, first of all it smells good. Second has some healing properties.
Yowhatupmane last year
Hi everyone.

I have had BXO since 4 years I guess. I am really scared now about it because my foreskin has covered all my glans and my glans isn't visible at all. The skin has also grown on the earlier white spots on foreskin. Please tell me will I be healed like this?
harishrajora last year
hi dfrance, i have had bxo
harishrajora last year
IS there anyone still available to help??
harishrajora last year
Hey guys!! Is anyone still available here. I have had BXO for three years and right now all the skin has covered my glans totally. I am really scared. Can you please help..
harishrajora last year
dfrance said What do you mean you aren't sure what you have to do with it? Take it! Its all about bringing your body back into balance...start eating a healthy balanced diet. If you put antifreeze into your gas tank, your car is going to run like crap or not at all. Its the same rule of thumb when you stick crappy food into your body's system. Fuel it right, live well. :)⚠Please tick why you are reporting this post:Duplicate postArgumentative / Attack on another memberContains explicit or inappropriate contentPrescriber requesting offline contactPost is trying to sell somethingPosted under a false (duplicate) user name.Off topic for this thread.   Report Post     ♡+Endorsing posts shows your approval of this forum member and this particular post. Click the red button to endorse.Endorse Post  

Hi dfrance can you help me a little. I am really scared.
harishrajora last year
Hi Harishrajora.
Sorry to hear about your condition. This forum has quieted down quite a bit. I'm once again working on my BXO. I stopped too early.
All I can suggest (this isn't any kind of professional advice) is you get the same ingredients we've all been working with and see if you get any results.
Get yourself the tea tree oil, dmso, emu oil, and Perrins creme complete (if possible) and start the regimen as soon as possible to see if you get any results happening.
I can't relate to the severity you're experiencing as mine was not that bad but a lot of guys here have had it pretty bad.
Gotta start somewhere....
dragonreborn last year
Thanks for replying. I just wanted to know whether our natural skin comes over the bxo white skin?
harishrajora last year
Not 100% sure of what you're asking but as the BXO skin peels away, your normal skin underneath replaces it. Kind of like peeling away layers of a sunburn - it may take a lot of peeling before good skin replaces the damaged. It's a slow process.
....hope that helped.
dragonreborn last year
Harish, progress is slow but there is progress, my bxo was on the tip of my glands, around urethra, and with the once a week peel I get( my process described above) I'd say I'm 75%- 80% there, and this is after 8 months of application! sounds to me like you got a pretty bad case as it had been progressing for years, personally you'd have to probably do this for 2 years to see be clear of it. I know your going crazy and I feel your pain, at the end of the day it's your choose to take this route or to seek surgical / medical intervention
BarryLangston last year
Dragon, read your posts from back in the day, how long did you apply this treatment for your first time around? Before it came back? How many days a week and applications a day did you apply?
BarryLangston last year
BarryLangston (sorry, this is lengthy)- I probably applied it religiously for about 3 months (edited my time frame from earlier post - did it for a much shorter time than I realized). When I started, on days I was at home I would apply the TTO+DMSO 6 or 7 times in a day. I'd grab my bottle and q-tips and turn on Netflix. I'd apply it hold my foreskin back while I watched tv and when it dried I would apply it again...and again... Not going to lie, my penis ached, shriveled, and turned quite red lol. But the peeling and progress was great.

On days I worked I would apply in the morning, when I got back home, and before bed.
At times the peeling would go into the healthy skin (especially on the glans) kinda like a fingernail peeling into the quick - it would bleed a bit and I'd take a break from applying for the rest of the day and maybe the next.

Frequency of application decreased once I started using Perrins products because I wanted them to soak in. I even taped my foreskin closed to keep where I needed it.

After I got married I stopped applying it for probably 3 or 4 months - needed my penis to be readily useable lol. And it looked almost 100% except I could tell my frenulum was still not quite what it was before BXO.

Then I would apply it daily for one week per month. I gradually started applying less and less and then stopped.

I've barely applied it for the last year and a half - very sporadically. But in the last little while the opening of my urethra is showing evidence of it again as well as my frenulum. It's further inside than before so I'm trying to get back into a routine - I'm afraid it may travel inside too far and cause a stricture. Apart from it being further into my urethra I'm still in much better shape than when I initially started.

So I've started trying to do at least twice daily when possible - definitely every day before work.

...so that's my story. I should not have stopped until I was 100% and I probably would have not ended up with it inside my urethra so much - that worries me.
Don't stop unless you're positive you're clear of BXO. For some it may always be a battle depending on it's cause (is it auto-immune for everyone? Diet? Stress? Nobody knows and I think whether you clear it or just cope with it is anyone's guess)
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dragonreborn last year

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